Joanie Dhillon: Mandorla Integral Wisdom, Global Transformation, and Embracing Love | Ep07

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Joanie Shakti Dhillon, is a conscious performance coach who helped high ticket sales professionals go from the verge of termination to the top 1% bringing a very masculine approach to her work, now Joanie helps female coaches, healers and lightworkers grow their sales and get more clients through a divine feminine approach to business. Joanie is committed to transforming how female leaders show up, lead and grow their missions so they can lead in a way that embodies the fullness of their Truth.

In this enlightening episode, Joanie Dhillon invites us into a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. With profound insights into the evolution of consciousness and the power of heart-centered living, Joanie illuminates the path towards personal transformation and collective healing. Through heartfelt conversations and introspective reflections, Joanie shares invaluable wisdom on embracing vulnerability, cultivating authenticity, and honoring the divine essence within. This soul-stirring dialogue serves as a guiding light for those seeking to deepen their connection with themselves and the world around them.

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Welcome to our exploration of the transformative journey into the realm of Mandorla Integral Wisdom with Joanie Dhillon. In this article, we delve into the profound insights shared during Joanie’s discussion, shedding light on the path towards integral development and the pivotal role of love as a universal language for personal and societal evolution. Join us as we navigate through the depths of self-awareness, spiritual growth, and the quest for meaningful connection in a world yearning for positive change.

In this journey, we uncover the essence of Mandorla Ranch and Joanie’s vision for fostering holistic development and collective consciousness. From rediscovering purpose to cultivating love as a guiding force, each step resonates with the call to embrace our true potential and lead with the heart. Let’s embark on this enlightening voyage together, allowing the wisdom of Mandorla to illuminate our path towards a brighter future.

Part 1: Rediscovering Purpose and Vision

In the captivating conversation with Joanie Dhillon, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and collective evolution, guided by the principles of Mandorla Integral Wisdom. Here, we uncover the foundational elements that shape our understanding of purpose and vision, paving the way for profound personal and societal transformation. Let’s delve into the key insights revealed:

  • Questioning Existence: Joanie shares her introspective moment of realization while engaging in the relentless work at Mandorla Ranch. The profound question “Who am I doing it for?” sparks a deep reflection on the true purpose behind her endeavors.
  • A Shift in Perspective: Through her encounter with the former owner and a flash of remembrance, Joanie unveils a profound revelation—that their work is not merely for themselves, but for the greater humanity. This shift from self-centric thinking to a broader perspective ignites the journey towards integral development.
  • The Mandorla Vision: At the heart of their mission lies the vision of Mandorla as a sanctuary for integral growth and wisdom. Joanie and her partner, Scott, aspire to transcend the limitations of individualistic pursuits and foster a collective consciousness rooted in love and integral development.
  • Navigating Evolution: Drawing from Scott’s expertise in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Joanie elucidates the importance of integrating mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects into the journey of self-evolution. Their approach extends beyond conventional methods, aiming to address the holistic needs of individuals and communities.

As we unravel the layers of Mandorla Integral Wisdom, we embark on a profound quest to rediscover our purpose, envision a harmonious future, and embrace the transformative power of love. Join us as we delve deeper into the realms of self-discovery and collective evolution in the subsequent parts of our exploration.

Part 2: Embracing Integral Development

In this segment, we delve deeper into the essence of Mandorla Integral Wisdom and the principles underpinning integral development. Let’s navigate through the key components that shape this transformative journey:

  • Beyond Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): While acknowledging the efficacy of NLP in addressing mental and emotional aspects, Joanie and Scott recognize its limitations in addressing the spiritual and physical dimensions of human experience. This realization inspires them to embark on a broader path of integral development.
  • The Holistic Approach: Mandorla’s vision extends beyond conventional self-help practices, advocating for a holistic approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. By integrating these aspects, individuals can embark on a comprehensive journey of self-evolution and transcendence.
  • Integral Wisdom in Practice: Joanie emphasizes the importance of embracing integral development as a means to navigate the complexities of modern existence. Through workshops, retreats, and online platforms, Mandorla seeks to empower individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards self-realization and collective harmony.
  • A Time of Transition: Against the backdrop of global upheaval and technological advancement, Joanie highlights the urgency of embracing integral development as a collective imperative. In a world characterized by polarization and existential crises, the principles of love and integral wisdom offer a beacon of hope for humanity’s evolution.

As we immerse ourselves in the realm of Mandorla Integral Wisdom, we are called to transcend the limitations of individualistic pursuits and embrace a holistic vision of human potential. Join us as we explore the transformative power of integral development and its profound implications for personal and collective evolution.

Part 3: The Power of Love in Times of Crisis

In this segment, we delve into the profound significance of love as a catalyst for personal and collective transformation. Here are the key insights:

  • Love as a Unifying Force: Joanie and Scott underscore the pivotal role of love as the antidote to humanity’s existential crises. By embracing love as a common language and value system, individuals and societies can transcend ego-centric and ethno-centric paradigms, fostering unity and collaboration.
  • Navigating Global Challenges: Against the backdrop of technological advancement and geopolitical tensions, the need for a paradigm shift towards love-based consciousness becomes increasingly evident. Mandorla Integral Wisdom advocates for a shift from divisive narratives to a shared commitment to love and interconnectedness.
  • The Imperative of Change: Joanie emphasizes the urgency of embracing love as a transformative force in a world teetering on the brink of ecological, social, and spiritual crises. Integral development, rooted in the principles of love and unity, offers a pathway towards sustainable solutions and collective well-being.
  • Birthing a New Paradigm: Mandorla’s mission extends beyond individual empowerment to catalyzing a global shift towards love-based consciousness. Through educational initiatives, retreats, and online platforms, Joanie and Scott endeavor to inspire others to embrace love as the guiding principle in their personal and collective endeavors.

