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Nadia Hannout is a seasoned guide on the path to holistic wellness and spiritual awakening. With over a decade of experience in plant medicine and ceremonial practices, she empowers individuals to explore their inner landscapes and uncover deep truths.

Through sacred plant ceremonies and mentorship, Nadia facilitates profound shifts in consciousness, helping her clients reclaim their health and live authentically. Grounded in compassion and intuition, her approach fosters harmony in mind, body, and spirit.

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Welcome to an exploration of the profound world of plant medicines and their transformative potential for healing and self-discovery. In this article, we delve into insightful conversations with Nadia Hannout, a seasoned practitioner and facilitator of ayahuasca ceremonies, as well as various other plant medicines. Through her experiences and wisdom, we uncover the healing power of these sacred plants and gain valuable insights into their role in spiritual growth and personal development. Join us on a journey of discovery as we navigate the realms of consciousness, explore the depths of the mind, and embrace the profound teachings of nature’s medicine.

Part 1: Exploring Ayahuasca and Its Healing Potential


      • Ayahuasca: A sacred plant medicine with origins in the Amazon rainforest, revered for its profound healing and transformative properties.

      • Nadia Hannout: A knowledgeable practitioner and facilitator of ayahuasca ceremonies, guiding individuals through profound inner journeys.

      • Sacred Ceremony: Ayahuasca ceremonies are conducted in a ceremonial setting under the guidance of experienced facilitators, offering participants a safe space for exploration and healing.

      • Spiritual Awakening: Many individuals seek out ayahuasca for its potential to catalyze spiritual growth, offering insights into the nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things.

      • Healing Trauma: Ayahuasca is renowned for its ability to facilitate healing on a deep emotional and psychological level, helping individuals confront and release past traumas.

      • Integration: The process of integrating ayahuasca experiences into daily life is crucial for maximizing the benefits of the medicine, requiring reflection, self-care, and ongoing support.

      • Community: Ayahuasca ceremonies often foster a sense of community and connection among participants, providing a supportive environment for healing and growth.

      • Respect and Reverence: Working with ayahuasca requires a deep respect for the medicine and the traditions from which it originates, honoring the wisdom of indigenous cultures.

      • Personal Transformation: Through the profound insights gained during ayahuasca experiences, individuals may undergo profound transformations, leading to greater self-awareness, compassion, and authenticity.

    Part 2: Understanding the Essence of Iboga and Mushrooms


        • Iboga: An ancient plant medicine originating from Central Africa, renowned for its potent psychoactive properties and spiritual significance.

        • Nadia Hannout’s Perspective: While Nadia has not personally experienced Iboga, her insights shed light on the transformative potential of this sacred plant.

        • Mushrooms: Also known as Los Muños in regions like Ecuador and Mexico, mushrooms carry a playful and mischievous energy, often facilitating deep introspection and connection with nature.

        • Connection to Nature: Nadia highlights the profound connection to nature experienced during mushroom journeys, emphasizing their grounding and transformative effects.

        • Recreational Use: Unlike other sacred plants, mushrooms are often consumed in a more recreational manner, offering opportunities for creative exploration and introspection.

        • Microdosing: Nadia shares her experiences with microdosing mushrooms, noting their supportive role in creative processes and emotional well-being.

        • Ceremonial Settings: While recreational use has its place, Nadia now primarily engages with sacred plants in ceremonial settings, honoring their spiritual and healing potential.

      Part 3: Exploring Frog Medicines and Wachuma


          • Bufo and Combo: Nadia recounts her experiences with two types of frog medicine, Bufo and Combo, each offering unique physical and spiritual benefits.


                • Bufo: Described as a short-lived but profound experience, Bufo induces a rapid dissolution of the body and a deep connection to the energetic web of the universe.

                • Combo: Known for its physical purging effects, Combo initiates a mega purge, cleansing the body of toxins and promoting physical well-being.

            • Wachuma (San Pedro): Derived from the San Pedro cactus, Wachuma offers a vibrant and joyful energy, facilitating clarity, presence, and grounding.


                  • Connection to Nature: Wachuma’s essence, akin to drinking in the sun’s energy, fosters a deep connection to nature and a heightened sense of clarity.

                  • Personal Experience: While some may experience visions, Nadia’s encounters with Wachuma primarily involve clarity, grounding, and presence, aligning with her journey of self-discovery and truth-seeking.

            Part 4: Embracing Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Personal Growth


                • Vision for the Future:


                      • Nadia shares her vision for the future, which revolves around facilitating ayahuasca retreats, establishing her own healing center, and receiving healing traditions from her mentor.

                      • Ayahuasca Retreats: Nadia aims to continue facilitating ayahuasca retreats with her teacher, envisioning the acquisition of land to replant ayahuasca and foster a reciprocal relationship with nature.

                      • Healing Center: She plans to establish her own healing center, inspired by her mentor’s leewacy bone, where individuals can receive healing and find clarity and purpose in life.

                      • Personal Growth: Nadia aspires to offer mentorship programs, guiding individuals in finding clarity on their life’s purpose and supporting them in taking actionable steps towards their goals.

                  • Embarking on the Journey:


                        • Nadia emphasizes the importance of following intuition and cultivating mindfulness practices as foundational elements on the journey of personal and spiritual growth.

