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At the ripe young age of 25, Sara found herself in Hawaii, living the dream with an incredibly successful international finance career. It was paradise. Except for the stress and burnout…and the feeling that she was continually sacrificing her desire to truly be of service. Choosing to leave her corporate job, shifting from sipping champagne in a bubble bath at one of the most luxurious hotels to living off-grid in a tent in the jungle was one of the most freeing decisions of her life.

Through her journey, Sara has evolved through education and practice into a holistic nutritionist, yoga/meditation teacher, massage therapist, sexuality and relationship coach and birth/postpartum doula. She coaches women who want to experience more joy, pleasure and fulfillment in their lives. Sara also supports women and families on their conception journeys, during pregnancy/birth/postpartum. It is her greatest honor to witness and serve in these moments of powerful alchemy and transformation.

In this enlightening episode, Sara Cousineau invites us into her world of spiritual exploration and entrepreneurial endeavor. With a deep commitment to self-connection and authentic living, Sara shares her insights on weaving spirituality into daily life and finding fulfillment beyond the corporate world. Through her experiences and reflections, Sara sheds light on the importance of prioritizing inner balance and listening to one’s intuition. Join Sara on her journey of self-discovery and empowerment as she inspires listeners to explore their own paths towards holistic well-being and joyful living.

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In a world where the traditional career trajectory often feels confining and uninspiring, Sara Cousineau stands as a beacon of courage and authenticity. Her journey from corporate professional to holistic entrepreneur is a testament to the transformative power of following one’s intuition and embracing passion. Through Sara’s story, we discover the profound impact of integrating feminine and masculine energies in creating a fulfilling and purpose-driven career. Join us as we delve into Sara’s inspiring narrative, uncovering the keys to intuition-driven entrepreneurship and the wisdom it imparts along the way.

In this article, we will explore:

  • Sara Cousineau’s transition from corporate life to holistic entrepreneurship
  • The importance of intuition and passion in career decisions
  • Balancing feminine and masculine energies in entrepreneurial endeavors

Part 1: The Journey Begins

Sara Cousineau’s journey into the realm of holistic entrepreneurship commenced with a pivotal realization: the traditional career path did not resonate with her soul’s calling. Here’s how it all began:

  • Dissatisfaction in the Corporate World: Sara found herself navigating the corporate landscape, but the sense of fulfillment she sought remained elusive.
  • Listening to Inner Guidance: Despite societal expectations, Sara listened to her inner voice, acknowledging the yearning for something more meaningful.
  • Embracing Change: With courage as her compass, Sara embarked on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, embracing the uncertainty that lay ahead.
  • Egyptian Sojourn: A serendipitous trip to Egypt marked a significant turning point. In the midst of cultural immersion, Sara felt a profound connection to the land and its people.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Sara’s expedition towards aligning passion with purpose in the forthcoming sections.

Part 2: Navigating Transition and Embracing Opportunities

In the midst of uncertainty, opportunities blossomed, leading Sara Cousineau towards her true calling. Here’s a glimpse into her journey:

  • A Foreigner’s Advantage: Despite being a newcomer in Egypt, Sara discovered that her unique background and different training made her approachable, particularly to Egyptian women seeking support.
  • Signs and Signals: Sara’s path was illuminated by a series of opportunities and connections, signaling her towards a new direction aligned with her passions.
  • Projects Galore: Inspired by her desire for creation, Sara embarked on various projects, including the potential establishment of a birth center and initiatives to support the community.
  • Confirmation in Cairo: Despite initial resistance, Sara’s return to Cairo affirmed her sense of belonging and alignment with her life’s purpose.

Through perseverance and a willingness to embrace change, Sara paved the way for a fulfilling journey of service and self-discovery in the vibrant tapestry of Egypt.

Part 3: Overcoming Challenges and Cultivating Resilience

Navigating the transition from a corporate career to a path of passion and purpose was not without its challenges for Sara Cousineau. Here’s how she managed to overcome obstacles along the way:

  • Financial Flexibility: With some savings and investments to rely on initially, Sara supplemented her income through coaching and offering services at reduced rates during her transition period.
  • Embracing Change: Sara’s journey involved periods of uncertainty and fear, but her unwavering belief in the universe’s support and her own resilience propelled her forward.
  • Pivotal Moments: From employment opportunities in mindfulness-based courses to forging her own path as an independent contractor, Sara gradually built a sustainable career aligned with her values.
  • Achieving Sustainability: Over a span of three years, Sara transitioned from working for others to fully supporting herself through her various ventures, embodying the essence of resilience and determination.

Through her experiences, Sara exemplifies the power of perseverance and adaptability in the pursuit of one’s true calling.

Part 4: Establishing an Online Presence and Connecting with Community

Sara Cousineau’s journey toward personal fulfillment and professional success was complemented by her strategic approach to establishing an online presence and fostering meaningful connections:

  • Creating a Website: Recognizing the importance of a digital platform, Sara launched her website,, to showcase her services and offerings in sexuality, relationships, and holistic healing.
  • Utilizing Social Media: Leveraging the power of platforms like Instagram, Sara cultivated a small but engaged audience, sharing valuable content and insights related to her areas of expertise.
  • Engaging with Newsletter Subscribers: Sara’s weekly newsletter, “Your Weekly Turn On,” served as a valuable tool for nurturing her community, providing subscribers with curated resources and opportunities to deepen their engagement with her work.
  • Embracing Evergreen Content: Through initiatives like her “12 Days of Pleasure” program, Sara transformed live events into evergreen resources, allowing individuals to access her teachings and guidance at their convenience.

By leveraging digital tools and fostering authentic connections, Sara expanded her reach and impact, creating a supportive ecosystem for individuals seeking growth and transformation.

