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Jamin’s voyage into personal transformation began with his own quest for inner fulfillment, propelling him to dedicate his life to guiding others towards holistic well-being and spiritual alignment. With a profound understanding of trauma, resilience, and the power of self-awareness, Jamin has empowered countless individuals to embrace radical self-responsibility and cultivate deep, meaningful lives.

As a spiritual visionary and entrepreneur, Jamin merges his passion for personal growth with his entrepreneurial drive to foster a community rooted in authenticity, trust, and conscious living. He envisions a world where every individual embraces their true purpose, leading lives of profound fulfillment and alignment with their innermost values.

In this illuminating dialogue, Jamin Heppell delves into the essence of his transformative community dedicated to holistic growth and conscious living, highlighting fundamental principles such as radical self-responsibility, resilience, and spiritual alignment. With unwavering authenticity, he shares insights on navigating life’s challenges, cultivating resilience, and harnessing the power of inner transformation to create a more harmonious world.

Through his genuine experiences and unwavering commitment to holistic living and spiritual evolution, Jamin offers a compelling narrative on the journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and collective awakening.

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In this captivating conversation, we delve into the profound insights of Jamin Heppell, an entrepreneur and visionary who navigates the intersection of spirituality and transformational travel. Through his company, Mountains and Marathons, Jamin explores the realms of personal growth, resilience, and purpose-driven living. Join us as we uncover the essence of alignment, integrity, and the pursuit of a new earth, guided by Jamin’s unique perspective and deep commitment to inner transformation.

Part 1: Embracing Alignment and Integrity

In this section, we explore Jamin’s perspective on embracing alignment and integrity in both personal and professional realms:

  • Spiritual Foundation: Jamin emphasizes the significance of alignment, viewing it as a spiritual concept that guides individuals towards deeper connection and purpose.
  • Heart-Led Life: He highlights the importance of leading a heart-led life, which involves aligning actions with inner truth and values.
  • Holistic Business Approach: Jamin advocates for a holistic approach to business, prioritizing values over profit and creating structures that support personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Ethical Principles: He underscores the importance of conducting business with ethical principles aligned with personal values, contributing to the betterment of humanity.
  • Living into Fullest Potential: Jamin believes in creating a business environment that fosters personal growth and enables individuals to live into their fullest potential.

Part 2: Entrepreneurship with a Spiritual Foundation

In this segment, Jamin delves into the concept of entrepreneurship imbued with spiritual principles:

  • Integration of Spirituality: Jamin discusses the concept of spiritual entrepreneurship, emphasizing the fusion of business endeavors with spiritual values and practices.
  • Heart-Centered Approach: He advocates for a heart-centered approach to entrepreneurship, where business decisions are guided by inner wisdom and integrity.
  • Alignment with Purpose: Jamin highlights the importance of aligning business endeavors with one’s purpose and deeper values, fostering a sense of fulfillment and meaning in entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Contribution to Humanity: He suggests that spiritual entrepreneurship involves creating businesses that not only generate profit but also contribute positively to the betterment of humanity and the world at large.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Jamin emphasizes the significance of conducting business in alignment with ethical principles that prioritize integrity, compassion, and sustainability.

Part 3: Navigating Transformational Journeys

In this section, Jamin explores the dynamics of navigating transformative experiences:

  • Embracing Change: Jamin emphasizes the importance of embracing transformational journeys as opportunities for growth and self-discovery.
  • Personal Evolution: He discusses the notion of personal evolution, highlighting how transformative experiences contribute to self-awareness and personal development.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Jamin shares insights into overcoming challenges encountered during transformational journeys, emphasizing resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.
  • Inner Exploration: He encourages individuals to engage in introspection and inner exploration as integral components of transformative experiences, facilitating deeper understanding and self-transformation.
  • Integration and Application: Jamin discusses the significance of integrating insights gained from transformational journeys into everyday life, emphasizing the practical application of newfound wisdom and growth.

Part 4: Vision for the Future: A New Earth

In this segment, Jamin shares his vision for a transformed world:

  • Humanity Liberated: Jamin envisions a future where humanity is liberated from suffering, emphasizing the distinction between pain and suffering and advocating for radical self-responsibility.
  • Personal Empowerment: He discusses the transformative power of embracing radical self-responsibility, highlighting its role in unlocking human potential and fostering a sense of empowerment.
  • Collective Consciousness: Jamin explores the concept of a collective consciousness aligned with higher principles, where individuals live in harmony with their purpose and passion.
  • Creating Possibilities: He emphasizes the role of individuals in co-creating a new reality, where the pursuit of personal fulfillment aligns with the greater good of humanity.
  • Embodied Transformation: Jamin underscores the importance of embodying the desired vision for the future, advocating for actions rooted in alignment with one’s values and aspirations.

