Tara Divina: Integrating Spirituality into the Entrepreneurial Journey, Power of Authenticity | Ep10

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Tara Divina mentors magical people to monetize their creative & healing talents in a fun and sustainable way. She combines the practical experience of generating millions of dollars through her own businesses with her intuitive seeing of the deeper truths that we must look at in order to have real fulfillment. She believes we can transform our reality through a combination of prayer, creativity and aligned action, and generate an upwards spiral of “wins” that benefits all beings. Her creative expression also includes being a healing musician, clothing designer and Vedic Astrologer.

In this illuminating episode, Tara Divina welcomes us into her realm of spiritual coaching and creative entrepreneurship. With a profound dedication to authenticity and personal growth, Tara shares her insights on integrating spirituality into everyday life and cultivating deep fulfillment beyond traditional paradigms. Through her journey and wisdom, Tara highlights the significance of honoring one’s inner wisdom and nurturing a sense of connection with the divine. Embark on a transformative exploration with Tara as she empowers listeners to embark on their own paths toward spiritual awakening and holistic abundance.

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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the pursuit of authenticity has become more crucial than ever. As entrepreneurs navigate through the ever-changing technological advancements and shifting marketing trends, the essence of genuine human connection and pursuing passion projects remains paramount. In this insightful conversation between Tara Divina and Christian, we explore the intersection of authenticity, technology, and personal growth. Join us as we delve into the importance of embracing new technology, maintaining human connection, and finding fulfillment through passion projects in the digital age.

Part 1: Embracing Authenticity in the Digital Age

In a world dominated by technology and constant innovation, the quest for authenticity remains a guiding principle for individuals and businesses alike. Here are some key insights from the conversation between Tara Divina and Christian on the importance of embracing authenticity in the digital age:

  • Navigating Change: As the technological landscape continues to evolve, entrepreneurs must navigate through various changes while staying true to their authentic selves.
  • Human Connection: Despite the rise of AI and digital tools, the value of genuine human connection cannot be understated. Building relationships based on authenticity remains essential in business and personal endeavors.
  • Pursuing Passion: Embracing authenticity involves pursuing passion projects and endeavors that align with one’s values and interests. These projects not only bring fulfillment but also contribute to personal growth and development.

Join us as we explore how authenticity intersects with technology and personal growth in today’s digital world.

Part 2: The Rise of Intuition in a Tech-Savvy World

In an era characterized by technological advancement and digital transformation, there has been a simultaneous rise in the importance of intuition and authenticity. Here are some key insights from the discussion between Tara Divina and Christian on the emergence of intuition in a tech-savvy world:

  • Authenticity vs. Image: With the proliferation of social media and online platforms, individuals often present curated versions of themselves. However, there is a growing recognition that true authenticity involves embracing vulnerability and imperfection.
  • Intuitive Awareness: People are becoming more attuned to their intuition, often referred to as a “bullshit radar,” which helps them discern genuine interactions from superficial ones.
  • Long-Term Growth: Sustainable personal and professional growth requires a long-term approach focused on integrating habits and making gradual changes over time. Quick fixes and shortcuts are often unsustainable in the long run.

Join us as we delve deeper into the role of intuition and authenticity in navigating the complexities of the digital age.

Part 3: Embracing Authenticity in Client Relationships

In their conversation, Tara Divina and Christian explore the significance of authenticity in client relationships and the evolving role of technology in coaching:

  • Client-Centric Approach: Tara emphasizes the importance of prioritizing clients’ needs and delivering value by investing energy and attention into their growth and development.
  • Long-Term Commitment: Rather than focusing on short-term results, Tara advocates for creating long-term programs that facilitate ongoing integration and sustainable change.
  • Responsibility and Support: While clients are ultimately responsible for their progress, coaches play a crucial role in providing support, understanding, and guidance to help clients overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
  • Technology as a Tool: While technology, including AI, can streamline access to information, it cannot replace the human connection and intuitive guidance provided by coaches.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Tara’s insights on the intersection of technology and human connection in coaching practices.

Part 4: Navigating the Future Landscape of Coaching

Tara Divina and Christian delve into their visions for the future of coaching amid advancing technology:

  • Embracing Innovation: Tara underscores the importance of embracing new technologies early on to avoid falling behind in the industry.
  • Personal Growth and Fulfillment: Both speakers highlight the significance of pursuing passions and aligning with one’s magical genius for a fulfilling work life.
  • Diversifying Ventures: Tara shares her plans to explore new avenues such as music promotion and launching a clothing line, while Christian ventures into the world of tea with a brand focused on presence and mindfulness.
  • Adapting to Change: As the coaching industry continues to evolve, flexibility and a willingness to adapt to emerging trends are essential for sustained success.

Join us as we conclude our exploration of Tara Divina’s insights and Christian’s perspectives on navigating the dynamic landscape of coaching and entrepreneurship.

Part 5: Final Reflections and Takeaways

As we wrap up our journey through Tara Divina’s wisdom and Christian’s entrepreneurial spirit, let’s reflect on the key takeaways:

  • Embrace Innovation: In a rapidly evolving landscape, staying abreast of emerging technologies and trends is crucial for maintaining relevance and effectiveness.
  • Follow Your Passion: Both speakers emphasize the importance of pursuing passions and leveraging one’s unique talents to create fulfilling careers and businesses.
  • Diversify Your Ventures: Exploring new avenues and diversifying income streams can enhance resilience and open up opportunities for growth and expansion.
  • Adaptability is Key: Remaining flexible and adaptable in the face of change is essential for thriving in today’s dynamic marketplace.

