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Meet Jessica and Cory, The Healing Couple, seasoned guides in holistic wellness and spiritual awakening. With a wealth of experience in various healing modalities, including breathwork and mindfulness practices, they empower individuals to embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery.

Through personalized mentorship and immersive retreat experiences, The Healing Couple facilitates profound shifts in consciousness, helping clients uncover their true potential and live authentically. Grounded in empathy and intuition, their approach fosters harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

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Welcome to an inspiring journey with The Healing Couple, where entrepreneurship meets the transformative power of breathwork. In this article, we delve into the remarkable story of how this dynamic duo has built a legacy through their business while igniting personal growth and inspiring others along the way. Through entrepreneurship, they’ve not only created a thriving business but also cultivated a community centered around the profound practice of breathwork. Join us as we explore their entrepreneurial journey, the significance of building a legacy, and the transformative impact of their work. Get ready to be inspired by their uplifting success stories and gain insights into how balancing business and personal growth can lead to a fulfilling life.

Part 1: The Genesis of The Healing Couple

The Healing Couple began their journey with a vision to blend entrepreneurship with holistic wellness, paving the way for transformative change in people’s lives. Here’s how it all started:

  • Inspiration Strikes: Driven by a passion for holistic healing and personal growth, The Healing Couple embarked on their entrepreneurial journey.
  • Foundational Practice: Embracing the power of breathwork, they recognized its potential to facilitate profound transformations in individuals’ physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Community-Centric Approach: From the outset, The Healing Couple prioritized building a supportive community around their mission, fostering connections and empowering individuals on their wellness journeys.
  • Early Challenges: Like any entrepreneurial endeavor, their journey was not without its hurdles. However, their unwavering dedication to their vision propelled them forward, fueling their commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into how The Healing Couple navigated challenges, cultivated their community, and emerged as leaders in the realm of holistic wellness entrepreneurship.

Part 2: Nurturing Growth Through Authenticity

In their quest to make a difference in the world of holistic wellness, The Healing Couple realized the significance of authenticity and genuine connection. Here’s how they nurtured growth through authenticity:

  • Embracing Vulnerability: The Healing Couple understood the power of vulnerability in fostering authentic connections. By sharing their own personal experiences and challenges, they created a safe space for others to open up and embark on their healing journeys.
  • Building Trust: Trust is the cornerstone of any meaningful relationship. The Healing Couple prioritized building trust within their community by consistently delivering value, being transparent, and honoring their commitments.
  • Staying True to Their Mission: Amidst the noise of the wellness industry, The Healing Couple remained steadfast in their commitment to their mission of empowering individuals through holistic healing. They stayed true to their values, avoiding trends or practices that didn’t align with their authentic selves.
  • Fostering Community Engagement: Active engagement with their community was paramount for The Healing Couple. They listened to their audience, solicited feedback, and co-created offerings that resonated deeply with their community’s needs and aspirations.

By staying authentic and fostering genuine connections, The Healing Couple cultivated a thriving community rooted in trust, support, and shared values.

Part 3: Impactful Encounters and Inspiring Stories

Encounters along the journey of The Healing Couple have underscored the transformative power of authenticity and perseverance. Here are some impactful encounters and inspiring stories that illustrate their commitment to authenticity:

  • Reconnecting with Past Students: During one of their yoga classes, The Healing Couple encountered a former student from South Mountain Community College who had followed their journey over the years. This unexpected reunion highlighted the lasting impact of their teachings and the ripple effect of their influence.
  • Supporting Aspiring Healers: Through their Breathwork Teacher Training, The Healing Couple has empowered numerous individuals to become certified facilitators. Witnessing participants embrace their calling and create meaningful practices underscores the importance of passing on knowledge and fostering growth.
  • Empowering Diverse Communities: The Healing Couple has extended their reach to diverse communities, including stay-at-home moms, professionals, and entrepreneurs. By providing accessible tools and resources, they have empowered individuals from various backgrounds to embark on their wellness journeys.
  • Celebrating Unconventional Success: The Healing Couple celebrates unconventional paths to success, such as the story of a realtor who transitioned into leading breathwork ceremonies. These narratives highlight the limitless possibilities when individuals embrace authenticity and pursue their passions.

Through these encounters and stories, The Healing Couple exemplifies the profound impact of authenticity in fostering connections, empowering others, and catalyzing personal transformation.

Part 4: Cultivating a Legacy of Service and Purpose

Embracing their mission of service and personal growth, The Healing Couple continues to cultivate a legacy built on authenticity and purpose. Here’s how they are shaping a legacy of service:

  • Expanding Global Reach: By certifying facilitators in breathwork and holistic healing, The Healing Couple extends their impact across the globe. With facilitators in over 30 states and nine countries, they are fostering a worldwide community committed to wellness and personal development.
  • Empowering Others: Through their training programs, The Healing Couple empowers individuals to pursue their passion for healing and make a positive impact in their communities. From stay-at-home moms to medical professionals, they equip diverse individuals with the tools and knowledge to create meaningful change.
  • Celebrating Unique Journeys: The Healing Couple celebrates the diverse paths taken by their facilitators, including those who have transitioned from unrelated professions to leading breathwork sessions. These stories exemplify the power of authenticity and resilience in forging fulfilling careers and lifestyles.
  • Preparing for the Future: As they prepare to start their own family, The Healing Couple remains committed to laying a strong foundation for future generations. Their focus on legacy extends beyond their professional endeavors, encompassing values of authenticity, service, and personal growth.

Through their dedication to service and a commitment to empowering others, The Healing Couple exemplifies the transformative potential of authenticity and purpose-driven living. As they continue to inspire individuals around the world, their legacy of service and personal growth will endure for generations to come.

