Eileen McKusick: Healing Yourself With Sound and Up-leveling Your Entrepreneurial Journey, Biofield Tuning | Ep08

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Eileen Day McKusick is a leading figure in therapeutic sound and electric health research, holding an MA in Integrative Education since 1996. She founded Biofield Tuning, training over 2000 students globally, and the Biofield Tuning Institute, conducting studies on the human biofield. Her acclaimed book “Tuning the Human Biofield” won awards, and she released “Electric Body, Electric Health” in 2021.

McKusick is an inventor of weighted tuning forks and accessories like the Sonic Slider and Fibonacci Pair, promoting sound’s benefits for electric health. Her work shifts perspectives from chemical/mechanical to electro-sonic, bridging pseudoscience with scientific understanding of our bodies’ electrical nature.

As a sought-after speaker and thought leader, McKusick advocates for Electric Health and Biofield Science, embodying coherent living and teaching tangible methods for vitality.

In this episode, Eileen McKusick shares her profound journey and insights into the realms of sound healing, personal transformation, and entrepreneurship. With a remarkable blend of passion and scientific rigor, Eileen delves into the intricacies of biofield tuning, offering a unique perspective on how audible sound can profoundly impact the human body and its energetic systems. Through her personal experiences and professional endeavors, Eileen illuminates the path towards holistic well-being and authentic self-discovery. This enlightening conversation serves as a guiding light for those embarking on their own journey of healing and growth, inviting listeners to explore the profound connection between sound, consciousness, and human experience.

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Explore her website to learn more about biofield tuning, sound healing sessions, and courses: https://www.biofieldtuning.com/

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In a world where entrepreneurship often follows traditional paths, there are individuals like Eileen McKusick who forge unconventional routes, leading to remarkable destinations. Through her journey from business owner to pioneer in the field of sound healing, Eileen has demonstrated the transformative power of following one’s passion and intuition. In this article, we delve into the fascinating evolution of Eileen’s career, exploring her entrepreneurial ventures, the pivotal moment that led her to embrace sound therapy, and the profound impact of her work in the realm of holistic healing. Join us as we uncover the story behind Eileen McKusick’s remarkable transition from kettle corn entrepreneur to healing sounds practitioner.

Part 1: The Entrepreneurial Beginnings

Eileen McKusick’s journey into the world of holistic healing was not a conventional one. It began with her ventures in entrepreneurship, where she demonstrated her knack for innovation and resilience:

  • Cafe Entrepreneurship: At just 20 years old, Eileen embarked on her first entrepreneurial endeavor by opening a cafe in Connecticut. This experience instilled in her the spirit of independence and creativity.
  • Specialty Food Business: Following the success of her cafe, Eileen ventured into the specialty food industry, where she pioneered the production of organic kettle corn. Her innovative approach and commitment to quality set her apart in the market.
  • Entrepreneurial Vision: Despite her success in the business world, Eileen felt a deeper calling, a sense that there was more to her purpose than simply running profitable ventures. This inner knowing would eventually lead her on a transformative journey towards holistic healing and sound therapy.

Eileen’s entrepreneurial beginnings laid the foundation for her future endeavors, showcasing her ability to navigate uncharted territories and embrace new opportunities with courage and determination.

Part 2: The Call to Healing

Eileen McKusick’s transition from entrepreneur to holistic healer was not a sudden shift but rather a gradual awakening to a deeper calling:

  • Divine Intervention: Despite her success in the business world, Eileen received a clear message from spirit that the world needed harmony more than another snack food. This profound revelation sparked a period of introspection and soul-searching.
  • Educational Pursuits: Motivated by her calling, Eileen made the bold decision to pursue higher education as an adult. Enrolling in college in 2006, she embarked on a journey to deepen her understanding of audible sound and its impact on the human body and its biofield.
  • Scientific Exploration: Eileen’s master’s thesis, titled “Exploring the Effects of Audible Sound on the Human Body and Its Biofield,” exemplified her commitment to bridging the gap between holistic practices and scientific research. Her goal was to validate the efficacy of sound therapy and integrate it into mainstream healthcare.
  • Reluctance and Acceptance: Despite her initial reluctance to embrace her newfound path, Eileen recognized the moral obligation she felt to share her discoveries with the world. She understood the skepticism and criticism she might face but remained steadfast in her mission to offer effective, non-invasive healing modalities.

Eileen’s journey from entrepreneur to holistic healer was characterized by courage, perseverance, and a deep sense of purpose. Her willingness to heed the call to healing and pursue her educational endeavors laid the groundwork for her transformative work in the field of sound therapy.

Part 3: Embracing the Essence of Healing

In this segment, Eileen McKusick reflects on the essence of her healing practice and the journey to manifesting it through her online presence and branding:

  • Energetic Representation: Eileen envisions her website as a reflection of the energetic essence of her work, aiming to convey a sense of spaciousness, relaxation, and rejuvenation. She seeks to create an online sanctuary where visitors can find solace and resonance with their innermost needs.
  • A Breath of Relief: Central to Eileen’s healing approach is the profound impact of breath on our electrical well-being. By inviting visitors to take a metaphorical “big breath” upon visiting her website, she hopes to instill a sense of relaxation and balance in their lives.
  • The Electric Self: Eileen emphasizes the concept of humans as light beings who require light—in the form of oxygen and electricity—to thrive. Through her work, she aims to illuminate the interconnectedness between sound, breath, and electric health, offering a pathway to optimal well-being.
  • Online Engagement: Beyond her website, Eileen engages with her audience through various channels, including YouTube, social media, and live events. These platforms serve as avenues for education, inspiration, and community-building, allowing individuals to explore the transformative power of sound therapy.