As we confront the challenges of the 21st century, the wisdom of love emerges as a potent antidote to division, conflict, and despair. Join us in exploring the transformative potential of love-centered consciousness and its capacity to usher in a new era of peace, harmony, and collective flourishing.

Part 4: Embracing Personal Empowerment and Spiritual Evolution

In this section, we delve into the profound journey of self-discovery and empowerment facilitated by Mandorla Integral Wisdom. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Integral Development: Mandorla advocates for a holistic approach to personal growth, encompassing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. By addressing all aspects of the self, individuals can cultivate greater self-awareness and unlock their full potential.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): Joanie and Scott highlight the significance of NLP as a tool for understanding the interplay between language, thought patterns, and behavior. While NLP primarily focuses on the mental and emotional realms, Mandorla integrates it with broader spiritual and physical practices for comprehensive development.
  • Expanding Consciousness: Scott’s journey from NLP mastery to Mandorla reflects a deeper calling to explore the interconnectedness of all aspects of being. Through Mandorla, he extends his expertise beyond traditional NLP, embracing a more expansive vision of human evolution.
  • The Call to Action: Mandorla’s mission transcends individual transformation to inspire a collective shift towards integral development. By empowering individuals to embody their highest potential, Mandorla aims to catalyze a ripple effect of positive change in the world.

As we embark on the path of personal empowerment and spiritual evolution, Mandorla Integral Wisdom offers a guiding light, illuminating the way towards a more expansive and integrated way of being. Join us in embracing the journey of self-discovery and transformation, as we harness the power of integral development to create a more harmonious and vibrant world.

Part 5: Harnessing the Power of Name and Intuition

In this segment, we explore the profound significance of names and intuition in guiding our journey of self-discovery and growth. Here are the key insights:

  • The Energetic Signature of Names: Joanie shares a poignant anecdote about the transformative power of names, highlighting how our names carry an energetic vibration that resonates with our essence. Whether through ancestral lineage or personal intuition, the choice of a name can profoundly influence our identity and path in life.
  • Honoring Intuition: Christian emphasizes the importance of honoring our intuition as a guiding force in navigating life’s journey. By listening to the whispers of our inner wisdom, we can access deeper truths and align with our soul’s purpose.
  • Embracing Change: Joanie reflects on the fluidity of identity and the potential for growth through name changes. Just as individuals evolve, so too can their names evolve to reflect newfound truths and aspirations. Embracing change is a fundamental aspect of the journey towards self-realization and authenticity.
  • The Power of Alignment: Aligning with the vibrational frequency of our names and intuition can lead to profound shifts in consciousness and empowerment. When we honor our true essence and follow the guidance of our inner wisdom, we step into greater alignment with our highest potential.

As we harness the power of name and intuition, let us embrace the journey of self-discovery with openness and courage. By honoring the energetic signatures that resonate with our soul’s truth, we can unlock new levels of insight, growth, and fulfillment on our path towards wholeness and authenticity.

Conclusion – Embracing Heart-Centered Living

In conclusion, our exploration into the realms of consciousness, evolution, and self-discovery has illuminated the profound wisdom inherent in embracing heart-centered living. Here are the key takeaways from our discussion:

  • The Wisdom of the Heart: Joanie eloquently reminds us that the heart serves as a safe and trustworthy guide on our journey of self-realization. By tuning into the intuitive whispers of the heart, we can access deeper truths, divine guidance, and a profound sense of purpose.
  • Navigating Change with Courage: Embracing the journey of self-discovery requires courage and vulnerability. As we honor the energetic signatures of our names and cultivate a deeper connection with our intuition, we invite transformative change into our lives with open arms.
  • Living Authentically: Christian emphasizes the importance of living authentically and aligning with our soul’s truth. By allowing our hearts to lead the way, we can embody our highest values, express our unique gifts, and navigate life with authenticity, grace, and integrity.
  • Embracing Heart-Centered Living: In a world filled with noise and distraction, embracing heart-centered living offers a pathway to inner peace, fulfillment, and genuine connection. By honoring the wisdom of the heart and cultivating a deeper relationship with ourselves and others, we can co-create a more harmonious and compassionate world.

As we journey forward, may we continue to nurture the sacred flame of our hearts and embrace the transformative power of love, compassion, and authenticity. By anchoring ourselves in the wisdom of the heart, we can navigate life’s challenges with grace, resilience, and unwavering trust in the guiding light within.

Podcast Transcript

What is up beautiful people? This is Christian from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur podcast and today we have a very special guest for you. Her name is Joanie Shakti Dhillon and she is a conscious performance coach who helped high ticket sales professionals go from the verge of termination to the top 1%, bringing a very masculine approach to her work.

And now Joanie helps. Female coaches, healers, and lightworkers grow their sales and get more clients through a divine feminine approach to business. Joanie is committed to transforming how female leaders show up, lead, and grow their missions so they can lead in a way that embodies the fullness of their truth.

Welcome to the show, Joanie. 

Joanie Dhillon
Thank you, Christian. It’s my pleasure to be here with you. 

Yay. It’s so exciting. Like really, um, I was, I was in Guatemala two weeks ago and I was talking with some friends and I was like, yeah, so what do you actually like do? Right. And there were some people who didn’t really know me yet quite well.

And I said, well, in a very spiritual way, obviously my mission is to make love tangible, right. With everything that I do. Um, but with Love Pixel Agency, kind of. It felt great to share in that moment that like, we bring the feminine back online, you know, because technology is so masculine, like all these boxes and this and that, and like, you know, I’m a web developer and web designer.

So I know how restricting boxes can be when you actually want to create something organic and just that feels wavy and easy and flowy that is so feminine. So yeah, just wanted to speak to that. And I think you’re such a master at the balance of the divine masculine and the feminine. And I would, my question would be, how did you discover that?

How was your path? Where do you come from and how do you became such a master of these two worlds? 