As you embark on your own journey in coaching and entrepreneurship, remember to stay true to your vision, embrace innovation, and continue to pursue your passions with purpose and determination.

Part 6: Embrace Your Magic

As we conclude our exploration of Tara Divina’s insights and wisdom, remember to embrace your magic and pursue your passions with courage and determination. Here are some key takeaways to inspire and guide you on your journey:

  • Own Your Magic: Recognize and celebrate your unique gifts, talents, and strengths. Embrace what sets you apart and use it to make a positive impact in the world.
  • Follow Your Inspiration: Pay attention to the creative ideas and impulses that spark excitement and enthusiasm within you. Trust your intuition and follow where it leads.
  • Monetize Your Passions: Don’t be afraid to monetize your passions and interests. Find innovative ways to turn your hobbies and creative pursuits into viable income streams.
  • Stay Open to Growth: Remain open to new opportunities, experiences, and technologies. Continuously seek ways to expand your knowledge, skills, and horizons.
  • Connect with Others: Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who support and uplift you on your journey. Community and collaboration can amplify your impact and accelerate your growth.

By embracing your magic and staying true to yourself, you can create a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and abundance. So go forth with confidence, knowing that the power to create the life of your dreams lies within you.

Part 7: Connect with Tara Divina

To learn more about Tara Divina and explore her offerings, here are some ways to connect with her:

  • Visit Her Website: Head over to taradivina.com to discover a wealth of resources, including free gifts, articles, and information about her coaching programs.
  • Follow Her on Social Media: Stay updated on Tara’s latest insights, events, and announcements by following her on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Subscribe to Her Newsletter: Sign up for Tara’s newsletter to receive regular updates, exclusive content, and special offers delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Attend Her Workshops and Events: Keep an eye out for Tara’s workshops, retreats, and live events, where you can deepen your learning and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Explore Her Coaching Programs: If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey, consider enrolling in one of Tara’s coaching programs designed to help you unlock your full potential and achieve your goals.

By connecting with Tara Divina, you can tap into her wisdom, guidance, and support as you navigate your own path to personal and professional growth.


In conclusion, the conversation with Tara Divina offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of personal and professional development. Here are key takeaways to remember:

  • Embrace Your Magic: Tara emphasizes the importance of embracing your magical zone of genius and pursuing your passions wholeheartedly.
  • Stay Open to Innovation: As technology continues to advance, it’s crucial to stay open to new tools and platforms like AI while preserving the unique human touch.
  • Follow Your Creative Inspiration: Just as Tara explores new ventures like music and fashion, listeners are encouraged to follow their creative inspiration and explore diverse interests.
  • Connect with Community: Building connections with like-minded individuals and mentors, whether online or in-person, can provide invaluable support and encouragement on your journey.
  • Take Action: Lastly, Tara reminds us that action is key. Whether it’s launching a new business or pursuing a hobby, taking consistent action towards your goals is essential for growth and fulfillment.

By embodying these principles and integrating them into your life, you can cultivate a sense of purpose, authenticity, and joy in everything you do.

Podcast Transcript

What’s up beautiful people. This is Christian from the Successful Spiritualpreneur Podcast. And today we have a very special guest for you. Her name is Tara Divina and she mentors magical people to monetize their creative and healing talents. in a fun and sustainable way. She combines the practical experience of generating millions of dollars through her own business With her intuitive seeing of the deeper truths that we must look at in order to have a real fulfillment So she really believes that we can transform our reality through a combination of prayer creativity and aligned action and generate an upward spiral of winds that benefits all beings.

Her creative expression also includes being a healing musician, clothing designer, and Vedic astrologer. Welcome to the show, Tara. 

Tara Divina
Thanks for having me. So great to be here. 

Yay. What an honor. So tell us more about you. Like how’d you become that magical being that you are helping others monetize their gifts and talents.

Yeah. How did that, how did that come about? 

Tara Divina
Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but the headline is that I was working in the music business. I was a vice president at the Warner music group and had been on a very interesting 10 year journey with that. And, um, was not connected with my magic or any kind of entrepreneurial side of myself at that point. And I got an invitation in 2008 to a little festival called Burning Men. And I wound up there and through a series of Synchronistic and magical events. I wound up just discovering a completely different side of my life and opening up kind of the, the creative, magical, musical, spiritual doorways. Um, and then nothing was ever the same.

And I wound up pursuing my life purpose and discovering Vedic astrology and music and all the different things. Um, and then eventually figuring out how to monetize that and then just naturally wanting to help others do the same. 

Wow. I love that. And which one of these, I would say, passions or, you know, vocations of yours is the one that is, I would say, presently most present?

Um, how, like, what do you, what do you love to, like, do most currently in your life? 

Tara Divina
That’s it. It’s kind of like asking someone what their favorite child is, I think, because it’s so hard to say. I really am a multi potentialite in the sense that I, I do all of the things at the same time. So I would be so sad, for example, if I wasn’t focused on giving Vedic astrology readings while at the same time doing business coaching and working on my clothing line and Making music kind of all of which I am doing right now So I can’t really pick a favorite.