Eileen’s holistic approach to online branding reflects her commitment to fostering healing, connection, and empowerment in the digital realm. By infusing her virtual presence with the same essence of peace and vitality found in her healing sessions, she continues to touch lives and uplift spirits worldwide.

Part 4: Navigating Growth and Evolution

In this section, Eileen McKusick shares insights into the evolution of her business and the principles guiding her entrepreneurial journey:

  • From Entrepreneurship to Sound Healing: Eileen traces her entrepreneurial roots back to her family’s ventures, including a cafe and an organic kettle corn business. However, a pivotal moment led her to transition from snack food entrepreneur to a pioneer in sound healing.
  • Embracing Reinvention: Eileen emphasizes the importance of continual reinvention in business growth. She highlights the necessity of breaking free from the constraints of individualism and embracing collaboration and innovation to expand one’s impact.
  • Building a Team: Despite her self-sufficient background, Eileen acknowledges the transformative power of teamwork. She shares the challenges and rewards of assembling a team of 32 individuals to support her mission and scale her operations.
  • Adapting to Change: Throughout her journey, Eileen has navigated various challenges, including financial setbacks and personal trials. However, she remains resilient, driven by her passion for spreading harmony and healing.
  • Continued Learning and Teaching: Eileen’s commitment to education and empowerment is evident in her diverse offerings, from online courses to live events. She believes in the importance of sharing knowledge and empowering others to unlock their full potential.
  • A Legacy of Growth: As Eileen’s business continues to evolve, she remains dedicated to her mission of spreading wellness and awareness worldwide. Her journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance, adaptability, and the pursuit of purpose.

Eileen’s story exemplifies the transformative journey of a spiritual entrepreneur, navigating challenges, embracing change, and leaving a legacy of healing and empowerment in her wake.

Part 5: Connecting with Eileen McKusick

In this concluding section, readers are invited to connect with Eileen McKusick and explore her offerings further:

  • Visit BiofieldTuning.com: To learn more about Eileen’s work and explore her range of tuning forks and accessories, visit her official website.
  • Discover Educational Resources: Eileen’s book, “Tuning the Human Biofield,” offers valuable insights into the principles of sound healing. Readers can explore this resource to deepen their understanding of biofield tuning.
  • Engage in Live Events: Eileen frequently hosts live events and workshops where participants can experience the transformative power of sound therapy firsthand. Check her website for upcoming events in your area.
  • Join Virtual Courses: For those unable to attend in-person events, Eileen offers virtual courses and online programs designed to amplify one’s light and unlock their true potential. Keep an eye out for upcoming courses and enroll to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.
  • Connect on Social Media: Stay updated on Eileen’s latest insights, events, and offerings by following her on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Engage with her community and join the conversation surrounding wellness and healing.
  • Explore Free Resources: Eileen offers a wealth of free resources, including articles, videos, and newsletters, for individuals interested in exploring sound healing and energy work. Visit her website to access these valuable resources and begin your journey towards balance and harmony.

As readers embark on their own paths of growth and transformation, Eileen McKusick’s teachings serve as a guiding light, illuminating the way towards greater well-being and awareness. Connect with Eileen today and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.


In conclusion, Eileen McKusick’s journey from a cafe owner to a renowned sound healer and biofield tuning pioneer exemplifies the transformative power of following one’s passion and intuition. Through her innovative approach to sound therapy and energy healing, Eileen has touched the lives of countless individuals, guiding them towards balance, harmony, and self-discovery. As we reflect on Eileen’s inspiring story, several key takeaways emerge:

  • Follow Your Calling: Eileen’s decision to heed the call of her inner guidance led her on a remarkable path of personal and professional growth. By embracing her innate gifts and passion for sound, she discovered a profound purpose that continues to inspire and uplift others.
  • Embrace Reinvention: Throughout her journey, Eileen embraced the process of reinvention, continually adapting and evolving her approach to meet the changing needs of her audience. By remaining flexible and open to new possibilities, she expanded her impact and influence in the field of holistic wellness.
  • Trust Your Intuition: Eileen’s success underscores the importance of trusting one’s intuition and inner guidance. By listening to the whispers of her soul, she was able to navigate challenges, overcome obstacles, and manifest her vision with unwavering faith and determination.
  • Create Community: At the heart of Eileen’s work lies a deep commitment to community and collaboration. Through her teachings, events, and online platforms, she has fostered a vibrant community of like-minded individuals united in their quest for healing and transformation.

As we bid farewell to Eileen’s story, let us carry forward the lessons learned and apply them to our own lives. May we be inspired to follow our passions, trust our intuition, and embrace the journey of self-discovery with courage and conviction. In doing so, we honor the spirit of growth, healing, and wholeness that Eileen McKusick embodies, leaving a lasting legacy of light and love in our wake.

Podcast Transcript

What is up, beautiful people? This is Christian here from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur podcast. And today we have a very special guest for you. Her name is Aileen Makusic. And she is a groundbreaking figure known for extensive work in therapeutic, sound, human biofields, and electric health.

With an M. A. in integrative education, she embarked on her journey into sound’s impact on the human’s body’s electromagnetic system in 1996. Aileen is the pioneer behind Biofield Tuning, a sound therapy method with global reach, boasting over 2000 students trained since 2010. She established the Biofield Tuning Institute, conducting grant funded, peer reviewed studies on the human biofield.

In her acclaimed book, Tuning the human biofield healing with vibrational sound therapy has earned prestigious awards alongside her recent work, electric body, electric health released in 2021. Eileen’s contributions to extend, extend to innovation, uh, extend to invention, including weighted tuning forks and accessories, such as the beloved sonic slider and Fibonacci pair.

Her respective shifts from chemical slash mechanical to electrosonic simplifying complex health concepts. And as a thought after speaker influencer, she bridges scientific and pseudoscientific realms, emphasizing our body’s electrical nature and advocating for coherent living in electric health and biofield science paradigms.

