Aleah Ava: Unveiling Emotional and Sexual Healing for Transformative Growth, Healing Journey | Ep17

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Aleah is a trauma-informed transformational leader, relationship expert, author, and spiritual mentor in service of the awakening and facilitation of deeper realms of personal and spiritual growth. She empowers empathic high-sensitive women and couples on their path to emotional and sexual healing and liberation.

In this inspiring episode, Aleah Ava shares her journey of emotional and sexual healing, highlighting the importance of shadow work and trauma-informed therapy. She delves into her experience with love addiction and discusses how she helps others overcome this challenge to find true inner peace and fulfillment. Aleah also explores the qualities of a successful spiritual entrepreneur, emphasizing the need for integrity, authenticity, and a focus on the highest good of clients.

Join us as we explore Aleah’s transformative insights on emotional and sexual healing, and discover practical tips for achieving spiritual growth and relationship success.

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Welcome to the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast! In this episode, host Christian engages in a profound conversation with Aleah Ava, a trauma-informed transformational leader and relationship expert. Aleah delves into her personal journey of emotional and sexual healing, sharing valuable insights that can help empathic, high-sensitive women achieve spiritual growth and relationship success.

Key topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Emotional Healing
  • Sexual Healing
  • Trauma-Informed Therapy
  • Overcoming Love Addiction
  • The characteristics of a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Providing effective Relationship Advice for empathic individuals

Discover how Aleah’s unique approach integrates various healing modalities to foster deep, transformative change. Join us as we explore these essential themes and uncover practical tips for personal and spiritual development.

Part 1: Aleah Ava’s Journey to Healing and Transformation

Aleah Ava’s Personal Journey

  • Discovering Trauma-Informed Therapy:
    • Aleah’s journey began with a deep dive into her own shadow work.
    • She explored various modalities, including primal therapy and energy psychology.
    • This exploration helped her understand human nature and her own emotional landscape.
  • The Path to Becoming a Relationship Expert:
    • Aleah realized her mission of helping empathic, high-sensitive women achieve emotional and sexual liberation.
    • Her personal experiences shaped her approach and deepened her commitment to supporting others.

Overcoming Love Addiction

  • Aleah’s Personal Battle with Love Addiction:
    • Aleah discovered she was a love addict, a realization that transformed her life.
    • She initially lacked guidance but pursued extensive research to understand and overcome this condition.
  • Helping Others Heal from Love Addiction:
    • Aleah’s research uncovered that love addiction is a significant issue affecting many high-sensitive individuals.
    • She now dedicates her life to helping women overcome love addiction and find security within themselves.

Part 2: Key Concepts and Approaches in Emotional and Sexual Healing

Understanding Emotional Healing

  • Importance of Shadow Work:
    • Emotional healing begins with confronting and integrating one’s shadow aspects.
    • Aleah emphasizes the need to explore deep-seated emotional wounds to achieve true healing.
  • Techniques for Emotional Liberation:
    • Aleah employs various techniques to guide clients through their healing process, including:
      • Primal therapy
      • Energy psychology
      • Mindfulness practices
    • These techniques help clients release emotional blockages and achieve emotional freedom.

Approaches to Sexual Healing

  • Integrating Energy Psychology:
    • Aleah incorporates energy psychology to help clients heal from sexual traumas.
    • This approach addresses both the emotional and energetic aspects of trauma.
  • Creating Safe Spaces for Healing:
    • Ensuring a safe and supportive environment is crucial for effective healing.
    • Aleah creates nurturing spaces where clients feel secure to explore and heal their sexual wounds.
    • Techniques include:
      • Establishing trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship
      • Using gentle, non-invasive healing methods
      • Providing continuous support and encouragement throughout the healing journey

Part 3: Defining a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur

Characteristics of a Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur

  • Integrity and Authenticity:
    • Aleah believes that acting with integrity and authenticity is paramount for a successful spiritual entrepreneur.
    • Maintaining transparency and staying true to one’s values are essential.
  • Focusing on Client’s Highest Good:
    • A successful spiritual entrepreneur prioritizes the well-being and highest good of their clients over personal gain.
    • Aleah emphasizes serving clients with selflessness and compassion.