Part 5: Personal Goals and Aspirations

In this section, Jamin reflects on his personal goals and aspirations:

  • Expanding Horizons: Jamin expresses his desire to push the boundaries of transformational travel and adventure, contemplating the integration of inner growth with exploration of diverse landscapes and cultures.
  • Innovative Endeavors: He envisions pioneering programs that combine transformational coaching with physical challenges, such as summiting Mount Everest or traversing the Namibian desert.
  • Sacred Stewardship: Jamin shares his vision for leveraging newly acquired land in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala, to establish a retreat center focused on deep healing and collaboration among thought leaders.
  • Balanced Life: Beyond business ventures, Jamin values his roles as a husband, father, and participant in the rich tapestry of life, seeking fulfillment in both personal and professional spheres.


As the conversation draws to a close, Jamin leaves the audience with these parting words:

  • Embrace Your Deepest Desires: Trust in the inherent wisdom that guides you towards your true desires, and have faith that the journey to uncovering them is worth the effort.
  • Seek Guidance and Clarity: Acknowledge that navigating through societal expectations and internalized fears may require support. Find mentors, processes, or practices that resonate with you to help uncover your deepest truths.
  • Align with Your Purpose: Once you’ve identified your core truths, focus on aligning every aspect of your life with them, paving the way for a more authentic and fulfilling journey.

Connect with Jamin Heppell:

  • Facebook: Follow Jamin Heppell on Facebook for insights, updates, and personal reflections.
  • Mountains and Marathons: Explore transformational travel experiences and programs offered by Mountains and Marathons on their website.

Podcast Transcript

What is up, beautiful people? This is Christian from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur podcast. And today I’m super excited and honored to have Jamin Heppel on the show. He is a founding director and leadership coach at Mountains and Marathons, a transformational leadership development organization that delivers life changing coaching programs for entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders.

All their programs graduate with an epic physical challenge like running a marathon or climbing a mountain in iconic locations around the world. Jamin and his business partner, Jen, were acknowledged as one of the top 20 leadership coaches to watch out for in 2021 by the Australian Business Journal.

Jamin’s clients have included senior 500 companies, leaders of international non profits, founders of multi million dollar startups, leaders in network marketing companies, Ex military, stay at home moms, and many other amazing people. In the last five years, as the head of sales, Jamin has sold over two million leadership coaching and learned what it takes to stand out in a flooded industry.

On a personal level, Jamin has been traveling and living nomadically for the last five years, living in 48 countries whilst building mountains and marathons. Jamin has ran a marathon in six continents, climbed Mount Everest, Base camp in Nepal, summited Mount Kilimanjaro eight times, completed three ultra marathons, and is the Guinness Book World of Records for being a participant in the world’s highest obstacle course race on Mount Kilimanjaro in September, 2021.

Jamin is passionate about transformation, adventure, and having a good time. Jamin, welcome to the show. Hey, Christian, you’re the baby of my brother. So good, let’s go. And what I really, what I really appreciate about you, Jamin, I have to say, it’s like, just that last sentence, you know, you have so many credentials and you have so many, you know, achievements in your life, which is incredible.

At the same time, the last sentence, Jamin is a passion, is passionate about transformation, adventure, and having a good time. Just having a good time, you know, it’s like,

Jamin Heppell
What else are we doing here, brother? What if, like, if we’re not having a good time, what are we actually doing here?

What are we actually doing here?

That is such wisdom in such simple language. And I feel just like you have this childlike character of being so innocent and just playing the game of life. So, you know, effortlessly that it really is inspiring. So can you give us a brief overview of your backgrounds and, you know, highlight some of your milestones and, you know, in the, in the, in the industry and, you know, what led you to embark on this journey to, you know, become the person that you are.

Jamin Heppell
Thanks. Thanks, man. Yeah. I mean, if I’m to kind of circle back on some of the cliff notes of my lifetime, I mean, I grew up in a small country town in Southeast Victoria, Australia, a town of about 7, 000 people. I grew up in a, um, in a fairly, like, securely attached household with mum and dad, you know, being together and being really devoted to being good parents.

I was the eldest of three boys, um, and so we grew up in a very competitive household. One of the things that I acknowledge for me growing up, you know, I’ve always been very passionate about sport and very passionate about leadership. These have been two core threads throughout my entire life, but one of the things that was certainly an unconscious thread in my childhood was as the eldest of three, um, was really seeking the approval of my dad.

You know, and the way in which my dad gave love was when I performed well at sport and when I performed well at school. And so, uh, in a way, there was part of my survival response was about, um, ensuring that I received love by performing. And so, naturally, like my, the undercurrent. Predisposition was to like, try really hard at whatever I did, because I got a kick out of the validation and it supported me to survive.

And so part of my survival strategy too, was like, ensuring that I was always appeasing the most powerful person in the room. So, at home that was dad. It, um, at school, that was the teachers at sport. That was the coach, and that was kind of like my survival mechanism. Now, obviously, the gold of that is being a high performer, high achiever, being liked by anyone I was looking to be locked by.