Part 5: Embracing Self-Care and Intuition in Daily Practices

Sara Cousineau’s commitment to self-care and intuitive living underpins her daily practices, fostering holistic well-being and alignment:

  • Honoring the Menstrual Cycle: Sara emphasizes the importance of aligning daily activities with the phases of the menstrual cycle, allowing for optimized productivity and vitality.
  • Prioritizing Rest and Rejuvenation: Recognizing the power of restorative practices, Sara encourages individuals to prioritize adequate sleep, relaxation, and downtime to recharge their bodies and minds.
  • Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence: Through practices like meditation, breathwork, and embodied movement, Sara invites individuals to deepen their connection with the present moment, fostering greater awareness and clarity.
  • Nurturing Intuitive Wisdom: Sara advocates for tuning into one’s inner guidance system, trusting intuition, and honoring the body’s innate wisdom to make empowered decisions and navigate life with authenticity.

By integrating these self-care and intuitive practices into daily life, individuals can cultivate a deeper sense of balance, harmony, and alignment, leading to enhanced well-being and fulfillment.

Part 6: Empowering Action and Manifestation Through Self-Connection

Empowered by self-connection and intuitive guidance, individuals can take inspired action and manifest their aspirations:

  • Harnessing Creative Potential: By tapping into their inner wisdom and aligning with their authentic desires, individuals can unleash their creative potential and bring their visions to life.
  • Setting Intentions and Goals: Through practices like visualization, journaling, and affirmations, individuals can clarify their intentions and set aligned goals, guiding their actions towards desired outcomes.
  • Taking Aligned Action Steps: With a deeper understanding of their values and purpose, individuals can take intentional steps towards their goals, trusting in the unfolding of their unique path.
  • Embracing Surrender and Trust: By releasing attachment to outcomes and surrendering to the flow of life, individuals can cultivate trust in the process and remain open to unexpected opportunities and synchronicities.

Through the synergy of self-connection, intuitive guidance, and purposeful action, individuals can co-create lives filled with meaning, fulfillment, and abundance.

Part 7: Nurturing Self-Connection for Ongoing Growth and Alignment

Continued nurturing of self-connection fosters ongoing growth and alignment:

  • Cultivating Mindfulness Practices: Engaging in mindfulness meditation, breathwork, or yoga can deepen self-awareness and strengthen the connection to inner guidance.
  • Honoring Personal Rhythms and Cycles: By acknowledging and respecting natural rhythms, such as the menstrual cycle for women, individuals can optimize energy levels and enhance productivity.
  • Prioritizing Self-Care and Rest: Making time for restorative activities and adequate rest replenishes mental, emotional, and physical reserves, supporting overall well-being.
  • Seeking Support and Community: Connecting with like-minded individuals, mentors, or coaches provides valuable encouragement, accountability, and inspiration on the journey of self-discovery and growth.
  • Embracing Lifelong Learning: Remaining open to new experiences, insights, and knowledge cultivates a growth mindset and enriches the journey of personal evolution.

By embracing a lifestyle centered on self-connection and conscious living, individuals can nurture their inner landscape, deepen their alignment with their true essence, and continually evolve towards their highest potential.

Part 8: Embracing Self-Connection as a Catalyst for Transformation

Embracing self-connection serves as a catalyst for profound transformation:

  • Unlocking Inner Wisdom: By tapping into the wellspring of inner wisdom, individuals gain clarity, insight, and guidance for navigating life’s challenges and opportunities.
  • Cultivating Authenticity: Deepening self-connection enables individuals to live authentically, embracing their unique gifts, passions, and values without fear or hesitation.
  • Fostering Resilience: Strengthening the bond with oneself cultivates resilience in the face of adversity, empowering individuals to bounce back stronger and wiser from setbacks.
  • Enhancing Relationships: As individuals deepen their self-connection, they develop healthier, more fulfilling relationships rooted in authenticity, empathy, and mutual respect.
  • Manifesting Purposeful Living: By aligning with their true essence, individuals naturally gravitate towards endeavors and experiences that align with their purpose, leading to a more meaningful and purposeful life journey.

By prioritizing self-connection as a foundational aspect of personal growth and development, individuals can unlock their full potential, embrace their authenticity, and create profound transformation in every aspect of their lives.

Part 9: Harnessing the Power of Self-Connection in Daily Life

Harnessing the power of self-connection in daily life empowers individuals to lead more fulfilling and aligned lives:

  • Mindfulness Practices: Engage in daily mindfulness practices such as meditation, deep breathing exercises, or mindful movement to cultivate self-connection and present moment awareness.
  • Journaling: Dedicate time each day to journaling to explore thoughts, emotions, and insights, fostering deeper self-awareness and reflection.
  • Setting Boundaries: Honor personal boundaries and prioritize self-care by saying no to activities or commitments that do not align with your values or well-being.
  • Nurturing Relationships: Cultivate supportive and nourishing relationships that honor and celebrate your authenticity, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.
  • Creative Expression: Explore creative outlets such as art, music, or writing to express your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires authentically.
  • Nature Connection: Spend time in nature to ground yourself, reconnect with the natural world, and gain perspective, fostering a deeper sense of self-connection and harmony.

By integrating these practices into daily life, individuals can strengthen their self-connection, enhance well-being, and navigate life with greater clarity, purpose, and resilience.