Joanie Dhillon
Oh, wow. Thank you. First of all, thank you. I’m honored for those words. And, uh, and now I’ll do my best to live up to them. Here’s what happened. My story, my story, my entire adult life, I was trying to prove something.

I had a sister who have a sister who’s a doctor, a brother who’s an AI guru, tech guru. And I always just thought that they, I put them on pedestals, right? I think maybe some of your audience can relate to putting someone on a pedestal. And I was the youngest of the family. I didn’t go the traditional Indian girl route or Indian child route, which was become a doctor engineer or something brilliant.

And that’s it. I was like, I’m going to do what I want to do. And. When I told my parents, this is just crazy that, Oh, by the way, I’m, um, I’m going to go major in graphic arts and, you know, which you can relate to perhaps and, and Spanish. And they like pretty much lost their, you know, everything lost their mind.

And that was the beginning of my, my path of, of just being different and almost rebellious in a way. And there was this energy to me, Christian, that was like, I had to prove something. I had to be as good as my older siblings, because in my mind, right, our mind does amazing things. It creates stories and meanings out of things that just aren’t true, but we think they’re true.

We tell ourselves that they’re true, right? And so when I ended up going to graduate school during a down economy after I had a business that was totally failing and when 2008 hit, I then came out of grad school and, and, and a couple of years later, I was like, I, I got to go find work. Like we were in a down economy.

What are we going to do? Well, what am I going to do? How am I going to pay the mortgage? And I was, I was pretty scared, but I found myself in a career night of the most masculine industry that anyone can think of. And for those of you who have been to a timeshare sales presentation, you know, You would still have nightmares about it, or it was just, you know, hopefully it was a good experience, but chances are that it may not have been.

And I had no idea what timeshare sales was. I was like, what is this thing called timeshare sales? But you’re telling me I can talk about travel and make Endless money doing that. And I was in a place that I barely was able to pay the mortgage at the time, Christian. And so I entered into this industry, not knowing a thing.

I was so blind to anything, which was actually to my benefit, because I just got to bring the entirety of me to the table. And. And I started doing really well. I can talk to people and I can, you know, paint the picture of them being in places that I love to, what I love to do, which was travel. And so I grew to the top 1 percent of that industry.

In fact, probably the 0. 01 percent of that industry really fast within my first year. And everyone was really shocked. Like, what is this girl doing? What, how is she doing this? And. I knew really quickly that this industry wasn’t going to be for me for long. It was like, Oh, I’m making really, really good money.

I’m working 25 hours a week. I take four months off a year to travel. I love helping people to realize their dreams and their visions. But it’s just like. I knew there was something bigger and something more for me, but at that moment in time, it was exactly what I needed. And when I finally left without a plan, it’s like, I’ve got to leave.

It just, it, enough had become enough. You know, what I, what I left with was this, being the one of the best in this industry, I still had this crush the competition dominate. It was a very masculine industry. And while I brought a different energetic, a lighter energetic, I served from the heart. You know, I, as a coach, I brought consciousness to timeshare.

I started coaching these sales professionals initially, as you mentioned in the intro to be the top 1 percent but to do it from a completely different place. But little did I know that I really had no idea what I was about to embark into, what, what God, what spirit had in store for me after running this business successfully for five years, had a massive spiritual awakening.

And prior to the spiritual awakening. So this was November of 2021. I lost all desire to do business. I was bringing, I mean, we were doing really well, low end 50, 000 a month to a hundred thousand dollars a month. Uh, and I just had no desire to be a coach in this industry any longer. And my now fiance then knew that there was something really bigger, much bigger in store for me.

And he’s, he encouraged me, like, you know, so let’s serve a bigger audience. Let’s serve a bigger audience. It’s like, I don’t know. That’s not the thing. That’s not the thing. I ended up finding myself Christian in really a dark night of the soul. I took, ended up taking what I thought was just going to be a couple weeks off at the end of the sea, at the end of the year to restore, rejuvenate, to refocus.

And I went into a really dark place. Everything started unraveling for me. I had no, like I said, no desire to do business. I didn’t know how I was going to bring money in. My fiance and I weren’t in that place, because he wasn’t my fiance at the time, right? We weren’t in that place to like, okay, I’m going to take care of you and everything.

And he, he invited me to do business with him in, in his NLP training company. We were both trained in NLP. That’s actually how we met. And so I started to do that. Things weren’t jiving yet. We were, I was bringing this real masculine approach now as in January, just a couple of months after I was bringing this masculine approach of it.

You know, I was used to being the light of everything, all eyes on me. I had a big following or somewhat big following. And now I was like sitting next to him in the training room, being almost a student, right. Of his and, and learning the business and how to serve in a greater way. So our energetics in our personal life, we went from being best friends to entering into a relationship just before COVID started in March of 2020.

And, and also then doing business together, they just weren’t working. We were, I was bringing this, it’s my way, this is the way, this real masculine energetic. And when I say masculine, I don’t mean coming from a male. All of us have female and masculine energies inside whatever gender you are, whichever gender you are.

You, we have both, we have it all. We have the full range of it. And I had no idea at this time. I just was being me, right? I was like, this is just me. Well, a couple of months later, I found myself at a beautiful retreat. We had no idea what was going to happen. We just showed up at this retreat in Austin, Texas.

And that day forever changed my life.

There was definitely some medicine involved in that experience, a heart opening medicine, an empathogen, that got my mind out of the way. I think for us female entrepreneurs, oftentimes what you notice is there’s just this, there’s, there’s a lot of mind at work, not a lot of heart, but there’s a lot of mind, the mind that wants to know how to do the things, how to connect the dots, how to go from here to there, how to push through, how to, you know, all of these things.

And what I wasn’t doing was I had zero connection to my heart and I had blocked it my entire life. I lost my mom at 19 years of age, and I just turned 20 rather. And that began my, my disconnection to my heart actually began much, much, much younger. We’ll go into that now, unless of course you want me to, but I think what really matters is, is that I had no idea.