That really worked for me. Um, the shadow side was if I disagreed or there was a values clash with one of the, like the leaders in the space, um, I didn’t have the audacity to actually stand up for. What I believed in. And so that’s been a huge part of my journey of stepping into deeper levels of personal leadership is learning not to move into the state of appease, but really attuning more to deeper levels of truth.

And so what’s helped bring about more of that journey? Um, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. So and, uh, and, and as I said, always gravitated towards sport and leadership. So when I was 17, I was really fortunate to be the school captain of my local high school, and I got invited onto a leadership development.

Um, six day transformational program that was facilitated by 12 passionate volunteers and brought together 60 young leaders from all across Victoria. And this six day retreat fundamentally changed my life. Um, it was the first time I’d ever been brought out of my little bubble of the small country town that I grew up in and brought into a space where I was introduced to, um, you know, a range of different, People from different cultural backgrounds and different, um, different energies.

You know, it was the first time I’d ever met someone who was, um, uh, who was gay, open, proud about it. First time I’d ever met someone who was Muslim, first time I’d ever met someone who was transgendered, like it was this full opening from this tiny little world that I’d grown up in. You know, the nature of this six days, man, is it just like it, it, it introduced me to personal development one on one and what those facilitators were creating for me in that week and for all of the young people who are a part of it, uh, I was like, this is amazing.

Every young person should experience something like this and what you guys are doing, I’m going to do that and I’m going to do it bigger, better and more professionally. And that has like that moment when I was 17 years old has literally been kind of like the portal. that has then since opened everything that I’ve stepped into ever since then.

And so, you know, I certainly won’t say the rest is history. But what, what, what I emerged then after, um, after having a go at university and not following through on my degree, but being very passionate about the idea of creating a, an organization that looked at leadership and grassroots sport for teenagers.

I created an organization called Game Changers, and so for the next eight years, throughout my 20s, I led leadership and resilience development camps and training programs for teenagers in sport. And so I ended up working with about 5, 000 young people in that organization, which gave me a lot of air time.

Holding groups, developing my facilitation and coaching skills, and then that also branched out to leading an organization called the Man Cave, which has looked at working with year 7 to year 12 boys or 13 to 18 year old boys and young men in high schools across Australia to support them to challenge, deconstruct and redefine what it means to be a man in today’s day and age.

And so the combination of the man cave and game changes had me work with about 12, 000 young people across the course of my twenties. And, um, and yeah, man, I got, I got, I got a real insight into the nature of human behavior and how like psychology and the way in which our culture really shapes our ideas of what’s possible and who we choose to be in the world.

Fortunately for me, um, I had one of the most challenging chapters of my entire life when I was 26 and that was hitting burnout. So I had a massive burnout. I was working like 16 hour days, six days a week, wasn’t taking care of my, my nutrition, my physical health, my social life, my finances, like everything was just way out of balance or as I would say today, deeply misaligned.

And fortunately, my body was keeping score, which meant that there was a point in time when it, my body just had enough. I was so anxious. I was so depressed that it just said enough. So I had a breakdown, had my hand balling my eyes out. I think it was in the middle of July of 2016 and I was just like in this mammoth depression.

uncontrollable cathartic state. And after a couple of hours of just being full surrender, uh, I just had this simple but profound epiphany. I realized that I created this mess. Like I created all of my suffering. And so I thought to myself, okay, well, if I created this and I can create my way out of it. And that was when I really asked the question for the first time, okay, if I could be doing anything in the world right now, what would I actually be doing?

And then it just dropped in an instant. I was like, man, I’d be running marathons, climbing mountains, traveling the world, transforming my life. And working out some way to help other people do the same. And so that night I spent about three hours downloading the vision. Next day, woke up, phoned my best friends, my business partners.

And I said, Hey guys, I’m done. In two years, I’m heading off. I’m gonna go and run a marathon and climb a mountain on every continent. And I’m sharing this with you with two years notice. A, so I’ve made a declaration. I’m accountable to it. But B, so you guys have also got two years to prepare yourselves for my departure.

Now, Fast forward six months, I then, uh, incidentally, serendipitously met Jen and so Jen, she, um, we began dating. Uh, she was from Germany, originally been traveling for eight years and then finally found herself a good Aussie man. She was hoping he was going to stick around, but, um, all I was doing is ready to just pack my bags and get up and get going and move out of Australia.

And so we dated for six months. Uh, we moved through a lot of stuff in that six months she moved in. We founded the company Mountains and Marathons and then together with her background of strategic intervention, coaching and international business and coaching entrepreneurs like me, that was people who were burnt out, but up to big stuff.

Um, the two of us combined our years of experience in the fields of leadership and transformation. And then we set out on a mission to create one of the most impactful transformational leadership programs we possibly could. And so this is what created the foundation of our core offer. Called the align leadership program, which is, as you said, in the introduction is our program where people work with us over six months in a holistic journey of leadership, development and transformation, and then they graduate by joining us in some epic location in the world to run a marathon or climb a mountain.