Part 10: Embracing Self-Connection as a Catalyst for Growth and Transformation

Embracing self-connection serves as a catalyst for personal growth and transformation, empowering individuals to:

  • Cultivate Authenticity: By nurturing a deep connection with oneself, individuals can embrace their true authenticity, allowing them to show up fully and authentically in all aspects of life.
  • Navigate Challenges: Strengthening self-connection equips individuals with the inner resources and resilience needed to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.
  • Foster Empathy and Compassion: Deepening the connection with oneself fosters empathy and compassion towards oneself and others, nurturing more meaningful and fulfilling relationships.
  • Unleash Creativity: By tapping into their innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires, individuals can unleash their creativity and innovation, leading to new insights, ideas, and possibilities.
  • Live with Purpose: Self-connection enables individuals to align with their values, passions, and purpose, guiding them to live a life of meaning, fulfillment, and purpose.

Embracing self-connection as a catalyst for growth and transformation empowers individuals to lead lives that are authentic, purposeful, and deeply fulfilling.

Conclusion: Embracing Self-Connection for a Fulfilling Life

In conclusion, self-connection is not just a fleeting moment of introspection but a lifelong journey towards inner peace, authenticity, and fulfillment. By prioritizing and nurturing this profound connection with oneself, individuals embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment, leading to a more meaningful and fulfilling life. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Inner Peace and Harmony: Self-connection lays the foundation for inner peace and harmony, enabling individuals to find solace and contentment within themselves.
  • Authentic Living: Embracing self-connection allows individuals to live authentically, embracing their true selves and expressing their unique gifts and talents to the world.
  • Resilience and Empowerment: Strengthening the connection with oneself cultivates resilience and empowerment, enabling individuals to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.
  • Meaningful Relationships: Deepening self-connection fosters deeper and more meaningful connections with others, rooted in empathy, understanding, and compassion.
  • Purposeful Living: By aligning with their values, passions, and purpose, individuals who prioritize self-connection lead lives that are purposeful, fulfilling, and in alignment with their true essence.

Ultimately, embracing self-connection is a transformative journey that leads to a life filled with authenticity, purpose, and joy. It is a journey worth embarking on, for the greatest adventure lies within oneself.

Podcast Transcript

What’s up beautiful people? Christian here from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast and today we have a wonderful guest. Her name is Sara Cousineau and at the ripe age of 25, Sara found herself in Hawaii living the dream with an incredibly successful international finance career. It was paradise except for the stress and burnout and the feeling that she was continually sacrificing her desire to be truly of service, choosing to leave her corporate job, shifting from sipping champagne in a bubble bath at one of the most luxurious hotels to living off grid in a tent in the jungle was one of the most freeing decisions of her life through her journey.

Sara has evolved through education and practice into a holistic nutritionist, yoga, meditation, teacher, massage therapist, sexuality and relationship coach and birth postpartum doula. She coaches women who want to experience more joy, pleasure and fulfillment in their lives. And Sara also supports women and families on their conception journeys during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

It’s a greatest honor to witness and serve in these moments of powerful occupy and transformation. And with that, we welcome you to the show, to the show, Sara, welcome to the spiritualpreneur podcast.

Sara Cousineau
Thank you. I’m so excited to be here with you today.

Yay. It’s such an honor. And I always love having people on the show that have, you know, just gone through this transition of like, I don’t want to be part of this anymore.

I want to make this right. And For me, that is such a big symbol of transformation and freedom and just this journey of awakening. And there’s a reason why this is called the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast, because on this podcast, we want to, interview people who have the spiritual component of doing something entrepreneurially, but also being in alignment with spirit.

So tell us a little bit about your story, your path, how did you get into that corporate career? And when did you decide to switch? I mean, you’ve heard a little bit, uh, kind of like a quick summary of that, but tell us Tell us more. Who are you?

Sara Cousineau
Yes, of course. So I think originally I kind of started my life and went through my journey doing what I was expected to do, right?

And what I knew how to do through my upbringing, through everyone around me. And the path that that took was to go to university, right? And I didn’t actually know what I wanted to study at university. So I decided to study business because I was like, if I want to run my own business one day, that’s a good idea.

And then when I was in business, we had to make some decisions around what do you want to specialize in? I still didn’t really know. So I decided in some ways, right, let’s choose a very difficult path. Let’s choose the accounting and finance path. Again, if I wanted to have my own business, I felt that that was important.

And it’s kind of ironic because it was when I graduated and started going through the actual accounting process. So in Canada, it takes three years and it’s kind of like Becoming a lawyer, you have to write a bunch more exams and you’re working for a company at the same time. Also, that tea looks so delicious.

So in that process, that was when I really realized, okay, I’m studying and working and something that I’m not interested in. So how do I nurture myself and my spirit at the same time? So that was when I did my first studies into anything holistic and I started with holistic nutrition at IIN, the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

It was an online program. And as I started moving through my career, I started adding in these things where in all of my spare time, I was studying things that actually interested me because it felt like up until that point, I had been studying and doing all the things that I was supposed to do, maybe rather than what was really.

Pulling my interest or that I felt fulfilling and it always had this this desire to serve and to help others as well. And. It felt that through these studies, that was kind of more of the path of how I could do that and had no idea along the way how they were going to come together eventually, right?

And as you mentioned, it’s kind of like I started with holistic nutrition. I did a yoga teacher training. I became a yoga teacher. I did a couple more trainings, then meditation. Then ultimately, when I finally did break from the corporate world, I went to massage school and became a registered massage therapist.

And then did the sexuality and relationship and doula path, but it’s kind of like all of those steps were tiny puzzle pieces that are all included in the work that I do today. And looking back, there would have been, there would have been no way to know that I ever would have ended up in Hawaii, which is where I live for seven years.

There would have been no way to know that I would have ended up in Egypt, which is where I am now. So it’s kind of like this magical, mysterious. Choose your own adventure of constantly, you know, choosing what felt aligned with my heart. And really for me in the beginning, it felt like a lot was not aligned with my heart.
And slowly, slowly I started making choices that were more aligned. And now I live from a place that feels pretty much fully aligned with my heart and my spirit, which is so exciting. And I’m so grateful for.

