Hannah Marie Muse: Embracing Sacred Feminine Wisdom, Community Building | Ep15

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Hannah Marie Muse is the founder of HER Temple, a foundation created to celebrate femininity and the healing arts.

With a message of intimacy and authenticity, The Muse shows up as an inspirational facilitator for private events, performs as an ambassador of the Divine Feminine on the Pole, and writes sexy, soultry music for the masses.

Her greatest passion is working 1-1 with singles and couples to ignite the spark back into life. Hannah’s wild life journey has given her a profound connection to God, which she openly shares about and teaches from to inspire others to live a more expressed and blessed life.

She often shares about the Miracle Frequency, in hopes that you, too, will let go of the past and step into the ever present now with her – because that’s where the magic is.

In this enlightening conversation, Hannah Marie Muse shares her journey of self-discovery, sacred activism, and divine embodiment, illuminating fundamental principles such as feminine wisdom, intuitive guidance, and soulful living. With unwavering devotion to her path, she offers insights on embracing the sacred dance of life, navigating the depths of the soul, and awakening to the miracle frequency that permeates all of existence.

Through her genuine experiences and deep commitment to spiritual evolution, Hannah invites listeners to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and divine remembrance.

Connect with Hannah on Instagram for soulful inspiration, empowering teachings, and transformative insights: https://www.instagram.com/i.am.themodernmuse/

Explore her offerings and dive deeper into the realms of sacred feminine wisdom and divine embodiment: https://www.theangelmusecollective.com/

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In the realm of spiritual entrepreneurship, where intuition dances with logic and the miracle frequency orchestrates profound connections, Hannah Marie Muse stands as a beacon of feminine energy and empowerment. Embarking on a journey that transcends conventional boundaries, she invites us to explore the depths of our intuition, embrace vulnerability, and envision a new earth where divine collaboration flourishes. Through her experiences in pole dancing, divine connection, and the power of vulnerability, she illuminates the path to a more harmonious existence. Join us as we delve into Hannah’s transformative odyssey, navigating the intricate tapestry of spirituality and entrepreneurship with grace and authenticity.

Part 1: Embracing the Divine Feminine in Entrepreneurship

In a world often dominated by masculine energies and linear thinking, Hannah Marie Muse emerges as a guiding light, championing the essence of the divine feminine in entrepreneurship. Here’s a glimpse into her journey and the profound insights she shares:

Embracing Intuition Over Logic:

  • Hannah’s approach to entrepreneurship transcends conventional wisdom, as she prioritizes intuition over logic.
  • She emphasizes the importance of tapping into one’s inner guidance, even in the face of uncertainty.

Honoring the Power of Love:

  • For Hannah, love is not just a fleeting emotion but a guiding force that unifies and connects all beings.
  • She advocates for infusing love into every aspect of business, fostering deeper connections and authentic relationships.

Navigating the Path of Divine Service:

  • Hannah’s journey is marked by moments of surrender to what she calls “God missions,” where she acts as a vessel for divine service.
  • She shares anecdotes of following her intuition and being led to unexpected opportunities and profound connections.

Challenges and Triumphs of Nomadic Living:

  • As a nomadic soul, Hannah grapples with the tension between attachment and freedom.
  • She shares the story of signing a lease against her logical instincts, guided by her soul’s calling to create a sacred space for community and connection.

Hannah’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of embracing the divine feminine in entrepreneurship, reminding us to trust our intuition, lead with love, and embrace the unknown with courage and grace.

Part 2: Nurturing Authentic Branding and Web Presence

In her quest to embody the divine feminine in entrepreneurship, Hannah Marie Muse emphasizes the importance of authentic branding and web presence. Here are key insights into her approach:

Embracing Authenticity Over Perfection:

  • Hannah’s journey with branding and web presence is marked by a commitment to authenticity rather than perfection.
  • She acknowledges the evolution of her websites as reflections of her growth and journey as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Viewing Websites as Expressions of Intent:

  • Hannah sees her websites as more than just digital platforms but as intentional expressions of her presence and offerings in the world.
  • She values the effort and intention behind her online presence, knowing that it signals her commitment to her mission and purpose.

Navigating the Masculine Realm of Technology:

  • As a proponent of the divine feminine, Hannah acknowledges the challenge of navigating the predominantly masculine realm of technology and web development.
  • She strives to infuse her online presence with feminine energy and authenticity, bridging the gap between the tangible and intangible aspects of her work.