I can say that financially speaking my main Income source at the moment just right now is my coaching business, though It’s not always that way. It hasn’t always been that way. It won’t always be that way But right now that is the case this year 

beautiful And what are what are currently like do you have any like fun programs that you offer currently?

What are you what are you excited about in your coaching business? 

Tara Divina
Yeah, I mean, I’m super focused on my one year long mastermind at the moment. I sort of decided this year as an experiment to focus solely on my mastermind clients, um, for business coaching. And so I have 22 amazing, magical, creative humans on this journey with me.

And we meet together every week in different ways and I support them every day and I decided to just see like what what’s it like if I just have one sole program this year and just like pour everything I have into it. And so we’re a few months deep into that journey, I guess, going on month four. And, um, it’s been awesome and so great to be able to really allocate that focus to serving my clients instead of just launching and marketing and all of that.

Um, it’s also exciting and necessary, but fun to be able to focus on them. 

So is there a structure to the program or is it more just like a tune in to what each individual person needs or kind of a mixture of both? Like what do you, how would you classify that? How would you, like, people who I would say who are interested, like how would they find out if that’s for them?

Tara, let’s talk a little bit more about that, the mastermind. 

Tara Divina
Yeah, I mean, it’s definitely a mixture of both. So there, it has a structure, but then it also has a flexibility. So we meet together every week. Um, we have a week off during the month, but we otherwise meet every week in pods of like five to six people.

And then each person gets a 15 to 20 minute coaching segment. Um, where it’s just like me and them chatting and other people can chime in and give input, etc. And that’s kind of the meat and bones of the program And then in between, um, we also engage in our facebook group where they can post anything they want like for Copy review or, you know, I just got this photo shoot done.

What do you think? Or, you know, I have this issue coming up with a client or I’m working on my album and this is arising. These are the kinds of things people might bring up in between sessions. They also get one on one sessions with myself and my husband and, um, coaching partner, Zev, who also, um, really holds the clients as well and anything that they need.

Um, he also leads a mindset magical prayer call every, um, every two weeks. We have an operations call, um, as well for like, The nitty gritty of technology, um, which I know you understand very well. Um, and then we also, um, have somebody on the team who does, uh, copy edits as well. So they’re getting just like a ton of different support from every angle.

Um, which is really necessary, I think, especially when we’re. on the precipice of doing very exciting, scary new things in our business to be able to feel how from all different angles really does like increase the chances that we’ll succeed and be able to stay the course with our, our big dreams and big prayers.

Beautiful. And who would you say is that mastermind mainly for? Is that, is that for new people? Like people have been in the business for a couple of years or like experts. How would you classify those? 

Tara Divina
It’s for people who, who they have a business. They know what their business is. They might be open to changing it.

They might be ready for a revamp of that business, but they have experience. Like they’ve probably been working on some business of their own for at least five years. And maybe they’ve made multiple six figures in the past. Um, and recently their business has been making nothing, you know, or maybe they never quite crossed that threshold of like five figure months or whatever, whatever financial benchmark they have.

Um, or maybe they’re feeling like the creativity just never got brought into their business and got left to the side. But those are definitely the people who thrive in the container, who have like the foundational sense of like what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and how a business is run, but they’re missing, um, different pieces that would allow them to have a sustainable, repeatable income.

Got it. Okay. Beautiful. That sounds like a, that sounds like a really, you know, just like holistic program that really covers, you know, a lot for people. And so what, like from your, your pathway and your background, like how did you get into coaching and helping people with their gifts? Like tell us a little bit more about your background, your story.

Tara Divina
Yeah, well, I definitely did not set out to be a business coach. Like that’s not actually my passion. What happened was I had other successful businesses, And people came to me and said, can you help me with my business? And so it was just sort of an obvious extension of that to do business coaching. And then the other thing that happened was I began this journey with my Vedic astrology practice.

And one of people’s main questions, well, there was two main questions that everyone cares about. So, Everybody cares about their purpose in their career, to some degree. Um, though it’s all a smokescreen, because the only thing anyone really cares about, as it turns out, is love and relationships, no matter what they say.

99. 9 percent of the time, a reading winds up focused on love and relationships. Even if the person’s like, that area of my life is fine, I just want to talk about these other things. So, I, um, began mentoring people around life purpose, number one. Which obviously the next thing after you find your life purpose is to, you want to know how to monetize it probably.

So that’s one path that led me into business coaching. The other one is that it was so obvious that everybody, including myself needed so much help, love and relationships. And so I co founded a business with, um, a wonderfully talented expert love and relationship coach who focuses on On attachment styles and the healing of those.

And we launched, um, a multimillion dollar coaching business for women initially, um, and then men also to be able to heal their attachment style and develop healthy attachment and, um, have a healthy and happy, long lasting partnership. And so I worked on that business for about six years. And of course, um, that was another.

Pathway towards business coaching because people wanted to know how did we do it? And what did we do and how can they do it for themselves? Um, it was also a very, um, kind of like an automated funnel based marketing flow. And, um, after doing that business, I realized how much I personally prefer to appreciate The ability to bring creativity into it, you know, like to, to allow for more of a magical flow and a self expression that attracts clients versus, um, something more mathematical and, um, automated.