Welcome to the show, Eileen. 

Eileen McKusick
Thanks, Christian. Thanks for having me.

Yay. Such an honor to have you here. And I feel so blessed because you’re really a person that has so much experience in the, you know, electromagnetic and healing field. So how, you know, just briefly about your story, how do you, how did you get into that?

What sparked your journey into that? Have you always been into that? Was there a big shift that, that, you know, caused that? So, yeah, let us know a little bit about your background and how you got into that bio field tuning. 

Eileen McKusick
I would say that I’m a person who likes to solve problems. And I certainly ended up with plenty of my own to solve from my childhood, from my upbringing.

Um, when I was around 18, I started developing an interest in science and spirituality and health and human potential. And really I’m a very much a researcher, By nature. I love to read. I love to take in lots of information. I love to connect dots. And that journey, uh, led me to vibrational medicine, to the idea that everything is fundamentally fields of energy information and not really solid.

Like we’ve been taught and told. And that led me to tuning forks, which I started playing with in a part time massage therapy practice back in 1996. And, and I picked them up. And then I never put them down and I’ve been using them ever since and have learned so much about our bodies, about our minds, about our spirits, uh, about what it means to be a balanced, healthy, regulated person versus not.

And it, it really just evolved into its own, um, its own thing. It kind of took me on a journey I never expected to go on. And I, uh, developed a very busy practice. As, as a sound therapist, uh, I had people want me to teach them. I started teaching in 2010. Um, in 2014, I published my first book, tuning the human biofield and, uh, came out, I started my own business really then, um, With a 5, 000 loan from a friend that, um, that I’ve now grown into, um, you know, multi million dollar global, um, you know, like mini empire because, because of tuning forks, which really hadn’t expected at all.

Um, but they are very helpful to solve the problems that many people are struggling with. And I’m always looking for the most efficient, effective way. Okay. to solve any problem and somewhat unexpectedly, uh, tuning forks showed up and they, you know, I’ve learned to use them in a way to help get people unstuck from physical issues, mental issues, emotional issues, um, certainly solved my own problems in the process and have helped, um, many, many people to do the same. So, yeah. 

Wow. Beautiful. So, when, when I, when I look at you, like the, the archetype that comes up for me, it’s like, you’re like the female Indiana Jones of sound therapy. That’s, that’s what, that’s what comes up when I, when I, when I look at you and when you talk, it’s like, wow, look at like, you’re such an adventurer, you know?

Eileen McKusick
Yeah, I mean, it really has been an adventure, and I’ve been able to discover things that other people haven’t discovered. Um, in fact, even, even right now, you know, all these years in, I’m still discovering new ways to approach the body’s electrical system with tuning forks, with sound. Um, it’s a, it’s a continual process of discovery, which is great, because I do love adventure, and I do love, uh, going into, uh, uncharted territory.

It’s very exciting to me and in a world where it seems like everything’s already been charted. Um, I was able to make quite a lot of discoveries about the human biofield. I discovered that our bodies have an electrical system, which wasn’t a new discovery, but nothing I was ever taught about something that I had to kind of put the pieces together myself because none of us learn about the body’s electrical system.

And, uh, and anything that has electric current running through it, like the human body does, Has a magnetic field around it. This is what we talk about when we talk about the biofield and through using sound like sonar and bouncing sound off of the people that I was working with. I discovered that this field actually has a very specific anatomy and physiology, just like you and I have kind of the same internal anatomy and physiology.

We have the same External subtle energy as well and mapping that field and discovering that in the biofield model, your body is actually inside your mind. Rather than the other way around that, that the biofield, the biomagnetic field, the electrical system is really what we call self and I, uh, it’s where our conscious mind is, our thoughts, our feelings, where our memories are stored.

Um, our ancestral information, all the inputs that we think of as self are really in the body’s electrical system and can be accessed through the field and, and modulated and adjusted and, um, and helping all with the aim of helping, um, You to become more regulated, more consistently regulated, just into a place where you feel grounded, clear, present, aware, playful, maybe even joyful.

Um, this that’s our natural state as humans. And we don’t, it’s all been stressed and traumatized out of that. And most people are living in various states of dysregulation. Um, but working with sound in the body’s electrical system is a, is a direct way in to helping support, um, Regulation and flow.

Yeah. So I have two questions about that. One is like, why sound like there’s so many other healing modalities. Like why, what’s so special about sound? And then the other one would be. One way I regulate my nervous system a lot is with tea, because I love tea. I drink a lot of tea, different types of tea. 

Eileen McKusick
A person downers a little black tea, a little chamomile.

Yeah. So, I would say, I mean, I guess tea is just something different. It’s not so much sound. Well, yes and no.

Eileen McKusick
It’s an input. 

I’ll hear about it if there is any. 

Eileen McKusick
Yeah. Okay, well, what makes sound special? I mean, I would say that sound has been being used. As a method of healing, if you will, uh, in every culture throughout time.

If you look at gongs or bells or bowls or didgeridoos or drums or rattles, you know, what I’m doing as a, as a white girl with a tuning fork working in the field around you, isn’t so different than a medicine person with a rattle or a drum shifting up the way that your energy is flowing. In order to reset you so that you can move forward with a new story.

The, the essence of sound healing is this desire and effect of bringing somebody into a place of relaxed. presence where you’re not worrying about the future or having some regret about the past or a big chunk of you stuck in some old trauma that causes you to be reactive instead of responsive. Uh, so sound and music have been used to shift human states.

Uh, for as long as there’s been humans, really, it’s very direct. It gets right in there. It moves us, right? I mean, we all know that music moves us. It can move us to dance. It can move us to cry. It can move us to experience incredibly transcendent states. And, uh, so that, that is why, you know, it just is inherent in the way that sound and music interact with humans and have forever.