Prioritizing Coherence and Integrity:

  • Hannah’s branding journey is driven by a desire for coherence and integrity, aligning her online presence with her values and purpose.
  • She emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and allowing one’s brand to evolve organically, reflecting personal growth and transformation.

Hannah’s approach to branding and web presence underscores the transformative power of authenticity and intentionality in entrepreneurship. By embracing the divine feminine and prioritizing coherence and integrity, she paves the way for deeper connections and meaningful interactions with her audience.

Part 3: Cultivating the Miracle Frequency and Visioning the New Earth

In her spiritual journey as an entrepreneur, Hannah Marie Muse delves into the concept of the miracle frequency and envisions a future aligned with the principles of the new earth. Here’s an exploration of her insights:

Embracing the Miracle Frequency:

  • Hannah defines the miracle frequency as a state of deep connection with the universe, characterized by trust, joy, and reciprocity.
  • She emphasizes the importance of listening to one’s intuition, taking inspired action, and co-creating with the universe to manifest miracles in life.

Visioning the New Earth:

  • Inspired by her spiritual beliefs, Hannah envisions the new earth as a place of harmony and collaboration between divine feminine and masculine energies.
  • Her vision entails a society where men and women are in their highest evolved states, collaborating in coherence and harmony to create profound and transformative experiences.

Aligning with Divine Tranquility:

  • Hannah encourages individuals to lean into their vulnerability and accept the inherent beauty of life, allowing their angel wings to open and soar.
  • She believes that acceptance and trust in the universe lead to a state of divine tranquility, where one can experience deep connection and profound transformation.

Calling Forth Collective Vision:

  • As a spiritual entrepreneur, Hannah calls forth a collective vision of community spaces, creative collaborations, and soul-nourishing work.
  • She invites individuals to participate in the co-creation of a world where authenticity, reciprocity, and joy are the guiding principles.

Hannah’s exploration of the miracle frequency and visioning of the new earth offer profound insights into the transformative power of spirituality in entrepreneurship. By aligning with divine principles and cultivating a collective vision, she inspires others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and co-creation.

Part 4: Embracing the Journey of Self-Discovery

In this segment, we delve into the transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment that lies at the heart of Hannah Marie Muse’s message:

Unveiling the Authentic Self:

  • Hannah’s narrative highlights the importance of embracing one’s authentic self and honoring the unique gifts and talents that each individual possesses.
  • Through introspection, vulnerability, and self-expression, individuals can embark on a journey of self-discovery, uncovering hidden depths of creativity, passion, and purpose.

Navigating Challenges with Grace:

  • Hannah’s story is a testament to the resilience and inner strength cultivated through facing life’s challenges with grace and courage.
  • By reframing obstacles as opportunities for growth and transformation, individuals can transcend limitations, tap into their inner wisdom, and emerge stronger and more empowered.

Empowering Others through Shared Wisdom:

  • Hannah’s commitment to service and empowerment underscores the transformative power of sharing wisdom and uplifting others on their journey.
  • Through mentoring, community-building, and acts of kindness, individuals can create ripple effects of positive change, fostering a culture of support, collaboration, and mutual empowerment.

Embracing the Journey:

  • As individuals embrace the journey of self-discovery, they are invited to cultivate self-awareness, compassion, and authenticity, paving the way for profound personal and collective transformation.
  • By embracing the inherent beauty and divinity within themselves and others, individuals can co-create a world that celebrates diversity, creativity, and the inherent interconnectedness of all beings.

In the final segment, we will explore ways to connect with Hannah’s vision and embody the principles of divine co-creation in our own lives.


As we conclude our journey through Hannah Marie Muse‘s insights on spirituality in entrepreneurship, let’s reflect on the key takeaways and explore ways to connect with her vision:

Embracing Divine Co-Creation:

  • Hannah’s journey underscores the transformative power of aligning with the miracle frequency and envisioning a future rooted in the principles of the new earth.
  • By embracing vulnerability, trust, and reciprocity, individuals can tap into the inherent beauty and abundance of life, co-creating a world of harmony and collaboration.

Invitation to Connection:

  • Inspired by Hannah’s vision, individuals are invited to explore their own spiritual journey and connect with like-minded souls.
  • Whether through attending community events, engaging in soul-nourishing activities, or participating in transformative experiences, there are numerous avenues to embody the principles of divine co-creation.