Part 5: Embracing Parenthood and Passing on the Torch

As The Healing Couple embarks on the journey of parenthood, they eagerly anticipate the opportunity to pass on their values and wisdom to future generations. Here’s how they are preparing to embrace parenthood and nurture the next generation:

  • Legacy of Wisdom: The Healing Couple recognizes parenthood as an extension of their mission to inspire and empower others. They aspire to instill in their children the same values of authenticity, service, and personal growth that have guided their own journey.
  • Leading by Example: By continuing to pursue their passions and purpose, The Healing Couple plans to lead by example and demonstrate to their children the importance of living authentically and following one’s dreams. They believe that actions speak louder than words and aim to inspire their children through their own pursuits.
  • Balancing Parenthood and Entrepreneurship: While embracing parenthood, The Healing Couple remains committed to their entrepreneurial endeavors. They view parenthood as an opportunity to model work-life balance and demonstrate the possibility of integrating family life with professional aspirations.
  • Fostering a Culture of Growth: Through open communication, encouragement, and unconditional support, The Healing Couple aims to create a nurturing environment where their children feel empowered to explore their passions and pursue their dreams. They believe in fostering a culture of growth and self-discovery within their family.

As they eagerly await the arrival of their children, The Healing Couple is poised to embark on a new chapter filled with love, growth, and purpose. With their unwavering commitment to authenticity and service, they are ready to pass on the torch and inspire future generations to lead lives of meaning and fulfillment.

Conclusion: Embracing Parenthood and Leaving a Lasting Legacy

In conclusion, The Healing Couple exemplifies the transformative power of authenticity, service, and personal growth. Through their journey as entrepreneurs and soon-to-be parents, they have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Here are the key takeaways from their inspiring story:

  • Legacy of Impact: By embracing parenthood, The Healing Couple is poised to leave a lasting legacy of love, wisdom, and empowerment. They recognize that parenthood offers a unique opportunity to shape the future and inspire the next generation.
  • Leading with Purpose: Throughout their entrepreneurial journey, The Healing Couple has remained dedicated to their mission of serving others and fostering growth. They lead by example, demonstrating the importance of following one’s passion and living with integrity.
  • Balancing Priorities: Despite the demands of entrepreneurship and impending parenthood, The Healing Couple prioritizes balance and self-care. They understand the importance of nurturing their own well-being in order to be fully present for their family and community.
  • Continued Growth: As they prepare to welcome their children into the world, The Healing Couple remains committed to their journey of personal and professional growth. They view parenthood as a natural extension of their mission and an opportunity to inspire future generations.

In essence, The Healing Couple embodies the belief that by embracing authenticity and living with purpose, individuals can create profound positive change in the world. Their story serves as a reminder that each of us has the power to leave a lasting legacy of love, compassion, and empowerment.

Podcast Transcript


Super excited today as we have the healing couple on the show. They are the founders of Reset Breathwork, where they train others to become breathwork teachers. They’re spiritual mentors, speakers, and Midwesterns at heart, vegan dessert lovers, wellness junkies. And they’re also known as a go to secret weapon for go getters and leaders to heal from the inside out, unlock more freedom, abundance, and confidence in their lives and businesses. 


All in all, they are the bridge between science and spirituality, masculine, feminine, and practical and energetic. Super excited to have you on the show. Welcome to you too. 



Thanks. Thanks so much, Christian. Appreciate it. Excited to be here. 



Beautiful. So my first question, obviously, because a lot of people who are listening to this podcast don’t know your background yet.


So Chris, could you give us a brief overview of your, you know, your story, your background, how’d you become the people that you are today? And how’d you, you know, decide to make the healing couple a business in a career?  



Yeah. So, you know, Corey is a naturopathic physician. I’m a yoga teacher. My background’s in psychology.


And when we first met, uh, I was living in San Diego. Corey was living in Phoenix. He had just opened up a medical practice. And uh, there was this moment that he’s, you know, he described as part of his journey where there was a ribbon cutting moment, uh, at the grand opening. And you realize like, wait a minute, like this is not.


my life. Like most people would think this is really successful. This was my moment. I went through medical school, all that. And you know, there’s 200 people here, mayor of Scottsdale and like this isn’t it.  So like what’s next, you know, on my path. And that was when we were first, you know, seeing each other.


And at that time I was really diving deeper into, into breath work. I’ve been practicing for a number of years. It really helped to um,  Uh, help me with anxiety, help me with my diagnosis of epilepsy. So it really helped me on a physical, mental, emotional level. And as I was diving deeper,  I, you know, we’re Corey and I were doing long distance at the time and I would talk with him, you know, late, late, late, late, late nights on the phone.


We’re doing long distance. I was sharing with him my breathwork experiences. And he was like, Whoa, like this, like, are you sure there wasn’t anything else? You know, cause I’m, you know, I’m like telling him, I’m,  I turn into an eagle and I’m like flying high in the sky and I can see my whole life. I can see the world, like all this stuff.


And he’s just like, and you’re flying through caves and all like, what, what are you on and out? He’s like, are you sure it was just breath?  And I was like, I swear to you. And he’s like, wait, I’ve done, I’ve done breath work before I’ve done Wim Hof meditation and Pranayama. But like. This is like a whole nother level.


And so we ended up, you know, he was like, Hey, I’m, I’m going along this journey with you. Like I, my, my doctor mind is really curious. So we really dove deep into breath work together and, and, and received a bunch of different trainings. And then we decided, okay, like we want, like, this is the tool that’s helped us the most.


on our healing journey out of everything that we’ve done. And so we get to come together and we get to share this with other people. So we put on a breathwork workshop in San Diego. Didn’t really think too much of it, but we were just really passionate about sharing it with others. And it took off.  And people at the end were like, this changed my life.


This was so transformational. When’s the next one? Because I need to tell my sister. I need to bring my best friend. Like, everyone needs to experience this for themselves. Like, I feel so amazing. Like, more calm than I’ve ever felt in my life. And we didn’t plan on doing another workshop. Like, we just were putting this on because we were really excited about it.