So if somebody’s interested in learning more about sound therapy and biofuel tuning with you, like what, what, what do you have, like what are your current like offerings or programs or that you would probably recommend for, for beginners at this time? 

Eileen McKusick
Well, it all depends on who you are and what you’re doing and what you want.

You know, if someone is looking for a vocation, um, I will say that being a biofield team practitioner has been an incredibly gratifying experience for me. And this is echoed among our many practitioners around the world because the process gets right in to whatever is not right. And immediately helps the body to start to sort it out.

And it, it, can really produce profound changes in people’s experience of themselves and an opportunity to really, uh, expand through the tangles of your pain body and the difficult inputs you’ve had into your potential that you know is there. I think everyone knows that they have potential. It’s, and it’s literally electric potential.

And unfortunately a lot of our potential is all bound up and internalized from all. Our collective upbringings in a, in a not very supportive of, of human, uh, gifts and strength that most of us grew up in. Uh, you know, we were in a way, we’re all Stradivarius that, that just got beat up and we’re out of tune.

And the body amazingly is a self tuning instrument and, uh, being, when exposed to a tuning fork being used in a sort of skilled way, around the field will tune itself. It will bring itself back into tune. So it’s such a gratifying, rewarding practice to see people move from being stuck in their pain bodies, being stuck in their reaction patterns and then liberated from that out into the amazing being that they, that they know they are and that we see very clearly that they are.

So It’s like, it’s also a practice that really integrates really well into other practices. So we have people, things like chiropractors, physical therapists, holistic nurses, Um, other sound healers, psychotherapy, coaching, um, there’s, there’s many ways that you can take the principles and the, the applications of this work and make what you’re already doing more efficient, faster, that sort of thing.

Uh, I have a friend who’s an osteopath and when she read Tuning the Human Biofield, she got just completely blown away because it really introduces a whole new paradigm. When you start thinking about electricity. in the body, in our environment. It really opens up all kinds of new possibilities and avenues for growth.

And what she did was she incorporated it into her osteopathic practice using her hands instead of teeny forks, but instead of just working on the body like she’d been doing, she started finding the energy and the feeling. field with her hands and bringing it back into the body, which is essentially what we do with the tuning fork.

So, so the basic principles of you have a field, magnetic fields guide and inform electric currents. A lot of what people are dealing with is wiring. issues. You know, energy flows along established pathways, and that’s why you keep going down the same road and falling into the same hole is you’re wired that way.

It can be very hard to change that from the inside out. But if I come along with my tuning fork and move through your field and adjust and release and bring into tune and rewire you now, suddenly you have the opportunity. for your energy to move along new pathways. And, you know, that’s what everybody’s looking for.

I mean, I’ve really come to the conclusion that most of what people suffer from is stuckness. They’re stuck in some way. And that’s why you go to somebody for help to get you out of pain, to get you out of this gnarly relationship pattern. You keep acting out whatever it is. It’s all good. All energy flowing along, uh, pathways in your body and your mind in your field.

So, um, so if you like helping people and I do, and I think a lot of people, um, get a lot of satisfaction from knowing that they really, at the end of the day, wow, I really helped these people to feel better. Um, you could consider our training course. So we have a certification course, um, that you can do. Do you just want to get started?

Uh, I have two books. They’re both on audible. So you can listen to those. I have a YouTube channel that really explains a lot. I’ve got a lot of videos and a lot of free tunings. There’s free tunings on my website and also on my YouTube channel. So you can experience what it’s like to listen to a recording of tuning forks and discover how just like music can move you, um, just the single instrument of a tuning fork also has the ability to move you and to, to move you from a place where you’re stuck to a place where you aren’t stuck anymore.

Wonderful. Um, So, let’s say, you know, talking a little bit more about the actual, like, process of how it would, you know, you know, just go about, like, let’s say a person would come to you and say, well, I really have a money block, or I would like to manifest more abundance, like, how would this work in an in person session? Can you walk us through that? 

Eileen McKusick
Sure. Well, an in person session, you would come into a treatment room and you would recline on a treatment table, like a massage table, fully clothed. And, uh, a bifidal tuning session starts with me using what we call weighted tuning forks that you don’t hear. 

Awesome. Also, one more question, like, so your sessions, can they also be held online or is it mainly, like, it’s just in person on the retreats and programs, like, just for other people who think about, well, I would love to.

Eileen McKusick
Yeah, it can be done over Zoom, which is kind of odd, you know, but, but not really, because, because if I was putting on a musical concert and you were watching it over Zoom, you would be moved as well, just like you might be moved by Zoom. in the audience, right? Or if you were watching a recording of a musical performance that was moving, you didn’t have to be there live.

You didn’t have to watch it in person. You got the energy of how that music was moving you from that recording. Right. So it’s pretty much the same kind of idea in that sound moves us. And, uh, in this, you know, with somebody who’s, I’ve been doing this 28 years now. Uh, so I can definitely tune right in to your energy, listen to it, feel it, and, and support it in self regulating.

Um, so yeah, so it can be done over zoom. I mean, if I had a fork handy, which I can pull out if we need to, uh, even just a few minutes of sitting, just listening, uh, starts to shift your state. So it’s pretty easy. Um, it’s pretty easy. It’s pretty simple and straightforward, but in person, uh, I would start off by using weighted forks on your body.

And I use weighted tuning forks almost like a stethoscope because when you bounce sound off of something, it comes back with information. And so if, uh, for example, the whole left side of your body is jammed up because you’re not good at receiving, we’re actually going to feel that together. And I’m going to put a fork on the side of your, of your right knee, and we’re going to feel the pulse and the, the energy moving through that knee.