So we created this, we created mountains and marathons and on the 18th of May of 2018, we took off. With a one way flight to Germany and have basically been on the move ever since. So we’re coming on six years now of international adventure. I’ve lived in, I think you said 48 in the introduction. It’s I think I’m 40, 52 now and, um, and, uh, and yeah, man have been on this whirlwind of an adventure of personal growth and development, whilst also being able to serve and support incredible leaders from around the world to bring their life into deeper levels of alignment, um, and activate their spirit of adventure as well.

So there’s some cliff notes, my man. Um, and I’m just excited to be here, brother. I have a huge, a lot of respect and admiration for you, man. I’m excited to be in this conversation.

Amazing. Wow. That was, that was a handful. I love it. Yeah. Yeah. It’s, you know, it’s so well summarized, you know, it’s, it’s incredible.

And so from your viewpoint, um, at this, at this stage, I have like two questions. Number one, what makes you a spiritual entrepreneur? And. I think the answer to the second question will be in that, so I won’t say the second question. But just answer that question first. What, what, what do you think makes you a spiritual entrepreneur?

Jamin Heppell
Yeah, man. Well, I think, um, there’s, there’s two layers to that. One is like what we actually offer, like the way in which we support and guide people, which hasn’t, it has a deep spiritual undercurrent, which in its essence, man, is about supporting people to get deeply connected to truth. Right, to listen to the communication of their spirit and their heart that lies beneath the stories of the mind of what people should be doing or shouldn’t be doing, but actually get in touch with deep innate desire.

And it’s that, it’s that communication of the heart and the spirit that is actually the access. to our greatest sense of fulfillment and contentment and inner peace. And so the aligned leadership program is really a, um, uh, journey of inviting people who feel as though their life, whether they feel stuck or they feel misaligned or something’s just like not clicking, even though we’ve achieved all of this conventional success, it’s the, it’s a deep, safe invitation to actually listen to.

The whispers of the heart, name them, and then determine where am I living incongruent with the communication of the heart. And so, In a way, like, the reason why Jenny and I do this so well is because we’ve both been on a deep personal journey of, um, doing that for ourselves and then developing, you know, through our own education and practice, developing, um, process and tools to be able to safely support others to do the same thing.

And so when I feel into like the heart of Mountains and Marathons, and it truly being about bringing people together. guiding people into deeper levels of alignment, that in and of itself has a spiritual foundation to it because it’s like, it’s like literally, man, I mean, there’s so much possibility here on this planet and yet there is so much misguided narratives of what we should and shouldn’t do in our lifetime.

And so this is really the um, the invitation for these guys to, for our clients to, um, to lead a more heart led life. So that’s part of it. The next piece, man, is like, that’s, that’s like, that’s like the offer that we do. Then the next piece is just like a spiritual business. It’s like leading a deeply aligned business.

One that is holistic, one that doesn’t just focus on, um, the bottom line, but one that really also looks at what, like, what does it look like for the structure of the company to actually like lend itself to us living into our fullest potential and one that supports anyone who works for us. to be inside the same journey.

Um, and so this is something that we bring a high level of awareness and attention to as well as like the holistic impact of our business and how we do business. How do we do aligned business in a way that is deeply founded in ethical principles that are aligned with us and, you know, contribute from our perspective to the betterment of humanity because the business exists, let alone the product that we offer.

So, um, I would say that’s how, yeah, that’s probably the core of what, um, has me resonate with the, the idea of being a spiritual entrepreneur.

I love it. Yeah. I mean, that’s, you know, part of the reason why we, or that’s the reason why we started this podcast, because I believe that, you know, these two worlds, uh, the spiritual world and the physical world.

You know, can be merged and it’s such a wonderful experience if you do just like when oftentimes when you merge anything, right, divine masculine, divine feminine, like there’s just this alignment happening between these two worlds. It’s like, yeah, I have, I have one leg in this and the other leg in there and it feels really good to be standing in between channeling and bringing something here to the planet that’s unique to me and, you know, transforming other people’s lives.

So when, when did you last follow your intuition? Over your logic in your business. And what was the outcome?

Jamin Heppell
Yeah, nice. Okay. So, uh, the one that immediately comes to mind was last year. So 2023, um, we, over the course of the years, Jenny and I have created what we call graduate programs. So people who have graduated our six month aligned leadership program, um, then become part of a graduate community, which is a really beautiful and powerful network of, um, High performing leaders around the world.

And so we’ve been getting more and more creative with these graduate offers. And, you know, one of the offers that we’re really excited to, to, to invite our graduates to is, was a program called Masterpiece, the Uganda Guerrilla Edition. And so that was going to be a six month leadership training. that graduated with a six day retreat in Uganda, where we would go and spend time with the silverback gorillas.

And you know, when we felt into the energy of this, we were just like, full, we’re just like,

fuck. Yeah.

Like what a cool, what a cool offer. You know, like it was lighting us up and we were like, our graduates will love this. And sure enough, you know, we put it out there to our, I think we had like 85 graduates at that time.