But  after that workshop, we drove home and we looked at each other. And I told Corey, I said, we have to keep doing this.  And I don’t know what this is or where this is going to go, but there’s something here and I know we can help a lot of people.  And so from that first workshop, fast forward, we’ve done so many over the years, um, and we’ve helped tens of thousands of people, both in person and online through our retreats, our events. 


And we now are at a point where we’ve created a breathwork teacher training because we realize, okay, we’re just two people. We can only help so many and we want to spread this ripple even farther. So we now have about to have 90 certified facilitators all over the world that are spreading this work.


Specifically this modality that we have co founded called Reset Breathwork.  



Wow. Beautiful.  Beautiful. And how incredible it is to get such a big sign from the universe to be able to continue that and go down that direction, actually, you know, make that a career. So,  you know,  I love when these things happen.


It’s just such, you know, the synchronicities, the signs and the symbols are just so obvious once somebody has reached their, like, path of destiny, um,  and yeah. With that being said I wanted to dive since you know, you guys are experts on breathwick I wanted to dive a little bit more into the the science and how it works and why it’s so special Like if one of you could talk a little bit or both can talk a little bit more about like why is breathwick so?


Special like what causes it and why is it so because I’ve done it too and it’s so out of the ordinary of other Practices modalities that I’ve tried. So yeah, can you speak to that a little bit? 



Yeah. Yeah I mean like the breath is always with us and whether we’re aware of it or not Um, it’s something that our body will just do for us.


And then, as I’m probably talking about breath, you’re becoming more aware of it. And you may even take a few breaths consciously, right? So you can do it unconsciously and consciously. And the beautiful thing about that is that the breath is the bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. And so when you were talking, Christian, about, yeah, I’ve done breath work before,  and it’s so different.


It’s such an out of body experience. And I would say, to some extent, yeah. That’s really what’s happening is you are getting out of your conscious mind, your day to day to do list, you know, stressed out mind, and you’re getting into the deep parts of your nervous system, which is the subconscious and unconscious mind.


And the more time that you can spend in that space, you are expanding  essentially possibility. You are creating an opportunity for a blank slate.  And most of us unconsciously go about our lives filling up our minds to the brim. Whether it is social media, whether it is commuting, whether it is trying to plan to take that trip, or maybe even a funeral, like there’s constantly always things to do, right?


And so our conscious mind likes to do  the things or things in a way that is the easiest way possible. It will take the shortest shortcuts, right? And so you end up living this life on repeat.  And most people don’t know how to get out of those patterns and habits. And so how breathwork, because there’s many different types of breathwork, right?


But how does this long form transformational, um, what we call as our reset breathwork method, how does that help you get out of your mind and back into your body, your subconscious, unconscious nervous system? How it does that is when you breathe in a cyclical, repeated pattern over and over again, it creates what’s called transient  hypofrontality.


And I promise I won’t throw too many big words at you guys, but like, What that is is when you breathe in this pattern, it creates a temporary alkaline state in your conscious mind. And the conscious mind doesn’t do too well in a alkaline state, meaning it just doesn’t function that well. So all the neural neurological functioning goes to the deeper parts of your subconscious and con unconscious mind.


And when that happens, you create possibility. And that’s the game that me and Jessica are in. And if you do that enough, you can essentially help rewire your entire brain. 



Wow. That is, that’s the best explanation of breath hack I’ve ever heard. I think



Well, good. It’s what we do.



It’s the shortest, most concise, not leaving anything out type of explanations.


So, you know. Beautiful. And so when with breathwork, like, so when we’re in that state, what could cause like, like, for example, like I experienced, like, certain limbs moving by themselves, like, what causes that? Right?



Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I mean, especially like spastic movement. Or, um, cramping, what we call tetany in the medical world, or people feel a lot of vibrations.


What’s happening, okay, now I have to throw another word out there, but it’s going to help explain it, is we have five senses, right? So we have sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. I think those are the five. I always get them messed up, so, um, those are the five senses. And that is how our conscious mind, right, interprets our external reality.


How I love describing this is, and these five senses, by the way, they’re set up to notice the difference.  So difference in color, difference in smell, difference in touch, right? Something smooth or rough, something smells really nice, or I break wind and Jessica smells something that’s not so nice. And so our senses are set up to notice that difference.


Okay, so conscious mind, five senses,  set up to notice the difference. There’s a sixth sense.  And that sixth sense is called interoception.  It’s what you feel inside.  So a quick thing that you can do for yourself right now just sitting here listening to this podcast or if you’re in your car, can you feel your heartbeat? 


Maybe it’s pretty easy. Maybe it’s a little difficult. Maybe you have to think about it for a second, but eventually maybe you’ll be able to feel your heartbeat.  Can you feel your heartbeat in your left palm? A  little bit harder.  Can you feel your heartbeat in your right fingertip?  Even harder.  So when we’re talking about breath work and I’ll answer your question about the movements and all that kind of stuff, we’re flipping the game on its head because the conscious mind, like I said, is set up to notice everything in our external world. 


Well, the true game of possibility and manifestation, it comes from here, it comes from inside.  So if we can shut off that neocortex, dampen it, is a better term, slow it down a little bit and get into the deeper structures of the nervous system,  you’ll start to feel a lot more things inside yourself rather than outside. 


And so for the body, especially the first couple of times you do breathwork, there can be a lot of physical sensations, right? And a lot of physical sensations coming from inside my body, whether it is the movement, whether it is the tingling, the spastic movements, et cetera, et cetera. And so what I call that is a neurological unwinding. 


You are unwinding the past, you are unwinding trauma, you are unwinding experiences, experiences that haven’t been fully processed by the body. Cause it’s so focused on your external world.  And so when you give your body an opportunity to have an experience that’s not based upon your external world, a lot of really strange things can happen. 