Gratitude and Appreciation:

  • We extend our gratitude to Hannah Marie Muse for sharing her wisdom and insights on spirituality in entrepreneurship.
  • Her message serves as a beacon of inspiration for those seeking to infuse their entrepreneurial endeavors with authenticity, purpose, and joy.

Ways to Connect:

As we navigate the intersection of spirituality and entrepreneurship, let us heed Hannah’s call to embrace the miracle frequency and co-create a world where authenticity, joy, and abundance abound. Together, we can embark on a journey of profound transformation and collective evolution.

Podcast Transcript

What’s up beautiful people. This is Christian from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast. And today I’m super excited to have Hannah Marie Muse on the show. And she’s the founder of Her Temple, a foundation created to celebrate femininity and the healing arts with a message of intimacy and authenticity.

The muse, Hannah, shows up as an inspiration facilitator for private events, performs as an ambassador of the divine feminine on the pole, and writes sexy, sultry music for the masses. Her greatest passion is working one on one with singles and couples to ignite The spark back into life and also wildlife journey has given her a profound connection to God which she openly shares about and teaches from to inspire others to live a more expressed and blessed life.

She often shares about the miracle frequency in hopes that you too will let go of the past and step into the ever present now with her because that’s where the magic is. Welcome to the now. 

Hannah Marie Muse
Aww, thank you, Christian. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having me. Feels so good. 

Such an honor to have you on.

And I really, when I, you know, when I’m in your presence, I get this full blown feminine energy and it’s so wonderful. And you express it so beautifully and elegantly when you’re around. And yeah. So how did that, like, my first question would be, how did that come about? Like what made you really be so much in your feminine?

Like, because I mean, a lot of. You know, not, not that many women are married, but you know, but when you meet a woman, it’s not, not everybody’s that expressed in it. So what’s your secret and what’s your story? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Thank you for that question. Wow. Uh, what is my story? You know, growing up, I actually, I was expressed as a child.

I can still remember being expressed and being theatrical. And I’ve always had this bigger than life zest. Like, I just, I’m so connected to things out of this world. And, I’m sure like many people that wasn’t actually fostered in my reality. I was very guided. My parents wanted me to be a lawyer. I was really school smart.

And so there was this idealism around, you’re going to be the one to go to college. You’re going to buy your grandpa. I remember it was like a running joke in the family. Like you’re going to buy your grandpa, his favorite Jaguar car. Like, That was my purpose was to buy my grandpa a nice car. And, um, and like good grades, very, um, what do I call it?

Militant. Like I was a militant child. I woke up, I studied, I didn’t go out until I had all my homework done. And there wasn’t a lot of. Play like play was squashed in my life in my reality, and it took me years to get that back to to feel comfortable in the unknown because the play is such improv.

There’s no mathematical equation to play. You can throw. An idea out there, but when you’re in relationship, you don’t know what’s going to happen except for how, how you show up yourself. Like that’s really all you can control. And so, oh my gosh, throughout my life, my process has been around taking off those masks and really getting to the center of my center, which is that inner child, the six, seven year old that wanted to play with frogs, that wanted to, you know, Stop everyone.

I remember being seven and I would stop everyone in the hallway and they would have to watch me put on some weird show or like interpretive dance to get through the hallway. Um, because these are our moments. Like we came here to create and we came here to be free and to mess up and to, I call it fail forward and to just be in the essence of purity and joy.

And so my expression now is just so much more full than it, than it used to be. And. I’m so grateful because it really, it had to shift a lot. And just like I explained, it’s like, I had to really come into this knowing of my value outside of what I produce. and outside of how good I can produce things. And so now I get to touch this richness of life.

That is all things I get. I love my sadness. I love rainy days. I love my joy. I love my sparkle. I love life sparkle, but I feel really connected to all of life in a way that I hope gives other people permission to just be in the radical delight of human. Like what an insane miracle. 

Yes. So true. And every time I’m in your presence, I feel that I’m just like, Oh my gosh, look at how Hannah is herself.

You know, it’s like this really like every time I saw you, I was like, wow, she looks so self expressed. It’s really a value that I admire so much about you and, um, it’s beautiful, you know, that’s, so whatever you do, it’s working, you know, your energy is contagious, you know, and, you know, I mean, I can see how your energy can also be too much for some people.

Um, But that’s usually the ones who just like haven’t found that there’s what you can connect with and you know, who you want to be and how expressed you can be, you know, so yeah, I really want to honor you for that, you know, so thank you for sharing that those codes with us every day you walk around, you know, so yeah, and so from my like, like, This podcast is about like combining these two worlds, like spirituality and entrepreneurship.