                        • Listening to Intuition: She encourages individuals to trust their inner guidance, even when it leads them into discomfort, as it often paves the way for transformative experiences.

                        • Mindfulness Practices: Nadia suggests starting with basic mindfulness practices to cultivate clarity, centeredness, and groundedness, essential for navigating life’s challenges and uncertainties.

                  Conclusion: Nurturing Growth and Connection


                      • Gratitude and Reflection:


                            • Nadia expresses her gratitude for the opportunity to share her journey and insights, emphasizing the honor it is to contribute to discussions on personal and spiritual growth.

                            • She reflects on the significance of platforms like podcasts and blogs in fostering connection and providing valuable resources for individuals seeking guidance and support on their paths.

                        • Continued Support and Exploration:


                              • As the article draws to a close, Nadia extends her appreciation to readers for their engagement and interest in her experiences.

                              • She encourages readers to continue exploring avenues for growth and self-discovery, whether through plant medicine, mindfulness practices, or mentorship opportunities.

                              • Nadia reiterates her commitment to supporting others in their journeys toward clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, underscoring the importance of community and shared wisdom in the pursuit of personal and spiritual evolution.

                          • Looking Ahead:


                                • With optimism and enthusiasm, Nadia looks forward to the continued expansion of her healing work and the collective exploration of consciousness and human potential.

                                • She invites readers to stay connected and engaged, fostering a community of seekers and adventurers committed to growth, healing, and connection with themselves and the world around them.

                          By embracing authenticity, intuition, and the transformative power of spiritual practices, individuals like Nadia Hannout are paving the way for profound personal and collective evolution. As readers embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and growth, may they find inspiration and guidance in the wisdom shared here, forging deeper connections with themselves and the world they inhabit.

                          Podcast Transcript

                          Welcome to the Successful Spiritualpreneur podcast.

                          Today, I’m super excited for a very special guest. Her name is Nadia Hanut. And she is a profound seeker, mentor and student of the sacred whose journey into the heart of self-love and purpose has been guided by ancient plants traditions.

                          So super excited for her because her path has been one of profound healing and transformation. She’s constantly evolving and reinventing herself.

                          And, you know, it’s a journey that has spanned over five years and ultimately inspired her to move to Ecuador.

                          And this total decision was driven by her deep gratitude for personal growth and the desire to reconnect with her roots in Ecuador.

                          Nadia has dedicated herself and her life to understanding and being in service to Mother Earth and the essence of life itself.

                          Nadia’s approach to her studies and practice is holistic and integrative. She engages deeply with personal experiences and the wisdom of her teachers exploring the vastarounds of human, psycho-spiritual journey, and her academic and practical inquiries encompassed a range of topics, including cognitive development, the anneagram system, consciousness coaching, and methodologies for integrating experiences in all those states of consciousness.

                          Super excited to have her on the podcast. Welcome, welcome, welcome. How are you?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Hi, thank you so much for having me. I’m doing well. I’m getting over a flu, so I might be a little bit congested, but I’m feeling really good now.

                          Okay, fabulous. I’m super excited to have you on the podcast because you are so connected to everything divine and sacred.

                          your light is just so pure. So it’s really an honor to have you on here. know, I think there’s a lot of interviews that get watched in content that gets consumed by, you know, people who are very popular already, like, you know, and Jeff Bezos and blah, blah, and you know, have like millions of views.

                          for me, it’s always joy to have people on the podcast that just radiate light and they’re just so pure.

                          for me, you are one of these people, like a very, very pure soul.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Wow. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. I really appreciate hearing you say that. And I have a lot of gratitude for.

                          I think the things that we will talk about on this podcast that I feel allowed me to connect to that light and live in this way.

                          So thank you for reflecting that back to me.

                          You’re welcome. Beautiful. So could you give us a brief overview of your background and, you know, highlight some of your, you know, like,

                          Customs on your path and you’re in your coaching and entrepreneurship around as well as with plant medicine. That would be fantastic So basically, you know, what’s your story and what’s got it you on your path?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          For sure, I would like to so I think before living life and having kind of like the life that I live right now It’s worth mentioning that I spent almost a decade working in tech in New York City and so I was like the epitome of like an overachiever and a workaholic and living my life in that way is what allowed me to get to where I am today because I experienced just total burnout and I experienced and could really feel what just like deep that on satisfaction and like feeling unfulfilled felt like despite checking off all the boxes and doing all of the things that looked good on paper as far as how I thought one should be living life and what life should look like and so somewhere along that

                          journey because of how unhappy I was. I started to seek healing, like alternative healing methods, and really what I was looking for was a path to understanding myself, like understanding why I was so unwell and looking for more meaning and plant medicines have and continue to be a really integral component of my life.

                          Plant medicines were the things that kind of opened my eyes and allowed me to be and understand that I was super hard on myself.

                          I was taking life too seriously and there was more to life than what I was living. And so I would say like the first few years of my journey was just really focused on diving really deep within myself to understand what it was about my life and the experiences that I had that had shaped me and that had created like the mental.