And so I want to let you know, Christian, whatever that is. Maybe maybe we could talk about it. We could discover what that is for you or make some some connections Maybe to your past your past experiences, but I’ll just share we’re in this really unique experience We’re not a lot of people in the world are in the position that we are meaning we’ve seen excess of 30, 000 people lay on the floor and breathe for an hour and there’s certain things that you see certain patterns that you see that occur for people based upon a Either what their intention is what they want to work on or what their past has brought up or their emotions or their trauma and I’ve seen things that are unexplainable  unexplainable  For instance, we’ve seen people where they’ve gone through some significant pain emotional trauma and whatnot and they’re in an experience And all of a sudden they’re in their middle body elevates, they completely do like a backbend arch where just the top of their head and their heels are touching the ground. 


How does someone do that?  We’ve also seen almost like depictions of people where they’re almost like getting crucified on the cross. 


And it’ll happen sometimes but not others.  And then as far as the spastic movements go,  One thread that we could maybe pull from you is When your autonomic nervous system isn’t fully operational, meaning that there is, uh, you need both sympathetic activation and parasympathetic activation. And when you’re doing this technique, you’re ramping up the sympathetic nervous system, the fight or flight response. 


And so the body is going to naturally want to try to get out of that situation or unwind that situation And so it will kind of throw the kitchen sink at the situation even though nothing needs to be done And so those movements are really the activation of your sympathetic nervous system. And, in my opinion, it’s a really good thing.


Because that’s how we are anciently set up, to activate the sympathetic nervous system, so that we can get into the parasympathetic. Because I bet, Christian, after that session, did you feel amazing? Did you feel clear? Did you feel light?  What did you feel?  



Yeah, just very purified, clear presence. 



Yeah, yeah, yeah.


And you had to do that by activating the sympathetic nervous system, creating a greater experience than your past  to get into that present parasympathetic state. And that’s the game.



Love it. And when you work with, you know, leaders and, you know, everybody that you’ve worked with, um, when like, have you tried also like to, um, Induce like other modalities when you are in that state.


Like for example, some sort of visioning or stuff like that. We just like usually leave people be, I mean, of course we don’t want to interfere with anybody’s experience, but is there any other things that you have tried when people are in that state?  






Well, it’s interesting that you mentioned visioning.


So that is actually a key component of our modality reset breathwork is that it utilizes, utilizes visualizations because people are in that really deep subconscious state. And because they are in that state of possibility, we train our facilitators to use visualizations throughout the experience and also do an intro meditation and also an outro meditation to take people out of the experience.


But because we’re in that. state and there’s so much have them really either e or very, something very s example, we do monthly br online and every single t  past one was record for l  And so we have people, you know, really visualize either their dream partners and people were single or if they’re in a relationship, really visualize the next level of their partnership and what they really desire and the, maybe the deeper levels of connection of trust of adventure, whatever it is, but really seeing that and playing that out.


So we guide people through that. And it’s amazing what people, when people come out and being able to see that. In that breathwork experience, and then they’re far more likely to go out and actually create that in their external reality, even more so than if they were just to sit down and visualize that without breathwork,  because we are bringing together both the mind and the body.


And that’s why people often will say, Well, you know, I’ve been doing the affirmations. I’ve been saying, you know, you know, I am worthy or I am worthy of love, but something’s just not clicking. It’s not sticking. Or I can, like, I’ve got my vision board and I can see what I want to manifest, but why isn’t it happening?


And that’s because we’re missing the emotional component. Dr. Joe Dispenza says that intentional thought. So like having that clear vision, that clear goal, a clear desire, plus an elevated emotional state. state will then equal transformation.  So in knowing that that’s a really key component of our breathwork experiences, because we, we watch, we’ve seen so many people, especially leaders, entrepreneurs,  you know, it’s like maybe within a few weeks, months, maybe, you know, a year or two, they’re like, I am living what I saw in breathwork.


And that’s the coolest thing for us. 



Wow. That’s beautiful. And yeah, I can really consent contest to, you know, that when you charge something with emotions, it’s just. It just happens so much faster, you know, as an example of my own life. I mean, you guys know how much I love tea, right? And I started my own little tea blog.


It’s called besttealeafs. com. And I’m actually going to the World Tea Expo in 2024, which is in March. And I was like, you know what, I want to apply for a press pass, you know, because, you know, I have to vlog and blah, blah, blah. And because I was so excited about it and like. Boom! I got a press pass for the World TI Sports Day.


What are the chances for that? You know, because everything was just so  I’m so excited! Let’s go!  It’s really cool to, to see how the, you know, the body and the mind just are so connected, especially.



Yeah. Yeah. Well, and then, oh, go ahead.



And we need both of them to work together. Yeah, right. That’s really, really the key.


I think a lot of people are just coming from the mind. They’re just trying to think. think their way through or repeat those affirmations, but when you can bring the two together, that’s when you create the most healing, the most transformation. We were actually just on a call with one of our business clients yesterday, who was one of our certified facilitators.


And she was sharing just the most incredible experience that she. That she led, she led a breathwork workshop and she had a woman who works in hospice care and who has been in that, in that field for decades.  And she’s really, this facilitator is very passionate about helping people that are social workers, who are therapists, who are in hospice that are, they’re, you know, they’re holding a lot. 


Right. They’re holding so much grief and trauma and emotions and, you know, really just helping them to clear that. And this woman It was a student of hers came out and she was like, Oh my gosh, like she just felt so lit up and she’s like, I basically just like feeling like alive again. Right. There was so much emotion, so much energy moving through her and she was like, I just got so clear.


I saw this vision of me stepping away from my career that I’ve had for decades and I’m going to make a documentary. About what’s happening in this industry,  and I’m going to bring it to the Sundance film festival and I’m, she was just so clear and certain on it and she is now making it happen within a few weeks. 


And it’s like that. So it just speaks to that, that the importance of the emotionality behind it and also getting into a space and buffer can get you there really fast of that clarity so that you can see. See what’s, what’s ahead and what, what is it you really desire and really know inside, like I can make this happen and not let fear get in the way. 