And man, we had like two takeups, like two. And we’re just like, well, like, what is missing here? Like gorillas, like, this sounds dope, but clearly something is not vibing with our graduate community. Now I can circle back on our reasons why we think that is, but, you know, we’d already laid down, um, I think we’d laid down seven grand.

to secure the retreats that sensor that was non refundable. And so because this program wasn’t going to fly, the question we were sitting in was, okay, well, do we just acknowledge that as sunken costs or do we try and do something with this? And I sat with it for maybe four or so weeks and just like was just curious about, okay, what’s like bubbling, what’s coming through.

And then I was like, huh, you know, it’s interesting. 80 percent of our graduates of the aligned leadership program are hype, uh, are incredible, high performing. Women and I, I mean, I, I love working with high performing women. I’m really good at it. And I love serving men and desire to serve more men. And I thought about, I’m like, Oh, well, if you think about it, like.

You know, the silverback gorillas, the mountain gorillas, are, it’s a very masculine kind of, like, animal and if you have ever been in the presence of a silverback gorilla, like, I mean, it’s full charge, king energy, masculine. And I’m like, that’s interesting that we hardly got any take ups and the two, the two increase we got, like the two curious, were both men.

And I’m like, huh. I, I’m like, what if I led a men’s only program called like the men’s immersion that became a coaching program, exclusive to high performing men. And I felt into that. I felt through that. And I was like, I was like, yeah, this got a fuck yes. Energy about it. And so sure enough, like, was just like, cool, what would this look like?

Ideated, felt through the essence of it, you know, centered around this core principle of embodied masculine leadership and the six core tenets of embodied masculine leadership being integrity, emotional mastery, relationship, mastery, vision, and purpose, united brotherhood, and connection to spirit. I’m like, cool, I’m gonna run this program centered around these six core tenets.

And sure enough, built the website, created the sales presentation, and then just like, Put it out there, word of mouth, and then had, you know, we literally only had space for four men to be a part of this, um, and then within three weeks had three men registered, and it became a, it became a profitable program, became a way of saving seven grand of sunken costs.

These men got to have an incredible transformational experience, and I got to go over to Uganda. Lead some magic and then also be in the presence of, um, of the silverback gorillas and, and go to Uganda for the first time. So that’s the one that immediately comes to mind, man, as far as like attuning to opportunity and intuition, um, in the space of what seemed like, uh, an absolute headache for our business.

Beautiful. I love that. In talking about like alignment, like what, like, what’s, what’s your secret to staying in alignment? Do you have any like any morning routines or any like, you know, intervention techniques or tools, tips, tricks, resources, whatever it is you have to stay in alignment?

Jamin Heppell
Yeah, nice. Let’s even just explore alignment for a second, just in case there’s other language that resonates You know, we use the word alignment because it just has a resonance with our, with the people who we serve.

But, you know, other ways of saying alignment is kind of like to be in deep integrity with oneself, um, to be living congruent with one’s deep inner truth. Like, that’s what we’re speaking about here. And so the way in which we support people, I guess, for just looking at, like, the principles of, of, like, living a deeply aligned life, There’s a couple of layers here.

One is a general process of what we call clarity, clearing, and creation. So clarity is like actually listening to the heart and naming what, what the heart is saying as, this is what the most deeply aligned life for me would look like. This is what it would feel like. And so we actually have that as like, a declare as a declaration, you know, and we, and we call this clarity, then we have clearing.

So clearing is then looking at the beliefs and emotional blocks that are misaligned with that possibility with that vision of what the most aligned life would look like. So then we do a deep Um, you know, a deep excavation work in this space of clearing to support people to let go and transform limiting beliefs and clear emotional blocks.

So there is then space for the final step, which is called creation. And so creation is then looking at, okay, how do we, um, condition our body somatically to be able to receive and embrace more of that, which is more deeply aligned and also be developing the, um, daily habits and practices that are directly aligned with, you know, the possibility of clarity that we’ve created at the beginning of the program.

So broadly speaking, we guide people through like clarity, clearing, and creation process. So that’s one part. And then you’ll also notice here that inside clarity, it starts very zoomed out. It starts at the macro highest level vision of possibility. And then from there, we then become more and more refined as far as like, okay, so we’re in touch with the energy of this possibility, but then what are the actual Daily, weekly, monthly practices that support the embodiment of this possibility such that there’s both an embodiment of that frequency in the here and now, and also leveraging the power of the compounding benefit of doing things consistently over time that allow for a transformation to occur to bring things into deeper alignment.

So I guess with that as context, man, For me, one of the things that’s really important to me is be consistently revisiting, um, my, my vision or what I call my manifesto, um, of what my most deeply aligned life looks like. Now, there are two parts here. One is there are components of this vision that, uh, include the specifics of what I desire for it to look like.

Like I’ve got a lot of clarity around that. And at the same time, it equally expresses how I want to feel. And how I wanna, um, how, yeah, how I wanna feel and how I desire for others to experience me in shared space. And so the beauty of this is, is one isn’t, one is like a prac, a practical manifestation, a physical manifestation.