                          I call it like the operating system like our phones like the OS like what developed the OS that I was living and what would it take for me to develop an entirely new operating system more aligned with the vision that I had connected to and like the clarity that I had for the way in which I wanted to be living life and so I would say it was like that life in tech throughout that time doing a lot self-discovery and working with different types of healers and then like I would say like a really pivotal moment was getting to the point where I had the courage to like leave my job leave my entire life behind and just give myself the time in this space to allow whatever needed to unfold to unfold so that I could continue moving forward on my journey and in that time and space that I gave myself I ended up coming to Ecuador and then moving

                          to Ecuador to just really dedicate my life to my life’s work, which is a couple of different things. now I am the apprentice of a medicine woman who serves ayahuasca.

                          I’m also the student of an indigenous elder in Colombia who works with a plant called Yupo. But aside from learning and being in service to that plant, it’s more receiving his healing tradition, like becoming learning from the plants and my teachers and my own experience.

                          And I channel that into coaching and what I think it’s like devolving into mentorship for people who are really ready to transform their lives in themselves.

                          Wow, beautiful. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that. And question from my side is here, what made you pursue a career with plant medicine?

                          know, because it’s one thing to become an entrepreneur, right, in the coach. you know,

                          Nadia Hannout
                          to start your own thing in a way that that’s a big step like I’m not you know degrading that but to pursue a career with plant medicine is very sacred so what made you you know it’s a big I think it’s a you know it’s a big deal so tell me how did that come about like how did you decide I want to work with plant medicine to make this an actual career it’s fascinating I feel like from the first encounter that I had with sacred plant medicines like that first encounter with myself my essence it was something that I knew it was a feeling that I had that I knew that my life was meant to be in service of the sacred plant it was just that I I didn’t know how and for a while it was more just an awareness that I had this feeling it wasn’t like after my first ceremony I had the thought well now I’m just going to dedicate my life to this

                          But it was something that was very clear to me, and I feel also, I mean, maybe it’s not so important to go into that, but it was just a knowing that I had and what evolved over time.

                          What I got more clear on over time was how my life would be in service to plant medicine, like from the first awareness that this was the work that my life was going to be dedicated to having the clarity and understanding that it was ayahuasca and it was this healing tradition with my elder teacher.

                          That took a period of five years for me to get to that clarity, but I feel like one connects to just a truth that is that, just so true within themselves.

                          It’s like there’s no doubt, there’s no second guessing, it’s just I just knew Beautiful and so did you have any like tell us you know, maybe some some challenges and along your path of you know becoming a spiritual entrepreneur especially with plant medicine what is Some tricky moments and how you overcame those be beautiful to know I would say the first thing and the scariest thing was walking away from the Like I like to call it or think of it as imaginary security that I felt that I had with the life that I was living previously I Had a job that paid really well.

                          I was living in New York There my life felt very like comfortable and predictable and like it Excuse me

                          case scenario. So in my mind where I would go, like, if I thought about me allowing myself to pursue where my heart was taking me, I’d say, okay, like, let me give myself a year and just see what happens.

                          And in my mind, it would be like, okay, but if you like, leave your job and you take a year, like, what if you can’t find a job that’s as good, because like, you’re no longer as marketable, and then you’re not going to be able to afford to pay your mortgage and you’re going to lose your apartment and you’re going be like living out on the streets and have like no money to do anything or take care of yourself.

                          And all that was totally untrue. But that was like the extent of the fear that was present for me in terms of walking away from the life that I had spent many years building for myself.

                          And so that I would say was the biggest challenge. And then there are other things that I would consider more like minor annoyances, like to me they were annoyances but to others.

                          I feel when I hear others speaking about it, like they really present themselves as greater challenges. It’s what the people that’s around you in your life have to say or what they think about the choices or the direction that one is deciding like to take their life in.

                          And so I feel like I got lucky. My parents were surprisingly supportive because my parents are actually very traditional.

                          And so for them, my decision to change my life in the way in which I did, I think was very shocking for them, but they have always been really supportive, even though they don’t always understand.

                          But, you know, family and friends have things to say in opinions, and I think that that can be really challenging too, because sometimes that can confuse us.

                          Like, if we feel really clear about something and we feel really good about the direction that we’re taking things in, and then you talk to someone and they

                          tell you that they think you’re crazy or they start to share all of these what-ifs which are just projections of like their own fears or their own insecurities that can really confuse one that’s not like really really centered in themselves and what they’re doing which I think like when you’re starting to forge your new path it’s not always really easy to be really grounded and centered and confident in the decision and so what you need more is support as opposed to people making you like more scared or maybe more confused about this very brave decision that you’re choosing to take and so that would be another big one and then the third is it for me I was taking a step into the unknown and so there was no roadmap like I didn’t know what was next for me and so it was also challenging at times to just be with that and also to to start to to cultivate the thing that’s next and kind of like the try it’s so it’s

                          Fastening for me because I mean this is it’s called the spiritual perner podcast, right and I chose this for a reason Because when you decide to be a spiritual perner, it’s just something that Money is definitely not your number one priority, right?

                          It’s so interesting how we’re just like we know There’s so many other things in the world that would probably make us more successful in the world in form, right?

                          But we just know we got to do this we want to walk this path, you know, and a lot of times There’s so much trust that there’s an is involved there that Yeah, you just need to trust and I think the more you get in touch with this like intangible spiritual source energy Then the more often times you just need to let go of the form and the structure and the control and then they know This is gonna work and yada.

                          Yeah, know it’s beautiful because it in one way. It gives this component of uncertainty and also this component of like do you really want this because it’s not for everyone You know if somebody just like wants to make money I don’t think you become a spiritual entrepreneur.