Balancing Financial Success with Spiritual Integrity

  • Financial Independence:
    • Achieving financial independence while maintaining spiritual values is a key aspect of success.
    • Aleah highlights the importance of being financially stable to continue offering valuable services to clients.
  • Impact Over Income:
    • For Aleah, the true measure of success is the impact on clients’ lives, not the income generated.
    • She stresses the importance of creating profound and lasting change in the lives of those she serves.
    • Key principles include:
      • Prioritizing client transformation over monetary gain
      • Measuring success by client feedback and personal growth
      • Continuously seeking ways to enhance the effectiveness of her services

Part 4: Aleah Ava’s Offerings and Resources

Books and Publications

  • “How to Find Love That Heals”:
    • Aleah’s book provides insights and practical advice for finding healing love.
    • It covers various aspects of emotional and sexual healing, offering readers tools to transform their relationships.
    • Key topics include:
      • Understanding love addiction
      • Techniques for emotional liberation
      • Building healthy, nurturing relationships

Programs and Workshops

  • Venus Academy and One-on-One Coaching:
    • Aleah offers personalized coaching through the Venus Academy.
    • The academy focuses on helping high-sensitive women achieve emotional and sexual liberation.
    • One-on-one coaching provides tailored support and guidance.
  • Group Programs and Retreats:
    • Aleah conducts intimate retreats and group programs designed to foster a supportive community for transformation.
    • These programs offer participants a safe space to explore and heal their emotional and sexual traumas.
    • Retreats typically include:
      • Workshops on emotional healing and spiritual growth
      • Practices for mindfulness and energy psychology
      • Opportunities for deep personal reflection and connection with others

Aleah’s holistic approach integrates love, food, and soul work, creating a nurturing environment for transformation. Participants in her programs and retreats often experience profound personal growth and lasting change.


Aleah Ava’s work exemplifies the power of staying true to oneself and serving others with integrity. Her journey from overcoming love addiction to becoming a transformational leader showcases her commitment to helping empathic, high-sensitive women achieve emotional and sexual healing. By integrating various healing modalities and creating safe, supportive spaces, Aleah provides profound insights and practical tools for personal and spiritual growth.

Key takeaways from this episode include:

  • The importance of shadow work and emotional liberation in the healing process.
  • Approaches to sexual healing that address both emotional and energetic aspects.
  • Characteristics of a successful spiritual entrepreneur, focusing on integrity, authenticity, and client well-being.
  • Balancing financial success with spiritual integrity, emphasizing impact over income.

To learn more about Aleah Ava’s transformative programs and resources, visit her website and consider joining her next retreat in Umbria.

Podcast Transcript

What’s up beautiful people. This is Christian from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast. And today, super excited because we have a very special guest for you. Her name is Alea Eva, and she is a trauma informed transformational leader, relationship expert. Author and spiritual mentor in service of the awakening and facilitation of deeper realms of personal and spiritual growth.

She empowers empathic high sensitive women and couples on their path to emotional and sexual healing and liberation. Welcome to the show, Alea. 

Aleah Ava
Uh, thank you. Hi, Christian. It’s so nice to be here. Thank you so much for this opportunity. 

Yes, it’s an honor and you do so many wonderful things in the world. So tell us how did you get to that?

Like tell us a little bit of brief overview about your background and how you became the person you are today. 

Aleah Ava
Yeah. Okay. So, um, I think for the past like 20 years, I’ve been diving really deep into like my own shadow. And, and then that kind of accumulated in my time in LA where I did primal therapy, which is really about, you know, our trauma and childhood in the primal center from Arthur Yanov.

And I did a lot of inner child work and I did, you know, courses in Tantra and family constellation and energy psychology. Like I was always really interested in human nature. Like, why do we do what we do? And what’s the motive? Because for me, it was always like, People are weird, like the way they they behave or the little bit that they care from.