And then we’re going to come in the left knee and, and you’re going to notice like, wow, this feels sluggish. It feels slow. It feels blocked in comparison. It’s that obvious. And there’s a whole language to the rhythms and flows of the body, just like Chinese pulse diagnosis. A skilled practitioner can put their fingers on your wrist and tell you a great many things based on the rhythms and the pulses and the feel of that.

It’s very much the same with tuning forks. There’s a language there that you learn in time. Uh, especially on the sternum, like it’s kind of a fun party trick for me to bring a teeny fork, you know, a party or a social event and just put my sternum, my fork on, on the chest and listen to the heart rhythm, the rhythm, you know, the, just all the rhythms of the body.

And I can tell people many, many things about their disposition, their current experience in life, just by feeling into those rhythms in the body. And then, um, what we do is we, we figure out where we’re going to work in the field based on different information. And then I go out to the edge of the biofield.

So the biofield is a bubble. It’s, it’s a Taurus. So it’s a sphere with a central channel down the middle. And the body is in the area of the central channel. And our field extends about six feet to either side, about two feet above and below. And, um, and I will find the edge of the field. And I can tell that I found the edge of the field because the tuning fork vibrates more in my hand because there’s more energy in that membrane.

Um, and then I’m going to start moving in towards the body. And what this is, because your memories are stored in your magnetic field in standing waves. Kind of odd because we’ve been taught that our memories are in our brain, but that’s not what I discovered as I started exploring the field. I, I discovered that I was finding memories and that I was finding very specific memories in very specific areas.

So the field is, is sort of like file drawers. And every time you feel a particular emotion, it gets generated in a particular area of your field. For example, sadness. Anytime you feel sad, the record of your experience, the memory of that sadness is getting stored off your left shoulder in your field. So if I start on the left side of your heart and I move in towards your body, I’m going to find the memory of all these places where you felt sad.

And I’m going to find that in chronological order. So as we generate information, our feelings, our responses, Um, that’s happening in the body, and then it’s getting recorded in the field. So as we generate information, it moves away from us, kind of like hair, right? Hair grows, it moves away from you. So if I’m working on somebody who’s 40, I start at the edge of their field, that’s gestation, then birth.

And then I’m going to find memories that were generated when they were 20. about three feet away from them. So it’s like dropping a needle on an album and reading the vibrational record of a person’s life and getting literally stuck in the resistance of traumatic or difficult time periods. So in the shamanic tradition, there’s a concept called soul retrieval and the notion that whenever we experience a significant trauma or stressor, a piece of our soul breaks off and get stuck in time.

And this is actually a way to go back in time and literally find those fragments within the memory bank of the body and, and essentially liberate the charge that is stuck there and, and comb it back into now and back into flow. So it’s kind of like a sonic soul retrieval Combing through the memory banks, the electrical record of your life and picking up the stray bits that, you know, stress takes something out of you.

We do feel like we’ve aged when we come through something difficult, and that’s because we’ve literally left light behind. And so this is a way to pick it back up. So if somebody has a block around abundance that may be related to, you know, their ancestral lineage. And there are features within the field that I call the ancestral rivers where we can actually tap into the song of the DNA that has come down through the generations and how it is currently informing our own system and signal.

And we can work directly in that. And so if you come from a lineage of poverty consciousness, that’s like a program that’s been installed in you that’s running in the background. But this is a way to actually access where that program is stored. And it’s like a song and and literally change the tune of it, literally invited to count to release its stories and its illusions and its beliefs and release all that and come back into a more Neutral place.

Um, people might show up with different blocks in different places if they’re continually self sabotaging themselves as they try to move out of a lack mentality. We might find blockages in the right knee. Um, if they’re always worried about money. We might find that off the left side of their head. So it’s really about finding where these circuits, these stories, these beliefs are running in the system and then just facilitating them to come into a new order, to come into a new story, um, to delete these hidden files that are creating a certain experience and then rewire and reprogram for a different experience.

Wow, what comes up for me when you say all this, um, first of all, I love listening to you because you just have so much wisdom. You’re just like, wow, every sentence is like, what? Um, what comes up for me and why you were describing this was like how much our body is such a, such an intelligent organism. And it reminds me so much of, It gets so much better than a computer, right?

We always look at humans technologies. They got, that’s the thing does everything by itself. And it’s fantastic. If I just only knew how to program and automate But in truth, the body does all that already. Right. We just have forgotten that and we don’t really, we’re not really aware. So we don’t know that we can access it.

We don’t, we think, you know, to break out, we need to do this rather than that, or do something more informed rather than something that’s not informed. Right. Um, so that’s something that’s, that’s, that’s super fascinating to me. And how the, the body’s just so intelligent. Like I read something in a book, um, a couple of months ago and said, well, sometimes you fall on your knee or a certain part of your body that like, there’s a reason why you have an accident on certain parts of your body, because that’s the only way your body knows how to release that stored energy in the spot, whether it’s the elbow or the knee or the, this or the, that, you know, it’s like, It’s like the, the inside of the knee, like, for example, like two years ago, I was running down the stairs and they were wet and I fell on the inside of my right knee because like, that’s the only way I knew how to release that energy at that time.

Um, but the beauty with biofuel tuning, I feel is that you can really like go in there and. Make these adjustments to bring it back into flow. And that’s something really, really fascinating. 

Eileen McKusick
Yeah, it’s really efficient. And, and I will say that the body is amazing. And that is really one of the things that struck me in this work.

And it’s been many years sort of exploring this and figuring it out and, uh, sort of blind fumbles in the dark with moments, flashes of illumination where I’d see a pattern or I’d see a connection or something would dawn on me. But over and over and over again, I was struck by the brilliance of the human body and how we’re like this incredible hardware.