                          It’s not like a path You know, mean there’s tons of other ways to make money quicker than this person, but it is a path that’s very fulfilling If that’s in alignment with you, of course And it’s beautiful to see how just I mean logically it just doesn’t make sense You understand this so if you go out there who make a lot less money and they’re very talented very smart And they are you know, you know, you know entrepreneurs, you know, so it’s beautiful so it’s beautiful to see that in you as well and Yeah, so my next question would be When it comes to you know starting your business and being an entrepreneur and you know building an online identity Like what’s like what’s strategy?

                          strategies which you recommend for developing an authentic online presence for anybody who’s listening in and thinking about like, you know what?

                          just, I was calling him a heart and something on like this. There’s a message that I have at the world to hear like, how do I, what do I stuff?

                          What do I do? What is their strategy? What, what, what do you, anything?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Anything that comes to mind? I will share what I feel like I have learned. I’m like connecting to currently because I’m also like still in this process, myself.

                          But I feel like first and foremost, like I think it’s super important to be as authentic as possible, like not necessarily to think so much about what you think people want to hear or how they want to hear it, just like being able to have the confidence to share what it is that you feel inside yourself, that you feel like you

                          you have to share with others regardless if you think it sounds like weird or whatever it is, but I feel like being authentic is the best way to connect with people and what will ultimately result in generating connection with audience that you want to build and to grow.

                          And the thing I have found is when I allow myself to be the most vulnerable, whether it’s I really like to write and so the way in which I share content tends to be through writing or now I’m starting to create and just like share like videos.

                          But when I allow myself to be the most vulnerable, I always feel like I get at least one person who sends me like a really like a message that just fills my heart with so much like gratitude and appreciation because they allow me to see the way in which like what I shared with them, how

                          resonated with them or like how it inspired them or how it motivated them or something like that. And I’m not sharing usually like when I share it’s more so like for me it’s in a way like a form of like my own therapy and I’m just kind of like okay I’m like thinking about this a lot or like I’m struggling with this or like this is an experience that I recently had and this is what I learned from it or this is how I processed it.

                          This was my approach I’m just going to share it for the sake of sharing like I never think like oh I think this is going to inspire people but when I do that it’s like someone lets me know how it made them feel and that’s inspiring to me.

                          And so I think being authentic is really important and then the thing that you really helped me with you know I think like there is also something that we have to take into consideration where we’re like living in the time of the internet and there are like so many different people that you can find online and offerings and things like that and I think like people need help finding and feeling like

                          a little bit of like like security and being able to like trust someone or work with someone. And so I think like investing the time and like creating a space where people can go, they can learn about who you are, they can see what you offer, understand a bit about what your journey is or what it’s like to work with you.

                          Like I think it’s really worthwhile to invest in creating a space like that where people can arrive and find you and find all the information that you want them to find about you.

                          And so like that’s where you were such an ally in creating my first website because and you also like helped me through that whole process.

                          Like you helped me in terms of thinking about what I needed to be sharing, how I needed to share it, how to lay it out also so that I bahans that show up on it, know, like don’t get fatigued or it’s easy for them to kind of navigate and find what they need.

                          And so I think thinking about like oneself. as a business you know like you need to think about the resources and the things that you need to do in order to be able to support yourself and so I think like creating a like for me it was a website and like people are really big on like social media like an Instagram but like having some sort of strategy having someone who’s an expert like we can all be experts in all things so like I like to focus on being the expert in what I’m an expert in and then I like to go to other experts to give me guidance on the things that I don’t know anything about and so finding someone like you to help me because the internet is like a really big tool for me like right now a lot of the people that I work with are word of mouth and friends and things like that but my intention is to share my work with as many people as I possibly can and so the internet becomes a big tool there and the thing that I mentioned before like for me I really like to write so like maybe it’s like old school I don’t know but like I have a blog I really like to share there I think like what I’m saying with all of this is like I’m

                          finding the different ways in which I can share as much of myself as like vulnerably and as authentically as I possibly can.

                          Like my past, what I’m currently living, the things that I’m working towards because I think like we’re all humans and we’re all the same in that way and like I’m not going to be for everyone and I’m not trying to be and so I just want to be able to put myself out there in a way where those that are like going to resonate with me like can find me and have a little bit of an understanding of what I’m about.

                          Beautiful. Thank you for sharing that and in your journey of you know building your identity and writing these blog posts do you also use like tools like AI and things like that or not yet somehow because you know obviously a lot of clients that we work currently with they use a lot

                          Nadia Hannout
                          of chat with you know even you know where love picks will big fans right but we make sure we emphasize the human character of these tools as well so don’t just you know take the stuff that the robot writes but you know choose it with your love and authenticity and I think what what was your expense to use these tools at all if so is there a balance a cool balance they could strike somehow or you say meh I’m not a big fan at all I am definitely I mean I’m a person that really values efficiency and organization and so I feel like more tools that I use are would be around that and I’m not I’m not closed off to exploring how incorporating more technology and like my processes can support me but I feel like I’m like a really old soul in the sense that I like to do things old school chat GPT I don’t know if I would ever introduce or like introduce AI into the things that I write because then I really feel like I can’t say it’s fully

                          me and that just doesn’t resonate with me right now. I have tried to explore like the AI tools for creating images which has been like a little bit fun to play around with although I think I haven’t mastered the art of like putting the right string of words together to get the types of images that I want but I’m more of just you know I’m like basic like I like scheduling tools like for posting like I think that’s helpful I like like tools like Evernote you know like for where I can like keep track of like ideas or actually in the future a really good friend of mine and I are planning on starting a podcast as well and so I think like more technology will come in the works in the future but it’s also like a lot of work it’s like there’s so much time and energy that I spent in like the studying that I do and then the work that I do and then this whole thing of like the more business side of things.