I think I was always a little bit of a moralist, like having really high values and integrity. And, and, and it felt like the world doesn’t make much sense for me. And so I just kept studying because the only thing I could do was study myself really. Right. So I’ve just done all of these in the past 15, 20 years until I.

realized that I’m a love addict. I’m a love addict. And I thought I’m the first person coming up with this concept because I haven’t heard about it before. My therapist didn’t even talk to me about this. And then I started researching and I’m like, Oh my God, no, it’s actually a thing. And so from there on, I, when I saved myself and I became secure within myself, I’m like, I have to help women do that.

You know, like I see it everywhere. Like, like me, high sensitive women, anxiously attached, always in the wrong relationships, toxic relationships. And now I know how to get out of it. So that’s what God called me to do. And now I need to do that. And that’s when it started. Yeah. 

That’s incredible. And yeah, I think it’s really cool.

First of all, to realize that, and then second of all, to make that your profession, you know, cause a lot of people, you know, they might realize that or might see somebody like you and be like, Oh yeah, cool. Yeah. I think I have the same thing. I want to heal that, but then they don’t make it their profession.

So what made you decide to make that your. You need to write that on your flag. 

Aleah Ava
Yeah. I think I’ve always been like a person of faith and I, I have a really lovely relationship with God and, and spirits and all of that. And it was kind of like, I felt that. If you’ve given me the freedom to no longer having to suffer the way I suffered with depression, anxiety, you know, low self esteem, shame.

If you’ve given me that, then I owe you. So God, I I’m in your service now. And, and that’s why I decided to do that. Not, not just because I feel I have to, but because it was a deep longing and a deep calling to give back, I think. 

Beautiful. Yeah. I think that’s at the core of a lot of, um, spiritual entrepreneurs is that giving back, right?

Because it’s like the spiritual side of us that’s just like, I want to do something that’s not just making money, right? There needs to be more to that then. So like from your perspective, what’s your definition of a successful spiritual entrepreneur? 

Aleah Ava
Yeah. For me, the definition would be freedom, independence and integrity and acting in the highest interest of those soul fracturals that align with you.

Because In this work, you really hold hands, uh, hearts in your hands. You, you hold people’s deepest fears, traumas, desires, needs. And it’s such a fragile, vulnerable thing that you have to hold that in integrity. And a successful spiritual entrepreneur for me is one that has no agenda. And has no ego that’s constantly driving him to get more money, get more followers, get more success.

It’s not about that. It’s not about you. Success for me is living in alignment with that integrity that I have and not let the ego take over. And then I feel if you do that, you are divinely compensated with the things that you need or desire yourself. And I’ve left a lot of money on the street because I didn’t, um, Jump on the trends after Corona and become the millionaire coach online.

You know, like I’ve left a lot of money on the street because it was always about serving people, but to be independent and just create my day the way that I want. That’s for me success or to have love now and a family, a home, a head over the roof and being able to just not work. If I don’t feel like it today for me, that’s success, you know?

And if I can change people’s life, like for real, when they tell me, you know, you’ve changed my life. That’s success for me. 

Beautiful. I love that. Yeah. Spot on, you know, I think that’s exactly what it’s about. It’s a great definition of what I also see a spiritual, a successful spiritual burner to be. Um, so tell us a little bit about your, your offerings and what, what do you do?

So what services and products, if any, do you offer and why? 

Aleah Ava
So now I’ve just released my first book. It’s called how to find love that heals, which is basically the 20 years of work that I’ve done. And I put it into a process and a resource for women like me who want to become secure. And in that book, I lead people into my new Venus Academy.

And the Venus Academy is Kind of like your magical world for feminine arts of healing, intuition, embodiment, and magic. And in that academy, I want to do, well, I do have my live calls, bi weekly live calls, the meditations, the prayers, you know, classes, courses that I just want to give to my community. And then apart from those things, I do one on ones and I do group programs and I do retreats.

And for example, really small, intimate retreats, even in my house with my partner, he’s a chef and we just bring it all together, you know, love and food and nourishment and, and doing the soul work in our cave downstairs in our house, we have this cave. So we bring people into our sanctuary and do the work in our house.