And we’ve all been kind of downloaded with nonsense software, a lot of programming, a lot of limitations, a lot of half truths where we all have so much more potential than, um, Then what has been programmed into us? And I think this is part of being what we could call a conscious individual is recognizing that garbage in garbage out.

And just because I had this garbage installed in me and I’m experiencing come up like I can I can deep pro I can reprogram myself. I can delete that file. I can install a new one, and I can start to program myself into, um, optimization instead of Lack difficulty, struggle, drama, all of the ways that we’ve been diminished on made small and trauma.

You know, I had a very I wouldn’t say I had a super traumatic childhood, but I had a pretty challenging childhood, uh, that put me into a state of continual contraction. I was always contracting and and then that all got wired into me. And then I discovered, you know, I had an experience of myself as a very contracted, you know, Tense person.

And that that is an absolutely not accessing the potential inherent in having a body. And my journey has been one of decades of like, kind of figuring out how to how to open back up again and to change the wiring, change the story, change the self beliefs, change the responses. Into something that comes from a centered, embodied, regulated place where I’m not disassociating.

I’m not struggling, um, you know, all of those experiences of self are really just programs and beliefs, uh, that can absolutely be changed. And we can, you know, and everybody knows this is one of the things that it is. really also struck me is that when I was working with somebody in my early years, and basically it’s a process of getting the noise and resistance out of the electrical system and then amplifying the true tone, the harmony, the sweet spot that’s, that’s kind of buried underneath all of that.

And I always found that when I got to that place at the end where they were just sort of humming Uh, from that sweet spot that they were just so amazing that they every single person I worked on. I’m like, Oh, my God, you’re so amazing. You’re so brilliant. You’re so great. Right. And I saw that in every single person, and it took 15 years of me seeing this and everybody before it dawned on me one day.

I was like, Oh, my God, everybody is great. That means I must be great, too. And it was such a hard pill to swallow. And isn’t that interesting that, that we, we’ve been taught to reject our own greatness. And even though I saw in so many people so clearly for so long, it was so hard to accept in myself, but that’s just how we’re built.

You know, we are amazing. 

Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s how we’re built and how I see, I would say it’s how we’re programmed. Right. Just like, it’s like years and years. I mean, I see it in my child. It’s like, yeah, you come with nothing. And you, of course you take everything on that you’re exposed to. It’s just, that’s just an, that’s the nature of, of the infant mind, you know?

And so, yeah, it feels like we’re, we are a quantum computer that’s like running windows. You know?

Eileen McKusick

You can only open this, you can close it, you can minimize it. You can move the window, you know, but it’s like, you can do so much more. You know, like if you only knew, so I’m really grateful that you bring forth this work and this awareness of people really tuning more into that field, you know, and part of the reason why I started the successful spiritual preneur podcast is because.

I wanted to give people a platform that do amazing, unique work that usually are like, whereas in the system, the capitalist system system that we are, it’s like the number one measure of success is always like, you know, what’s your bank account? What’s the money you make? Yeah, yeah, yeah. But like, I feel a lot of these people, right.

Rely on actually Technology, we as pioneers develop and like the beauty that we create and the research and the depth and the field and the quantum that they have, you know, maybe or maybe not yet doven into, you know, so I think it’s really beautiful and honorable that you yourself forth like that, you know,

Eileen McKusick
Yeah, it wasn’t easy.

I’ll tell you what, because in 1996, when I told people in Connecticut where I lived at the time that I was using tuning forks for sound healing, I got very, uh, dismissed. Very. There’s something about tuning forks and energy fields and you hear it. And even to me, Because I’m actually a very practical, logical, grounded, I’m actually very left brained individual.

And, uh, so when people were perceiving me as woo woo or science, pseudo scientific or airy fairy or far out, like that, I was like, I don’t want to be that. And I don’t want people to see me that way. And, um, never wanted to do it as a vocation really was doing it as a hobby. Um, I did it as a hobby for 10 years.

And then after 10 years of using the tuning forks just over the body, that’s when I started to discover the field. And when I started working in the field, my therapeutic outcomes became, became very dramatic. And I realized that I had sort of unwittingly stumbled into something, um, that I pretty much felt a moral obligation to bring to the world.

Because it’s very, it’s very efficient, effective, non invasive, it’s a very elegant approach, um, to helping people. But even back then in 2006, it was still, like, not something I really wanted to do. I’m like, I don’t want to be seen as a Tinkfork lady, you know. The skeptics and the, the mean people out there, this is the sort of thing they just love to rip apart.

So I ended up going to college as an adult. I never went to college out of high school. And in 2006, uh, I enrolled in college and I did my undergraduate and master’s degrees in five years and wrote a master’s thesis called exploring the effects of audible sound and, um, on the human body and its biofield.

And to really bring it into science, to bring it into science, we all understand science that makes sense, science that obeys laws that everybody. Has already learned about and to just make it normal to normalize, uh, the fact that we are electrical beings that respond to sound. 

Beautiful. Yeah. And, and I think in, in a way, like we share kind of like that, that, that way of being perceived in the world, because even though I love love and that’s kind of like the value I want to put forth most, right.

Also with my agency love pixel agency. Right. Um, I still didn’t want to leave people kind of like, In the ethereal, I wanted to make something tangible. That’s why websites, you understand? Like, so I totally, I totally hear you there and talking about like websites and branding. I would love for you for, for us to like dive into a little like brainstorm session of like, what would the perfect website for you look like?

Because you started working on some of your branding material, it didn’t really land, it didn’t really fit, and then Mechanics just left it there, and it would just, yeah, it’d be really curious to know, like, what would be the, if I could have a website, what would it be like, you know, like, what would it look like, what would it feel like, you know, like, so if you have anything to say to that, you know, that’d be really cool.

