Luna Hart: Navigating Spirituality, Plant Medicine, and Entrepreneurship | Ep03

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Luna Hart is passionate about helping sensitive individuals find an empowering path to healing the root cause of their gut and cycle issues, so they can thrive and live a joy-filled life. 

With over 20 years of experience in the healing arts & on the plant medicine path, she now uses functional lab testing, fertility awareness, somatic experiencing, and intuition to uncover answers to unresolved health complaints, so that you can return to the HeART of your health and happiness.  

Luna’s foremost intention is to aid you in rediscovering your authentic essence, where the heart of your health thrives effortlessly as an expression of your true self.

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Welcome to an insightful exploration of entrepreneurship in the wellness industry through the lens of Luna Hart’s experiences and wisdom. In this article, we delve into the strategies, practices, and future outlook of a successful entrepreneur navigating the realms of wellness and personal well-being. Through Luna’s journey, we uncover valuable insights into maintaining creativity, achieving balance, and staying ahead of emerging trends in the coaching industry. Join us as we uncover the secrets to thriving in the ever-evolving landscape of wellness entrepreneurship.

Part 1: Navigating the Wellness Entrepreneurship Landscape

In today’s fast-paced world, the pursuit of wellness has become a paramount focus for many individuals seeking to enhance their quality of life. Within this burgeoning industry, entrepreneurs like Luna Hart are carving out their niche, offering guidance, support, and solutions to those on their wellness journey. Let’s delve into the first installment of our exploration into Luna Hart’s insights and experiences as a wellness entrepreneur:

  • The Rise of Wellness Entrepreneurship: As society places increasing importance on self-care and holistic well-being, the demand for wellness products and services continues to soar. Luna Hart’s journey reflects the growing trend of individuals turning their passion for wellness into thriving businesses.
  • The Intersection of Passion and Purpose: For Luna Hart, entrepreneurship is not just about financial success but about aligning her work with her passions and values. By blending her expertise in wellness with her entrepreneurial spirit, she has created a fulfilling career path that resonates with her soul.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Like any entrepreneurial venture, the path to success in the wellness industry is fraught with challenges. From navigating market saturation to establishing credibility in a crowded space, Luna Hart has faced her fair share of obstacles. However, she also recognizes the abundant opportunities for innovation and growth within the industry.

Stay tuned as we continue to unravel Luna Hart’s journey and glean invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs in the wellness sphere.

Part 2: The Essence of Wellness Entrepreneurship

In this segment, we delve deeper into the core principles that underpin Luna Hart’s approach to wellness entrepreneurship:

  • Authenticity in Action: Luna Hart epitomizes the concept of authenticity in her entrepreneurial endeavors. By staying true to her values and beliefs, she fosters genuine connections with her audience and establishes trust within her community.
  • Embracing Innovation: As the wellness landscape evolves, Luna Hart remains at the forefront of innovation. Whether through incorporating cutting-edge practices like microdosing or exploring new avenues for content creation, she continually seeks to push the boundaries and stay ahead of the curve.
  • Balancing Structure and Creativity: One of the key challenges in wellness entrepreneurship is maintaining consistency without sacrificing creativity. Luna Hart achieves this balance by implementing structured practices such as scheduling designated time for content creation while also allowing space for inspiration to flow organically.
  • Harnessing the Power of Community: Central to Luna Hart’s success is her ability to cultivate a strong sense of community around her brand. Through in-person events, online engagements, and genuine interactions, she fosters a supportive environment where individuals feel empowered on their wellness journey.
  • Adaptability and Resilience: In the ever-changing landscape of entrepreneurship, adaptability is essential for survival. Luna Hart demonstrates resilience in the face of challenges, embracing setbacks as learning opportunities and leveraging them to fuel her growth trajectory.

Join us as we unravel more insights from Luna Hart’s journey and uncover the strategies that have propelled her to success in the realm of wellness entrepreneurship.

Part 3: Nurturing Creativity and Wellness

In this section, Luna Hart shares invaluable insights into nurturing creativity while prioritizing wellness in the entrepreneurial journey:

  • Holistic Self-Care Practices: Luna emphasizes the importance of holistic self-care practices, including microdosing and time management, to support both mental and physical well-being. By integrating these practices into her routine, she maintains a balance between productivity and personal rejuvenation.
  • Creating Sacred Space for Creativity: Luna highlights the significance of carving out dedicated time and space for creative expression. By scheduling regular sessions for content creation and administrative tasks, she ensures that her creative energy flows freely without the constraints of a hectic schedule.
  • Embracing Plant Allies: Leveraging the power of plant allies, Luna incorporates herbs like matcha, dandelion, and burdock into her routine to enhance focus, clarity, and overall well-being. These natural remedies not only fuel her creativity but also contribute to her holistic approach to wellness.
  • Finding Inspiration in Nature: Luna finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, often seeking solace in outdoor environments. Whether it’s a leisurely walk in the sunshine or a rejuvenating hike amidst natural landscapes, she draws upon the restorative power of nature to fuel her creative endeavors.
  • Cultivating Mindfulness and Presence: Mindfulness and presence are integral to Luna’s creative process. By incorporating practices like meditation and conscious breathing, she cultivates a state of flow that enables her to tap into her creative potential with clarity and focus.

Discover how Luna Hart seamlessly intertwines creativity and wellness to foster a thriving entrepreneurial journey grounded in authenticity and purpose.