Wow.  Beautiful. Yeah. It’s such a powerful technique and you know, it’s just, I’m so honored and grateful that you guys are doing this work because, you know, imagine all the lives that you guys have impacted that really have just,  you know, changed so many other people’s lives. You know, and a lot of times you don’t think about all the lives that we actually impact in effect, you know, so  kudos to you, you know, yeah.



Thank you so much. And I know that, you know, with this podcast, you know, you’re reaching a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in general. And I have to say, yeah, I mean, sometimes it, it’s like, you don’t, you’re. getting caught up in the day to day. You’re, you’re, maybe you’re in the grind.


You’re, you’re, you’re on mission. And sometimes you forget to like, look up and see like, wow, like I have really made an impact. Like I have really made a difference. Sometimes we have to like really sit with that and celebrate that. Cause it’s easy to forget when you’re just like, you’re just going, going, going.


And I just wanted to share in case this is helpful for someone, like something that’s really helped us is to, to, you know, ask people for testimonials of course. And Save them, like save them in like a Google drive folder, whether it’s like testimonials that people write for you or video testimonials or even DMs or messages that people send you and put those into a Google drive folder.


One, it’s great for branding, right? And for like your, your landing pages, but also it’s really great as a reminder of like. There’s days which it’s inevitable that there’s many days where you feel like you’re an imposter where you feel like what am I doing? Even if you’re like have all this massive success, you’re like you can question yourself.


It’s part of  being human. The mind is trying to protect us. And so having that where you can go back, it’s like a vault, right? You can go back into that vault and be like, Oh yeah. Like I am making a difference and I am really helping people and it also helps to remind yourself of like why you’re doing this thing and to keep, to keep going.


And so thank you for that reflection. And I hope that like, just  that, um, you know, taking, doing that can be helpful for somebody else. Um, because it’s definitely has helped, helped us to really keep going and serve more people.



Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Collecting testimonials is also something I started too late in my business. 


The sooner you start, the better for sure. Um, and so speaking about those, you know, spiritualpreneurs and a lot of people who desire to be You know, to be that,  you know, archetype, like what, do you have any tips or practical advice? Like, how do you find, I don’t know, like your passion or how do you, how do you, how can you work towards that direction of becoming what you’re meant to do and actually doing it as a career?



Yeah. Yeah. I feel like I’ll have an answer and you’ll have an answer for this because I think everyone’s different with this, but for me, um, I’m somebody where I, I need to, I need to wait to respond, meaning like it’s really important for me to take an action and then really wait for that response.


So another  term I guess you could use is like throw as much spaghetti at the wall, like get messy.  It’s more important in the beginning to figure out what you don’t want to do. Then it is what you do want to do. And for me, I mean, we don’t have enough time in this podcast to talk about all the things that I’ve done, whether it is, you know, uh, I did hospice care.


Um, I worked in multiple different settings, including corporate at lifetime. Uh, I mean, obviously, you know, I’m a naturopathic physician board certified family practitioner, but I did everything from like. joint injections, stem cells to treating patients with Lyme and mold disease. And so it’s like, it’s all part of the process.


So if you get in the way or you try to,  I see where people withhold  their greatness when in all reality, if they just threw some spaghetti at the wall, they would get so much farther, so much faster. And so I see people hold themselves back because they’re like, Oh, I’m not exactly sure what my avatar is or like what my, what my pitch is to that avatar.


And then  forget all that. Like truly start with who you were six months ago, six years ago, 60 years ago, it doesn’t matter  and serve that person. What does that person need? What has been some of the biggest breakthroughs that you’ve had in your life? And really serve that person  and things will start to progress much quicker for you Analysis, I mean analysis paralysis is so real And me and jessica we you guys we got to six figures within our business before we even had a legitimate website  Like get going.


I can’t tell you how many times people are like, well, what about my business cards? I’m like business cards schmizness cards, like forget it. Like if you want to help people, what is what is what is like? What is your magic sauce? Like what do people know you for and like just start with that  and get some clients Because otherwise if you don’t have clients or you don’t have a product line, you’re not in business  You’re just entertaining it.


Me and Jessica like to call those businesses like a lookalike business. It’s like, it really, I mean, we’ve, we’ve talked to people where like, they have like three assistants and two websites and blah, blah, blah. And it’s like, so what’s your client load? Like, Oh, I haven’t had a client in like six months, blah, blah, blah.


Forget that business.  And start a real one.  So I know I went over all these topics, but like, I’m just super passionate about it. Cause I think there’s so many, so many incredible healers out there that me and Jessica have seen that have been in the business for decades. And I’m like, what are you doing? What are you doing?  



And there’s so much pressure on like having, you know, having the clarity and like having it look a certain way. I’m going to wait until I’m ready. And I go, I got to get all these things in line before then I can actually go. Yeah. Like where’s that? I mean like. Screw screw that, like  get out of your own way.


It doesn’t have to look a certain way. Just get out there and serve people and you’ll figure out along the way. And a lot of people ask us, like, how did you guys grow so quickly? How are you to multiple, you know, six figure business already in just like three. four years, two and a half years, two and a half years.


And then now on the way to seven figures, like how, and it’s like, because we just moved. We like, like literally we’re moving, we’re taking action. And I believe that action breeds clarity. Don’t sit here and wait for the clarity and wait for the universe. Hey, like we, we’re all about the woo, but like you’ve also got to take action and get in the game and you’re going to figure it out along the way.


And that’s how we’ve operated our business is like I, we go and we trust we’re going to figure it out. 



Yeah, you can’t tell me right now if you haven’t had clients for the last, I don’t know, three to six months and things are stagnant within your business. There isn’t like a start over. But it’s like, get radical and be like, what are the clients that I’ve served in the past?


Hey, can I do a free session for you? Can I do, do a trial period of like five clients and like, do that for free, get five testimonials as a result for that. And then also a ton of content because now I’m totally changing up my programming as a result of that. It’s like, bite the bullet, do something like that, get clients in your, under your belt.