Eileen McKusick
Well, I think ideally a website sort of captures energetically the essence of what it is that that somebody is bringing. And I think that what what this work brings is a kind of spaciousness. A kind of relaxation, a deep breath, um, sort of like an oasis in the desert kind of thing. It’s like, Oh, you know, this is what, this is what my thirsty soul has been searching for.

And I would want to inspire that kind of feeling that, um, a sense of, of relief, uh, of relaxation and a sense of finding what you’ve been looking for. Because I really do feel like all the things that we offer really do support what so many people are looking for. So many people are stressed and, and dealing with really challenging things.

And you want something that’s going to make you breathe easier. You know, at the end of the day, that’s really what this work does, is it gets you to take fuller breaths. And from an electric health perspective, Our primary source of energy is actually our breath, because we live in a, in a, a plasma charged electrical atmosphere.

And we’re not just breathing in oxygen, we’re breathing in light, we’re breathing in electric juice. And, right, because you can go weeks without food, days without liquids, but you can only go a few minutes without breath. So the more free your breath is, And the more deeply and fully and relaxed you breathe, um, the more energy you have and the more consistent your energy has.

In fact, all self regulation, in my opinion, rides on the breath, the activity of the diaphragm. Um, so, yeah, I think I would love for my website to invite someone to take a big breath. And to feel relaxed. 

Beautiful. Yeah. I’m, I’m fascinated by how we, you know, you say breath is kind of like light. Like we, we, we not just only breathe the oxygen, but we also take in light.

And also if you think about food, I mean, it’s nothing else than stored sunlight in a way, right. Whether it’s a plant or a meat, like an animal that eats other animals that’s eaten plants, but just, you know what I mean? It’s just like a dense form of light in a way. 

Eileen McKusick
Exactly. That’s exactly what it is. We are fundamentally light beings that need to consume light in order to stay alive.

And, uh, and you know, that’s why, when, why oxygen makes your blood bright red and because it’s pure. filled with light. And then once, and that light is what gets dropped off in your body. And then the blood comes back and it’s a dark red and then it picks up more light. Right? So that that is what is getting transported is light.

And then there’s always, yeah, Yeah. And there’s also, um, my colleague and friend, John Stewart Reed, who’s done a lot of work with cymatics, the study of wave forms made visible. Um, he discovered that it’s actually base frequencies that cause our blood to uptake oxygen. So part of the role of the, the beat of the heartbeat is to inspire that uptake of electricity into the blood.

So, um, you know, just another way that like drums or music, uh, is actually supporting our health and supporting the, the, the illumination of our, of our blood is that supporting our body’s electrical system. 

Wow. So let’s talk a little bit about, about your history. Let’s switch gears a little bit into business.

And can you tell us a little bit about your history of like when you decided to kind of like make a website, when to like build an audience, when to, how did you build the audience? How did you get your, you know, how’d you find your practitioners? How did they find you? Like how did that all evolve into what it is today?

Eileen McKusick
Well, I come from actually a long line of entrepreneurs and I grew up with my dad who had his own business that he ran from home, a mail order business. Um, when I was 18, I got inspired. My parents had bought a building that they put the mail order business in part of it, and it had an empty part. And I became inspired to actually start a cafe there.

And so when I was 20, I opened my first business with my family, a cafe in Connecticut that’s still there. It’s celebrating its 35th. Anniversary this year, which is pretty wild. But I left after 13 years in that. Um, and then I moved to Vermont and I started a specialty food business making organic kettle corn.

Actually, in 2004, I had the very first kettle corn available in stores. Now it’s everywhere now. It became a trend over the last few years, but in, in 2004, you could not buy kettle corn in a store anywhere. And so I started a business making kettle corn. I was in Vermont. So I made it organic maple kettle corn.

I came up with a Chipotle one. And, uh, and I was doing very well with that. I was making it all by hand. I had it in 50 stores. It was a really great recipe. It was a great profit margin. It was great timing into the marketplace. And I was convinced that I was going to blow it up and then like sell it to Frito Lay and retire.

And that was the track I was on when I started to see these results. And then I got this very clear message, you know, from spirit that said to me, and it came in kind of like a certified mail download that said to me, uh, the world needs harmony more than it needs another snack food. And you need to go to college, get degrees, uh, learn and teach about sound, become involved in scientific research, um, spread, awaken an army, and spread biofield tuning all over the globe.

And, uh, well, some of them might argue with globe, but all over the world and, uh, and so I, I really couldn’t argue with that. You know, it’s really evident to me that yes, the world needs harmony. I was reluctant to do it because of, you know, the things we mentioned before. And so I did all that and, uh, and I made my very first YouTube video, I think in maybe 2012, you know what, maybe, I don’t even know, I’d have to go back, but I would say that the way that, that my practice actually grew and the way that people found me was through YouTube initially.

And, um, and you know, I’ve, I’ve had a lot of channels. I’ve had almost 2 million views on my YouTube channel. So it’s been there, you know, kind of doing its thing for a long time. Then, uh, then I started a newsletter and, uh, was doing that. And that helped a lot. Um, I built my own first website. Um, and I’m not even sure when that was maybe 2012.

Um, but initially my first students found me that they were local. They were people who were clients and friends. And I taught my first pilot class in 2010 to a local group of people. And so it started off very local. But what really switched things up, Christian, was when my first book came out. When Tuning the Human Biofield came out in 2014, At that time, I had a very busy practice that had grown really primarily from word of mouth, because people would come to see me, you know, I was in the middle of nowhere in a tiny town in the mountains of Vermont, like no sign, like nothing and, and doing something very odd.

You know, I was the only one in the world who did it at that point. Um, but like I said, at the beginning, I’m a problem solver and I figured out how to use my tuning perks to solve all kinds of problems for people. So they tell friends and so on. And so, um, my practice was already full. And then my book came out and then it just got more and more full to the point where I really couldn’t handle it anymore.