Part 4: Embracing the Future of Entrepreneurship and Wellness

In this segment, Luna Hart offers a glimpse into the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship and wellness, highlighting the importance of adaptation and foresight:

  • Vision for the Future: Luna shares her vision for the future of her business, emphasizing her longstanding dream of hosting retreats focused on holistic well-being. By envisioning immersive experiences that prioritize in-person connections and transformative growth, she anticipates a shift towards more intimate and impactful engagements.
  • Navigating Technological Advancements: Luna reflects on the intersection of technology and wellness, acknowledging the potential challenges posed by advancements like AI-generated content. With the rise of AI avatars and virtual interactions, she underscores the enduring value of human connection and the need to preserve authenticity in digital spaces.
  • Entrepreneurial Resilience: Luna underscores the importance of resilience in navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship. From overcoming setbacks like product recalls to adapting to changing market dynamics, she emphasizes the resilience and determination required to sustain a thriving business amidst evolving trends and challenges.
  • Staying Aligned with Core Values: Despite technological advancements and industry shifts, Luna remains steadfast in her commitment to authenticity and purpose. By staying aligned with her core values of holistic wellness and genuine connection, she seeks to carve a unique path in the ever-evolving landscape of entrepreneurship.

Explore Luna Hart’s forward-thinking approach to entrepreneurship and wellness, as she embraces the opportunities and challenges of an ever-changing world with resilience, vision, and unwavering authenticity.

Conclusion: Embracing Authenticity and Resilience in Entrepreneurship and Wellness

As we conclude our exploration into Luna Hart’s journey and insights, several key takeaways emerge:

  • Authenticity Amidst Technological Advancements: In a rapidly evolving landscape marked by technological innovations and AI-generated content, Luna’s emphasis on authenticity and human connection serves as a guiding light. As entrepreneurs and wellness practitioners navigate the digital realm, staying true to one’s values and fostering genuine connections remains paramount.
  • Resilience in the Face of Challenges: Luna’s entrepreneurial journey is a testament to the resilience required to overcome obstacles and adapt to changing circumstances. Whether facing product recalls or industry shifts, her unwavering commitment to her vision and purpose enables her to navigate challenges with grace and determination.
  • Vision for the Future: Looking ahead, Luna envisions a future where holistic wellness and immersive experiences take center stage. With dreams of hosting transformative retreats and fostering deeper connections, she embodies the spirit of innovation and possibility in the entrepreneurial landscape.
  • Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Luna’s story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and wellness enthusiasts alike. By embracing authenticity, resilience, and a forward-thinking mindset, individuals can carve their own paths to success while staying true to their values and passions.

In a world where change is constant and uncertainty abounds, Luna Hart’s journey reminds us of the enduring power of authenticity, resilience, and vision in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and wellness. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, let us draw inspiration from Luna’s story and embark on our own journeys with courage, purpose, and unwavering determination.

Podcast Transcript

 Yay! Welcome back to another episode with the Successful Spirtupreneur Podcast. Today, super excited to have a very special guest for you guys. Her name is Luna Hart and her website is heartofhealth.  com and Luna is a expert all around women’s, uh, women’s fertility. women’s womb wellness as well as coaches people all around somatic experiencing and also has group programs  for all these things and specialties.


So we’re really excited to have her on the podcast today and we’re excited to chat about cycle charting, astrology a little bit and also You know, of course, fertility coaching. So, because everything with Luna is about the womb. Okay. So welcome to the podcast, Luna. And yes, thank you so much for being here. 


Luna Hart

Thanks, Christian. It’s good to be here. Yeah.  



Love it. All right. So. As, uh, since this is the successful entrepreneur podcast, we want to make sure people understand, you know, your story, where you come from and your journey on how you became the person you are today. So if you could give us a brief overview of your background, your highlights, and you know, some of your achievements in your own entrepreneurial journey, that would be fantastic.


Luna Hart

Yeah, so my business is a little bit of a reflection of my personal health journey. So I help my clients in the same way that I helped myself through some pretty huge health challenges at a very young age. And, um, yeah, I think, you know,  Um, and I think this is kind of like a specialty for the people that you serve as bringing their, you know, passions to the world because as you can imagine, you know, a healing journey and then making it a business, it has a lot of emotions and passion behind it.


Um, but really like the broad stroke of the health journey was, I had. cyclical strep throat as a child and my really beloved stepdad who really thought he was doing the best he could at that time, um, he wanted to keep me out of the doctor’s office and specifically, um, they wanted to take my tonsils off.


tonsils, remove my tonsils. And I remember at a really young age, like, and I’m proud of my intelligence, um, to know this, but I didn’t want to have my tonsils removed. And his way to do that was to just put me on amoxicillin as if it was a vitamin throughout my whole growing up. And, you know, flash forward, we know so much about antibiotic proper antibiotic use these days, and we know that you can overdo it and you shouldn’t just throw it at every single thing that you have, um, and really, unfortunately, what it was is I just you know, destroyed my immune system.


I ended up destroying my gut. So I do specialize in gut health. Um, and then eventually at age 21, I lost my cycle for a whole seven years. And that’s kind of like the prime years of a woman’s fertility. And, um, yeah, just, it was kind of like a dark Time because like this was literally almost like two decades ago and i’m so grateful that there’s uh, more knowledge out there um, but back in the day when I didn’t when I wasn’t menstruating and I had like a laundry list of symptoms and just was hating life, hating being in my body.


Honestly, didn’t know if I was going to make it. Um, people just wanted to continue to bandaid my experience and not get to the underlying root cause of what was going on for me. So, um, I had to be my own health advocate. I had to deeply dive in and educate. on health and hormones and gut health. And eventually, um, environmental toxins was a big part of my healing journey.