How have you combined, or first of all, what’s your definition of a spiritual preneur and how have you combined that in your life?

Hannah Marie Muse
I love this. That’s profound. I’ve been thinking about that actually. Um, because when I look at life, women and men that are entrepreneurial, but deeply connected to God, it is, there’s like no choice, but to be walking that path.

And I like to think of it as, okay, I’ve, I’ve had a journey and I’m willing to share it with you so that you have an, a faster access point to things that I’ve gone through. Um, and so for me, a spiritual entrepreneur is somebody that, yeah, it’s like, whoa, what? I want to say it’s like archetypal almost like what is my piece to claim?

Like what have I gone through over and over again that I can share and own and almost like be responsible. That’s actually come online for me really hard in the last few years is just like, Not only do I get to share it, I have to because people are suffering. I suffered when I wasn’t expressed. I suffered.

I was an addict. I was an alcoholic. I, I felt very two faced. Like I have a lot of joy, but there’s a lot of pain. And I was afraid to like, let both of them exist, even though they’re all perfect. Like all of us is always welcome. It’s everything is just a messenger. And so for me, a spiritual entrepreneur is somebody that is willing To walk a path and then give it away so that others can walk that path with them and to be a testament to their archetypal journey.

I’m obsessed with archetypes. 

So, what type of archetypes? I don’t know what I, what’s, what’s, what’s methodologies or what’s like, what’s directions that you’ve studied and explored with archetypes? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Hmm. Yeah. Well, it’s like right now I’m really into working with the women around pleasure. And so there’s the archetype in the shadow of like the sacred whore versus the pleasure priestess.

And then there’s the archetype of the queen or the princess. And so as we move through life, we’re in these different energies. We’re either in our maiden or we’re in our mother, we’re in the crone. And so I’ve just been working with where am I and how is this actually a universal story? Because so often, like, I know I was like, no, I’m the only person that’s suffering or I’m the only person that feels trapped in their expression.

When we take ourselves out of that, it’s an archetype of like victimhood. It’s an archetype of the hero’s journey. And so the more that we can realize through sharing, which is what I’m so into right now through art and music, we let people see an aspect of ourselves that they can then relate to, which then gives them permission to be like, Oh, I’m not alone.

Does this feel good for me? And what archetype do I want to portray? Do I want to be the person that needs help all the time? Do I want to be the person hiding? Or do I want to be the person, Brene Brown says it, like living in the arena of life, just like heart open, willing. Available, real, raw.

Beautiful. Yeah. And I, I think that’s what you do so well, you know, you are really go through life with such an open heart, you know? And so can you, can you share a pivotal moment in your life that led to, you know, being that spiritual, spiritual entrepreneur or what you say? It was like, yeah, it’s really, I mean, it’s really no choice about this.

It was like, I have to do it. Cause it’s just like, this is the thing, you know what I mean? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Mm. Gosh, so many moments. I love this question. There’s been so many moments. Um, from early on, I always knew I wanted to help people. I didn’t know how that was going to show up. And so I also just followed my joy and followed ease and followed, Like what’s in front of me?

What feels good? What am I curious about? Um, it started with massage. I’ve loved human bodies. I love people feeling good. I love to feel good. Um, that merged into energy work, which merged into Tantra. And then where I’m at now that has been so impactful is, It was my own recovery journey, actually, when I decided to look at the, I want to say like the profound moments that changed me, which were pole dance community, an opportunity and a safe space to be all of me.

I knew that I had to give that away because it works so well for me and I have so much in my life that I’m grateful for. And, um, And I was also recognizing there are not a lot of spaces that felt as fun. Like I think for me, a pivotal moment was like, I kept trying to get sober or trying to land somewhere where I belonged.

And I was like, I just don’t belong anywhere. And I was like, well, why don’t I create somewhere I belong? Why am I not just, if I want to belong in this way, if I want to belong fully expressed and full of life and full of love and make things sexy and fun, and even make the heart moments, like, enjoyable, I needed to create it.

And that’s where her temple actually came from was because I had seen so many things and I have been a part of so many things that I am in full reverence to. I’m so grateful for all of the golden nuggets that I’ve gotten to lean into. I feel like I have collected from so much in my life. And the culmination is now her temple because it’s all of the pieces that I feel are necessary for full integration.

And something that like is enjoyable. I’m not going to keep healing if it’s not fun. 