And so, you know, since then I’ve learned how to get clients, um, anywhere from. My music that’s on Spotify, um, to, uh, comments I’ve made on threads talking about fashion, you know, like, like to be able to attract a client based, um, based on who I am and what I love, uh, instead of just, uh, the straight math of an automated funnel, which also very much has its place.

So those are kind of the things that wound up ushering me into the world of. of business coaching. Um, that and of course, I built my Vedic astrology practice. I’ve had, um, online retail stores that were quite successful. Um, and I’ve had my, my fingers in different pots of, um, of business. And I think it’s so important for, you know, so many business coaches have never had a successful business outside of business coaching.

And I think that, um, It’s fine, but there’s something really nice about being able to receive mentorship from someone who’s actually done a business that’s, um, similar to the one that, um, that you’re working on. So I appreciate that I’m able to at least bring that.

It sounds like you really, like you put. You put the heart back into business, you know, and I love that about, about your work. And, um, you know, when we work with clients at Love Pixel Agency, we always look at, you know, what’s the, what’s the balance or where on the spectrum of like divine masculine, divine feminine do people fall on to? And I think your work is such a great example of being so well balanced, you know, and creating being business savvy, having that masculine background, but also having this like artistic, uh, music is, you know, part of your passion too.

Yeah. So, you know, people get really well round. Uh, offering and just like energy when they come to you. So I think that’s really beautiful that you share your services with the world. And especially in a time that we need it so much. So yeah, it’s really, it’s really, it’s really inspiring. And, um, When, so the question I have around that is when did you start to like establish again, real online presence with, you know, your coaching offerings?

Tara Divina
It’s a great question. So I was playing around with all of this. Um, up until about 2019, you know, so about five years ago, um, I would put things out there and I was working, but I wasn’t really like going full steam ahead, partially because, um, my attention was, uh, bifurcated, um, in that I was focusing heavily on the, the love coaching business, right?

Unless on my own presence and my identity was not wrapped up in that business. It was somebody else’s identity that I was helping to, to bolster, you know, the head coach of that business. So in 2019 I realized that I was hungry to put myself out there and to actually have my own presence and to do my own marketing.

And that’s when I began to really take it seriously. And, um, I decided to just lean into what I was already naturally doing at that time, which was, you know, naturally I would share written content, um, on Facebook. That was the platform and that was the medium that I was most likely to, to utilize on a day to day basis.

And so I just, I leaned into it and learned to, um, to add calls to action and invitations and, um, sales content to my content that I was already. Sharing essentially. And that’s when I began to really begin establishing myself online as a coach. Um, and it grew, it took shape and grew very quickly. From there.

Beautiful. And since you know, you have such experience and also long time experience in the coaching industry. So how would you think, how do you, how do you think that the social landscape has changed over the years? Like what do you see works or doesn’t work anymore? Like share a little bit about that.

Tara Divina
It’s such a great question. Um, so I think at the beginning, you know, like when I first started studying the online marketing of the coaching realm, it was 2008. I think my very first program was an Eben Pagan program. And um, I don’t know for those of you who are long time marketing nerds, you may remember Eben.

He’s still out there teaching. He’s an amazingly talented, wonderful human being. And, um, I’m so glad I started there, you know, because Eben, um, Was teaching about the trends of the time, which were also based on fun, foundational marketing, uh, wisdom, right? So it’s like pain point marketing, um, specificity, you know, like being able to understand the problem better than the client does, et cetera. Like this was all what we were doing. Um, I guess that would have been. Almost 20 years ago. So we’re talking about 16 years ago, 2008, right? I was made math, maybe not great. Um, so it’s always hard to calculate on the fly. So anyway, at that time, that’s what worked, you know, you’d say like, Hey, are you having this problem?

Are you having that problem? If you don’t solve that problem, you’re going to die alone in a box. So you better buy my product. Right. And that’s what worked essentially at that time was this like overtly kind of, Um, directed, you know, masculine, I say in quotes, because, um, it’s kind of just, you know, masculine, male dominated, I would say, online marketing that was direct to the point, full of scarcity, fear, urgency, all of it, right?

And that’s what worked. And then over time, um, the, the women started stepping into the industry in full force, you know, and things really started cooking. Um, I think like mid, uh, you know, like, I think like 2014, 2015 was kind of like a big, uh, Like, um, injection of female energy. And then it was kind of like, now we’re selling energetics.

Now we’re selling desire. Now we’re selling lifestyle, right? So then lifestyle marketing became such a thing. It’s like me and my luxury bag and my luxury car. And you too can have this dream of sipping pina coladas on the beach while money rolls in and you do absolutely nothing, you know, sort of, um, you know, a different version.

Of, uh, of the dream based on, uh, desire, not need, you know, um, it is said that men base, uh, men, masculine buys on, uh, likes to buy things based on need, but that the feminine, that the female wants to buy based on desire. And, um, I think there’s a lot of truth to that, you know, that like, um, the masculine, Wants to spend money when they need new tires, but the feminine hates that.