And, um, really just, you know, went through the process of healing myself over many seasons, many years. It took way too long actually. And what I offer today is hopefully a more expedited journey to healing and getting back to the body, getting back to. just loving your menstrual cycle, even actually claiming it as a superpower.


And, um, just, you know, enjoying being a woman and being a cyclical body, um, loving food. Um, to be really honest, I was so sick at one time. I didn’t think I could eat anything. Um, it was really scary. Uh, I have a really dear friend who knows me from that time period. She was like, Oh yeah. She’s I  remember I was renting the room for  With you and like you were gonna like cook for us, but then we realized you had like all these like food restrictions and at the time I think I was down to like three foods that I thought I could eat.


And, um, yeah, so I had to heal on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual level and on a nervous system level. And that’s, you know, the nervous system piece was huge with the food sensitivities. Um, yeah.  And, uh, yeah, I would consider myself a survivor because I felt like I battled some horrific infections.


Like, I actually had some kind of infection that even infectious disease specialists couldn’t name. And it was, like, taking over my body. And, uh, yeah, I just, you know, had to keep praying. And I had to, uh, stay diligent with my health protocols. And, like I said, um, it was Kind of a long journey, but I am 44 and I actually share like a lot about where I’m at now, which is quite balanced, quite resilient, actually, like that’s always what I wanted was resiliency.


And, um, yeah, even Like so I chart my cycle. I teach women how to chart their cycle and know that they’re ovulating and I ovulate. I recycle. I have incredibly balanced hormones at age 44  and feel like I live a very symptom free life. Um, so that’s what I hope for my clients to receive.  


Wow. Yeah. So you truly are, you know, a health warrior.


You know, you’ve went through so much, you know, it’s incredible, you know, and, um,  yeah. So, you know, I think, you know, one thing I really respect about your work is that, you know, everything you do is just coming from so much. Of your own experience, right? And what’s interesting for me, or the question I have around that is, What made you, like, what in you made, like, made the decision to say, Well, I’m going to make this a business.


I’m going to help other people with this. Versus just, yeah, I’m just gonna, you know, figure it out for myself and then that’s it. But like, there’s something extra, there’s something, there needs to be an extra sort of passion there in order for that to happen. So, can you speak to that? 


Luna Hart

Yeah, and that was really clear in some of the darker moments.


Um, where it was like, okay, this is really bad. And um, in the darker moments, the like light at the end of the tunnel was, this is going to be meaningful. This is going to help others, you know, this is going to give me the information on how to heal so I can help others. It really was the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Wow.  That’s crazy. Yeah. Yeah. And I think so far, like.  Have you, like, what have people, people said that work with you, like, have you had, you know, some, some positive experiences, some, you know,  how is it when you transform somebody’s life like that? Because I feel it’s in a whole nother level, you know?

Luna Hart
Yeah, I feel, I feel like people just want to have someone that they trust, and it’s like kind of  Looking in all directions for them.


And sometimes it’s like, you know, really out of my wheelhouse, but I’m like actually helping refer them to right places if it’s not in my wheelhouse of what they’re experiencing. And I feel often, you know, unfortunately with the medical system is it’s really blinders are on and, you know, It’s just so quickly that they want to diagnose and treat with a medication.


And to be honest, if they can’t do that, then they don’t know what you have and they send you home or the gaslight you and tell you that you’re crazy. Nothing’s wrong with you. So, um, they. I give a lot of compassion and empathy to my clients because I’ve been there  and I can be like, okay, I understand you’re feeling this way and, and can help them navigate.


And really, I think a big part of my job too, is getting people to trust themselves and trust their bodies again and trust their intuition. And I really try to hone on their intuition and mine alongside of. functional lab work, um, also looking at cycle charts, um, but really kind of pulling it all together, um, to know the best path forward to heal. 





Yeah, that’s, that’s powerful, you know? And I think when you help people that way to empower themselves, it’s just something that’s so,  I don’t know, so fulfilling because it’s not something that creates a dependency, you know? I think that’s really, and how, how you do it also, I think is such. It’s so soft.


It’s so feminine. It’s so like we we we massage it out. We sit it out together. You know, it’s like a very trusting, you know compassionate space that you invite your your clients into which You know, I I very respect and I think it’s it’s incredible You know what trust can do when people feel safe, you know I had this um conversation with my friend two years ago in costa rica and we’re saying you know, I think enlightenment is just being safe.


Luna Hart

Gosh, that’s true.



Because when you feel safe, like, wherever in your life you are, whether you’re a billionaire or you’re just starting out or whatever you are, like, when you feel safe, you can take the next step, whatever that next step is for you. So, I think the fact that you provide that space for, you know, the people you work with is,  Crucial.


So I want to honor you for that. I think it’s very, very, very beautiful.  So, um, my next question would be when, like, how long have you had your online presence? And how, when, when did you decide to create a website or a landing page for yourself? Like, when did that all start?  


Luna Hart

Yeah, it was 2015.  And I created my.


website on Squarespace with a friend in a coffee shop because we didn’t have good internet where I was living.  And, um, it was pretty rustic and you know, it worked. I actually started to do like a, like my first thing to offer was like a spring cleanse and I still do this cleanse today and I actually have people who did it back with me in  2015 that did it with me last year.


So it’s kind of cute. It’s my low ticket. Like just hop in. Let’s do some work together. Um, but yeah, so that worked and it was functioning. People bought things, you know, the opt in didn’t work. It was like, really, really is things worked and some things didn’t work. Um, but in some ways I was proud because it was like, you know, a kind of like, okay, let’s just get this off the ground and start offering something.