And I switched my, my approach from working with individuals to actually working with groups, which is kind of weird. I mean, group distance, like zoom team for healing. Like I wouldn’t sign up for something like that, you know, but necessity is the mother of invention. And I found it actually was a way that I could treat many people.

The same time, uh, less expensive for them, more lucrative for me. And it was a win win. Um, so over the years, my role has really, uh, changed and grown, you know, from being a practitioner to being a teacher, um, to acquiring a team. I brought on my first apprentice. When I, in 2014 and another one in 2015, and then they came in and helped me to grow my teaching program.

I got my first assistant in my office in 2017, and now I have a team of 32 people that helped me. I’ve got a shipping department, and I ended up creating my own line of tuning forks in 2014. Um, and, and actually started a website. I got a 5, 000 loan from a friend. Because we had been through a very difficult time financially.

And my husband was hit by a drunk driver. And so, uh, we lost everything and then some. And so, and then I went to school full time for five years. So this, my growth of my organization is, You know, the classic real bootstrap grew all of this really from nothing, um, and literally nothing because I invented something out of thin air essentially.

Um, and then, you know, grew it from nothing into something, um, really just by continuing to listen to my inner guidance and doing what I was instructed to do. And, um, And so, you know, and over the years, the websites have changed. The newsletters have changed. Everything kind of grows of all my role has changed.

Um, but I would say the best vehicles for me for finding people, um, in the beginning was definitely YouTube, then my book, and then, you know, a growing web and social media presence. 

Beautiful. Wow. That’s a quite, quite the story there. That’s incredible. From kettle kettle corn to tuning forks could be the title of your next business.

That’s hilarious. Wow. I love that. So, um, we’re nearing the end of the podcast and I always love to, you know, ask people what, what is it that, you know, you would give yourself or anybody who would start out a business today that you would like, kind of like give to yourself? You know, knowing that they’re spiritual entrepreneurs, right?

Like, what would you tell them to keep doing or keep, you know, going in that direction? 

Eileen McKusick
Well, I think you have to be in order to really grow, you have to be willing to continually reinvent yourself because, because I come from that rugged, self sufficient individual. I can do everything myself. And, uh, and, and you can only go so far doing everything yourself, like at some point or another, You have to if you’re if you want to have more impact, you have to start to grow a team and everything that worked for you as a self sufficient individual works against you as a team player, unfortunately, and there you have to really break yourself down and reinvent yourself kind of over and over again in order to, uh, to evolve.

Anything like an organization. Um, and even within the organization, we build systems and they work to a certain point, and then you have to deconstruct those and construct new systems. So it’s always a process of, like, expanding and then contracting and reconnoitering and reinvention. And, uh, that’s not always easy to do.

I think we’ve been really enculturated into our own silos of systems. self sufficient individuality, and it doesn’t even occur to us to get help to reach out to just to lighten the load, to spread out the workload to or even to collaborate. And I would say that, um, that, you know, the greatest richness for me Um, and also challenge has been in growing a team managing a team.

Um and managing, you know, the expansions and contractions, the pitfalls, the challenges the that that go with that, and you have to be really, really flexible in your perception of self. Um if you want to keep moving through the levels, and you know, which is what I love to do. I mean to me, game life is a game and it’s all about like unlocking the next level and the next level and the next level.

Cause it’s more fun, right? That’s the exploration of life and, uh, and inevitably it leads you to, you know, needing to be part of a team. And that’s not always an easy, it’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. 

Yeah, beautiful. Thank you for that. And if people want to learn more about you, or is there a program you want to promote at this time?

Like where can people find you? And is there anything yeah, you want to send people towards at this specific time? 

Eileen McKusick
Well, the best website to go to is biofieldtuning. com. Uh, we also have a store. So I make really high quality tuning forks. My, I have my own, um, alloys that I co created with my manufacturer.

Um, you know, tuning forks, you can go buy some on Amazon to play with, but they’re not sound healing tools. 

You get what you pay for with tuning forks and you might look at mine and go, Oh my God, they’re so expensive. And that’s because I’m super picky about the quality of things that I put out and that I use.

Um, so there’s all kinds of tuning forks to be found there, tuning forks and accessories. Uh, if you want to, You know, and actually in the book, Tuning the Human Biofield, uh, there’s, there’s only one chapter on how to use the forks because I figured out a really simple way to use them. I didn’t need more than one chapter, but I needed to kind of frame the whole cosmological story of how and why they work.

Uh, so that’s why there’s a bunch of other chapters in the book, but, Um, but you can read what’s in the book and get a team fork and teach yourself the very basic principles, um, that you can find there, but I do all kinds of different things. Uh, I, I go to different kinds of live events. I’ve got some really great ones coming up this summer and those you can find those at my website.

I love meeting people in person. Um, I do virtual classes. I have one coming up. Um, it’s not listed quite yet, but we’ll be soon a three week course called amplify your light. And it’s all about. What I was saying before about getting the noise out of the signal and amplifying that true tone, you know, really bringing your gifts, your amazingness up to the surface.

And my courses are a combination of education, coaching, and tuning. So we get the sort of benefit of being, using the sound in the mix so that we’re not just talking about something, but we’re actually shifting our body’s electrical expression, uh, to support. These new ways of looking at things. Um, yeah.

So and then I have different courses like that that I’ve done in the past and recorded. So there’s really a lot to choose from. And then, like I said, there’s a bunch of free ones, too. So if that’s the level you want to come in at, there’s lots to do there, too. 

Beautiful. But we’ll link all those. In the show note description and thank you so much for your time, your energy, your ingenuity, and for everything that you are.

I mean, it was such an honor to have you on. 

Eileen McKusick
Nice. Thanks so much for having me, Christian. 

See you soon. Bye. 

Eileen McKusick

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