                          There’s a lot. And so I’m still getting the hang of it.

                          Cool. So what, like in your current experience, well, you have three top favorite, like software tools, whether whatever they’re related to.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          I mean, I really like, I really like, like, if I’d like ever know for like, if I’m like planning things and writing and things like that.

                          So I use ever know, I’m like, just like a really big fan of like the Google little suite, know, and oh, Canva Canva is a great ally.

                          Canva is what I use like to create posts and content for my retreats and things like that. And so I appreciate Canva a lot.

                          I love that. I can hear a lot about that.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          appreciate you, Canva.

                          Leaving some love here for Canva. That’s good. think Canva is such a big tool because, you know, I mean, I know I’m proficient in Photoshop, but just like when I learned it, I was like, this is a different language.

                          just program Photoshop so it’s like camera just makes it so easy for people to screen their own content and graphics and it’s a great tool.

                          We love it.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Especially for like the non like talented folks like me, I like that stuff.

                          Yeah well I mean Photoshop is very technical it’s just so many settings and I don’t even use half the settings that they are you know it’s crazy.

                          Okay cool so let’s now I want to shift the conversation little bit more like okay how do you maintain balance between your work and your you know personal life and you know with with all the things that you do is that any routines that you have any you know wisdom you want to share with us we’d love to hear it.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Yes I mean for me that balance is like really important in something that’s always really top of mind for me because I feel like we can only give when our cups are full and so it’s like really important to take care of ourselves and so like on a daily basis I have a routine that I

                          I feel really supports me and that’s meditation, some form of movement. live on a mountain, so I like to walk on the mountain or I do some yoga and writing.

                          Like I sit down and I write like one to three pages. The first part of my day, these three things I try to do every morning, like before I get started on my day, and that I feel helps me be centered and be grounded and be able to like do the things that I need to do from the best place.

                          And then aside from that, more and more, I put more attention on my nutrition and how I eat and how I nourish myself and take care of myself.

                          And for me, time and space to like really rest and recharge is really important. And so I’m really intentional about giving myself that time, like staying home or just doing things with myself and taking time off, just connecting.

                          Because for me, I’m just like fully aware of my… capacity and my energy. And I can just see like what my output looks like when my energy is low, whether it’s like physically mentally or emotionally.

                          And so every month I have days where I just like spend time at home doing nothing doing things that are restorative from my mind and my body.

                          And every day I have like a practice that feels really grounding to me.

                          Beautiful. Is there any, any substances like, you know, that you can recommend, like for example, cacao, for example, is a great ally and tool that I use in my daily morning rituals and tea.

                          love Japanese green tea. There is any other cool little herbs that you know of or you know, things like that.

                          I’m always a big fan of, you know, pointing people into new directions, exploring new, yeah, new allies, new friends.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Yes, I have met. any because it depends on what I’m feeling that I need. But for example, I currently, I’m working a lot with .

                          It’s like a powdered form of tobacco that is inhaled and it’s something that for me is both really grounding and it helps to like really clarify the mind.

                          And so if I’m ever going through like parts of my day and I’m just feeling like there’s a lot of mental chatter or I’m just feeling like I need some extra support grounding, is a major, major ally of mine.

                          Cool, I love that. I think we should like, let’s list a couple plant medicines, whatever category, whatever it doesn’t matter.

                          just like discuss their effects, you know, because I mean, from my experience, like every plant is different, you know, even though they’re all like, you know, psychedelic.

                          Well, if we want to stay in the second academy right now, we can. mean, Rappé is not But we can and I think it’s fun to like see.

                          Oh, yeah, you bogus this way and I ask us that way and no, no, you know, like I think let’s do that So let’s talk a little bit about plant medicine and the energy of the plants like what’s the character?

                          How are they like who would they be like if this would be a person there would be like this energy?

                          You know, I think I think let’s let’s let’s do that.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Let’s do a little list up Okay, so let’s start with the big one. Are you Oscar? Okay Let’s start with the big one.

                          Okay, I think I was a person like how would it be?

                          What would the energy feel be it be and feel like I?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Well, you know, it makes sense that She’s often referred to as grandmother ayahuasca because there’s The total wisdom that is felt and then there’s like the sharp way, you know, like hits you over the head with the heart

                          are truths like the things that you really need to like here and see about yourself, but then also like envelopes you in so much love.

                          So truly, it is like a real like grandmother energy. And so that is like the archetype that I would describe.

                          Okay, and what does that mean?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Ooh, or mean. I think that it’s really easy for us to think that we understand what things mean or what words mean with our minds.

                          But what ayahuasca has shown me is that there’s a whole another level of understanding when you feel what something is.

                          And so the first word that I always think of when I think of ayahuasca and like why also I just like describe for as a grandmother, is because I’ll act for

                          Me and the wasca allows me to really understand what love means, but not from like intellectualizing it or being a concept, but feeling it like feeling an immense amount of love for myself, for the people in my life, like for the earth that gives us everything that we need to sustain ourselves.