Wow. That’s beautiful. And I reconnected that because I also studied in national business. Yeah.

And I, you know, went down that path of like, you know, I grew up in Germany and I, you know, I kind of follow the classical education path of like, you know, I have to study or I want to study. I mean, it’s not really that you have to, it’s just like, you don’t really know what. What better thing there is to do, right?

You come up from high school. So blinded and so mis educated, which I wasn’t even aware that was mis educated. I was just like, yeah, I’m just going with the flow. You know, I’m just a human being doing my thing. Um, but I really, uh, noticed very quickly that I wanted to do something creative, right? Cause I studied business and I was like, what do we do there?

Like we learned about accounting, we learned about marketing. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I chose more the creative fields like marketing and stuff. Um, But it still was quite dumb. So I was like, didn’t want to sit in front of PowerPoint or Excel doing stuff. Like I wanted to really create and be a builder, be a creator.

And so I, you know, I was looking for ways to just design and create and be. You know what I mean? Like break out of the box and just work on a computer type thing. Um, so yeah, that’s how, you know, I studied international business. I taught myself, you know, web design is just design in general. And then that’s how I got into like love pixel agency.

A couple years later, founding, starting a web design, web development agency. Um, and now really supporting people who are in, in, in, you know, being in the business for several years, looking to kind of consolidate their offerings and just, yeah, get the message out there, you know, because I always tell everybody your, your message is your medicine.

Like only you can tell your story. So yeah, what’s your, what’s your message? What’s your message? Like, what is it that you want to carry out in Truva? Cause you do so many things. What would you say is your, like, this is who I am. This is the message I carry out. What would you say?

Sara Cousineau
I think there are lots of aspects to it, but probably boiled down something along the lines of that.

It’s of highest service to the world. And to everyone around you, not only of yourself to live the truth of your essence and your heart, and a lot of that has to do with more being right, more connectedness, more openness to pleasure and enjoyment and joy. So I think there’s so much doing in this world, and it’s a lot of doing what we think we’re supposed to do, right?

And people have a lot of people have dreams that I think might not be possible. Um, And what I found over and over again with my clients and in so many situations, it’s like when you are aligned within yourself and with your heart and your dreams, that is of highest service to everyone. And please do that thing.

So how and how can you do that? And how can you live in pleasure and joy? Because it doesn’t necessarily have to be So painful and such a struggle as well.

Exactly. Secret is to get in touch more with your joy. Like what really drives you internally? What brings you joy? What brings you excitement? And I feel a lot of times we feel just like you said, we need to do the thing that we think we need to do, but maybe that’s not even it.

You know what I mean? Like we think we need to do certain things and what would happen if I would follow more of the things that would actually be joyful for me.

Sara Cousineau
Yeah, exactly. And I think actually we have no way to know what we can create, right? Because our mind is so limiting. So it’s like, I think I need to do this.

And while we’re so busy trying to align everything to do this, it’s like, there could be a much grander possibility that we have. That’s how my whole life has been, right? That we have no idea about. We couldn’t even fathom with our minds. But we have to step into that openness and that possibility to open to all of that.

Yeah Yeah, it’s really beautiful. I’ll tell you a good for example with my life in tea So when I got into tea, you know, obviously, you know at some point or throughout the years I developed kind of just this passion for tea, but I was just at the well tea expo last week and um, Just the like when you get into something like the doorways they open I never thought would have been there, you know so You It’s exactly what you say.

It’s like, just go one step. Like, I think there’s this African proverb. It says, go as far as you can see. And you will see further. And that’s kind of like how life is like, just go as far as you can see, you will see further ending can still say, do I even want to go further in that direction? Or do I want to go slightly more to the left or to the right, or you just keep exactly on that path?

Because it’s gonna show you more intricacies of a certain industry, of a certain field. And you can then still pick and choose and go in any different timeline or variation of living your life that you choose.

Sara Cousineau
Exactly. And I mean, that was how I ended up moving to Egypt in the first place. Originally I came here just for a trip with one of my mentors and I wasn’t fully sure about the trip.

It was during the end of the lockdown and. When I decided to go, I met with a friend and told him that I was going to Egypt, and he said, Oh, well, my friend’s here, actually. She’s visiting Maui, so you should meet her. So we went for coffee, and she said, Oh, okay, I’ll pick you up at the airport, and you can stay with me for a few days.

And all of a sudden, I had this openness, right? And then I messaged another friend who I knew lives somewhere else in Egypt, I had no idea where, and she was like, No, I’m, I’m going to be in Turkey, but you can stay in my house. So it was like all of these things started opening. But I had to say yes first also too, right?
I had to be willing to step into that and then all of these doors opened and ultimately I ended up living my whole life here because this is where I feel that I’m meant to be right now.

Wow, that’s so wonderful and I love it and I think you know you Live like your dream life, you know what I mean? And nobody else can, like if somebody wants to go to Egypt, yeah, please go to Egypt.

Right. But that doesn’t mean that the version that you live is their version, you know, like everybody needs to discover their own version, right? We can just inspire people to discover theirs, right? And I think your life is such a beautiful Testament of what can happen when you say yes. And like the doorways that open and open and open.

And so it’s really. It’s really wonderful. And, um, I think that’s amazing, you know? So, how, like, why would you say, like, why Egypt? Like, why Egypt versus, like, Bali or, whatever, Guatemala, like a popular digital nomad spot, you know, Latin America or, why, why that?

Sara Cousineau
So originally it was for a trip that I came to the different temples and sacred sites with one of my mentors, and then at the end of that trip I actually ended up testing positive for COVID.

