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I'm Christian aka. Lovepixel!

Raised in countryside Germany, I learned early the value of hard work through my family’s business but felt unfulfilled by traditional success.

University led to uninspiring business studies and a creative search at Google, where despite talent, happiness seemed scarce. This sparked a 10,000 mile U.S. road trip, revealing the true meaning of happiness.

Continuing as a digital nomad in Bali, I dove deep into spirituality but faced financial difficulties, This is when I started my web design career.

My journey took me to Nepal and India, where I realized love’s central role in life. Meeting my wife at a spiritual retreat and facing the challenges of new fatherhood in the US, I built Lovepixel Agency from the ground up.

Now settled in Florida with my family and a thriving business, my life embodies the pursuit of love and making it tangible on the web.

my Full story

Pivotal Moments

Growing up

I always tried to live up to what others thought success might be. But it never really worked for me.

Growing up in a small village in Germany, since a young age I helped my parents in their family business, import – export of mushrooms – NO that those kinda mushrooms ;). 

That taught me all about hard work and timely precision, HOWEVER there was one thing missing: happiness.

So I decided to keep searching – what is happiness?

What makes people happy?

Nobody ever tells you…

The Quest for Happiness

My quest for purpose and happiness took me to study International Business in Munich, Germany.

During my business studies I had the opportunity to do two internships at Google, where I met incredibly talented people.

Yet, despite their success in career, many seemed to lack a genuine happiness, a realization that deeply resonated with me.

I thought to myself, well if I can’t be happy at Google – the happiest place to work – I have to keep on searching.

And so I did…



Driven by this insight, I embarked on a 10,000-mile road trip across the US  – called Happiness101 with my best friend, seeking answers to what makes people truly happy.

The journey revealed a simple truth: people who where above average happy, spent above average time in:

  • spirituality
  • families & friends
  • playtime & hobbiesThis insight was a big omen for me, especially the spirituality part – since I didn’t really know what it meant back then.

This discovery led me to Bali as a spiritual seeker & digital nomad, where I lived with a shaman, embraced nature, and delved into self-discovery/meditation.

Life as a Digital Nomad or Finding Happiness within

After my road trip my quest led me to Bali as a spiritual seeker & digital nomad, where I lived with a shaman, embraced nature, and delved into self-discovery/meditation.

I lived with a shaman for 3 months, making my own tinctures, meditating every day, drinking water from the mountain – the whole shebang. I loved it – a life so free, so careless, so in harmony with nature and my soul.

However that hippie life also had its drawbacks, little to no income made me question this lifestyle as being a sustainable one for myself and looking ahead. So I decided to teach myself web design, I’ve always loved design and Steve Jobs was a great idol of mine at that time. Perfection, design, the love to detail. After 1month of practicing I offered to build websites for free for friends in Bali, that’s when my freelance career took off and I started to have an income, living in paradise = Bali.

Discovering the meaning of Life = Love

After my VISA in Bali ran out (after renewing twice), I decided to go to Nepal & India. Visiting holy sites (birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini, Nepal – Ashram of Steve Jobs – Neem Karoli Baba in Nainital, India).

Sitting on a mountain top while spending 5 days with shepherds (lowest cast in India) and living an incredibly simple life I was journaling a lot and got the insight that Love = Meaning of Life.

The true reason we are all here is Love.

What we all do at any given moment is either Love or a call for Love.

With this insight – I said – I can either stay here and attain enlightenment, meditate OR I can return and bring back this philosophy, this mantra into the reality of every people’s lives.

And so I did. Carrying back the wisdom and radiating the essence of life = Love, every single day.

That’s how I discovered my life’s mission/purpose.

My Mission

My mission is to make Love tangible on the web & generate value-aligned results for my clients.

Immigrating to the USA

In 2017 I met my now wife in the US (remember I’m from Germany) at a spiritual retreat about ACIM (A Course in Miracles) – incredible book if you haven’t read it yet – Meeting her in itself was quite the spiritual encounter (so many alignments and synchronicities at that time).

All signs pointed to marriage and marry we did – quite soon we were expecting a son, too.

Right when I got the news of becoming a father I was scared shitless.

I needed to generate a LOT more income for the years to come, and I did not hesitate.

I started Lovepixel Agency – to uplevel my freelance career and I did everything I could to make ends meet. I immigrated to the US with $2000 on my bank account and we were relying on foodstamps back at that time.

Tough times create tough people, but I had faith…


Growing the family and agency

I thought to myself: If the universe puts me in a position, to step up, then to master it and to succeed. 

And so it came – after 6y being in the US, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, online coaches, authors, speakers build 6-7 figure brands, funnels and websites.

Are you next?

to be continued..

Love and Thank you Thank you for this wonderful journey!!!
So blessed.