                          It’s like love and awe and when I say like wisdom, there’s just so much that we can learn and understand again about like ourselves, about our past, about our future, about like this world, this ecosystem that we all exist in that we are all like interconnected within the universe, like there’s just so much understanding that ayahuasca can give you.

                          And so it literally feels like just like diving the deepest until, you know, like those ancient mystery schools that existed, but like receiving like everything that.

                          was in the curriculum like in one night like those things are possible and so it’s just wisdom it’s awe and it’s often also hard to find like the words and like the the combination of words to describe it because it’s just something that is so incredible like it has to be lived and felt to be able to really understand what it’s like wow beautiful let’s move on to the next plant you pick well the other plant i would say that i can speak to is a plant called yofo and that is a plant that i am also developing a really close relationship there are like three main plants in my life tobacco and ayahuasca and and yofo and yofo is a tree it’s a seed that comes

                          from a tree. And this is a plant that I have been working with pretty consistently over the past year under the guidance of an indigenous elder.

                          And so with him, I’m learning about the plant, but also the way in which we use the plant, which is to do healings.

                          But what this plant brings for me and for those that ingest it in the way that I see it happening in the gatherings that my teacher holds is that it brings a lot of clarity.

                          And I think that, for example, a lot of people are drawn to ayahuasca because they hear about the visions and like these experiences that you can have that are like super out of this world.

                          And that can happen and those are super cool and amazing to have. But what I have found with Yupo, Yupo for me is like it’s not about visions or anything like that.

                          It’s about getting it’s about finding a clarity within yourself that’s So profound, like it blows my mind how deep one can go just by having clarity, like just by being clear, it’s like you can see so much.

                          And then it’s mind blowing how much you can discover in the clarity of things like no, like nothing that’s like psychedelic that’s like happening in your field of vision or in your consciousness or anything like that, it’s just like discovering the truth about yourself and who you want to be in this world and what you want to do and that for me is what Yupo does.

                          It brings clarity, it brings presence, it brings a sense of connection with the sky, it’s like a plant that’s really connected with the sky, like the celestial realm.

                          And so that’s a lot of light for me, Yupo is just like a lot of light, clarity and presence.

                          And I don’t know who I would describe, maybe like Jesus would be like Yupo. It definitely sounds more masculine, would be a masculine person, yeah, sounds like that.

                          And it’s also something, again, I think all these plants like really have a way of like bringing you to the heart, but Yupo for me is also just a plant that like really connects you to your essence, like allows you to be connected to your essence and will radiate from there.

                          Beautiful. Have you had expense with Iboga?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          I have not.

                          Okay, me neither, so I can’t speak to that. So what else we got? What else? Let’s talk about mushrooms.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          How would you describe those? Mushrooms? I think mushrooms are great. Um, where would I start with mushrooms? mean here, I mean in like places like Ecuador, you know, Mexico, they’re often referred to as Los Muños.

                          but there’s, like, menos means children, like, there’s definitely this playful energy that comes with mushrooms. I think there’s, like, a mischievousness also that can exist as well.

                          For me, mushrooms, I’ve always enjoyed having a long ride in nature, like an experience in nature. It’s something that, again, makes me feel really connected to the earth.

                          It’s not surprising they come from the earth. All these plants do. Mushrooms, I think, are also, like, so, like, sneakily powerful.

                          Like, I think that they can take you, like, really, really deep to look at parts of yourself and of your experiences that can be, like, really dark, but from, like, a child’s perspective.

                          So, like, still, like, maintaining that playful sort of energy. The thing that I would say is, like, mushrooms are…

                          are the are the like, and the agent I have worked with in the most recreational manner, like all other like the sacred and master plans have always been more of a ceremonial experience for me.

                          Mushrooms have been the only one that has been more of a recreational thing. And I think like that’s something that’s really nice about them too.

                          Or like with micro dosing, I feel like they can help in terms of there was a point in my time in my life where I was like, I was supported by them along creative processes.

                          And that was like really interesting experience to have with them. But now the way in which I engage with plans is like really ceremonial settings only.

                          And I have, I have had experiences with different types of and the agents like with frog medicines as well and and wachuma and peyote.

                          But now I really just stick to like the uh the plants that I’m like in service to.

                          Okay, great. So we have three more. Broad medicine, what you want to pay?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          I love it. It’s great. Okay. two types of frog medicine. So my first was Bufo and Bufo is was for me as it is often described a short-lived experience.

                          Maybe 15 minutes maximum, but it the feeling the experience happens instantaneously. Um you inhale like the it’s um how do I describe it?

                          like this creation from a frog that is heated and then the vapor like that comes out from that you inhale it and as soon as you inhale it like you lie down and for me the experience was

                          one of like a total dissolution, it was like my body totally dissolved, I couldn’t feel my body. And I perceived myself as a, as a little wave of energy and everything around me just turned into little waves of energy.

                          And that was the experience that allowed me, I feel like to really understand that everything is just energy. It’s a, it’s an experience that I would say could probably be really overwhelming if you resist because it’s so fast and it’s so profound.

                          It feels like a control, all delete of like everything in your psyche, like energy that you have stored that has just been like weighing on your energetic body.