Like I would tell partners, I love you. And I was like, God, I knew what love was. I had no freaking idea what love was. I had no idea what it meant to be in my heart, to serve from my heart, to, it’s making me emotional right now, to, to open and to, to stay open and not want to shut down out of protection, out of fear, out of being seen.

You know, the vulnerability of being seen, because I had always tried to hide my whole life and I tried to prove that I was something that really I wasn’t. And so when I had this spiritual awakening that was an all day, it was literally six hours of me reeling and just, you know, figuring out what was happening to me.

Because my mind for the first time couldn’t comprehend what was going on. And. I had six individuals on a bed helping me to navigate this experience that was completely foreign to me. And what was happening was spirit was moving through me in a way that, um, that I had never experienced spirit moving through me.

And there were words coming out of my mouth. Did that work? It weren’t mine. That’s the only way I can say it. And this divine, beautiful energy and I battled it for six hours. Bursted a blood vessel and I, you know, it was just like this, this path to surrender. And I finally, you know, that was just the beginning to be honest.

That was just the beginning of another massive unfolding of so many parts of me that had to die. I went into a cocoon for three years where I couldn’t do business. I, all that success that came easy, I could sell anything, a high ticket online. It just wasn’t there. I had zero desire to do business at all.

I was just, It was like, I was just this butterfly floating around and my spiritual teacher, Mary, she said, Joanie, you’re on the operating table and you got to be okay with being on the operating table right now because your time will come when you’re meant to be off the operating table. But right now, spirit’s doing its work on you.

And what was happening, Christian, was that my gifts were coming in and they were opening and I had to shed all of these layers of me that I thought were me, that were not fucking me, excuse me, can I swear here, that were not me. And And that was painful. It was a real painful process. And we were going through a place in our life that was like, we needed to bring in money.

My fiance got diagnosed with, now fiance got diagnosed with stage three C cancer, as soon as we had started business together and. Just prior to that spiritual awakening, that cancer progressed and went to stage four cancer. And here I am, and I’m not even able to bring money to the house. And it was like, wait, I know how to do this, but I don’t know how to do this right now.

And. And so that was a real process. We ended up manifesting our dream home and ranch. God’s will. We were guided here to Mandorla ranch in Montana. We moved from Austin, Texas here. And, and that’s where I finally started to see the light at the other end of the tunnel. It was like, Oh, Oh, this new me evolved and, and came forward and, and in a way that was completely unrecognizable.

I had been softening into love. I had been, fighting that side of me and my partnership and my business and the business that we ran together, you know, and it, it’s been a, it’s been a journey. It’s been a journey. It certainly has. 

Wow. Beautiful. And it feels like, right now, to me, from, you know, what you’re speaking and who you have become, that right, right now, you’re ready to open your wings again.

Joanie Dhillon
yeah, it’s a beautiful It feels like you’ve 

I kind of like integrated both sides to a level where you’re just like, yes, I get it. And I feel now is the time to start opening my wings again. Mm hmm. 

Joanie Dhillon
That’s absolutely right. Yeah. It was about, it was about six months ago that I started to like come out of my cocoon and, and started embodying both energies, right?

The masculine and the feminine. Cause I was really in my feminine for three years from being, you know, sometimes polar opposites have to happen, right? The pendulum swings. I was in my masculine for so long. I didn’t even know what it meant to, to embody the divine. Um, Feminine that existed in me as it exists in you, as it exists in every man, woman, any gender.

And then I swung and I swung deep into the depths of despair at many times and, and back up into being in embodying my divine feminine with no masculine, no desire to do the masculine energy is the doing energy. It’s the, it’s the, I’m going to do this. I’m going to act on this. It’s the fix it energy.

It’s the solution energy. And that’s who I was in relationship before. I was like, let me give you a solution. Let’s get to the answer, right? Let’s, and how it, what happened is this, pendulum has swung back and it swung in the middle. And so now what I am honestly in the process of mastering is, is being knowing when to be in both one versus the other.

And, and, and, you know, there are times as an entrepreneur, to be in a masculine energy. We need to bring our masculine into, you know, into the way that we’re doing something right. And there’s other times that we can lead from our feminine. But I think the overall container that I bring now is an embodiment of the feminine and knowing when that masculine that see, I like to think of it as circle and line energy.

The circle is the feminine energy. It’s the energy that holds that loving energy, that supports, that nurtures, that holds, that allows. And the line energy is that line that is the energy that penetrates through. And sometimes we need penetration energy, and sometimes we need the energy that holds.

Beautiful. I love that so much. Um, because I feel in my life, I also embody those two sides so well. And I, my life is so happy.

I feel like I have such a great balance of like doing being, and it wasn’t like that for me either all the time, you know, so you have to kind of like find your equilibrium and not that the middle is the perfect, but find your middle.

Joanie Dhillon
Sometimes it’s not in the middle. It’s not like we, we need to swing to one side versus the other, right? And, and that’s the work that I teach women to do now is how to identify where you’re operating from, where are your energetics coming from? And is it for lack of a better word, appropriate for the context in the moment? Right. Is there a part of you sometimes that old part wants to come up those parts that were like fighting for their life that wanted to prove it’s like, you know, as we ascend up the spiral of evolution, as you’re on a spiritual journey, what happens is, I think some of your, many of your listeners hopefully can relate to this is that you think that you’ve dealt with something.

I know that I have. It’s like, Oh, that thing’s completely gone. I’ve You know, that part of me is integrated or dissolved or healed or whatever the words are. Right. And you’re like, what the hell is it doing back in my life right now? And it’s showing you, but what’s the thing is, it’s not that you didn’t do the work.

You did the work and you did exactly what you needed to do more times than not at that time. But as we move up the spiral, there’s another layer of the work that’s being called for. There’s another layer of the work that is here for who you are at this moment in time that is ready to be seen, that is ready to be moved through, that is ready to be healed.