It’s just not going to work for me. So tell us a little bit more about her temple. What is it? And what happens there? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Yes. Her temple, her temple is, um, gosh, it’s not a space yet, but it is a space within all of us. It’s the heavenly erotic revolution.

And when I speak into eroticism, it’s not even about sexuality as much as it is. And. Intimacy with all of life, intimacy and delight in all of life and the heavy moments and the high moments. How can we be so ourselves and so surrendered to the flow that it becomes this Sensual dance. And this erotic for me is aliveness, this alive dance that where others want to come in and play.

My girlfriend says this all the time, like, let’s make the revolution sexy. And that’s also something I believe, like, how do we want to get people to wake up if it’s boring? Like, let’s get people to wake up and to lean into the truth of who they are in a way that feels really good. So the Hurt Temple is actually a nonprofit.

It’s a spiritual foundation that celebrates women. And that celebrates the more feminine way of doing things, but that is soft. That is emotive. That is creative. That is emergent. That gosh, is everywhere all at once. And I actually started it on Mary Magdalene day because I want to give this balance back to the masculine and feminine.

I know like. I’m not opposed to Jesus Christ. I love Jesus. I love God. I pray to the angels every day. And so how are we going to create real change is they’re back in harmony. Like we’re really ushering in a new era where we’re in reciprocity with the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. and healing together and growing together.

And so the, her temple is, is just another facet of what I see is an imperative space for men and women to come together within the masculine and feminine within like, of course I can be expressed, but can I show up to work on time? Yes. Um, uh, like there needs to be structure and there needs to be flow.

And so the Her Temple is a space where we’re celebrating femininity and creating spaces for women to come back home to themselves. Because I really feel a woman in her power and her beauty and her Ability to express in a mature way is, is helping everyone around her, is helping her husband provide, is helping her community grow, is helping her sister see what’s possible.

And that’s. my highest excitement in the whole universe. 

Wow. Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s really, you know, it’s so nurturing and nourishing to be around women who feel comfortable in their own skin, you know, whether that’s, you know, sexy or erotic or just like express, but just like, as long as somebody is just like, feels comfortable in their skin, it’s just, wow, what a pleasure to be around.

And, um, there’s this quote by, You know, the random of your, you know, make the revolution sexy. There’s this quote by Tony Cade Bambara, which is an African American, you know, social activist and documentary maker. And it says the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible.

Hannah Marie Muse
I just got the chills.

That’s, that’s what we do. You know, like. Um, I’m a designer. So that’s how I make the revolution of love irresistible. Right. With love pixel agencies, like as I am trying to point people into like, Hey guys, there’s this other thing called love that also, you know, maybe. It could be an option. You know what I mean?

I think for me, I mean, yeah, love is just where it’s at. You know, I think it’s that, that unifying value and really like in your case, I really honor you for just like bringing all these like Mary Magdalene codes to the planet and really helping us to like, realize and, and, you know, Be in that and experience those.

And so when, when was the last time you would say you followed your, I would say that’s a, that’s a rather hard question. You’ll probably do it all the time, but when was the last time you followed your intuition over logic in your business? And what was the outcome? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Oh my gosh. I mean, I want to say, gosh, um, I do this all the time. So it’s like, how do I even pinpoint one? Um, like, I have to all the time, actually. The most recent one that is happening in this moment, I’ve been nomadic. I love being nomadic. And I just signed a lease, which for me, I’m like, Oh, I don’t, my human does not like attachment to things or places even, but my soul is like this, this home is perfect for events and I have to get out of the way because I’m, I’m here to bring people together so that they can experience what it’s like to be connected and, um, to own all parts of themselves in pleasure and in, in the hard moments, like true full spectrum femininity and, um, I’m so excited because it’s beautiful.

I found a home that has a stage and a rooftop and like it was designed to bring people together. And so logically I do not want to do this. It doesn’t make any sense. I’m supposed to be in Europe. And my intuition though is, is guiding me to bring people together and to spend the summer creating spaces for people to soften.

Really like a safe oasis, um, especially in los angeles where there can be a lot of Density and chaos. It feels like a zero point of stillness and the doors will be open pretty consistently to have people flow in and out, um, and spend time together with tea. Yeah. Unspoken word. Um, but it happens all the time.