And then the other is this felt sense. It’s an energetic experience of like. how I experience myself on the day to day. Now, the beauty is the energetic piece can be felt in the moment. Like I can embody that now. If I don’t yet, you know, own the vision property, if I don’t yet have, you know, I’m not yet married, I’m not yet a father, but these are things that I know just naturally, like in my deepest desire, my deepest truth is these are things that, um, are a part of my future yet they’re not here yet.

And so then the question that I asked then is, okay, well, How am I showing up today? That is a direct embodiment of who I’m becoming and what I’m committed to creating. And so so much of my daily practice is centered around the energetic embodiment of that. Yes, there’s obviously practical steps, but it’s more about attuning to that energy.

And so for me, you know, I’ve then also felt through, okay, well listen, if there’s like, if I was just to bring an intentionality to some specific ways of being on a moment by moment, daily basis. What would those energies be that are in direct alignment with how I want to experience myself and what I want to manifest in the world?

And for me, it’s really simple. I’ve just, I’ve refined it to three core things. Being, um, warm, being grounded, and being inspired. Warm, grounded, inspired. So, no matter the place or space that I show up in, there is an intention to be cultivating warmth. groundedness and inspiration. And I know that if I’m living from these energies, that what I’m emanating becomes a, is a direct, um, match for that which I’m looking to call in.

And that’s obviously leveraging the principle of law of attraction from an energetic standpoint. So that’s one thing that I’ll focus on is I’ll always engage with my manifesto. In some capacity in the morning, and then I’ll attune to the energy of my manifesto warm, grounded, and inspired. And then from there, I’ll ask myself, you know, just a couple of key questions is, um, how am I feeling right now?

Like this is a simple journaling exercise. How am I feeling right now? Um, where am I out of integrity? In other words, where do I, where am I, What are the layers of life that I’m resisting right now or where have I not followed through on what I said that I would do? And then I take a moment to determine the action to clean that up so that I come kind of back into a level of spiritual integrity with myself and anyone else who I’m in connection with.

And then the last question I’ll ask is what am I excited about? And so that’s um, that, that as a process is kind of like just part of a daily ritual that has me remain connected to what’s important to me, stay focused and also being embodying the energy of um, You have what it means to be, from my perspective, to be Living at my best.

I love it.Beautiful.

Yeah. Thanks for, thanks for sharing all that. There was a lot in there and I think people are going to take a lot out of it, especially, you know, like even just simple things like journaling daily or coming back into your energy. What is your energy? What is your alignment? What is your integrity?

Where are you? You know, it’s just like really all of this, like personal, it’s not complicated. It’s just sitting down and doing it. And you know, having, feeling the worthiness of taking out the time in your daily life and actually. Doing it because that doing it will shift your energy and shift your your state into something better So what are the three words that you want people to know you for after you leave this physical plane?

Jamin Heppell
Oh, wow. Okay

warm grounded inspired.

I love it. I was gonna I was wondering What happened you said that because like That means, you know, this is that you’ve been pounding this into your energetic system for so long. It’s just like, it’s part of you. It’s going to be it right for me. Um, on the last podcast, I actually, um, was thinking about it.

It was like, yeah, it’s love pixel T. You know, because love is like spiritual value pixels, like the masculine, bringing things to the world. And then he is, I don’t know, teach us so special, you know, we can have another podcast about tea. I love tea. People know that already. This guy doesn’t stop talking about tea all day long.

And so like currently in your life, like who or what inspires you the most in your spiritual and entrepreneurial journey?

Jamin Heppell
Honestly, man, my best mate, Rick William, who you know, um, yeah, Rick, because what I, because what I’m listening for when I’m, when I’m seeking people to be inspired by is I’m really listening for and looking for, um, the depth of integrity upon which they, um, embody and walk their talk. And, you know, I think there are a lot of obviously incredible thought leaders out there, but I don’t have like, and I may resonate with the way in which they show up in the world, but I don’t necessarily, I haven’t necessarily felt them and how they, you know, how they move through the world in a moment by moment, daily basis, how they treat their employees, how they speak when the cameras aren’t rolling.

You know, and, you know, I, I’ll always give the foundation of trust in and around that. Um, but my, what brings me the deepest sense of safety and desire to like continue to be influenced by someone is when I felt the way in which they show up and be, um, when the camera isn’t rolling, you know, and how they connect and communicate with their, with their partner, um, you know, and how they treat people on the street.

Like when I’m in touch with that energy. From people who I’m inspired by, not just like what they bring out and what kind of they’re, what they’re creating in the world, but the way in which they, um, they move through the world, um, behind the scenes. That’s when the depth of trust and respect really expands for me.

And I’m really fortunate to call one of my best mates, um, one of the most inspiring men I know. Um, and I mean, for those of you who don’t know, Rick William, he’s an incredible person. Um, coach of both men and women. He’s an expert in trauma, um, and he’s really committed to liberating the suffering of humanity.