So I had to quarantine officially in a hotel, uh, with the government. And during that time, a woman contacted me and wanted to learn more about birth support. She was giving birth. And so we had a consultation, and there was part of me as well that was a little bit resistant to being in Cairo. Because Cairo, I don’t know if you know or have been, but it is a huge city.

And I had been living on Maui, so it was literally the opposite experience. So coming into Cairo, it was a lot for my nervous system and it was so different that I, I didn’t know if I actually wanted to be here. And so we had our consultation and I told her, you know, talk to lots of people, go away and think about it.

When you work with someone in a birth, it’s a very intimate experience. So from both sides, it has to be. An exact or direct alignment for me, and she came back and she said, We’d really like you to be our doula. So I decided to go to Cairo to be on call for that birth. And then I ended up supporting another person in birth.

And actually, it was very interesting because one of those first births, they were in the hospital. They were water births in the hospital. And one of the doctors came to me and he said, Um, You know, I would really like you to organize a panel of duelists because we have a problem with cesareans in Egypt.

The rate is too high. We need to change this somehow. And for me, that was a little bit like, Oh, like, I just arrived in Egypt. And who am I to have that conversation, you know, and all of these things, but it was all of these doors were opening. It was it was. An incredible experience and all of a sudden, all of these people wanted support with birth, with sexuality, with relationships, and it’s interesting because there actually is an element where because I am a foreigner, in some ways, there are Egyptian local women that feel more comfortable sharing certain things with me.

Because I come from a different background because I have different training, so there were so many signs and signals to me, many in the form of opportunities and connections that were just telling me, like, there’s a lot happening here and I’m in a phase of life where I’m really excited about creation.

And projects. And so all of these projects started happening really quickly, potential birth center, you know, ways to support community, ways to support the women. There’s a beautiful, strong international, but also very local community here as well around holistic healing. And so I kind of had this sense inside of myself, okay, you know, there might be something shifting and it was confirmed when I went back to Hawaii.

Because Hawaii is such a beautiful place and it’s so healing, but things move much more slowly in Hawaii, right? So it’s not always the place. To create or have things move quickly. Some of these things. So the birth center, for example, there wasn’t really moving forward things in the United States around birth.

There’s different laws, right? That are being passed and things are kind of shifting. So it was just really clear that Egypt is is the place for me to be right now because. There’s desire for me to be of service and support and all of the doors were opening and so It was really a lot of direct listening and I actually had a lot of resistance to being in Cairo because of the ways that it was so different initially and Ultimately, I ended up going and getting my things and moving back here and now it’s been about two years and it’s definitely I feel so aligned with where I’m meant to be right now in my life.

Wow Beautiful. So what were some of the initial like struggles or how do you make money? Did you have like savings or transitioning to that career or just like how did that whole thing? You know go about because I think it’s always a fascinating point to talk about like When you walk on a path like this that is sometimes maybe not the most You know financially abundant in the beginning Um, so yeah share a little bit about about that

Sara Cousineau
Yeah, so initially when I quit my corporate job, I did have some savings, not a significant amount, but I also had stocks and some of these things.

So I was, that was also kind of when I was transitioning as well to start coaching. So I was doing some coaching on the side and then when I started going to massage school, I was offering services at a really reduced rate. So it’s kind of like at each step of the way, I was presented with opportunities to bring in income in different ways or to be supported.

And there were some times, right, where I felt fearful or I wasn’t sure how something was going to work, but in the end, it always did work out. And you know, at certain points as well, there was a time where I got a job and I was employed by a wonderful man who was offering the Pasana based silent meditation courses.

Right. So there were different spaces in my life where I was able to bring an income while studying, but this income was also much more aligned with my path. And so slowly, slowly, it kind of transitioned between me working for others in different capacities, whether that was consulting or body work or coaching to a place where now I’m fully working for myself.

Wow. Beautiful. And how long would you say did it take you to get to, I would say, where you could fully sustain yourself?

Sara Cousineau
So I quit the corporate world about five years ago now. So I would say probably about three years where I was working for others in some capacity as an independent contractor, as a consultant, um, but now my income is solely Through my different ventures and through coaching and things like that.

Beautiful amazing And how wonderful it is, you know to hear another testimony of that kind of like the universe always has you back Right, I felt the same way when I came to america, which was seven years ago because you know, i’m originally from germany And um, I came here with I think it was a thousand five hundred seventy dollars.

I still have the The receipt from Chase Bank and my father somewhere. Um, and it’s just incredible how it all worked out. You know, like I met, I met my now wife, we married, had a child very quickly. It was like way too fast for me. But I was like, you know, I trust the universe, like this is like, this is supposed to, and it really helped me to become a man, like to, you know, make an income, build a foundation, build a family, you know, like that was so important for me at that stage in my life.

So I’m really grateful for that. That phase of my life, um, and how also everything worked out. So, you know, uh, beautiful to hear that it, it did the same in your life. And it’s just so hard for some people that are maybe looking into quitting their job or transitioning their career, like to make that step, because it’s a scary step, you know?

So yeah. Thanks. Thanks. Thanks for, for sharing that.

Sara Cousineau
Yeah. And I also just want to share around that, that. I remember in the transitionary periods where sometimes I would talk to friends who were previous classmates, right? Who are still in the corporate world. And I came away with such gratitude because they were more stressed out about money than I was, right?

And they were bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars and had the investments and had all the things.

And they were, they had more anxiety and stress about money. And I just felt so free, you know, and it was like, I knew that I would figure it out or that I would be supported or that somehow it would work out. And that was a really big insight for me as well.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s beautiful. Like the energy that comes with that freedom, it’s just, it’s priceless. You know what I mean? Being free is really. It’s, it’s a very, it’s a very beautiful feeling. Um, so, um, let’s talk a little bit about like your, your online presence.