Beautiful. Yeah, I agree. And so can you maybe share a concrete example, uh, of your either professional life or, I mean, since your professional life overlaps so much also with your personal life, where you’ve. Found that balance, or you found a way out of being stuck in that one mode, so to say. Um, and found your way back into, like, alignment in your center.

Joanie Dhillon
That’s beautiful. Actually, yeah, thank you for asking the question. One of the things that I’m, as a spiritual channel now, I This is a whole new way of operating for me where I’m bringing in energies that were not, that were there, but I couldn’t see them or hear them or feel them before. And now when I sit to work masculine, right, when I sit to work and if I, if I feel, for example, there’s an energy of resistance, you know, like maybe I don’t want to do something that I need to do that I need to do.

Yeah. In the past, what I would do is I would just bulldoze through, you know, I’m a high performer. I don’t really resonate with those words, high performance coach anymore, right? Conscious performance coach for me really resonates, but as a former recovering high performance coach, it was, you know, Get into state.

Let’s master your state. Let’s get out of the funk and into flow. Right. And it was doing all the things. I’m a trainer of neuro linguistic programming as well to, to get the mind and the body aligned. But what was happening, I was spiritually bypassing. I was spiritually bypassing that thing that really wanted to be seen, noticed, heard, felt in that moment.

What’s shifted for me now, Christian is now when I’m in a, in work and something comes up for me, um, I pause and, and I teach my students to do this as well. And I pause and I, and I, I go, I do a scan from the top of my head, all the way down my body. And I see what I see. I hear what I hear. And I feel what I feel what’s present for me.

And. You know, sometimes you just feel like something’s not right. Like, you know, your mood’s off or there’s some sort of, there’s like, I’m forcing myself into this thing. Well, there’s a place that you forcing that thing that who, that part of you, it’s not you, the entirety of you, but there’s a part of you that maybe is, feels like it’s forcing.

Right. And so we can identify and drop into our body and see in here or feel or however it wants to express to you. Maybe there’s a color to it. Maybe there’s a shape to it. Maybe there’s a, A young Christian that’s there, or a young Joanie, a seven year old, who’s scared in that moment. And like, you know, connecting to that, you know, maybe you feel something in your throat right here, or in the pit of your stomach.

When you do a scan of your body and you just pause, And you scan the body and you see what you see or feel what you feel and just drop into it. So now I just drop into that spot and that place in my body and I, I give it a voice. I allow it to speak to me if it wants to speak. I allow it to share with me the wisdom that’s there that maybe I don’t see or the fear that may be there.

And as I do that, There’s been a new healing modality that I’ve birthed through me over the past few months. It’s just been beautiful. It’s a somatic process. And this is, this is part of the somatic process is allowing that part to, you know, maybe there’s a somatic, the body wants to move, right? Maybe the body wants to move in order for that sensation to be released or that to, to be freed.

And really listening intuitively to what is being called for, what is being asked for in this moment? Is it an energy of masculine and masculine energy that needs me to do something? Do I need to, you know, part of this modality that I’ve birthed is about tapping and it’s called intuitive tapping. Do I need to tap on this place?

Do I need to say something, do a linguistic reframe on it, or do I just need to hold it? Right? Which is the feminine, which is the not doing of anything at all, but hold it in love and be with it. And that being with it, maybe just the thing that’s needed in order for that sensation to pass in order for that young part, perhaps, if it’s there to be seen, heard, felt, and loved.

And then allowing yourself to move or myself in this case, to move forward. And, and sometimes it’s just not a moving forward. Sometimes it’s like, all right, I just get to go back. Go outside and be with the horses and take a pause. And that was never how I was before. It was really pushing to get it done and to get it out and to make the money and to do the things.

And now it’s like, listen to your body, Joanie, listen to your body, listen to your heart, listen to what, what is calling you forth to be your greatest expression of you.

Beautiful. Yeah. I think it’s really time for. Us as individual and as collective to tune into ourselves to what we need at any given time to then Come back to that center and even that little exercise I mean the first thing that came to me Were like the archangels for some reason because i’m also like very connected to like the light I’m, just i’m a very light being you know, I drink tea all the time.

I just feel it’s a very And very easily connected. So that was one thing that came through immediately because I’ve been in touch lately with them more. 

Joanie Dhillon

Um, and I’m actually also going to my first ayahuasca, uh, retreat in June. And part of that intention there is to commune with the angels cause I feel like I’m, I’m there.

So I feel very connected to them. And so that was one thing that came through. Yeah. I’m very excited about that. I feel also maybe in a couple of years, like I might start channeling, you know, So I’m very excited about that whole field. I think channeling is such a fascinating field. 

Joanie Dhillon
You know, if I could just share something with what you said right now, in a couple of years, I might just start channeling.

Can I add something to that or share something that feels like it wants to come through? Yes. Yes, you will. And yes, you are. And you’re already a channel in your divine way, in the gifts that you bring to the world, and the way that you approach it. Pulled our website from thought into form and I’m feeling that really deeply.

And should you or should anyone want to bring their gifts? It’s not like I’m chosen. I’m the chosen one. No, we all have this opportunity and we all are intuitive. We all have innate intuition and our higher self, or you can call it our divine guidance that is guiding us, our spiritual guidance. Spirit counsels.

I call it my guides that are there with me, with you. But what happens is when we’re so entrenched in the workings of the mind, we don’t allow ourselves to feel, and we don’t allow ourselves to experience that which wants to come through, to truly guide us, to be our beacon of light on our path, whatever it is that we do in our life.

And, Because they truly are here to support us. When I say they, I mean, your, your, your spirit guidance, your, your guides, your counsel, your archangels, right? They want to guide us, but we’ve got to listen. And so for me during that three, three year period of time, what was so fundamental in allowing those gifts to really develop and come out was me going into a meditative place.