Um, And then I did do some deeper training in 2019. That’s when I became a functional health practitioner and learned how to read functional lab work. And that’s where like my business went from the back burner to the front burner and like everything else dissipated that I was doing. And, um, and that’s where I started to get really annoyed with my website and just be like, ah, you know, like not super proud of this.


Um, and you know,  It’s interesting. I’ll be, I’ll be honest. I worked with a couple of business coaches that they were like, whatever, websites don’t matter. And I have to disagree, Christian. Like I feel like such a huge up leveling in my business since I redesigned everything with love pixel, to be honest, like it really, um, catapulted my business in such a big way.


So, um, and that was, I guess, last beginning of last year that we did that a year ago, so.



Yeah, beautiful. I’m really happy to hear that. And I think just like anything in life, it’s just energetics, right? And I think a website oftentimes when we. Create that with, you know, our clients. It’s just such a rebirth and such a big energetic overhaul.


When you can, like, when you’re ready to like, invest yourself in that way, just like, yeah, something’s telling me I need to have something solid, something that really, yeah. So it’s just, it’s that own self. Reflection of your energy that’s becoming now a digital manifestation of you, which is your website.


Right. And you’re just like, yeah, I’m ready for something solid. And then usually it’s just like,  so many new pathways open up.  So that’s, that’s really cool to hear. Thank you. And I had another question about your website and online presence and brand, like, when was the first time you started thinking about a brand brand?


Like, like, I want to actually have these colors in these fonts. Like, was that something with the Squarespace site already? It was like, yeah, for sure. These colors in these fonts, it was just saying, you know what, black and white, I’m starting with black and white and some pictures. And then, you know, later down the road, I was like, no, you know what, I think it needs to be more branded, everything differently positioned.


Luna Hart

I think I did a logo, yeah, in 2019.  So that was kind of when I was  doing the additional training. So I just finally had like more of an official logo that I just. Plopped on the website. Um, but the overall website did not have branding. Um, of course it had like a storyline and stuff like that, but it didn’t have the feel of, of like a continuity throughout the website. 



So for somebody who’s just starting out, um, or doesn’t really have an online brand, um, what, what, what, is there any tips or strategies you recommend for developing an authentic online presence?


Luna Hart

Work with you.



That’s you. You’re so sweet.


Luna Hart

But, um, yeah, no, I think getting help is great. I think I do recommend getting help.


Um, I mean, yeah,  for me, like I don’t, I think that’s why I didn’t have it before because I couldn’t really like, like I had a feel for it. Like I could tib kind of tangibly touch it, and then I, you know, I knew I wanted.  I knew what feel I wanted, but what it actually looked like and was going to be on a website, I had no idea.


So, um, I do feel like getting professional help is wise.



Cool. Okay. And what, like, how do you think, like, is it  like from, you know, a scale from one to 10, how, how important do you think a website is in somebody’s, in somebody’s business? Um, whether they’re starting out, I mean, of course people are established, you know, that’s clear, but when you start out, you think, should people first kind of build traffic in an audience or first kind of have a website and what’s your, what’s your take on that? 


Luna Hart

Yeah, I think it’s all about where you’re coming in at, you know, if, if finances are tight and you just need to get off the ground. I, I mean, I did get off the ground. I was functioning business, you know, for many years on a really  horrible website. Um, and it worked like people still signed up for, with me.


Um, but I think. You know, when you have, when you’re ready to really, truly invest. And also for me, like even like that investing in my business was like, Oh yeah, just gave me more permission to even know my self worth and my work, um, on some level. So like, even like notice myself feeling more comfortable raising my prices, which, you know, So with healthcare, I do have this edge of like, I just, this should be free for everyone, you know, um, but like, it just gave me more permission knowing the quality of work that I was providing.


Um, and yeah, it gave me a sense of confidence for sure. So I would say when people are ready to, you know, take it to that next level, like. The website is so important. I, I feel. 



Yeah. Yeah. It feels like an important, energetic milestone again, just like, you know, kind of tying into the last question. It’s like, it’s that, that energetic milestone that kind of manifests it more.


Um, so let’s talk a little bit about your offerings. Um, how many offerings do you currently kind of roughly have? And, um, what are the kind of like different price points with, with these things, just so people can get an idea of like, well, you know, you’ve been in business now for eight years.


Luna Hart

I consider like the, since it was on the front burners, kind of more of the like true start.


Um, and that was two 2019.  And that’s when I became a functional health practitioner. So, yeah, it’s been around since 2015, but yeah. 



Got it. So let’s say four or five years since and since you’ve been, you know, taking it serious, so to say, um, what are the offer suite, the kind of value ladder, if you will, um, that you can take people to if they’re willing to, you know, invest in themselves and, you know, explore, you know, your services.


Luna Hart

Well, I like to do a couple low ticket things throughout the year. So I do do like a spring cleanse. That’s 33, um, just to get people engaging with me, getting great results. It’s kind of also like a place of community service. Um, so I love doing that. And then I usually, and probably this. Fall, we’ll do like even another group that’s like kind of a medium ticket group program.


I haven’t set the price for that yet, but it will include some lab work, um, in a group container. Uh, and then,  you know, I did just. Complete, uh, like an evergreen learn to track your cycle six modules. Um, and that’s going to be just, I’m just launching that. So that feels really good. That’s like 111, um, six module, learn to track your cycle, educational. 