Like I would go on trips. I know I went on this trip. I was, I was assisting a woman and in my heart I was like, this doesn’t make any sense. This is not my project. I got to the event and ended up signing like a 10, 000 client, you know, stuff like that, because I’m in service. I call them God missions. Like there are many times that Hannah as a person, which God bless her confusion, doesn’t want to do something, but God, or my angels are like, excuse me, go be in service.

Like go walk the walk of a muse, be an angel for someone because they’re, I believe angels are in human form. Um, and so I feel really blessed to. Participate in life that way and that’s also very feminine. There’s no there’s nothing linear about it There is absolutely nothing linear about it at all But when I hear the call to go be in service, I don’t do it because i’m gonna get blessed.

I do it because I want to be the best Ambassador of the angel and of the muse that I can and I want to be able to teach from that So that’s a great question 

Beautiful. So let’s talk about something that’s you know, rather masculine, which is your website technology so Tell me about like how your website slash branding journey, any upgrades or redesigns have impacted your business and what like, was it linked to any personal business milestones?

Hannah Marie Muse

So you actually made a website for me a long time ago. Yeah. And I think just owning that I wanted a website was a huge start for me. I’ve probably had four since then, three, four. Um, and yeah, It’s interesting. My website, I, I want to actually upgrade it in this moment. But from a feminine standpoint, the website has always just been a representation of like, okay, I’m online.

I’m available. And the first one that you made was like, wow, I’m taking myself more seriously. I ended up making two more on my own and I’m. I’m working on a third that’s more user friendly. Um, along with my branding, I never really cared because I felt like as long as I was in integrity with my life and my brand, things are always working around me.

And so I’ve always used these outer things or websites cards even as more of like a, okay, God, like look at me taking the action. Um, yeah, for me it’s always just been like, all right, Like it’s the effort that is showing like, okay, I take this seriously. I’ve never done well with websites to be honest.

I’ve been, I’ve gotten maybe five clients off of Instagram. I work on a really magical plane where it’s all there and people can find me through it. Um, but a lot of my work is mouth like, uh, networking. I did have one website that multisite space like this website slayed. I made it like listening to jazz.

over the evenings during COVID. It was so an outpouring of my heart, but I don’t even have it online anymore because it doesn’t represent who I am. And so I’m actually in a liminal space where I have a collective website up and it’s just a, it is, it’s like a, an action point. So people know that this is a thing that’s birthing.

But what’s been working for me is again, those God missions going out into public, helping my friends with their events, getting clients from things like that. Um, even you coming into my life, I had written down last week, I want to be on a podcast. And I swear you reached out. I was like, okay, see, so it’s fascinating to me, but branding is important to me right now.

I feel a real cohesiveness because I’ve owned so much of my skin. There’s a deeper access point to how I am showing up in the world and coherence and an integrity and authenticity. So it’s an ever flowing journey of the Phoenix rising. 

I’ve always felt it about you is like, how am I going to put this woman in a box?

You know, because the website and nothing else on a big box, you know, because, because You just have so many aspects of yourself, and I feel like you’re constantly upgrading and learning. And this is like, when people don’t want to be seen as that one thing, it’s really hard to create a website. Because a website is really often only maybe one, two, maybe even three things, right?

You can, there’s only so many things you can put on a website without making it confusing. Like, oh yeah, I do this and this and this, like, like for, for my personal brand right now. It’s like, well, I do websites and branding work. See, I do tea and at some point maybe I do something spiritual, maybe do more channeling or something else is, you know, which is what, what I’m very interested in, but like, I think after like, yeah, how do you position yourself without making it confusing?

I think it’s a big part. And, um, Yeah. So it’s, it’s beautiful to know. And, and I feel really, you work on such a miracle frequency, which we can talk about more too. You know, that’s just really the basis of the internet. It’s just feels so masculine that sometimes it’s so hard to convey the feminine. Right.

And so that’s also part of what we try to do at LovePix is like, well, we want to bring the feminine back online because it’s, it is the key to our next step of evolution as humanities, like, you know, integrate and embody these feminine values because those will be. You know, coming in the future more. Um, but yeah, so with that being said, I think expressing the organic, the feminine online is always an art form.

Right. And, um, so yeah. Um, so let’s talk about the miracle frequency. What, what is it and what do you define it as? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Oh, wow. I love that you brought it up. I love the miracle frequency. You know, when I tune in, what I, what I really appreciate about is the universe is that we are all made of this same web.

Like, we’re all very connected. It’s a tapestry. All things are woven together regardless of how our mind wants to separate. It’s one song. It’s one, the universe, you know, it’s like one song. It takes a whole band to make the melody, but it’s one song. And when I think of the miracle frequency, it’s being so connected to that song and so in trust of God and of life, really like God for me is good, orderly direction.