And being an open channel, allowing my mind to get out of the way. And some people are like, Oh, I got meditation, this thing. Everybody’s been talking about it for years and years. And I just can’t do it. I can’t meditate. I can’t meditate. If that’s you, I totally can hear you and feel you. That was me too.

And sometimes you just need to start with three minutes. It’s on a timer in silence or stillness. And that’s it. And that’s okay. Without judgment of your thoughts, without judgment of anything. It’s not, it’s not about having to still your mind. It’s about being with yourself. You know, my, my fiance, Scott, he’s an incredible human being.

And one of the things he reminds me of often is his spiritual teacher. He was just out of a 20 year addiction and it was, he was three years out of it. And his spiritual teacher, Mark, said to him, he said, Scott, you know, I want you to consider that the language of God is silence. And if you want to connect with God, then you need to get into silence.

And start with three minutes a day and he did and he just took direction because he was so desperate to live And to stay sober and he did it every day and that three minutes turned into 10 minutes which turned into 20 minutes which then for him which was his path for a few year period of time turned into three to four hours I haven’t gotten there yet, but what, what, what needs to happen if one does want to really tap into the higher intelligence, the greater intelligence that wants to flow through you and is flowing for you, but oftentimes it’s blocked is to begin to peel back the layers of the heart.

And one of the best ways to do that is. There’s fast ways and there’s slow ways. And one of the faster ways is, is through actually one of the things that you’re doing, Christian, which is going on an ayahuasca journey. And for me, it was, it was MDMA was my medicine of choice. And, and, and now for me, it, it was, it was a thing that cracked me open.

It’s not the thing for everybody. Meditation can be the thing and, and truly catching ourselves when we are in a place of. Oh, just got guarded. Oh, don’t want to talk to you. For me, I have an avoidance pattern, um, that I, I, I have Had my whole life just run. It’s like becoming aware of that in the moment, whether you’re running from, you know, your partner, because he wants to have an intimate or she wants to have an intimate conversation with you that’s connecting.

And you’re like, Oh, I don’t want to talk about that. Or running from work that you don’t want to do or the tax man, as I did for five years, you know, it’s still an avoidance pattern. So how do we open up to that? Open up to love and begin to say, okay, just pause. What’s here for me? What wants to be heard, seen, felt, or known?

And those are just some small ways that we can open and allow that divine. knowledge to begin to flow through.

Yeah. I love that you said that, you know, um, you will be and you are a channel and I think that applies to pretty much everyone. Like I also, I also believe that everybody, I mean, everybody’s already channeling love in a way, right? It’s just like, The frequency is different, right? Everybody, like even your grandma is channeling love, like by making you food or something, you know, just made with love, right?

That is, in a way, a form of channeling, right? And then there’s different frequencies of channeling, which, you know, one can get into. And so I think it’s really beautiful how, you know, you’ve embodied that in your life too, you know, and how you found that balance. You know, it’s very special. And you are currently in Montana at a place called Mandorla.

So share a little bit more about what the vision for Mandorla is like the, the physical place itself and also the philosophy behind it. Um, because it’s called Mandorla Integral Wisdom and, 

Joanie Dhillon
That’s the name of our business. Yes. Our ranch is Mandorla ranch. 

So explain a little bit more about does like, what is their meaning to Mandorla?

What’s behind it as envisioned to creating and, you know, facilitating there. Um, we’d love to know. 

Joanie Dhillon
Yeah. Thank you. There certainly is. There is a wisdom to the word Mandorla. The former owner, Ray, was not a spiritual person, but he woke up one morning and the word, and then the knowing that this place is beautiful, sacred land.

It’s to be called mandorla and he didn’t know what it meant and he looked it up and there are many, many meeting meanings of the word mandorla and the one that resonates the most and the one that’s the most, I think, sacred is if you, if you’ve seen the, we’ve all seen those pictures of like Jesus and mother Mary, and there’s that halo of that almond shaped halo around them, right?

With light. Well, that’s a mandorla. That’s the shape. And it’s actually a sacred geometry symbol. Imagine two circles overlapping that space in between. That’s the mandorla. And it’s the place between being and doing. Being and doing, right? That sacred, calm space in between that holds the tension of both.

In. In space and it’s absolutely, do we like to think of it’s, you know, the space between heaven and earth even, right? It’s the mandorla. It’s just this beautiful sanctuary of healing our vision. We were led here. There, there’s absolutely no question in our minds from the moment that the light flashed within me when I had my first conversation with the former owner who said, I’ve been doing this work on this place for all these years since Ray died and I Just kept asking myself, who am I doing it for?

It can’t be for me. And that moment that that whole flash, I’ve never experienced that in my life. It was this remembrance, this knowing from another time, space, place, that it was for us. And, and it, it’s not for us. When I say for us, it’s not for Scott and I, it is for I truly believe this and it is, it is for humanity.

The work that we’re bringing here with the mandorla with mandorla integral wisdom is work of the evolution of self helping humans on this planet evolve from the small self thinking from the small self of, you know, I think oftentimes we can, we think of ourselves first and then our immediate family, right?

And then we have our, you know, Bigger concentric circles that go out leading rippling out to that, maybe the community, but how often are individuals and, and sure there are some, there are many out there, but I think we, we as a species can get really lost into the egocentric way of being and, and navigating through life.

And one of the things that, that Scott and I have been awakened to and continue to, to bring to this now really. It’s our mission to bring this to the planet is an integral form of development. Being a trainer of neuro linguistic programming, neuro linguistic programming, for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the study of the mind, neuro linguistic, how we use language internally to ourselves and with others and the programming, our strategies of how we get what we get and how we do what we do in our life and how those two things impact the results that we have in our life.