And then I have my, my core of my work, which is my one on one work, and I work with people everywhere from three months to a year. And I think my prices are probably still really crazy.  Crazy low comparative to people doing something similar. Um, and I do have like a kind of a range in some of the packages include lab work and programs and, um, welcome gifts.


So it’s like, it’s not, it’s not all like. You know, there’s different things in each package, so it’s hard to itemize that, but I would say I’m spanning everywhere from 1000 to 6000 per one on one package at this point. 



Got it. 


Okay, great. And, um, let’s talk a little bit about tools and platforms and, you know, technologies that you use to kind of facilitate that.


You know, in your business and what are, so let’s talk about the platform that you use for your website first and then we can go into like email marketing and other, you know, online course and platforms that you use.  


Luna Hart

Yeah, so WordPress  for the website. And, um, yeah, I’m starting to find my way around. Um, so that’s good.


And, and then, um, for my, my client management system is keep,  um, which is, can be a little challenging. I don’t highly recommend it. Um, but at this point it’s, it’s, it’s so a part of me that I’m not going to personally change. Um, and I think obviously. I don’t really know what this is going to grow into. So I’m kind of glad there’s room to grow with a system like that.


Um, and then I use biokinetic. Have you ever heard of biokinetic?  I think it’s, it’s more in my zone. Um, it’s. It’s for practitioners like me, but, um, it’s my outward facing, um, system, which house like all my clients lab work itemizes their labs and like summarizes the findings. It also is the place where I make, um, supplement recommendations and protocols.


And it’s also where I, um, can move the programs. So like the fertility awareness masterclass, the cycle charting program is all. on there. So yeah, and it has houses of like my questionnaires and all sorts of things like that.  



Cool. I like that. Yeah. I think sounds like that’s really good for, you know, the wellness health, you know, practitioner niche.


Um, that’s really cool. I’ve never heard of that. Um,  What I want to talk a little bit more about these tools. What do you like and don’t you like about WordPress? Because, you know, all platforms have pros and cons. So I really want to, you know, open the conversation to just, like, have an honest conversation about these platforms.


Be like, Yeah, this I didn’t like, but this I like about it. And so, yeah, what do don’t you like about WordPress working with WordPress?  


Luna Hart

I haven’t done too much to be honest. I mean, I’ve had my website for just a year. I’m just actually starting to To put the for the program on there and also get my cleanse up  But um, and then the most that I do is right now is just uploading blogs  And the thing with the blogs that I find just a little tricky is like, it doesn’t give you much room to like center some of the text and maybe use a different font or a different color.


And maybe you can, but I find it like really challenging. Um, just even The blog uploading I had more options even in Squarespace to just kind of make it look pretty. Um, so that’s maybe just because I don’t know how to use it quite well. Um, so that’s really all I wouldn’t say I’m a WordPress. Um, like I could use Support still so, yeah,



Cool. And what do you think about keep what do you like or don’t you like about keep? 


Luna Hart

Well, the greatest thing I like about keep is It was really handed down to me from One of my business teachers who’s also another practitioner and you know, I feel grateful that I I’m kind of like, you know, I get their support.


I do pay for it, but like I, um, get constant like, you know, check ins and like ways to optimize my system and thank goodness they’re like staying on the pulse of all the changes. Um, so I would say. Keep on my own would have been a total disaster. Um, the, the reason why keep is successful for me is because I have a community backing me with keep, and we’re all doing the same thing.


So together we’re figuring out how to use the system the best for our businesses.



Got it. Yeah. So here, no, maybe at this on this point to wherever you’re struggling with in your business, maybe try to join a Facebook group or even, you know, maybe sometimes, you know, the platforms themselves have some sort of community platform, but a lot of times it helps to join those, you know, Facebook groups or communities to kind of figure out little problems.


Um, so that’s, that’s really cool. And  as the next questions, um, I want you to ask a little bit more about, um, You know how you managed to kind of like what makes you successful in your business, right? Like, why do you think your business is successful? Did you grow an audience? Did you, um, did you grow an email list or what?


What do you think made you successful?


Luna Hart

Really amazing referrals.  Uh, I owe my whole business to referrals. And, um, yeah, I do take good care of my referral partners, uh, offering commission. But I think they’re also just really referring me. A lot of my referral.  Partners are past clients  or people who know me really well and can just feel very comfortable referring their clients or their friends or their family members to me.


Um, so yeah, I would say, I would say 95 percent of my business is just a really strong referral base. 



Great. Yeah. And that’s the best type of, you know, customers because they come with such a high level of trust. So it’s really great to have that.  Perfect. And in terms of social media, are you very active on social or just, you know, maybe not very active?


What’s your, you know, social landscape look like?  


Luna Hart

Yeah, I mean, I’m,  I’m not crazy, but like I do post like five times a week, uh, and you know, That’s pretty crazy. Oh, is that pretty crazy? Okay, like I know people do two times a day, and like, so I’m like,  you know, and I’ll take time off, um, but yeah, and I do get some people through Instagram at this point, too, I, I really love Instagram more, but I also, Post on Facebook, I don’t feel like I’m as engaged on Facebook.


Um, yeah, I have a LinkedIn profile that I don’t really use. Um, but like Instagram, I, I get on at least like during the weekdays every day. 



Cool. And what, what type of content do you post on there?


Luna Hart

All sorts of stuff. Um, right now I am talking about fertility awareness and cervical fluid and basal body temperature.


I actually had my first post taken down. Um,



Interesting. Why is that?