And that’s what creates a manifestation. Cause now it’s like, okay, you took on five clients. And don’t tell me boohoo, like, Oh, I’m not bringing in money. It’s like, when you do that, you’re going to get yourself in action, guarantee you that there’s probably going to be one or two clients that are going to see what you’re doing on social media, see what you’re doing on your blog posts and be like, Oh wow, you help that person with that thing.


Can you help me too? Now you’ve got a real client.  



Beautiful. Yeah. Yeah. 



Get in action people. 



It’s really not complicated. 


Um, yeah. And, and I’m, I’m with you on that boat because I think there’s so many beautiful people who have such great talents and gifts. Oh my God. Just start sharing who gives a shit how it looks, you know, just do it.


You know what I mean? You can you can always polish it later upon looks, you know, 



yeah And honestly like right right now, I think what’s working so well is the unpolished,  you know And not not necessarily like super rough around the edges but just the more real and that’s what people are looking for and I don’t care if we Post something and like 10 people like it or a thousand people like it.


It’s like  It’s about the engagement and showing up and having a presence. Here’s a case in point. So, one of the other things that I did before I was a healing couple and do breath work full time is that I actually worked at a community college. I taught biology 101. And this was like 12 years ago. So I taught at a community college, right?


And Jessica has a yoga class. So fast forward to present day. Jessica has a yoga class and she teaches on Sunset Cliffs. It’s amazing. Every Saturday. And my job is to check people in and so I’m well, you know, I’m a physician, but like that’s my job. So I’m checking people in.  I can do that. And there’s this girl, I cute couple, like come up to them.


Hey, Dr. Corey, I’m not teaching the class. Don’t worry, but I’m just checking you in or checking people in. Can I have your first name? And she goes, Stephanie. And I was like, do I know you? And she goes, yeah, you used to teach me at South mountain community college in Arizona, like 10, 12 years ago. I was like, Oh my God, no way.


And she goes, I’ve been following you ever since I followed you when you had your doctor account. And then when you and Jessica had a couple other accounts and I’m just so inspired and like, I’m from Phoenix still, but I came out to San Diego, we’re on a vacation and I just really want to experience.


What you guys are all about. I was like, holy shit. This is so cool. And she, and I told her, I was like, Hey, I don’t have time. Love to talk to you after the class. And we didn’t get to connect. She had something come up, she DM’d us and she was so sorry, appreciated the class. And fast forward to like yesterday,  she applied for a teacher training. 


Yeah, and I was like damn not only what a full circle moment But just really speaking to this concept of like just keep showing up because you have no idea. I had no idea Stephanie from 10 12 years ago 3 4 Instagram accounts ago had followed us all the way to this moment And then even in the application she goes I am so excited because I had no idea You were even offering this until I saw Jessica’s story just offhand.


It wasn’t even like a hard promotional post Of like the fact you guys are doing this and the only regret I have Is that I wanted to do this sooner if I knew it was there  And so just know like you have no idea who’s watching and listening And as long as you just keep showing up as up as yourself  People will watch people will listen people will create you will create a following like it’ll it’ll be natural Um, but yeah, I just want to share that story because it’s so powerful. 



Beautiful. I love that. And  in order to show up, you know, authentically and fully, is there anything? You know, you want to share with people how that can be done because I mean, I have my feet on it, but I would love to hear yours because I love, I love the ramble. I love the, it’s good. Let’s keep it going.



Yeah.  Yeah. Well, one I would say is do it, do it scared. You know, people say like, Oh, like, you know, you guys just, it just seems so easy. It seems so natural for you to show up on podcasts or show up in front of hundreds of people and like speak. And it’s like, how do you do that? I’m so terrified. And I’m like, Yeah, I’m terrified too.


I, my, like, I’m shaking up there on stage and I’m still doing it anyway. So I say, do it scared  because then you will also, it will start to become more natural, right? Like I couldn’t imagine myself doing what I’m doing today. Like if you were told my 18 year old son, so I’d be doing, she would be like, are you nuts? 


Like you, like you can just get up in front of people and like. Right? Like it would be crazy to me, but it starts to become more and more normal. The more that you just challenge yourself.  So again, like I want to come back to the action. It’s like, not only does action breed clarity, but also action breeds confidence.


Don’t wait for the confidence. Like it’s cause guess what? It will never ever come. 



Nope. Not coming. It’s not coming. It’s not coming.



So might as well take the action and then that, whatever that thing is, you’re going to feel a little more comfortable with that. You’re going to feel more confident. You’re like, oh, I did that. 


That’s how you get the confidence. Then you go do another thing. You stretch yourself a little bit more. And you complete that. you’re like, holy shit, like I did that. And you start to feel more confident. And that just keeps, you know, that just snowballs.  And then I’ll, the other thing I’ll say is, of course, breathwork.


Breathwork has helped me to  like, especially before going into those bigger moments, like it’s helped me to like, be like, okay, yes, you can do this. And it like to not let the fear and the self doubt take me out.  Breathwork helps me to stay in the zone and stay in the game so that I can keep showing up. 


And so I’d say those two things is the action and then like come back and we often say we even have this on like affirmation cards that we give to people in our breathwork events. It’s like breathe and remember who the F you are and breathwork will help you to do that so that you keep showing up. 



Yeah. I was gonna, you know, it’s just, it’s life is really not that complicated. You know what I mean? You know, people always think, oh, we gotta have this strategy, and this tool, and this trick, and this, this, this, and that.  But it all just comes back to just doing it.  



Right, and also knowing who you are. You know, and I think that can sometimes take a little bit of time.


Um, but like, recognizing too, even if you have a small community, like, What are you known for? Like, what do people say about you? Like we know one thing that really makes me and Jessica unique is that we do this thing together.  Like it’s not really that common.  And also we know most people feel like we’re the guy and girl next door. 