Doesn’t want to have to spend money on new tires. The feminine wants to go shopping and have the whole experience and the masculine doesn’t want to be bothered with that, you know? And again, these are, these are, um, false gender based dichotomies, but useful when thinking about this. So, um, then lifestyle marketing was dominant at that kind of, um, really peaked, I think around 2021, 2022. And it’s, it’s like, you know, do you want what I have? You know, so now we’ve moved from scarcity to, to you, do you want this? You can have it, you know? Um, and now I believe, uh, we want to know a person. We want to know them, to trust them, to like them, to, uh, to want to, uh, embody who they are, essentially, and the energetics of who they are versus what they’ve got.

And so now I think it’s all about authenticity. And, um, I also heard recently someone, someone said, Put something in a way that was so brilliant. They said that those who are really great at the medium of video, which has obviously been a huge driver of marketing over the last few years, um, the people who are the best at it, they know how to be themselves and transmit their presence.

Uh, the most authentically and clearly. Right? So it’s like, can we be the most of ourselves in front of a camera when it’s actually the hardest to be ourselves, right? So the people that are succeeding now, they have the ability to turn on the camera, start writing, and you feel like you’re on a FaceTime with your best friend.

Or you feel like you’re texting. Um, with a lover, you know, like it has that energy of like, there’s an intimacy. There’s a sense that there’s no barrier between me and you. We are the same, except, um, you may have something to teach me, a skill or a perspective or an energetic, um, that I want. And so I feel like that is the main, um, trajectory that we’ve been on, that the trend now is like, can you be yourself?

And, um, And allow yourself to understand your value and your worth as you, you know, like your presence is the gift. You are the only one of you that there is. And can you be with that and trust that monetize that sell that market that.

Wow. Beautiful. That was a really beautiful timeline. A really beautiful, you know, excerpt and rundown. How the marketing landscape has changed over the years. I think I’ve never heard it summarized so well.

Tara Divina
It was a really fun question to answer.


Tara Divina
And to think about it.

So, and then, you know, continuing that conversation from there, how can we be more ourselves?

Tara Divina
It’s a great question. I think it’s. a bit different for everybody, but I mean, one simple way is to simply imagine that we’re talking to a friend.

Like, would I say this to a friend? Is this a language I would use in a normal conversation? If the answer is no, we’re probably layering some performance over top of it, right? Um, the more that we feel like we’re just unfiltered, Being ourselves, the more we’re going to be ourselves, right? So it’s about, I think, just asking ourselves over and over again, am I performing?

Is this natural? Is this what I would normally say? Is this what I really want to say? Am I, what am I holding back? What am I not actually, um, sharing here?

So, so let me ask you, uh, let’s make this a little experiment, uh, with your permission, of course. Well, is, what are you holding back? Is there anything you’re holding back you would like to, to make this more real? I think it’d be fun.

Tara Divina
I love that so much. Um, yeah, I, you know, it’s interesting. I’m in, I’m in like this point in my own self expression where I’m asking that same question of myself every day. Yeah. Yeah. Like, what am I not saying? What am I not holding back and, or what am I holding back rather? Um, and I don’t have an answer right now.

Like I’ve been meditating on this, um, constantly because I’ve been in a period of like lower self expression, I guess. Like I haven’t been posting as much or sharing as much. Um, I have been designing clothes and recording music. So my creative channels are flowing in a different direction, but I think that I have gotten.

A bit, um, tongue tied with how the energetics and the landscape of social media have been over the last six months to a year. Like how much, um, challenging energy and judgment and, um, pain Um, has been getting expressed online and not sure like where my role is or how to participate exactly in a way that feels right for me.

Like, I know that things that don’t feel right to me include, um, identity politics. Sharing alienating opinions that make it impossible for swaths of people to trust me and work with me. Um, mostly because I believe opinions are just that, opinions. And I don’t believe that most of what we’re expressing is objective truth on any side of the equation.

And so, um, so that’s really the message that I’ve been able to share, is that, you know. Um, but I, I, I have been. praying into like, what is the higher octave of what wants to come through me? Like, what is there, um, what really wants to be said?

So yeah, with that, I think just taking a little breath at this moment, closing our eyes for, I would say three breaths and one more. So yeah. What wants to be said? What do you, what do you want to say, Tara? I think you’re a wonderful soul, wonderful being and you do such wonderful work. Like, what do you want to, What do you want to say?

Tara Divina
Yeah. I mean, I just don’t know right now. And I think that’s a place that some of us arrive at sometimes. And I’ve learned that that is okay. You know? And I think sometimes it’s okay to not say anything when we’re, we’re not sure what wants to come through. Like when I, as a musician record music or make music, um, you know, There will be years where no music wants to come through.

And I think as a result of not trying to fight that, I really love all of the songs that do come through. Like I, I wind up, um, what does get through the, um, What does come through my channel winds up being a song that I’m really proud of every time. And, um, I think that’s just how my channel works. It’s just getting, it’s gotten quiet after years of like, um, consistently outputting.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I feel too. Um, I’ve done this little challenge for myself last year, starting September. I was posting a reel for every day. And then in January I stopped because it just takes effort and energy to put it up and To, you know, publish, schedule, edit, all that kind of stuff. And then the reward wasn’t really there for me.

And so it’s just like, yeah, this is a time where it just gets empty, you know? And just like you said, you know, maybe something. Doesn’t need to be said right now, you know? And I think, I think that’s where the answer lies. Sometimes it’s just giving us the space to like, not output for a while, you know, just to be

Tara Divina
exactly, and I’ve created the luxury in my business of being able to do that.