Luna Hart

I was showing cervical fluid. I guess you can’t do that. Um, but interesting. Yeah.  And, uh, I talk about gut health a bunch. I talk about environmental toxins.  Um, yeah, just hormones coming off birth control. Uh, I talk about the lab work and I share my lab work.


Uh, last year I had a. Great time, like doing all the tests on my body and actually showing it to  the world and showing them what I found and like how like this has been a process to get to this place. And,  um, and then I also just love to do IG lives every once in a while. Um, So yeah, just kind of a little bit of everything.



And what do you talk about on your IG lives? Like, what do you think are good topics? Like they just come to you or you think these are kind of like my three  pillars I always talk about or what’s, is there anything that guides you there? 


Luna Hart

Yeah, I think we’re just I go intuitive with it. And so I have one coming up, we’re going to talk about the preconception journey. 


And it’s another practitioner that I’m going to be slightly interviewing, because that is part of my zone is supporting women with their bodies before they actually embarking on trying to get pregnant, whether they’re having fertility challenges or not. And this practitioner, actually, she’s been in that journey and kind of struggling.


And I wanted her to come on the IG live and just share her journey. She’s had a few miscarriages, so talking about pregnancy loss.  And, um, we’re just going to get into what she’s personally doing to try to optimize her fertility. And I’m going to share some insights also. So we’re doing that one on March 1st.


And that’s all I have scheduled right now.  



Cool. That’s great. Um, so I think the next question is really going to have no, no problems with it because you are already so authentic, but, uh, how do you maintain authenticity and like, you know, connect personally with, with your audience, like, especially on social media and, you know, posting, et cetera, et cetera. 


Luna Hart

Cool. That’s great. Um, so I think the next question is really going to have no, no problems with it because you are already so authentic, but, uh, how do you maintain authenticity and like, you know, connect personally with, with your audience, like, especially on social media and, you know, posting, et cetera, et cetera. 


I think. Yeah, as an extreme introvert, um, when I first embarked, like even like back in  2015, when I first started the website and trying to put myself out there, it was kind of like the door open and then I shut it and I was like, Oh my god,  like,  you know, just like it was kind of scary to be online. And I had to like actually just get to a place eventually.


I wanted this business so bad that I just didn’t care anymore. And, um, and it was just time and you got to allow yourself to not be perfect. Um, you know, if you’re putting on a,  on a mask and a Prasad that like you have it all together all the time and like, it’s always perfect. You’re always showing up.


Just,  you know, glowing. Um, then it’s, you know, that’s not what people want. People want to know you’re a real person dealing with real things. Um,  and then also like it was helpful just to start sharing my journey. And, uh, I find that a lot of people really gravitate towards that and are grateful to hear about, you know, a success, you know, a health success. 


And, um, and yeah, I just. I think, I think those two things, like letting go of being perfect and, and just, you know, being more vulnerable with my actual shares have been helpful. 



Beautiful.  Okay. Yeah. I mean, I’m also, you know, in the process of, you know, building a personal brand apart from agency, of course.


And, um,  I see how sometimes  When you get in this mode of like, Oh, I have to, like, I have to create content now, it’s like, kind of like, it’s sometimes annoying, you know, but then again, if you just don’t do it, then you just don’t do it, you know? So for me, the question is like, how, like, what is a good balance?


Like, what do you, is there anything, any tool you use to support you on these, on this journey? Or, um, I mean, for me, for example, the three topics I’m most passionate about is. You know, website branding, you know, that’s one kind of pillar that I love to talk about. Then I have tea. I love tea. I always have tea with me when I, when I drink, when I design, when I, you know, do anything, I love tea.


Um, and then number three is spirituality. That’s why, you know, spiritual pruner podcast. Um, but yeah, like, what do you, what do you suggest for, you know, like what could be a cool You know, how can, how can you be consistent with content without getting too, you know, scripted or too like, uh, you know,  how do you keep the excitement in the content?

Luna Hart

I guess a good question.


I have to just plug Laura Dawn a little bit. I mean, her program was really amazing. Um, I felt like that helped a lot. Like, I think sometimes obviously getting a business coach that’s also a visionary. Um, can be really supportive for you to just kind of dust off whatever you’re holding, you know, and just remember reminding yourself what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.


Um, microdosing has been really helpful. Um, I use, I have a microdosing practice, um, especially if I am going to write content. Um, sometimes that is a really good time for me to hone in and use some plant allies.  Um, and then, you know, just. It’s taking having space, obviously, like I think  these things of being creative don’t happen if we’re constantly in the go go go mode, you have to actually plug it into your calendar and say, Hey, this is the space for creation. So yeah, 



Yeah,  that’s beautiful. And so you do have that, you have that scheduled once a week or something like that, you sit down for two hours and write, write a blog post. Um, it’s always Wednesdays or Thursdays or something like that. And


Luna Hart

yeah, I’m do it. Like, I think I implemented. More clarity around doing the work with Lord on, um, but yeah, Mondays,  Mondays are my good days, Fridays too.


And I’m just actually seeing clients Tuesday through Thursday. Um, so I just kind of like create more space for writing and then also admin work on Mondays and then a little bit on Friday, so 



Cool. I like that. And, um, what’s your favorite tea? Random question.


Luna Hart

I mean, I love matcha, like, and definitely, like, you know, a little, little matcha fan.


Um, yeah, I also like herbally, I like roasted dandelion and burdock a lot. 