And so some people may look at that as vanilla. Okay, fine. See you later. Great That’s a distinguishing characteristic and now we’ve weeded out people that are not our community but if that’s what you’re really looking for that like wholesomeness that like I’m i’m talking to a friend i’m talking to somebody that I know that’s a next door neighbor Then yeah, we’re the we’re the people for you.


And so knowing that about yourself and then owning that Rather than trying to be all these other things, which is exhausting  is so beneficial when it comes to showing up Just own who you are. 



Yeah,  beautiful Yeah, very well said, you know, and I think when people just  you know, follow their Authenticity and who they are themselves.


I mean just there’s nothing in the interchange I think people whoever is listening and like you’re perfectly as you are just start, you know 



Mm hmm Like like I was I was watching a tick tock the other day And there is a guy who’s crushing it, by the way, doing so well with his business, social media, and this is his business.


So he creates videos of online interviews. Have you seen this guy before?  



I’m not another guy, oh my god, it’s just not my body.



Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So he does interviews, but it’s like on Zoom and he like records, like you can see his phone recording it. So he must just like screen capture or record capture.


And so he will apply legitimately for these jobs. But then when he gets on the interview, he creates these hilarious scenarios Where he’s almost like trolling the interviewer. It’s not like really rude or mean or anything But there’s this one video me and Jesse were watching this week where he gets on right So you can see him on the top of screen and then the interviewer woman on the bottom of the screen and he’s in his car like kind of distracted and she’s like, um Um, sir, like you’re in your car, like, do we need to do this another time?


He’s like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, I’m just, I’m just parking. I’m just going to park. He’s not parking. He pulls up through a McDonald’s drive thru and then starts ordering a fish sandwich while he’s on this interview. And the lady is like, yo, you’re ordering a fish sandwich. He’s like, no, no, no, no, I’m not. No, I’m not.


And then at the end of the interview, she goes, he goes, or she goes, uh, is there anything that you would like to know from me? Because clearly you could tell she’s like done with this guy. And he goes, Oh, uh, do you, do you have any ketchup? I mean, I mean,  and so it’s like, like, obviously you’re not going to be necessarily a person that’s like, Oh, that’s inspirational.


And now that’s what I want to do with my life. But I think we live in such an amazing time where you can make a living doing just about anything. There’s a girl we talk about during our teacher training that farts in jars, Christian. She farts in jars and she makes 300k a year.  She sells jars full of farts. 


Whatever. But like, just, I try to share this with people in the community just to let you know, like, let’s laugh a little bit because it’s hilarious and ridiculous and like, who would do that? But like, that’s a possibility. So if you want to be a healer, if you want to be a spiritual entrepreneur and legitimately help people with a physical, emotional, mental, spiritual thing, like you are so much more legitimate than these two examples that I just shared.


So like get on the damn horse. Get in the bus and drive. You know? That’s, that’s all I needed. That’s all I wanted to say.



I love it. I love how you’re getting people fired up every time. Every time Corey speaks, he’s like, that’s get it. Go. This is beautiful. So, yeah. You know, and another example of just being themselves, being authentic, you know?


And I think there’s so much power in just being you and the world needs, you doesn’t need the person next door because the person next door needs to be the person who they are. You understand? So,  so much power. Okay. So beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Um, so for the next part of the podcast, I would love to talk a little bit more about like, You know, online tools, online branding, website, all that kind of stuff.


When did you guys start thinking about, okay, it was, I think it’s time doing a website. Was that like half a year in a year in two years? And like, what was that like? And  you know, yeah. What’s, what’s your take on that?



Yeah. So it was about almost a year in. From when we did that first breathwork workshop that we, you know, more, more people were trying to find us online because people were spreading the word.


And so it’d be good to have some sort of online presence, right? So we created a website on Squarespace and actually I shouldn’t even say, we, I, I’m not gonna take the credit. Corey created it and he was like, Hey, I’m a doctor. I don’t know anything about this. stuff, but like, Hey, I’m going to figure it out because we’re on a mission.


Right. And I think that’s really important as an entrepreneur is like, yeah, there’s gonna be some things and some skills that maybe you don’t have either you outsource them or it’s like, Hey, figuring it out your, yourself. And so you created this website on Squarespace and it was good enough at the time, right?


Like it did what it needed to do. People were able to find us if they were to Google, you know, Google us, they were able to go to the healing couple. com and they were able to find out when our next event was, and they were able to find our services. And they’re able to reach out to us. So like right there, that’s really all that we needed. 


And so that was great. And then about two years in is then when we had another team work on, work on our website, spruce up a little bit. So there was an upgrade there, but I will say the ultimate upgrade has been working with you, Christian. And by the way, Christian did not pay us to say this. Like, I mean, really just authentically, I just want to say, like, you just.


You’ve taken our website to the next next level, but we have been in business for, you know, coming up on, on four years full, full time. And, and, you know, now we’re, we’re at that, that point. But I really, for us, it was just like, as long as we had like the bare minimum, like where I see a lot of spiritual entrepreneurs get like, kind of get caught up is they’re spending way too much time on the website and like, Oh, like my about page and this and that, and they don’t even have any clients.


So it’s like, okay, get the bare minimum  and then go out there and serve. So that’s just been our, our personal journey as far as like the timeline and what that’s looked like for us. But I do, I do believe it’s important, but it’s not the most important thing when you’re just getting started. 



Beautiful. Yeah, I agree. And also, you know, in terms of platform choice, like choose something that’s simple that you know how to work with and you can get started and can get off the ground because you don’t need all the bells and whistles when you start out, you know, to start, start simple. That is, that is my advice for anybody who’s, who’s starting out.


And you know, the clients that we attract at Love Pixel are generally the ones who are already, you know, more established have been in the business industry for a couple of years and they’re looking to just kind of like. Consolidate the offers we have a little bit more clear of, uh, you know, offering structure, website structure to kind of direct traffic that’s already on there.