Um, but it’s being so connected to that, that there’s support and there is delight and there’s safety and protection and there’s joy and there’s miracles. Like the things that you need are showing up. The love that you desire is here now. And when you feel that it moves through the tapestry of life, it vibrates through the tapestry of life to come back to you.

There’s protection. There have been moments in my life where I should not be here, but through that web of Which is a two way street. We’re not just putting information out all the time. We’re also deep listening. And so the miracle frequency is this opportunity and this ability to deeply listen to the call and then to take that action.

So we’re in this beautiful conversation with the pieces around us. And through that, through trusting that we know that our needs are met. We know that we’re safe. We know that

life is a living, breathing miracle that we can trust to take the next step, which is in our hearts.


Hannah Marie Muse
So that is what the miracle frequency is to me. 

So how can we get into the miracle frequency? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Okay. So do you want to talk about getting into the miracle frequency or just the mirror? Let’s talk about it all. Let’s talk about it all. So you guys, when I think of life, right, this infinite tapestry that when our channels are clear and we trust a loving higher power, when we trust all of life to be in, unison with us.

We’re in a conversation with the things around us. When we know our inherent value, we are valuable to the earth. And so we allow these miraculous moments to come about. The miracle frequency, you know, I’m just like, Astounded by all of life. And sometimes I get so lost. I’m like, how do people not know?

This is a miracle. We live on a floating rock with flowers and food that is edible. I can eat a cucumber. The earth has birthed a cucumber for me to enjoy. And it is not only delicious, but like succulent and juicy and mangoes and all these things. And then I am from like a literal drop of water. I was born from a drop of water and now I’m a fleshy human being pulsing with electricity.

It’s so astounding to me. And so when I think of life in this tapestry that we’re in, when we’re in our state of love, when we’re in coherence with our purpose and our, uh, our higher power, we’re communicating always something out to the world, but we’re also in deep listening. And so we can receive these miraculous moments, these moments Just shake us to our core that bring tears down our eyes because there’s actually inherently so much beauty perfection in order amongst all of the chaos.

And so the miracle frequency is that deep listening is that intuition and action. It’s the divine union of being alive so that we can be in reciprocity because not only do we receive miracles from life, but we get to be miracles for others. And then this whole thing just becomes this joyous dance. of reciprocity.

And I get the chills thinking about it because it’s like, I mean, what an honor, what an honor to choose that life, to make a choice, to be in coherence and to, to trust and to free fall into beauty and service. Um, I, yeah, for me, the miracle frequency has just been something like. I think because I take a lot of massive leaps and I change a lot, I’ve had to rely on something because I’ve, I’ve never, I didn’t grow up with a lot of support or whatever.

So, so the whole world had to become my support system and not had to, like I had to lean into community and, and life and beauty and, um, that inner knowing of like, Whoa, it’s so much bigger than me. And I’m so important and pivotal. Show me what to do next to make this A home run. That’s how I think of it.

Wow. Yeah, it’s, it’s a, it’s a fascinating way of life, you know, and I feel, I don’t know if, if that’s true, but I feel sometimes women have a little bit more access to that than men, you know, I feel the way you guys feel and the way you guys express and just are a little bit more connected. Cause like when my head was like, yeah, that sounds cool.

I would like, I would love to live like that, but how do I get there? That’s like, that’s my, that’s, that’s my, that’s what my head is saying. Yeah 

Hannah Marie Muse
I love that. I would say, so for men, I think it is, I wrote a poem about this yesterday. Actually, I won’t read the poem, but it’s all about that head in the heart.

And I do see men as the headier of the humans and women as the heart. And so for men, I feel like the miracle gets to be like loving women. And for women, our miracle gets to be like ushering men into that frequency. Through how we guide them, through what feels good for us, through our dreams, women are these oracles.

Our dreams are only even in our minds so that we can come to the men in our lives and be like, let’s create this. I can’t do it without you. And then men get to be a part of this. Flow of beauty because they’re like, wow, this came as like of ephemeral fairy wish in her mind. Now I get to see it come to life.

And this is what the, her temple is all about. It’s like reminding women of their value and worth and then how to love men so that the men are like, yeah, let’s all be on board together. We can’t actually do it alone. Like the miracles, nothing without you guys. 