So like I’ve designed. My business is in a way that I can afford to spend nine months to a year being quiet, but it wasn’t always that way. And it’s like, sometimes we just have to get over. Feeling like we have nothing to say if we need to sell and market. Like it’s going to be like, and I would say like that the counsel I give my clients when they hit these moments where like part of them has nothing to say, you know, but they actually are going to need to get out there and say stuff in order to sell their, their content, their programs is, um, how can I help?

How can I be helpful right now? What do people need? And if we come from that perspective and make it not about us, um, And not about what we want to say, but more about like, what does our client need to hear? Then we can overcome these moments where, um, we feel quiet and internal and in a cocoon. And if we’ve created a business where we now have the luxury of not needing to do that, you know, like we have done our launch and said things and now we get to be quiet for a while, then, then we get to do that, you know, and that’s, that’s But not everyone’s business is in a place where that can happen.

Beautiful. And what we say are the key, I would say, factors for us to build a business where that can happen.

Tara Divina
We have to have monthly recurring revenue. We have to have longer offers. So like if we’re selling offers and it’s like, buy my program, it’s four weeks long. Um, and so that’s going to create one month of income.

And then we’re gonna have to launch again, then that’s not going to help us. Um, have time to be internal or not have to market. Right. So it has to be a longer offer three, four, six months, a year, longer than a year. Right. And then, um, to create, um, recurring revenue, obviously people want to pay. Monthly, or they want to want to break up their payments, or if they pay all at once, we can amortize that throughout the year.

But if we don’t have that, if we don’t have offerings like that in our business, we are going to be launching and selling all the time. So we have two choices. One is we can figure out how to still create organic content in that moment. And like, okay, how can I help? What can I say? What could be said? Um, even though I don’t want The other option is, of course, to create an automated funnel.

Um, And, uh, both can work. And in fact, uh, it was wonderful for six years to have that automated funnel when I didn’t feel like constantly generating content. And, um, I’ve moved on from my desire to do that. I might pick it back up again, but, um, generally speaking, that’s what you need. You need a, um, an offer that lasts or an automated funnel, um, that will repeatedly, uh, enroll people into your offers.

Yeah, beautiful. Yeah. And maybe even a combination of both, right? What I see a lot of people see doing in the, in the funnel world is, um, everybody’s talking about, I mean, if you know, Russell Brunson, you know, kind of like the founder of ClickFunnels, um, he’s talking about the linchpin funnel. A lot lately, um, or starting last year and he’s all about, if you don’t have monthly revenue, you don’t have a business, right?

So he’s like, he’s on the same, he’s in the same boat. He calls it the linchpin funnels. And basically all it does is like, it’s establishing a monthly recurring revenue into your business. Um, And that’s basically what, yeah, what he’s teaching people to do. And, um, so his perspective has shifted a lot too, um, because it needed to, you know, the market was just like, uh, overly saturated with this offer, that offer, this is going to fix it.

That’s going to fix it. And people are just like tired of the, of the bullshit pretty much, you know, like you need, like, there’s no thing that’s going to fix your life in a year. Like, how do you expect your mess of 10 or 5 years of mismanagement to be fixed in a year? Um, I mean, depending on the program, of course, like whatever, like if somebody sits with you every day and does all, you know, I mean, nothing’s impossible, right?

We can fix your life in a year, but it’s not like you buy a program and yourself, you watch the videos and that’s it. You know what I mean? There needs to be some energy input from your side, um, to just bring you to a certain level. And. So yeah, that’s what’s happening in the funnel world too. And it’s really interesting to see, because again, I want to stress kind of like this saying, which a friend of mine, uh, also is kind of like very proponent of is his name is George Bryant.

Um, you can look him up on Instagram. It’s a, his handle is it’s George Bryant. And he talks a lot about how to, you know, put the heart back into business. Right. And system or the, the online landscape is just, it’s, Little, it’s just so disconnected. It’s just a little broken of like, people don’t know how to connect with people anymore.

That’s why obviously right now, what’s not only trending, but what’s also what will last is people who are authentic, right? Because we want to buy and sell and communicate and talk to people that are authentic, right? So obviously. What works online if you can be the person that you are offline also online That’s why you were talking about being authentic being you because This human connection like for some reason when we go on the internet It’s like we lose this like touch with ourselves and we A little bit like different, right?

You know what I mean? Like we portray ourselves differently. We have a certain image. We’re not a hundred percent ourselves anymore. And then that’s where obviously the disconnect and the discrepancy and the energetic, um, yeah. Disconnect comes in where people just like, eh, there’s something wrong. And just people are getting so much more intuitive.

Like their bullshit radar is so much more aware of like what’s out there. And. It’s really beautiful. And I think in a way, collectively it really invites us to create more harmonious programs, more authentic programs, more holistic, more programs with integrity rather than this six months of this, you know, three months thing is gonna, you know, completely change it.

No, like this is a thing. And then we have a membership where we integrate together and we do stuff ongoingly because this is how you change your life. a long term is by making habits by changing little things over time. Um, rather than making big shifts every week because they’re not sustainable, you need time to integrate things like that.

So yeah, it’s really beautiful to hear you say that.