And, um, you know, and in that he does his own tremendously deep work and holds one of the most powerful frequencies in romantic relationship that I’ve been in touch with. And, um, you know, I just saw so much, uh, inspiration from the way in which he shows up in bees. Um, and it’s not, yeah, it’s not about, it’s not about the results and the performance, but it’s just about how he moves through the world, um, that I find deeply inspiring.

So in this moment, my man, yeah, my best mate, Rick.

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing that. And for anybody who’s interested in finding more about Rick. You guys can, uh, check out Rick on Instagram or on his website rickwilliam. com. Um, yeah. Really great guy. Check him out. Um, so what is, what is your vision of the new earth?

Jamin Heppell
Hmm. Uh, humanity liberated from suffering. Like, it’s like, what I’m present to pain is inevitable inside the human experience inside this 3D like beingness here on this planet, like pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.

And, and the moment that the moment when I witnessed human beings getting that for the first time, it’s just like, like one’s capacity for radical self responsibility.

opens up and then the portal to, um, to living inside of how good it can get, like how good can it actually get being here in this physical realm, that really opens up when people get in touch with suffering is that pain is inevitable, suffering is optional, radical self responsibility. And so, um, for me, a new earth is 100 percent of the planet taking 100 percent radical responsibility for their freedom of suffering for their like, for living inside of, um, what spirit has brought them here to be and do and living deeply congruent and aligned with that which lights them up and is inspiring to them.

Let’s go. That’s a, that’s a beautiful new earth bro. You know, I just love like, All the people that asked this question, like this stuff, like, like after like a hundred episodes, I’m just going to compilation of like what everything said about the new earth. And it’s like, this is what we’re literally creating.

It’s not fantasy. It’s not imagination. Like we are the living embodiment of creating this new earth. Like you and I, you know, we opted out of not being incorporated or working for this, yada, yada, yada. But we chose to create a different version of life and bring something to reality that doesn’t exist yet.

So we’re doing that. So kudos to us.

Jamin Heppell
Yeah, man. And, and like, even just building on that, dude, it’s just like Gandhi nailed it years ago. Gandhi’s be the change you wish to see in the world. He’s not like, do the change. He’s like, be the change. And like, if you think being is an energy, and so it’s just like, it’s about embodying, it’s about being in touch with that vision and possibility and then embodying the frequency of that and then showing up and doing the things that are congruent with that.

It’s the being first, the doing second. And that’s exactly it, man. It’s like, cool, we’re in touch with the possibility and let’s like embody that and then do the things that are congruent with that possibility. I mean, if we’re not doing that, what else are the fuck are we doing here?

Exactly. And it comes back to like, have a good time. Have a good time, man. That’s right. That’s right. No, that’s right. Yeah. Honestly, like I think oftentimes it just gets like this simple things just get lost because we live from such a mental state of like, what’s next? What’s the most strategic? What makes most sense?

You know, versus just like, Bro, are you having a good time, right? That’s right. It doesn’t have to be all the time, 100 percent all day long, you know, but like, is the, the, the, the base essence of what you’re doing, giving you a good time? Like, are you, is building your own business, giving you a good time? Is, is this vision, is this thing pulling you forward and giving you a good time?

Yes. So yeah, and

Jamin Heppell
even it’s just even just like go deeper on this notion of like having a good time. It’s like, I’m a huge proponent of Consciously choosing to do really hard things because inside the pursuit of that resilience is cultivated, a sense of what we’re capable of is cultivated, which my experience has been as my own resilience has deepened and developed, my sense of what I can hold and handle as far as like what shows up in my field, it’s like, I got this.

Like, like, I got this and there’s such a, there’s such a, um, a grounded, um, sense of security and humility that gets to come with this notion of like, I got this. And that is, that is cultivated not from hedonistic lifestyles, but that is cultivated from actually choosing to do hard things and to bring a level of like.

discipline to like the things that are challenging in life. Now, obviously one of the things that I’m passionate about is like ultra endurance events. Like, you know, there are like, I guarantee you three quarters into an ultra endurance event. I am not going, I’m, I’m not having a great time. I’m just not,

I’m in a whole world of, this is silly. Why would it, why did I say yes to this? Like, this actually just seems a little bit unnecessary, like, you know, my mind will move into these places. And yet, I also, in those moments, it’s also like I’m aware of, oh wow, like deepening of my inner sense of being able to be with pain.

And discomfort and not suffer like that is profound training for life, right? And it’s the same thing in like, you know, in a, in a sales round that might not be going as well as desired. It’s like there’s a tension there. Ah, okay. Like I noticed the fear, the fear and the scarcity that’s present. Okay, cool.

Suffering. All right. How can I. How can I hold the parts of me that are in fear and feeling scarcity right now? How can I hold them with love and tenderness and compassion and then tune back into higher self and broader and, and step into a more cosmological perspective on this to then support and come back to an energetic place of equanimity and, um, and groundedness so that I’m able to move forwards from what would appear, what used to appear as a disempowering context to then actually step into a place of, hey, like, It’s all good.