NLP, NLP. It’s very mental and emotional, right? I was telling you how I would get into state. I would just control things. I’m like shift the body, get into state, go from being, you know, in a funk to in an empowered state of being. It’s very mental and emotional, but it didn’t, it didn’t touch on spiritual body at all.

Right. Didn’t touch on the physical body at all. So with mandorla integral wisdom, we knew, and Scott has known for many, many years that his journey would expand well beyond neuro linguistic programming. He’s a master trainer, one of 20 in all of North America. And, uh, he knew that his work would move beyond this, this.

These two bodies into the entire whole body system of evolving the self. And it really has been since we got here to Mandorla that the vision has been evolved and evolving and continues to evolve where now we’re on a mission to to bring this I believe christian that we’re we’re in a time between worlds And we’re in a time between stories right now.

This, this world is really suffering in many ways and people are suffering in many ways. And the, the, the onset of AI in a way that we have never experienced technology where the technology is growing faster than the man. It is thinking faster than the man can, than man can think. And therefore it has already outgrown us.

And we’ll continue to and and with the dynamics of what are happening and the warring nations and all of what’s going on in the world. Polarizations from the movements. Somewhat can be very polarizing movements. 

I believe, and we believe together, and with this movement that we’re bringing forth, that love is the only. That the reason why we’re continuing to war as a species is because the missing thing is a common language of love. If we were all working towards that common language, that value of love, Then what could we come to the table and resolve things that are not resolvable right now because people are bringing their own egocentric values to the table or ethnocentric values, right?

There’s ripples that we move out of. And so how can we bring a common language of love to the table, to conversations, to warring nations? Like, okay, if this is the one thing that, and I don’t mean like, Kind of pie in the sky love like, Oh, I love you. It’s like, no, a true value. This is what we, what moves us as a species.

I believe that in this existential crisis that we’re in, and we are in one right now, that the species and that in the proliferation of the species is on the line. Like, are we going to be able to continue being a species on this planet? Or are we going to completely obliterate ourselves based on how we are currently navigating, thinking, moving, and Being and what has to change in my opinion, in our opinion, in the opinion of Mandorla Integral 

Wisdom, the work that we’re bringing forth and birthing is that we’ve got it, that it needs to change.

It must change. And with outrageous, with, with the, the cycle of pain that we’re in, the only solution is love. 

The only solution is a common language of love. So that’s what we’re birthing into the world. And it feels like it’s a really big mission, Christian. And it’s way beyond us. Yes, we’ll be doing retreats here at Mandorla Ranch.

Yes, we’ll be You know, bringing workshops online, but really it comes down to educating people on what does it mean to evolve integrally with, with, with not just focusing, I think so often people focus on just the spiritual side of things or just spoken on focused on spiritual, but they’re completely ignoring the mental and the emotional aspects, right?

And so there’s, there’s other aspects of growing, of developing that we must develop, which is integral development. Just a whole body, whole self development. Top to bottom, there’s lines, there’s stages, there’s, there’s different ways to evolve. And so that’s the work that we want to help the humans on this planet and all of us to continue to evolve up the spiral into this beautiful place of, of love is, is so important.

Beautiful. I really, I really honor you for, for your mission and for the place, Mandorla, because I think it’s going to be an incredible place of transformation. Um,

I’ve been there. It’s, it’s an incredible sacred land. There’s so much healing and potential that still is like, just not even, it’s not even there yet. It’s all, it’s all, well, it’s all here, you know, right. But so many things are happening at this moment. Uh, with mandola and on the world in the world and Coming back a little bit to the actual meaning of mandorla and and the symbolism right?

It’s a very sacred symbol the mandorla Um, you know, it’s like there’s two circles that are inner that are intersecting and the middle piece that’s intersecting It’s also what’s called the mandorla and It’s a sacred place where two worlds come together. That’s 

Joanie Dhillon

And in the Manola logo, in your guys’ logo, you have these two circles that intersect.

In the middle is a dot, and then there’s a line that goes down circle line. 

When, when I designed that logo, I was like the meaning of this. And we’ve developed a logo together, so. I often, you know, just get intuitive hints about, you know, what symbology to use or how this could be translated. So for me, the meaning was that these two circles obviously are, you know, heaven and earth that are intersecting.

The middle dot is the individual or the place or the whatever Like entity is the entity. And then the line is the one that grounds and connects it down into the physical reality, into the 3d, 

Joanie Dhillon
the masculine energy, that the line that penetrates the circle that holds, right. That embodies it all. That’s it’s, we love it.

It’s so beautiful.

Joanie Dhillon
encapsulates Mandorla. 

It’s a very special place. Um, so for anybody who’s listening, you know, keep your eyes out for Mandorla because I really feel. Um, they’re on to something that is really beyond themselves and these are the movements that are the biggest. They start very small, um, and they’re usually just infinitely sustainable because it’s not built on external validation or recognition or, um, it truly comes from the inside, this creation. And these are the things that last for centuries. So just wanted to commend you guys on that. And I think many, many, many, many wonderful things are going to happen there. And you will, you will encounter many magical beings online and offline in person, um, with this initiative. It’s a very, it’s a very special, uh, yeah, it’s a very special initiative that you guys are having going on.

Joanie Dhillon
Thank you. We know it and we feel it. You’re right. It’s bigger than us. Way bigger than us. 

Yeah. So check out their website. Um, if you have a moment, it’s called mandorlaintegralwisdom. com. And, um, yeah, just really excited to see, uh, everything that you guys are doing and bringing to the world. And other people recognize that in themselves and be like, yeah, I want to be like that.

And then they start to go into doing that process. Like that’s, that’s usually how transformation works. If you see something inspires you, it’s like, I want to be, have, do that. Right. And then you start doing it. You start slowly moving in that direction. 

Joanie Dhillon
Absolutely. Thank you, Christian. 

Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s a true, it’s a true honor. And, um, also, you know, names are very, very special. Even like, you know, the Mandalorian, right? Star Wars, like in Star Wars in general, there’s many, I love Star Wars. So there’s also many, many, um, illusions and many plays with words in Star Wars. Like you have Ashoka. Which is a new Star Wars series and it’s from the Hindu, like Ashok means without sorry, not feeling, you know, nor causing sorrow.

Like it’s basically being happy, right? And then you also have Shakti, which is a character. And, um, yeah, it’s just interesting how Star Wars has these, some words like borrowed. 

Joanie Dhillon
Mm hmm. 

Yeah. And you have your name, you have Shakti in your name too. So tell us a little bit about Shakti and lightness about Shakti.

Joanie Dhillon
Oh boy. Ah, goodness. Um, Shakti is the energy, the essence, the energy of life. Shakti is life giving and the goddess. I, I, I refer to her as the goddess of life and yeah, she, She embodies all, she runs, she moves through you like she moves through me and, and really tapping into that, that energy, that Shakti, that life force energy that creates all, that births all, that is and gives life is Shakti.

And I was honored and blessed to be, to have been given the name Shakti, um, by my spiritual teacher. And who happens to be my fiancé, and so that was a beautiful honoring of a name for me. And I’ve just started embodying it, Christian, actually, so to hear you even call me that is, publicly, is, uh, is an honor.

Yeah. You have a lot of Shakti energy. 

Joanie Dhillon
Thank you. 

Divine feminine. It’s deeply, deeply anchored in you. And names are very powerful, you know, even my name, Christian, you know. One who embodies Christ for a long time. When I was a younger, when I was like 15, old, lame, you know, but when I was like 2021 and I traveled to Bali and it’s like, no, names are powerful.

Joanie Dhillon
Yeah, they, they truly are. I remember one time at my former, uh, when I used to be a timeshare sales rep on the line and this woman walked in and she’s this Beautiful intuitive woman. I felt her immediately. And she looked at me and she said, Your name is not your name. What is your name? And I said, Joanie.

And she said, Joanie is not your name. And I told her my middle name, which is just me. And she said, That’s your name. That’s the energy of you, which I still haven’t gone by. But I see it. There’s a transition and a process happening and I think it’ll just become Shakti one day. So anyways, you’re, you’re so right.

There is an energy of our names and how we are actually, how the Akashic records even knows us and recognizes us is through our name. The energetic signature, the energetic vibration of our name. Which is so powerful, and when we have a name change, it shifts everything energetically in the cosmos down to the physical body. It’s incredible. 

Yeah. Names are very powerful. The spoken word and names are so powerful, like, that’s why in ancient cultures like Mayan culture or Viking culture, you always see, like, honor your name, honor your family, live up to your name. Yes. My last name is Mawara, which means in German Um, the guy who builds the walls, right?

So I have, so I have all this builder energy in me too. 

Joanie Dhillon

I’m a builder. Like whatever I do, I want to. Do something solid, right? I’m a very spiritual person, right? But at the same time, I, I love to manifest, I love to build, I love to bring things in. So, you know, I wouldn’t totally honor my name if I would do, right.

If I wouldn’t build something, right. You know what I mean? So I just decided to be a builder in the spiritual world, you know, build websites and build brands and, you know, 

Joanie Dhillon
You’re a builder. I love it. You’ve been honoring your name, your family name. 

Yeah. And not that you have to honor your family name, but I feel like when you have a certain name, and you kind of like know what it means, or if you don’t know what it means, look into what it means, and you do more of that, like, you automatically feel like, kind of like, a line of energy, of ancestral energy is coming in and supporting you.

Cause you are like through generations connected to that. Like you don’t just get that name. You understand? Like it comes at least in Europe. I mean, and Americans, where do they come from? Europe, India, every, all the other countries. There are roots to your names, right? In their, their ancestral lines that support you even in this lifetime.

Right. So for me to get a name, Maora, like there’s always, there’s also the Freemasons. Like a mason would be the English translation of a mawara, right?

Pre masons, like these are builders, these are people that work, you know, behind the scenes to like, I don’t know, like all that kind of stuff they do, but you know, you know, there’s, these are builders, like masons are basically the ones that are active in the, in the 3d world, right?

And So, if you know your name and know what it means, then you just automatically feel that support of this, like, because to get that name, again, like, your ancestors need to, must have done something to earn that name. Right. So, maybe I’ve built walls in the Middle Ages for cathedrals and stuff like, you know what I mean?

Joanie Dhillon
Yeah, absolutely. 


Joanie Dhillon
it’s beautiful. I think I love that this conversation around the energy and the energetics of a name and, and, and sometimes we outgrow our name, right? And I think that’s okay. I have a dear friend who changed her name and, and, and at that time I didn’t understand it. Now I do, I get it.

I, I, she wasn’t the energy. She didn’t believe that she was the energy of her name. So she sought an energetic vibration of a name that. Felt like her and, and made it her name. I think that’s beautiful. 

Yeah, I think so too. Definitely. If you feel a call to like If you feel a call, 

Joanie Dhillon

look into that. 

Joanie Dhillon

Beautiful. Well, we’re coming towards the end of our podcast episode. So I would love for you to, you know, just briefly, you know, share, share any bits of insight or wisdom or something you want to give and leave people with. Um, yeah. 

Joanie Dhillon
Thank you. Yeah. From someone who’s, spent her most, much of her adult life in her mind. My, if there was wisdom I could give you in this moment is that the heart is safe and the heart can guide and the heart leads you to your divine purpose in this life and to not be afraid to embrace it, to allow yourself to just be there, to feel it. To, to hear it.

What does it want? What is it asking you to do? Who does it, who is it calling you forth to be, to become, and to let your heart lead, to let your heart lead.

Beautiful. May the heart lead us all. That’s right. Yeah, thank you so much for your time, your energy, your wisdom. Joanie Shakti Dhillon. It’s been a true honor. 

Joanie Dhillon
The honor is all mine.

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