                          And it’s really a feeling of being connected to like the energy web that we are all a part of like this great mysterious universe.

                          And so fast, deep, really, otherworldly, and I don’t know anyone in that, like, embodies that in real life, so I don’t know how I would describe them as a person, but it’s powerful.

                          I don’t know that I would just, like, recommend it, like, to try, just because I think, I mean, with all medicines, you have to be called for it, but it is a very intense one.

                          And then the other frog medicine is combo, which is really, really beneficial for the physical body. Like, it really helps you, let me get my thoughts sorted.

                          The whole point of having combo is to initiate, like, a mega purge. Like, no part of the experience with combo is enjoyable.

                          Starting from the fact that the way that it’s applied is that there are some very superficial burns. They’re superficial, but you’re still, you’re getting burnt on your skin.

                          Then the combo is applied to those burns. And then pretty soon after, you start to feel really unwell physically.

                          A very normal reaction is that people vomit. It can also send you to the bathroom or you can release what you need to, crying, laughing, yawning.

                          But most common is that you vomit or that you go to the bathroom a lot. And so it’s really able to get the bile out from the depths of your liver.

                          Apparently, that purging process also initiates some purification process of the blood. It’s all about like, fertilizing your immune system and purifying the organs that are responsible for processing all of the toxins that we ingest in the body.

                          So there’s a reason why they call it the vaccine of the jungle. Like, it’s something that really so for your physical health.

                          Although it can also like, it also serves, all of these also always serve to like clean you of like the mental, like the toxicity and like your mental, emotional patterns too.

                          And um, yeah. And then I guess, Wachuma, the cactus medicine, San Pedro, is, is like drinking sun because these cacti grow, you know, in the mountains, they’re just all day long taking in the energy of the sun.

                          And so when you drink it, you really feel that like you can just feel how your body begins to vibrate and I feel like there’s like a joyful energy that comes with that too, which kind of like makes sense.

                          It’s like sun, solar, a lot of life. a lot of vibrancy, there’s like an element of like joyfulness to it, a lot of energy and it’s another medicine that for me brings a lot of clarity and presence and grounding.

                          I know that there are people who experience visions when drinking wachuma as well. That’s ever been my experience for me.

                          The experience is one of clarity and grounding and presence and truthfully I really appreciate medicines that bring you to that place because like I said visions are cool and there’s that’s a whole experience but to me nothing is poor than like getting clear on things and so wachuma helps with that too.

                          Wow, beautiful. Wow, yeah. Wow, yes. Hey, uh, I love this. I love this.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          I think, um, I couldn’t give you the name for the best people.

                          That’s, that’s, I think we have one more peyote. Right. Is that the same as what you were different?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          It’s different. I had peyote once or twice, not is ceremonially. And so I think like a ceremonial dose and, and I think a ceremonial dose and being in a peyote ceremony is totally different.

                          What I did was with a medicine woman, we ate both peyote and San Pedro, and we went on like a really long nature walk.

                          And so it was also combined with San Pedro. And so on its own, I’m not sure. But the thing that I felt and the way in which I felt it was similar to San Pedro, it was like that connection.

                          to a lot of groundedness and just it’s like, it’s like opening, it was like opening my vibration to receive the vibration of that nature and everything that was around me and just feeling like totally synced up and in harmony with that, super clear mind like really just connected to my breath, the step that I was taking, the environment that I was in and presence and presence is such an interesting thing to commune with, you know, when like it can be one of the hardest things to cultivate and so I think that the cactus medicines are like really incredible for bringing us to that and it makes sense because they’re just like tall and grounded in, you know, like firm in their place and so I feel like that’s how I have felt when sitting with them.

                          Beautiful. Well, thank you so much for sharing. Well, this is super duper excited and now we’re kind of new in the end of the episode so I wanted to ask two or three more questions and the next question would be how would you personally see like what’s your vision for the future like what or three place you’re looking to maybe you know like what’s your future what’s your vision then just tell us little bit about that and what are you looking to call in.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Sure thank you for asking that because it feels really good to be able to say I actually feel really clear on the vision for my future I mean I love being able to be a part of the journey in sharing ayahuasca with others and so currently I facilitate ayahuasca retreat.

                          with my teacher and so that is a vision you know like that is something that we will continue to do she’s not just my teacher but she’s my friend and feels like a soulmate as a person as well and so we facilitate these retreats right now we do them at a retreat center that we rent I would say like vision for the future is to be able to like buy lands and build our own place and also have land where we can replant ayahuasca because like thinking about that reciprocal relationship with mother earth and conservation is something that’s really important to us and so I see that as also like a conservation project that we will have and we will tend to and like grow old together serving ayahuasca and then I am the reason why I’m studying with this elder in Colombia his name is abuelo Clemente is to receive his healing tradition it’s like my version

                          of medical school basically. so my intention with that is to be able to work one-on-one with patients and with what I’m receiving from him.

                          I mean, he has the ability to basically heal anything that he’s faced with, like whether people come to him with physical ailments, or whether it’s something that’s like emotional, mental, like psychospiritual, things like that.

                          I mean, he can even cure people who have early stage cancer, like if someone comes to him and they’re like at the very like last stages of it, like that’s hard to do, like that he cannot do, but he cures things that there are no cures from, like in the mess, like in the western, like medical traditions.