Wow. That’s incredible. I love that. Yeah, my wife, she’s also a spiritual teacher and she talks a lot about, um, A Course in Miracles, if you’re familiar with that book. It’s funny that you say that because I really I felt drawn. I mean, I’ve been studying the book. That’s how I met her. I’ve been studying the book before I met her.

And then through the book, I met her. And, um, so it’d be really cool for us to also do retreats here at our house. Right. So that’s why that’s the only thing that’s like, that’s 

Aleah Ava
amazing. Yeah. 

It’s amazing to bring people together and to work with people in person. There’s just nothing greater. You know, the connection, the love that’s shared, the appreciation.

So that’s amazing that you do that. And, um, yeah, that’s beautiful. So where, where are those retreats currently? Where are they offered? 

Aleah Ava
So now I, I live in Umbria in near Assisi, which is on the right side of Tuscany. It’s the spiritual green heart of Italy. Um, in our house here. Yeah. 

Beautiful. Amazing. Yeah, that’s wonderful.

So if anybody’s out there, you know, from Europe and, you know, wants to, you know, develop Their, uh, relationship, I mean, you do so much, you know, so you’re doing, you know, child work, relationship work, and, or just have a great time with amazing people, you know. Alayah is your, is your, is your, is your contact.

So let’s talk a little bit about like when, when you last followed your intuition over logic in your business and what was the outcome? 

Aleah Ava
Yeah, I think it’s a bit my motto to always do it because as soon as I’m not in alignment with truth, my body really reacts. I can see how I step into something that’s not true.

You know, the Course in Miracles, how it says, um, nothing unreal, nothing real, nothing unreal exists. And nothing that is real is, can ever be threatened. Like this embodiment of, of like, if it’s not true, it’s not true. And you feel it, you, you literally feel it. You can’t move on. So I, I, I kind of tried to.

always act from that place. And, and it makes me slow because sometimes you have to take a lot of detours, you know, because you’re building your truth a lot of the times, but at least you are true to yourself. Right. And that always follow it leads to a good outcome. Most of the you might not immediately see it or like it.

But in the long run, you know why it happened. 

Beautiful. Yeah. I can tell you very, you know, tapped in and use these things on a daily basis. Right. So that’s really beautiful. And in terms of like any type of like life lesson that you have learned and it still applies to your business today, what, what would you, what would you say would that be like, what’s like a, one of the life lessons you still apply in your business today?

Aleah Ava
it’s really above all, stay true to yourself, like stay true. And if that means you’re not taking on a client or leave a client or say no to someone, even friendships that have lasted for 20 years or something. If you stay true to yourself is the, it, for me, it’s the only way to survive this life, you know?

So this is my biggest life lesson because. I’ve had too many times, now I’m 42. So I’ve had a few times when the universe just slaps me into my face if I’m not true to myself, right? So following the gut and acting on it. I think that’s the second part. Sometimes we know what’s good or what’s true, but then we don’t act on it.

And I literally find myself like, I’m not acting on what I know is true. And I see myself step into the next. Shit, you know 

Yeah, yeah, beautiful. And so for like in your I would say branding web design journey, like how Was like that impacted somehow by any personal personal Or business milestones. Like, do you start a website some time ago?

And then you just like, yeah, something happened. And it was kind of like, I always think it’s interesting to find out these connections from personal business milestones that connect you with to your branding journey, to your website journey. 

Aleah Ava
Um, I think, uh, because I’m very like shape shifting, it’s always been really hard to put myself into a box and say, I’m this, and these are my colors and this is my font. So I think I’m rather the person who has shifted all the time. And it also lacks consistency then and people Don’t know. What is that? You know, like who is she?

What does what’s her messaging? What is what am I getting when I enter into her world? I think that’s been really a lack of mine or a limitation where because I’m very like adapting all the time and changing all the time and people want stability. People don’t want change. They want to know your gold and pink and white and and your your your font is big are.