Um, when did you decide to have a website in those, I would say journey of like five years since you quit your corporate career?

Sara Cousineau
I would say probably about three years ago. So once I was starting to do the sexuality and relationship stuff, um, in one of the mentorships that I did, we had support to help us make a website with that.
And that was such a gift and it’s kind of continued and evolved from that space.

That’s so beautiful. I love that. And, uh, that, that website you still have today, or, or did you change?

Sara Cousineau
In terms of aesthetics, it’s changed, but it’s the same kind of, it was on WordPress and it was saracusino. com and now I manage it myself and it looks quite different, but it’s the same URL.

Okay, sweet. Great. And, um, for like, like when you initially built your website, you built yourself, correct?

Sara Cousineau
Initially, someone from the mentorship built it on WordPress, which was amazing. And then I would say probably a year after that I started to do it myself, um, on Squarespace and transition some of it.

Okay, great. And what we should say is like, I don’t know the tricky parts about technology because like, Hearing you talk about, it seems like you started out on WordPress, which I know is a little bit more a platform with a steeper learning curve than Squarespace. So tell, tell us a little bit about like what you like or didn’t like about both these platforms.

Sara Cousineau
Yeah, I think for me around technology, whenever it feels overwhelming, that’s almost like the biggest piece. Right? So if it’s going to prevent me from even wanting to go in or do something, then the question is, okay, what, what’s the solution for that? So with WordPress, it was kind of like something that I knew at this point in time, I didn’t want to dedicate the time to learn it.

Um, or kind of have someone else do it at that point in time. It felt important to have sovereignty over it and some ability to go in and change things. So I knew that Squarespace felt doable for me. So that’s what made me make the shift. Um, and then being willing to just go in and do small things at a time, right?

Because in, in a big sense, things can feel overwhelming, but being willing to just take one step at a time and be okay with that, like not needing to have everything perfect before you launch or before you go live or before you do whatever, I think that applies to kind of everything as well in entrepreneurship.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s really important. And it’s also what we see with our clients a lot. Um, I mean, obviously when somebody comes to us and book something, you want to have it perfect, right? But when you start out, like it doesn’t need to be perfect. You know, literally just choose a font that looks somewhat good and colors that you feel somewhat aligned, right?

Because you can go back and change and, you know, redesign and refresh stuff. Um, I think the most important step in the beginning is just to get it out there, you know, because again, your message is your medicine. And if you just keep holding it back from being shared with the world, then, yeah, you’re just holding yourself back.

So, yeah, I love that. And how, how did you decide on, like, colors and fonts on your website, for example? Like, how did that come about?

Sara Cousineau
So, initially, there were a lot of colors and it was very bright. And then, because I had a bunch of different Places where my visuals were from, like they were from the ocean and the desert.

Like initially when I was in Hawaii, it was all kind of like Hawaii color schemes and then later that shifted. So it felt better to me to have black and white photos that felt cohesive. And the gold color that I chose felt, it felt like it went well with the black and white. It also felt kind of ancient to me.

But being in Egypt, it’s like this. Dust and the sand and the pyramids, right? So there’s an ancientness to the sacred feminine and there’s also a luxury and a value. So those are all kinds of aspects of my brand and what I feel is important. And, and that’s how it ended up coming together.

Beautiful. And so once you have a website, right, you want to see that you get some people to that website somehow.

So how did people find you? Was it more like local? Was it online? Did you do a little bit of social media? Did you start a newsletter? YouTube? Like, can you tell us a little bit more about your, your journey? I would say content or like how do you, how you attracted people to your site in the beginning and now?

Sara Cousineau
Yeah. So honestly, a lot of my business, a lot of my, my clients come through referrals, which is amazing. So through the networks that I’ve built over the years, through the programs that I’ve done, I get a lot of referrals and they then come to the website and book with me. Um, I also have a small social media presence on Instagram and I do have a weekly newsletter that I sent send out every Monday called your weekly turn on.

So it’s a compilation of really yummy like songs and poems and self care practices and visuals, mainly for women, um, that they get every Monday and then from that there’s also opportunities to work with me. So it’s kind of like all tied in together in those, those different places, the website, the Instagram, and the newsletter.

Beautiful. And what would you say is like your favorite program or your favorite activity within your, um, ecosystem or like just something that you love doing and like hanging out with your people and yeah, creating, I don’t know. Yeah.

Sara Cousineau
I love so many of them. Um, something that I’ve been. What I’ve been excited about recently, though, is my program called 12 Days of Pleasure.

So this was something that I ran live in December, and now I’ve made it into an evergreen course that can be accessed at any time, but it’s, it’s from what we talked about a little bit before in terms of everyone is so busy doing, right? So when I’m working with women on connecting to their bodies, on connecting to their pleasure, to their joy, to having a more fulfilling experience in their bodies every day.

A lot of people don’t know how to do that because there’s so much disconnection, right? So it’s like really slowing everything down and cultivating the quality of beingness through all of the senses, through smell, through sight, through sound, through taste, right? To, to allow yourself to start to cultivate this way of being in the world where you make choices based on what feels good and what feels aligned for you.

And I’ve had a couple of women go through this recently. Um, and it feels really powerful and potent. So I love that. I love getting women connected to their pleasure.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s really a sacred value of, um, bringing kind of like this balance of the masculine and feminine onto the planet. Basically.

And, um, yeah, my friend of mine was asking me, I was two weeks, two weeks ago, I was in Guatemala and he was like, so what do you actually do? Well, you know, we build websites, right. Um, but there’s so much more to it because our mission with love picks agencies to make love tangible, right. To really kind of like bring the feminine back online.