It’s all good. And you know, the more we’re able to develop that, uh, that, that agility of being able to acknowledge places of inner disempowerment, and then move, like, hold that with tenderness, and then move back into a place of centeredness and empowerment, like, the more ninja we get at that, the more dynamic we get to be as we navigate, um, you know, the unexpected layers of life.

And gives us greater access to having more of a good time.

We’re coming up towards the end of the episode. So the last part of the episode, I always like to give to my guest that’s on, and I would like to ask them, like, what are your future goals, whether business or personal? And what are you looking to call in?

And after that, we’re going to ask you, you know, where people can find you and write any, any last words for the audience. But yeah, what are you looking to call in? What are you, what are your future? What’s your goal? What’s, what’s, yeah,

Jamin Heppell
drawing you? Wonderful, man. What a beautiful invitation.

You know, so in the spirit of Mountains and Marathons, like I’m loving, I’m loving the creative aspects of, you know, Um, what gets to become possible inside of what we’re doing with mountains and marathons and, um, you know, something that’s been core to its inception right from the very get go is this integration of inner transformation and transformational travel and adventure.

And so what I become ever more curious about is like. You know, this beautiful integration of two things that I’m so passionate about, you know, transformation and travel and adventure is like, how far, like how far can I take this? You know, at the moment we lead programs that will take people to run marathons in Patagonia or Bahamas or Iceland, all the, you know, through to climbing to um, Everest Base Camp to climb in Kilimanjaro.

And, It’s beautiful. And I’m also like, there’s even so much more of the world. Like there’s, there’s like more potent magical spots of the world. And so, you know, part of my spirit is like, well, imagine, I mean, imagine I cultivated a transformational leadership program with a graduation was summoning Mount Everest.

You know, when we went to the Himalayas in Nepal, And had this six week graduation retreat where we summit Everest. I’m just like, like something in my spirit is like, that. Like, that. Equally, you know, I’m like, I wonder what it would be like to like, do the ultra, the multi, the five day multi stage ultra marathon across Namibia.

I’m like, imagine building like a transformational leadership program that graduated with like, a five day traverse across the Namibia desert. It’s like something in my system is like that. So I think there’s kind of like more on the, there’s things I’m like the personal adventure side. Um, you know, there’s another piece that’s like, uh, I wonder if we could create like a coaching program where people came and hiked, I hiked the PCT up the West coast of, of, of USA.

And then people came and did like nature based coaching where we get to be in meaningful transformational conversation whilst we move through. nature. Um, you know, and so I’m like, oh, there might be a program there, like, that we could create. So part of this is just, like, feeling into, fuck, anything is possible here, granted that there’s an aliveness and an inspiration stemming from inside me.

That’s, that’s one part. The other part that I’ll speak into, man, is, um, Jenny and I were just, um, Bought some beautiful land here in Lake Atitlán in Guatemala, um, with a hundred meters of lakefront and 2. 5 acres of virgin land. And so, you know, I’m just pretty, um, right now a lot of the creative energy and the vision is, is coming towards what, what wants to be birthed from this sacred land.

And so, um, you know, my sense of being able to create a small retreat center that brings, you know, world class thought leaders. together to be in collaboration and also facilitating deep healing work, um, has a real resonance to it. So I can certainly see a big future happening as far as the nature of how we leverage this land that we’ve recently purchased.

So, um, yeah, there’s probably other things I could speak into, but there are a few things that are kind of coming through right now. Beautiful, beautiful. Yeah. On the, on the business front, but yeah, man, wife, wife, father, um, these rich layers of life are important to me as well, uh, in my future.

Amazing. All right.

So any, any last words for the audience and then where can people find you and get in touch with you?

Jamin Heppell
Cool. Nice. I think, um, yeah, final words is like, I believe that deep down everybody already knows what they truly desire, and my invitation for people who are in touch with like, I know there is something more for me, like I know there is a deeper sense of purpose, there’s a more fulfilling experience available to me in this lifetime, um, I invite you to trust that, and you know, it can take deep work and moving through a lot of fear and, um, societal story, to actually, get through the noise to discern the depths of clarity that’s already alive inside of you, but I invite you to trust that and, um, and trust that there are also people and processes that can guide you to being able to name.

that deep truth, because there’s something so power, empowering about being able to distinguish that, name it and claim it, because then the journey simply becomes about, okay, well, how do I align every layer of my life with that deeper truth? So that would probably be my primary invitation for as some closing words.

Uh, and as far as where people can find me or us, um, so personally, it’s at Jamin Heppel is Heppel is Facebook, um, and then also at Mountains and Marathons. If you want to check out our company and have a look at, um, what programs we’ve got coming up, that would be, uh, mountainsandmarathons. world is where you’d be able to see what we’ve got going on.

Love it. Thank you so much for being on the show, Jamin, it was a real honor. And um, yeah, thank you.

Jamin Heppell
So good great to see you christian. Thanks for having me man. Bye. Bye. Thank you

Bye. Bye. Thank you

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