Beautiful, yeah,  that’s a great choice. My favorite, my all time favorite tea is um, Japanese fukamushi sencha.  So it’s a deep steamed Japanese green tea, basically. So it tastes very, very vegetable, very green, very grassy. I love that kind of freshness of the green tea.


Yeah, amazing.  I know  it’s exciting. Um, so, okay, cool. And with the matcha, I want to say that one secret tip or trick with the matcha, I always do is like, I put my milk or whatever I use, use with the matcha. Um, if you Not drinking it pure. Um, I always put that in the frother.  Right? And also, like, on the bottom, I put a little bit of water with the matcha.


Then, I, you know, press the frother. Um, and then it just mixes it really good. Because you can do it with a whisk, right? With a bamboo whisk, which works. Um, but, uh, the frother Works amazing. No clumps, and then you put the milk on top.  Amazing.  I’ll try that. So, so maybe if you have a frother, try that. If you don’t have a frother, get a frother.


Change my life. Okay. Like, I put, I put all kinds of stuff in the frother. I put like, uh, you know, vanilla pudding sometimes. Just like, you know, make the powder in there with the liquid. I mean, I put everything in the frother. Um, mud water is very popular these days. Um, and there’s also something called the everyday dose.


Which is matcha, um, by Tenzo Tea. Tenzo is like an American matcha brand. They get their stuff from Japan, too. Um, of course, where else? And, um, but they put in collagen and other stuff into, in like different mushrooms, like reishi mushrooms. So, if you’re curious about a different type of matcha, try Everyday Dose.


Luna Hart

Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I do like adding skin with my matcha. That’s kind of my style,



  1. Yeah. Mm hmm. Yeah.  Yeah, I love tea. Okay, we’re gonna just talk about tea in the next 15 minutes. I love it. Um, yeah, also, you know, I mean, I’m so excited about tea, I even started my own Amazon brand. Um, it’s called One With Tea.


Um, so I started that last year and then we ordered, uh, I think it was 100 kilo worth of tea from Japan, uh, Japanese sencha for komushi, which is my favorite. It’s like, you know, start with one product, kind of make that big and then see where that leads. And they actually took it down because I had in the description saying can prevent cancer.


So Amazon took down a product and now I have to restart again, new. SKU, Amazon number, blah, blah, blah, you know, the whole shebang, uh, lost all the reviews, but you know, it’s part of, part of the journey. And I think it kind of like that it’s like the lesson in business or in life. It’s like, if you want something so bad, it just doesn’t matter.


Like you could take that down, that T down as often as you want. Like, I’m going to. Put my tea bag up there because I just love tea, you know, I think it’s really something that brings me into the present moment and centers myself, you know, like in my life, everything’s about love and  tea brings this element of presence. 


So  beautiful, beautiful stuff. Um,  yeah. Um, okay, cool. So, uh, for the last couple of minutes that we have here, uh, for our podcast, I would love to know any type of, you know, You know, work life balance, tips and tricks, routines, hacks, uh, some, some herbs, some, you know, secret this, secret that, that you take, maybe some supplements, anything that you have, uh, cooking over there.


Luna Hart

Well,  um, I think we all have our different outlets. I mean, I think it’s just so important that we have our places to let go. I have a three person infrared sauna right there, so that’s It’s staring me in the face and it’s definitely a huge resource for me as a highly sensitive individual, um, and through my health journey.


So that’s been a good ally.



What does, what does infrared do? Sorry to stop you there, but a lot of times people, they hear red line infrared, but like, what does it actually do? And I think you might know. That’s what I’m asking. Yeah. 


Luna Hart

I mean, it definitely penetrates deeper into the body. The waves actually can penetrate into the organs and actually help you detox on a visceral level.


And a lot of people experience that. The other thing that’s nice about infrared is it’s like Eating you at kind of a lower temperature and you’re getting a full body sweat like waterfall style But you’re not like roasting it like a hundred and eighty degrees. It’s more like a hundred and thirty  So it’s kind of nice for people who run hot or like, you know, maybe have more of a fiery constitution But yeah a lot of people they’ll say like I’ll put them in there and they’ll like go to the bathroom and feel like they like peed out something, you know, like their pee really stinks or, you know, the body odor smells a little differently afterwards.


Um, and it does like, just, it goes in really deep and gets you to like, kind of really sweat some toxins out. So I do that at least once a week. So that’s important. 



Beautiful. Number one, infrared. Okay.  What else?


Luna Hart

For me, I mean, I, um, I personally work online. I, so I stare at screens a lot and I’m just getting outside is so crucial.


Um, so I make sure at least once a day I’m outside, um, hopefully staring at the sun, getting sun on my face, walking my dog and maybe taking that longer hike, at least doing like, 30 minute walk, even if it’s cold. Um, so being outside is just super, super crucial. Um, and then along that same lines, I think also getting offline and being with people. 


Um, so, you know, I, I’m happy that I do have some work that I participate in. That’s. It’s, you know, more in person work and then, um, you know, also just going out, um, dancing or going to my Pilates classes, um, just going out and being with people, doing things active with people seem to be important balance, um,  for being an online entrepreneur.



Beautiful.  Um,  let’s talk about a question that just came through. Um, and that is, what is a good substitute for coffee?  Like, I mean, other than tea, obviously. Uh, is there any, like, herbal things that you recommend, like, other than green and black tea, because obviously those are very caffeinated. But what is a good substitute for coffee if somebody’s looking to maybe substitute one cup a day or something like that?


What, what’s something that could be good? 


Luna Hart

Yeah, I think a lot of people are using caffeine because their adrenals are fried. So as a functional health practitioner, it’s always getting to the root cause, which is really assessing the amount of stress you have currently in your life and realizing that you do have a capacity.