Because technology is so boxy and it’s so like, cause like, I would say the, the, the base frequency of technology is just more masculine than it is feminine, right? It’s all these letters and codes in boxes. I mean, even now, like our video is like in a box and the button is in the box and then, you know, everything’s in a box.

So, you know, one thing I’m really excited about when I work with, you know, people, it’s just how can we bring your organic essence. onto a digital canvas, right? And yeah, it’s always such an honor to distill that essence with someone because everybody’s so unique. And, um, yeah, it’s just, it’s just cool and a blessing to honor people with that process of like, who are you expressed.

Right. Um, yeah. So

Sara Cousineau
I love that. That’s so beautiful.

Thank you. Yeah. I mean, are you know, We all can like make love tangible in a different way, right? Ours happens to be websites and stuff like that. Um, but we all have this connection to source, to love. It’s just, what do we decide to channel and give this vessel to like right now in my life, like the three, the three, uh, areas I give most of my vessel to is, Uh, web design branding, which is the agency, right?

They have tea, um, which I also have a tea brand, right? Because I love it so much. I want to like make it a business. I want it part of my daily life. drinking it sometimes. And then the third one is spirituality. I love anything has to do the, with the connection to spirit because I feel it’s such an inherent part of who we are as human beings.

And if we don’t honor that connection, it just feels like we’re living only 80 percent of our life or maybe even less. I feel like life is so spiritual. Once you get into it, you see how everything is just so like energetic and connected and based on. Energetics. Um, it’s really, really fascinating. I was talking to, um, a previous podcast guest, her name is Eileen and she does biofield tuning.

So she has her own tuning forks and she goes into your energetic field and releases blockages. And I mean, it’s just incredible, cool techniques and it’s just amazing. You know, I love that. We all kind of like. are stepping up at this time in the human, you know, history or moment and, um, change the timeline to the one that we actually want to live.

I feel that so much of this happening. Um, so it’s really cool to see.

Sara Cousineau
It’s a beautiful network all over the world.

Yeah, it’s incredible. Um, so talking about humans, let’s talk about AI. What do you think about AI?

Sara Cousineau
I think AI is interesting. And I know that there, I have some friends and I’ve heard about some spaces where they’re actually trying to create like a feminine expression, a more feminine expression of using AI.

So I’m interested to see how that comes out. Um, and I also do not have too much experience with it because a lot of my work is kind of hands on in person in gathering and experiences. So I’m interested to see what will be created for sure.

Yeah, yeah, I think it’s, it’s a wonderful development. And again, it’s just Because it’s not organic, like the feminine is organic.

We are organic. Humans are organic, right? We are, we are kind of the best organism out there. Um, we’re very, very smart. Our system is self healing self. I mean, there’s so many cool features about this body that we rarely even recognize. Oh yeah, I hurt myself. Of course, it’s going to heal. Really? Wow. Where does that come from?

Um, so yeah, organisms, humans are organic, right? And AI is just, it’s just like technology, right? It’s just primarily, again, it’s like this primarily masculine. So, which is not bad. It’s just like, again, find the balance. So I think that’s the invitation for so many things in our lives is to find that balance between the divine masculine, divine feminine.

And yeah, it’s, it’s really cool to see how everything, you know, is, is developing. And when you, when you look at your, I would say friend circle or colleagues, or do you see Do you see the same thing happening? Are more people kind of like stepping a little bit out of that corporate container, starting their own stuff?

Um, what do you think, where, where is it, where is it leading to?

Sara Cousineau
I think so. I think a lot of people are kind of at the point where maybe they’ve experienced many years in the corporate world and now they’re kind of reflecting on whether this is something that they want to continue doing for the rest of their lives.

Right. Um, I think. During the times of Corona, that was a lot, a big period of reflection for a lot of people as well. And a lot of people that I know have pivoted during that time. So, or right there as well, the people who continue doing their corporate job in some capacity and then start a side project that allows them to fulfill their passions.

So I think there are kind of different journeys to the people are choosing to get to where they want to go and we’re trying it out. But ultimately, yeah, I would love for everyone to explore that in some way, right, if they’re not feeling fulfilled in their current space. So I’m a big proponent of If you’re not fulfilled or connected to your joy, right.

Or you have a dream, right. That there’s, there’s something for you in that. So please take the time and energy to explore it for yourself.

Yeah. Yeah. That’s just one book that talks about, you know, how there’s like seven or eight, you know, billion people on the planet. So that means there should be seven or 8 billion businesses.

I think that’s a cool little visual. Um, but so for me, I think one thing I would really love for you to talk about more is how you, you know, maintain your balance in your daily lives, or if you have any, like, tips and tricks and like maybe some sort of, uh, allies or substances, like things like I love tea, like tea really keeps me balanced and just aligned all the time.

Um, is there anything you want to share with us in terms of like routines and yeah, any, yeah, any, any ingredients to your life that make it extra special?

Sara Cousineau
Yes, for sure. So I prioritize being. And you’re always going And that looks differently in different spaces and places. But one key aspect of that is that I’m very connected to my cycle as a woman.

So my monthly cycle during different phases of my cycle. I live very differently. And for example, when I have my monthly bleed, I’m resting as much as possible. So, I find for lots of women That if we’re able to give ourselves that period of rest, then it creates a more sustainable cycle for us, and we can have more energy at other parts of our cycle.

And there’s certain parts that are great for creation. There’s certain parts that are great for moving our bodies in certain ways, right? And the way that I eat, the way that I move, the way that I rest, all of that is kind of dependent on where I am in that cycle.

Beautiful. So honoring your cycle. Is something very important and beautiful.

What is, what’s something else you could say somebody that I would say, let’s say somebody is sitting in a corporate job setting and they’re like about to, you know, make that transition or maybe next year’s like, maybe you could start this or look into that. Like, is there anything you would like, what would you advise them or any tips?