So  for sure. And in terms of like your future outlook for your business, what do you, what do you envision? Like, what do you call in? What do you, what are you excited about and how do you see, you know, the healing couple evolve currently?  



I love, we love seeing other people win.  I love that. And so for us, we’ve seen, you know, tens of thousands of people through our group experiences, one on ones, other, other programs and whatnot.


And so there’s only so many people that we can see and heal. And so for us, our mission really over the last almost three years now has been to help other people do what we do.  And that’s been the next step for us. And so we have I know we’ve teased it a little bit in this podcast We have a level one breathwork teacher training so you learn how to facilitate the reset breathwork method And so yeah in the last couple years we’ve um on by the end of this year We’re gonna have well over a hundred certified facilitators in well over 30 states nine different countries across the globe and I think What’s so amazing for, like, for us, almost as like parents, is like seeing people certified and then actually seeing them go do the work.


Because another thing that we really take a stand behind is, hey, you’ve probably done a lot of certifications, you’ve done a lot of other programs, but how much have you actually implemented from that? And so for us, the nature of the game is really teaching these people how to become certified facilitators and then helping them build their businesses and grow and change their lives, help them walk away from their, you know, full time jobs that they either don’t like, don’t want to continue or resent.


Um, we help people that are stay at home moms, like create side gigs. We help, uh, you know, medical professionals integrate breathwork within their businesses. So it’s really been a labor of love seeing other people take breathwork and really run with it. Um, there’s been so, so many fun stories. Like we have somebody who is a realtor who came in and she was really scared.


She’s like, never done certification before. I don’t know, like, but I’m gonna really give it my all. And she was an incredible facilitator. She graduated and now she uses breathwork. She creates breathwork ceremonies. 


I mean, it’s just like stuff that I could never, ever have thought up of, and we would have never been able to serve those people, but now we know that kind of stuff is happening around the world. At all times and I couldn’t be happier about it.  



Wow. That’s incredible. Yeah. And you know, That’s what what it comes down to, you know, being of service, helping others, you know, so, you know, kudos kudos to you and i’m really, you know, all the respect for all the beautiful work that you guys are putting out there and Um one more question before we close the podcast.


What what are you? What else are you looking to call in this, this year or, you know, the coming years for the healing couple? Is there anything else you want to send out in the universe and send out in this podcast?  Um, I always like to give people a little, you know, intention around at the end of the podcast.



Wow. I, I love that. I’m actually getting emotional right now. Um,  So thank you for that. This question. I love this. Um, the word that’s really been coming through for me in the beginning of 2024 here is the word legacy. So there’s many different ways in which we’ve been creating and building a legacy through a lot of things that we’ve been talking about in this podcast, especially with what Corey was talking about with Brother Teeter Trading.


That’s been a huge way for us to like just spread such a ripple around the world. And also, um, when I think of legacy.  I also think of us passing down, you know, just like, just who, you know, who we are through, through having our own children.  And that’s, I have to be honest with somebody that hasn’t been quite on my radar because we’ve been so focused on our business and like our mission.


But I also was like, wait a minute, that’s a part of our mission too. Like that’s a part of why we’re here is to, to have children to start our own family and, and in great hopes that we can like really impart like the wisdom, the knowledge, you know, our journeys that, you know, with them and share that with them and inspire them to do whatever it is that they want to do and really leave a mark on this planet and make it a better place.


as well. And so what we’re calling him like this year is just preparing for that, really creating a strong foundation for to welcome that in. And I see, I see that for us in 2025 of, of really, you know, starting our family. But this year is really about the preparation for that. Um, and really keeping that, that bigger and deeper why at, at the forefront.


And, um, And it really, really excites me. And I just feel like there’s a whole nother level of, of purpose that is about to unfold.  



Beautiful. Um, yeah, I’m really excited for you. And, um, I can, I can take the, I can little, I can take the parent role here cause I’m already a parent. I’m five years old. Um, so a really cool piece of advice that I can, you know, share with you, with you guys, you know, the podcast is.


I was also in a situation of like, Oh, you know what? Like, I think I should just like, shouldn’t I invest, spend more time with my child and just like, make sure that he has everything that he needs and just him. And, you know, it’s like, but then I met this person. I don’t remember who it was. And he said, you know what? 


Like children, they learn just by watching you. Right. And so if you don’t follow your passion.  And do the things you need to do,  then they’re not going to see this. I was like, Oh, thank you. Cause I needed this permission slip to keep going in my business. You know, I was like focusing a lot of time for my child and this and that.


It’s like. But it’s really how do you expect your children to see differently if you don’t do it?  Yes, right. So just keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing everything, right?  



Thank you for that, I love that. 



I love that. Yeah, it really is just a It’s a legacy conversation. It’s  like carrying the torch and actively carrying that torch, right?


Like living out your dream, your destiny, your vision. And they see that and that allows them the opportunity to pick up their own torch and carry it along as well. And it’s just like one after the other, you know, like a relay. So I love that. Yeah. Yeah. And I think, I think a lot of people are so afraid about being bad parents.


I know it’s this conversation that we’ve had, especially being entrepreneurs, because we can feel sometimes like your business is your baby. I know I felt that and I love this connection that you’re bringing in where it’s like, no, live out your baby, live out your dream, this one, because it will sincerely inspire and motivate and quite honestly program your kid for their own success.


Like they’re going to see what’s possible and see what it looks like. To have a parent, an adult really go for it. And I think naturally they’ll go for it in their own way.  



Beautiful.  Yeah. Thank you for that. And, uh, thanks for, you know, carrying the torch forward. One for one. And yeah, I mean, that’s what we’re doing, you know, we’re just inspiring each other and, you know, keep sharing the love and the light until, you know, everybody’s reached on the planet, you know, that, that wants it.


And uh, so thank you so much for sharing your love your light your your talent your wisdom with us and  Yeah, thank you. Thank you.  



So welcome. It was fun.

Thank you. It’s been a pleasure.  



All right. Bye.

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