You can only take on a certain amount of stress before you need to move parasympathetic and allow your body to integrate and rest and restore and regenerate. So I would just, you know, that is number one always is assessing stress. And then sometimes it is just improving your energy and your, which is a hormone.


It’s called cortisol. And it’s like really the minute we wake up, cortisol supposed to be rising and the day and then. cruising down and decreasing into the night. And so how to improve cortisol during the day is getting that movement and sun in the morning. I’ve had clients who had like, uh, cortisol that was just like, just flat like they weren’t having an awakening, awakening response, we call it.


Um, and just by including movement and sunlight on the skin in the morning, they were able to improve their, their adrenals and their cortisol production.  And then similar, it’s like you have to also improve that ability to wind down into the evening and getting off the screens, getting off the blue lights, allowing the the house to dim, and allowing yourself to rest more.


When it’s dark outside. So I think just actually that, um, there’s a, you know, really great adapted gins like ashwagandha and stuff like that, but really just improving your adrenals, um, by addressing stress and improving your just natural energy production in the day. 



Beautiful. Yeah. I think that’s very helpful.


Um, even I have tested myself and my adrenals are definitely like fatigued for sure. Um, so that’s super helpful. I appreciate that. And, um, Yeah, that’s super helpful advice. Um, okay. So for the last couple of minutes of this podcast, I’d love to get your, you know, opinion on what are your future, what’s your future vision with your business?


Um, is there anything new you’re thinking of starting, uh, anything you see in the coaching industry or in the wellness industry that you see is kind of like up and coming for people to kind of like, you know, somebody wants to stay on the trend, so to say, and, um, Yeah. What are you, what are you looking to call in for yourself? 


Luna Hart

Yeah. And if I was just going to like, just  think big, um, would be, you know, I’ve had a retreat vision since I was in high school. And, um, it’s like evolved. Like I had it when I was in college. And then like, you know, even lived on 150 acres where I actually actualized a retreat for a period of time in Northern California. 


And, um, was actually assisting people and like deep, deep dive cleanses. Like I would consider the cleanses that I was providing were quite heroic cleanses, um, where people would stay with me for seven days. And. It was just a good taste of that. I have a natural like hostess in me. Um, and I also think just really honestly with the rapid movement of AI, I  just do wonder what, um, online presence is going to be.


Um, I saw, uh, a local practitioner here share a cloned image of himself talking. It was an AI generated, somebody generated. An image of him talking, and it looked just like him, it was a little glitchy, like you could could tell that it was a robot, like a image, but like, it’s kind of like,  there’s gonna be a moment when we’re, you know, on social media, and we’re gonna be like, is this Luna?


Or is this AI? You know, so I just I think at a certain point, I think the in person Transcribed engagements and retreat style settings are going to be the most crucial to be in. Um, so that’s hopefully like the bigger vision for the future. 



Yeah. Yeah. And that’s, um, also the purpose of this podcast is like to be hanging out with people.


You know, I mean, even though it’s virtual, it’s like  we’re spending time together and we having a connection, right. And other people are listening or watching this and they get something out of that, of this authenticity of this, like unscripted talking. Right. Um, so it’s really, it’s, it’s fascinating field.


Like we use a lot of AI in our agency, especially chat2PD for copywriting, et cetera, et cetera. Uh, we always refine it obviously with, you know, somebody else’s or that person’s essence. Um, But for sure, I think, you know, in five years, we’re going to have a lot of AI avatars talking to us online. And, um,  yeah, it’s just crazy because they’re so, they’re going to be very perfect and they know exactly what to do.


And it’s good. But at some point there’s like, there’s like a disconnect, it’s like, wow, how can you be so perfect? But then you’re like, you know, it’s, it’s going to be very interesting, like to, to see the, the, the socio political changes that come with AI. Um, very, very interesting.  


Luna Hart

The interesting thing with that practitioner that I was telling you about is the AI was saying things that weren’t true. 


So that was like the edge. It’s like, not only like, is it generating like something that looked just like him speaking, but it was saying things that he would never say, like that were not true. So that’s, that’s a little edgy.  But we’ll get through it, um, we’ll figure our ways out and yeah, just remembering human connection is important. 



Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So last question, what, uh, like, what key piece of advice would you give, um, any spiritual entrepreneurs, whether they’re starting out or at least established, like what’s, what’s the one thing that you should, you know, take into account when. Becoming a spiritual entrepreneur.  


Luna Hart

Oh, such a good question. 


Uh, I would just say that it’s not going to be easy necessarily. I mean, creating the business of your dreams, uh, you, you have to face all the parts of yourself that you doubt any, um, Any places that are holding you back. Um,  and really, truly, there’s going to be highs and lows and you just have to ride them smoother.


And that’s what I feel like, you know, even now, when I’m like, you know, four or five years into my business, it’s like, Oh, it’s a slow month. Okay, great. Let’s just sit back and enjoy it. Um, while you know, I can have the big months. That just like totally, totally take care of my year almost, you know? So, um, I do feel like that is part of being an entrepreneur.


And at first it’s not the steady paycheck that maybe someone’s used to, but it is worth it in the end, in my eyes, because I do create. my reality. I am doing my passion work. Um, I get to create my schedule. I get to go to Costa Rica in a couple of weeks. Um, and this is all because I’ve created this life in this business.



So beautiful. Well, thank you so much for sharing all your wisdom and your experience and your heart with us on this podcast. And, um,  thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Luna. 

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