Wow, that’s beautiful. I love that. So, um, let’s talk about the new earth.

What is your vision of the new earth? 

Hannah Marie Muse
So perfect, because we just said this. My vision of the new earth is the heavenly erotic revolution where men and women are in their maturest, most evolved state, so that there is coherence and harmony in how we collaborate. And we are both in our utmost valued necessary seats next to each other.

And then from there, everything is possible. 

I love that. Beautiful. So we’re nearing the end of the episode and I’ve always wanted, I always want to give this part to, you know, my guests to, you know, do a little bit of visioning and like, what are your future, you know, visions that you have and that you want to call in as a spiritual entrepreneur as yourself.

So what are you looking to call it? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Hmm. What am I looking to call in? That’s so valid. I, what comes to mind first is more community spaces that are already in this dynamic with men and women in service to each other, birthing, creative spaces, art, loving communal living, work that is soul nourishing, like juiced to show up, women that are juiced to be themselves and, and that harmonious, um, collaboration.

And. I love like getting to taste those all over the world. So more of that, like whoever you are out there, reach out to me if this is something that you do or you have, cause I love to spend time in these communities. Um, and then I right now in my world, I teach pole dancing. I am, I’m teaching pole dancing all summer.

And so I’m calling in women that want to embrace the dynamic of feminine and masculinity through dance and through pole dancing, especially. Um, um, I’m hosting events. So I’m calling in people to come and play in this temple, in the temple of she and the her temple. Um, and right now my biggest excitement is couples.

Like I want couples to feel inspired together and like they can make that leap to not only like being in partnership that is practical but that is profound. So all those things. 

Yeah beautiful, beautiful. I think that’s really That’s so, yeah, it’s so beautiful to call that in, you know, I think, and, you know, the world is looking for that.

People are looking for deeper connections of being, of creating together, and, um, so yeah. So, as you’re, you’re, you’re closing, you’re closing words, like, what, what are the last words that you want to leave our audience with, and where can people find you and get in touch with you? 

Hannah Marie Muse
Okay. My last words are a poem and then I’ll share where you can find me on Instagram and on Spotify.

There truly is a method to this madness. Life’s kiss. It awakens the angel wings within which we fly. Hearts opened and soaring, ecstasy pouring from all of the places once darkened inside, now shining in the light. Delight, dance within the realm of totality with me, weaving the infinite web of immortality.

Mortal being, lean into your vulnerability. It’s the medicine needed for divine tranquility. Acceptance is the moment that your angel wings open and start soaring, and don’t be afraid to lift up off the ground, because the moment you release your fears, you’ll notice other angels around. 

Wow. Wow. This is so incredible.

You know, I have a myriad of people on this show, you know, but when people just show up from the heart like you do, it just blows it out of the water, you know, no, no tactic or no. This is how you make a million dollars in 30 days. Who gives a shit, you know, who gives a shit? You know, this is, this is what we’re here for as humans, you know, to experience this shit.

intangible, rich, immortal feeling and connection. So thank you for that poem. 

Hannah Marie Muse
You’re welcome. And we need a million dollars. Like I would say yes to that. Let’s say yes to all of it so that we can bird these like incredible spaces and places, which you are so good at doing, you know, like you’re So good at the tangible and like, I’m just in the intangible often.

Um, but it takes teamwork. Uh, so you guys find me, the angel muse collective. com is one place where you can find a conglomeration of both my art, my poetry, my sessions, um, and, and the intention behind her temple on Spotify. I channel actually an angel L eminence, and she is the embodiment of life, moving through humans.

So listen to my music and my poetry on Spotify. Otherwise on Instagram, I’m I. am. themodernmuse. And that’s a place for all my random musings. Just come hang out in all the places and spaces. 

Beautiful. Last question. Um, what’s a, like, what’s one of your favorite music artists right now?

Hannah Marie Muse
Um, what is one of my favorite music artists? I’m so obsessed with music. I’m like, kind of all over the place. What have I been listening to? I just did a performance to Kali Uchi. I Wish You Roses. So I’m really into sultry R& B sounds. Um, there’s this song Hide and Seek by Flo and like something, I don’t even remember, but all of the like feminine, Sabrina Claudio, all of the like, just like, I want to make love to life music.

Beautiful. Thank you so much for being here and leaving us with your Mary Magdalene codes, your miracle frequency and your revolution. 

Hannah Marie Muse
Thanks Christian. It’s been so fun. Thank you for giving me a space to share my message. Love you guys. 


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