Tara Divina
Yeah, exactly. And I think that’s one of the things that drove me this year to be like, to have the experiment of like, what if I just gave everything to my clients, you know, like what, what would happen if I just poured into them every ounce of energy I was going to put into marketing, you know, um, I’ve always given my mastermind clients a lot of my attention, but this time I wanted to like make it over the top, you know, because nothing makes me more proud of my work than when everybody is there on the last call still.

At the end of the period, you know, cause that’s a big deal. Um, for people to stay the course, um, in a container like that and to have like solid growth and wins. That’s like, it’s so important to me. I just don’t feel happy receiving income from somebody who’s not getting. What they came for, you know, and granted, you know, we can’t be responsible for clients results.

We can’t be responsible for how they show up, but we also, we can’t abdicate responsibility for that either. You know, like, um, and, um, I, you know, I have a lot of clients who come in and they’ll tell me, they’re like, Hey, I’m afraid I’m not going to show up. I’m afraid I’m going to flake. I’m afraid of this.

I’m afraid of that. It’s like, okay, you know, You know, it is your responsibility to show up. It is your responsibility to not flake, but it’s my responsibility to help you with those things and to, to keep trying until we figure out a solution for you to get around that, you know, like to find out what’s under it, you know, are you frozen?

Are you having a somatic challenge right now? Is your nervous system acting up? Are the structures of your life completely unsupportive to you showing up in your business? Um, are you terrified of something, you know, like to actually excavate that and look into it rather than. You know, blaming the client.

Oh, you didn’t show up. You didn’t do the work. You know, I hear I provided everything you need. You didn’t do the thing with it. And, and the reality is information is cheap and abundant these days. You know, like you said, um, a program telling you what to do is a transformational. And in fact, with AI coming in, um, and right now one of my clients, uh, has a company called digital wisdom is doing an early adopter program that I’ve jumped into where he’s creating an AI of me.

Um, and my vision for this A. I. Isn’t that it will replace me? Of course, I’m gonna replace me. It’s a robot, you know, but what it will do is it’ll just make it easier for people to access the information that I’ve already shared, right? So it’s a way to parse through the tar reverse of information. You could ask it a question, and it’ll it’ll be helpful.

Know everything I’ve said for the last five years online or on video and then spit that back out, right? and that’s information and that’ll be useful, but it’s not gonna replace like the Intuition the the psychic hits the Vedic astrology the like the dynamic Emergence that happens in a in coaching. And so, um, so I agree with everything you’re saying.

It’s just, um, information will continue to be devalued more and more and more as it becomes easier to zero in on exactly the information that you need through A. I. And the human Connection, the magic that we can provide as humans will, I believe, increase in value. Um, it’ll be the thing that we really do need to pay for.

Yeah, beautiful. Yeah, and I think exactly what you said, you know, it’s like with AI becoming more and more prominent, what’s going to become more important is the human, right? Everything else is gonna be so easily accessible. All the information, all the ticks and uh, tips and tricks and all, all kinds of stuff, you know, but the human is gonna stay human. You know?

Tara Divina
the human’s gonna stay human. And then we get to enjoy and leverage the power of these new technologies, you know, to be able to make information even easier to access. Um, so that when we do need that, we’ve got it both and. And, uh, it feels like an exciting time again, you know, like digital, um, online marketing, the coaching space, et cetera.

Like it’s really an industry that’s only been around. In a big way for 20 years, right? And it feels like it’s always on the precipice of something. It was exciting because the last 20 years have been so, um, dynamic in terms of the technological advances and changes that have taken place. 20 years ago, we didn’t have an iPhone.

You know, like we weren’t using smartphones. Like, what a wild ride it’s been. And now with, um, Being on the precipice of AI, I think, uh, it’s just another fascinating moment for this industry. It’s like, who knows exactly what will happen? You know, like, I can, I can try to predict what I think might unfold.

And also, like, we’re back in the great mystery once again.

Yeah, exactly. So how do you think like, uh, what’s like, what are your future goals? Future vision? I mean, it’s so hard to assess with AI, but what are you currently, you know, what do you plan that your presence will grow into? And what’s, yeah. What’s, what’s your dream that you’re looking to like call in?

Tara Divina
Yeah. Okay. Well, there’s a couple different. Parts to that answer. So first I would just say that one thing I’ve learned since the beginning of my career is that it’s really important to play with and embrace new technology early on. Like if you wait too long, you feel like a dinosaur, like you don’t know what’s going on.

It’s hard to kind of rock it. And so like, for example, the way I got my first job in the music industry was that I would like hand code websites. And so I. Um, was brave enough to pitch myself as an intern for a Warner Music Group record label. Based on my internet knowledge, they, they took me, you know, accepted me.

And then I just would make things up as I was going along. It was constantly my job to be on the forefront of technology. And then I remember when things like Facebook first, appeared on the scene. I was compelled to kind of embrace it. Like what’s going on here? Like, this feels like a zeitgeist. This feels important.

And it was, you know, like in terms of Facebook ads and the way that the interface, uh, you know, Facebook changed all of our lives. It changed the face of social networking, right? Then, you know, we’ve got, um, you know, things like YouTube came along and video and TikTok and, you know, reels and all these new formats and things.

And it’s like, if we don’t, if we’re not early. Um, in exploring these things, we will get left behind in the dust. And so I do think like, number one, what’s important for me is to continue, um, being open to do to new technology, even if I am afraid or concerned about the impact it might have on the world.