                          And so he has what is called a leewacy bone. It’s like his house of not just healing, but it’s loosely translated to house of contemplation because there he shares yofu as well.

                          so it’s a place where people come and they not only find healing, but they find a lot of clarity for themselves and what they want to do with their lives.

                          And so my vision for my future is also to have my own house that people can come to and receive healing and also receive these plants that I work with and have dedicated my life to being in service to.

                          And I just want to share the things that I have found that have like brought me back to myself.

                          And so these are kind of like the two ways I envision myself doing that. And the third thing I will say like something that has recently kind of like dawned on me is something that I feel that I would really like to offer when I really can like give form to the idea is a form of mentorship.

                          Because I am increasingly, I feel like people are increasingly coming to me, looking to be supported in a journey of like one, getting clear on like what their purpose is on life, but then two, like having this courage to allow themselves to like take the steps that they need to take in order to like move towards that direction of like living their life’s purpose.

                          And it feels almost like a little bit like I don’t even feel like I can like fully say this sometimes because then just like, I don’t know, it makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable, but I guess like people come to me, they see me as someone who has been able to do that, like to just go after what I feel is my life’s calling and they are looking for support to be able to do the same.

                          so I feel like I would really love to create a way of working with me where there is some, where there is guidance in the, in the ceremonial and like sacred plant medicine space because I think like that’s a really big part of like helping to get to that truth of who we are.

                          And so there’s like the space in the guidance that that’s held in working with these plans, but then also like combining that with like what I can offer from an integration and like mentor perspective.

                          So that they can take those things and kind of like materialize them into their lives. And so I think that’s what my future will be about.

                          Beautiful. And I’m just on your website. So you have your website is Nadia We’re going to link it in the show notes.

                          And you currently do offer plant medicine integration and coaching. if anybody’s interested in that for sure, reach out to Nadia.

                          And I think when you were talking about about what you were talking about just now, like finding your purpose, that’s something you could create a program around.

                          That’s what I’m feeling, you know, like you just say, you know, find your purpose and it could be like a six week or an eight week program for people that come to you or with you or has some sort of a part of it is a retreat or you know, it’s like a final celebration or Ecuador or whatever it would be for them to have that initiation.

                          If they want to do it, it could also be an option, you know, it could be optional with plant medicine.

                          We initiate you without plant medicine. Of course, you can find your purpose there too. And with plant medicine, obviously, it would be retreat and then you would be the incubator, kind of helping them to these other next, in the next eight weeks, we help you to incubate, integrate, materialize your purpose.


                          Nadia Hannout
                          Thank you. Yes, it definitely feels like it could be a program one. that I would have to be incredibly thoughtful about.

                          And so I will allow all of the pieces and how it comes to life to come in its own time.

                          But yes.

                          Beautiful. Yeah, great. Sweet. So I have two more questions for you. The next one is what would be the key, any kind of key wisdom, key advice, key, some deep insight for people who just want to start out and be like you, right?

                          Nadia Hannout
                          Who want their own, have their own, be their own spiritual entrepreneur? Well, what advice would you have? It’s like the biggest and the most important thing is to get comfortable with listening to and following your intuition.

                          Like we all have an intuition and that is the thing that I feel like should always be your North Star.

                          the thing that you follow even when it doesn’t make sense or you feel like the way that it’s leading you is going to make you feel really uncomfortable like follow that like put yourself in the discomfort because the best things are going to come from listening to that inner guidance that we all have.

                          So I would say like really listen to your intuition and I feel it’s really really helpful and necessary to really like cultivate like I think of it as like dominance over the mind.

                          So the mind doesn’t dominate us like really being able to learn to distinguish between like the self and the mind and like being able to cultivate ability to like fit as a witness to the mind.

                          And so like starting with like really basic like mindfulness practices. A lot of times when I start to work with people with integral

                          There are like really basic things that I suggest that they do as the start of like cultivating all of these new capacities.

                          like these are not like, these are not like crazy new insights or things that like people have not been talking about for many, many years, but I think the same things are suggested so frequently because they really work and they’re really important.

                          And so I think it’s like finding like a practice that allows one to cultivate like clarity and a feeling of centeredness and groundedness, like whatever that looks like for you because there are so many different options out there.

                          But take the time to like find what those things are and then really put in the effort to make that a habit and like a part of like your regular life because they may seem like minor things.

                          But the benefits like are really priceless. And so I think that if you’re going to like set off on this path, you need.

                          need to be able to like regularly feel clear and to feel grounded and to feel connected with yourself to have the ability to like take this path that will be challenging and hard at times.

                          Beautiful. Yes, yes, yes, Yeah, no more questions from my side. I think this is beautiful to conclude with this and say anything else you would like to add that hasn’t been said yet or do you feel complete?

                          Anything else you would like to share? Now be a good time.

                          Nadia Hannout
                          I feel super complete. would really like to express my gratitude to you for having me on here. It always just feels like a real honor like to be able to share a bit about myself.

                          life and like I appreciate that you wanted to have me on here because I think this is a really beautiful idea.

                          think a lot of people are going to benefit from the collection of folks that you’re going to have on here and what they have to share because it just feels like we’re in this time where so many people are ready to take this leap and I think we all always need like all the support that we can get and you’re creating this amazing resource for so many people.

                          So thank you to you for your light and this creation that you are bringing forth to the world.

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