Sara Cousineau
Yeah, I would. Advise them or encourage them to create space for themselves, right? So for some people that might look like a meditation practice Right for some people that literally might be like give yourself five minutes to just be with yourself Right and give yourself permission rather than thinking of all the things that you need to do Or what’s going on or any of the other things but just really allowing yourself to sit and be with yourself Tune into your body See how you’re feeling, see what you need, right, connect to your heart, connect to what’s going on.

For women, you can connect to your womb. So it’s like, whatever is the minimum amount of space that you’re able to create for yourself, I would start with that because, sorry, go ahead.

And why space? Like, why is that so like,

Sara Cousineau
Because I think we’re so caught up in the doing and we have so many to do lists, right?

So this is the same with my clients, where oftentimes. You know, I, I’m like, I can give you practices and exercises and I do, right. But if they’re coming into the practices and exercises as just another thing to check off the list, they’re not actually being embodied or integrating. They’re just kind of doing it from the mind based perspective and they’re not going to get the results that they want from the practice or the exercise.

So it’s like for lots of people, I find that it’s, Because we’re so disconnected from our bodies, it’s learning how to drop back into our bodies and our awareness and our ultimately our intuition, right? Because I totally believe we have everything that we need inside of ourselves. We can learn how to tap into our intuition, our knowing, how to become our own oracle, our own channel, right?

And figure out what we need and even what we need to do. But we need that space to allow us to disconnect from all the external inputs. And come back to ourselves.

Hmm. Beautiful. And why the, like why is like what, what leads, what, what awaits us there? Like our inner wisdom.

Sara Cousineau
You said that connection that has all the answers pretty much in the space.

Yeah. Mm-Hmm. . So in the space we can create a connection like with ourself, with our bodies, right. And then we create space for that connection is what I understood.

Mm-Hmm. . Um, and why? Where would that bring me? Why would I do that?

Sara Cousineau
So, ultimately, it’s ironic because in some ways we want to do that without an end goal, right? But I know that often people need a goal. But it’s in that space that I find that’s where we’re connected to, for example, the next step. Right.

It’s like in that space where suddenly we might receive the message of like, apply to this job, right, or call this person, someone might come into your awareness, or in that space, someone might actually reach out to you. Right. So it’s, it’s like, there’s all these. Ripples and so much happening often in chaos around us that we often don’t know where to go or what to do because there’s so many options, right?

We have so many choices in life and that can be really confusing, especially from the mental space. So if we’re able to disconnect from all of that and tune into ourselves, then it becomes really clear what’s right for us. And for lots of people, it’s, it’s a really like beginning step, right? And even like, Oh, I noticed I’m hungry or I’m dehydrated or I have to use the bathroom because we’re not, many people are not addressing their bodily needs.

We kind of put everything on the back burner because we have to go, go, go and do all the things, right? But once we come into a space, even of a deeper connection, that’s when the insights come up. Ooh, there’s this creative solution to this problem or, Ooh, there’s a product or, Ooh, there’s, that’s the name of my next program.

Right. So it’s like in this, in this space is where honestly, for me, the magic happens. And for so many of my clients.

Beautiful. Yeah. I think the space is really magic. And I love how you bring this like feminine container and energy of just being to, you know, because. Again, it’s, it’s again about that balance.

You know, it’s like, yeah, go into being, you can then go into doing again, but you go into it differently, right?

You come from a different space. Like basically you’re basically saying, okay, let me step five minutes or two minutes into a being state, which is a different timeline than keep working on a computer or whatever else you’re doing.

And then you step back into life and all of a sudden you’re living in a different timeline. Like you, you literally just changed your life. And I think sometimes to make it that visceral for people is what it takes for them to understand what they’re actually doing, right? Because you are then from this space making different choices.

You may not shout at your child or you may not whatever it is that you do and just like live a better version because you just came from this place that is more aligned with your truth.

Sara Cousineau
Exactly. And from a business context, right? It can be like, you could send a hundred emails to the wrong people, right?

And that’s going to take a lot of time, or you could send one email to Christian and it’s the right person and all the doors are now open, right? So it’s like, it’s also collapsing for me, a lot of the timelines and the effort and making everything more efficient because you’re now coming from a place and not wasting your time and energy on all the things that you think might be helpful, but they’re really not.

So true. Yeah. That’s really something I noticed too. It’s like literally like when you choose love, when you choose yourself, when you choose truth, when you know, it really comes from a place of like, I love this so much. I want to do this because I love it kind of thing or like whatever. It doesn’t have to be exactly that, but like, it comes from a place of your heart, right?

If you choose that all the time, you’re basically collapsing time because you spend less time doing bullshit that your mind tells you, you need to, you need to execute and do it.
So it’s really, yeah, I think, I think it’s like the fast track to, to healing and enlightenment is to choose your heart at any given moment.

So, yeah, thank you for bringing that to the podcast. And we’re coming towards the end of our episode. Is there anything else you would like to share with the listeners? And then of course, um, yeah, where people can find you and how they can connect with you.

Sara Cousineau
Absolutely. So I would just say if there’s something that’s on your heart.

Or you have a dream or a vision, please go do it because you have no idea what magic will come from it for you, for the rest of the world, it’s so important and you’re not alone. You know, there’s a a world of community who is ready and willing to help you in that, and I can be found on my website, www com or on my Instagram page, witness of Miracles.

Beautiful. Thank you so much for blessing us with your grace, with your wisdom, with your insight, with your passion, with your love, and with everything that you do and are. And yeah, it’s been such an honor. Thank you so, so much, Sara.

Sara Cousineau
Christian. It’s been my pleasure.

All right. Bye for now.

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