You know, like, it’s like it’s here to stay, it’s coming. So I I’m, if you can’t beat them, you gotta join them. And so exploring things like AI and being on the forefront of new technology remains important to me. Right. So that’s number one. Um, number two is I’m always asking myself the question, how can I be feeling magical and in my magic, uh, as much as possible throughout the day?

And so I’m, I’m always reassessing, you know, like how magical do I feel? Like, am I in my magic or my phoning it in? Or is it, you know, could this be more magical? And so right now I think I’ve been in an inquiry of like, how can I make it even better? You know, how can I, Wake up every morning even more excited to show up because I get to feel like those precious moments of being in my Magical genius, you know, which we all have our zone of magical genius And if we know what it is, if we know what those are, you know I think having a happy work life is all about optimizing those moments You know more and more of them and less and less of the ones that we don’t relish, you know, whether we delegate that or we shift our business or we hire a staff.

And so, um, this year is going to be interesting. I’m going to try some new things around, um, my music and promoting that. It’s actually become a significant, uh, you know, not dominant, but a significant, um, contributor to my income. My music actually makes me money. It’s quite a miracle, frankly. Um, To be a musician who’s making money in the world, and I barely trying so I want to focus on that.

I’m also for the first time ever launching a clothing line, which should hopefully be coming out this summer. Keeps up. I keep redesigning the pieces. So, um, I’m being a perfectionist, but intentionally so, um, and so really playing with, uh, because like I said, as a business coach, I like to lead with the business.

And then coach based on what I’ve learned versus like become an expert business coach. Like what even is that? Right? So for me, this year is really about leaning back into my own, my own entrepreneurial spirit while I serve my clients. And then seeing where that wants to take me, you know, like what, how does that impact my offerings?

How does that change where my attention is? You know, it could be that this time next year, I’m completely focused on that clothing line. I don’t know, but I’m, um, I’m going to find out by playing and experimenting and continuing to follow the threads of creative inspiration, um, and continue to follow the opportunity to, to monetize those.

I think that’s how we wind up doing what we love is we monetize that which we enjoy doing.

Yeah, a hundred percent. I agree. Yeah. It’s funny that you say, you know, venturing off into different, you know, interests and hobbies and passions. Cause I’m doing the same with tea. Like I really love tea. And um, I just recently launched my own brand on Amazon.

Because I just love tea so much. I have a micro blog about tea. It’s called besttealeaves.com. We’re right about health benefits and just what tea is about. And then the brand on Amazon is called One With Tea because my purpose really with One With Tea is to bring people into oneness with tea. Like be now in the moment with your tea, you know what I mean?

Don’t start to run around and stress around all the time. Just be, you know, so I think T is a wonderful vehicle for that. So that’s something that’s also in my life. I’m very present in next year. Uh, 2025, I’m actually going to study with a team master in Japan, uh, for a month. And so I am very excited about that part of my journey.

And, you know, as the agency is just, you know, self sufficient in a way, I have my team, right. And, you know, shifting and focus a little bit more personal brand, speaking about branding, Uh, being part of digital groups and collectives to help people up level their game with, you know, web design, branding, funnels, etc.

And then, tea is just another passion of mine, right? So, yeah, it’s very cool to see that we’re doing similar things at this time.

Tara Divina
That’s so cool. I love it. I’m so excited for you. How fun that you are. See, you built your business to a place where you can set aside a month to go study with a tea master and then using all of your genius skills, like for you to launch a tea business is actually, I bet you couldn’t do that in your sleep.

You know, that you’re somebody who has everything that It takes to be able to, to follow those creative passions and monetize them. I love that you’re doing it so great.

Yeah. Yeah, it’s very exciting. And it’s such an honor, you know, Tea’s a very special, special plant. You know, I feel like a lot of times in my life, it’s just, uh, T’s the one that calibrates and realigns me to like presence and focus, but not like crazy coffee focus, you know what I mean?

So. I’m really grateful for, for Tea. Yeah, so yeah, we’re, we’re nearing the end of our episode. Thank you so much for all your sharings. I think the last question always reserved for, is there anything you would like to share with our listeners? And then, uh, of course, where people can reach and find you.

Tara Divina
Hmm. I feel like we’ve covered so much amazing terrain. Like there’s nothing top of mind other than to just reiterate, like you get to be in your magic and you get to be paid. To be in your magic and anyone or anything that suggests otherwise is simply not true. Um, and so if you’re listening and there’s an aspect of your magic that you have not been pursuing for whatever reason, this is your sign to go after it because you will love it.

There is just nothing in life that is more fulfilling than being in your magical zone of genius or pursuing a creative outlet that you love. So those would be my favorite final words to share.

Beautiful. Well, thank you so much for being on the show. It’s been an honor having you and uh, yeah, thank you so much for all your gifts, your talents, your beauty, your presence and your wisdom.

Tara Divina
My pleasure. Oh, and you’d ask me if people wanted to find me, where they can find me. You can go to my website, taradivina.com and there’s tons of free gifts and things to explore. So. Feel free to avail yourself of anything there.

Beautiful. Amazing. We’ll link that in the show notes as well. So you have that, um, for your reference.

And yeah, again, thank you so much for being on the show, Tara.

Tara Divina
Thanks for having me.


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