And they want to keep you in that box. And because I so go against this thing about being boxed down, having a niche and doing only this, and then being recognized for that, I think I’m, I’m not yet where I want to be at. You know, if I had been much more precise, if I had had a much, much clearer messaging and everything would have been.

laid out. Right? So I think I shift and then my branding shifts and then it makes it hard for people to grasp, to grasp it and to, to get some sort of identity out of it. If that makes sense. 

Yeah, absolutely. But I think the website that you have, and for anybody who’s interested, that is,

I think your website really encapsulates that because what do you do if you can’t communicate all the stuff that you are like, you know, because it gets crazy. ’cause we’re also multifaceted of beings, right? Yes. So what it comes back to is simplicity, right? And I think you’ve done that very well on your website through your simple branding, which is, you know, three colors.

You have like gold or like a beige tone, you have gray and you have white. You know what I mean? Like these are really the columns that drive your, your brand and everything’s kept very clear. There’s a lot of space. You have a lot of white space. You know, there’s like, there’s no graphics really because you don’t need it.

Right? So I think you’ve done that very well on your site and it allows for that flexibility. 

Aleah Ava
Oh, thank you. I mean, I, I knew the rules and after a few failures, I’ve, I’ve made an effort and I think now does represent a lot of my nature. And so it’s good to hear that. I know that you are into that and really specialized in that.

So it’s good to hear your feedback on that. Thank you. 

Yeah. Yeah. You’re welcome. Um, no, it’s, it’s good when people like, I like when people. Recognize themselves and have, know how to express and express that visually on the website, right? Because it’s just like this, this lack of, I can do some, it needs to be in a box.

Even the building process is just so masculine of like, it’s code, it’s technology, right? So, which is part of the reason here, Upix is also true. Just like. Bring the feminine back online. Like that’s why, you know, more softness, more organic versions and forms. And so, yeah. 

Aleah Ava
Beautiful. And you even have the pink color.

So that’s very nice. 

Yeah. Yeah. It’s a, it’s primarily red, but I’ll take pink. I’ll take pink. 

Aleah Ava
Okay. Right. Yeah. 

Love, love. Yeah. Red because of love. Um, so if I wanted to be more trendy, I could make it pink, I would say, but I’m not trendy. Red is timeless pink. 

Aleah Ava
It’s true. It’s true. Yeah. Beautiful. I like it. Yeah, 

there’s a, there’s a difference when you look at a red rose versus a pink rose.

Aleah Ava
So much, so much. And it’s a difference which one you, you gift to which woman. 

Yeah. All right. So let’s, let’s talk a little bit about your work. So explain us a little bit how, like, or maybe about your book, right? The process in your book, how would somebody find To love themselves more than they love love outside, right?

Because that I think is the whole game that we play is we constantly look for love outside of ourselves and we don’t realize that we have it within. So according to you and your book and maybe, yeah, whatever you want to do, maybe you can read a little paragraph and then talk about it or you can say, Talk us about the model, like whatever, how can people like stop finding or stop looking for love outside?

Because we all do it all the time, we all forget, it’s fine, right? But how can we come back realizing that true love is within? 

Aleah Ava
Right. Um, I think in general, it’s not actually something that we can kind of work on. I think realizing that love comes from within is the result of moving everything away that has you not believe that anymore.

So all the trauma, all the layers, all the conditioning, the beliefs, the experiences, the mental working models that you have picked up as a result of your upbringing made you forget. That everything is within, right? It was just overshadowed. So if I take all of that away, I am the divine essence that I was always.

And it’s just there. It’s the same thing with self worth. We don’t have to work on becoming more worthy. We just have to take away what made us feel unworthy. And then it’s just there. And so in the book, how to find love that heals, I lead you through this process where you, in the first part, you kind of discover the way you love, right?

Like, Attachment science, probably you’re anxious or avoidant attachment style. And then I talk about authentic love. What is authentic love? If it’s not that what you know, and then we look at the relationship patterns. So it’s, first of all, you need to understand how do you love today? And then you, you want to understand like your emotional wounding.

That took you away from that nature that you are. You are love in the end, right? So we talk about psychological trauma, but we also talk about the invisible trauma because a lot of people walk around with trauma symptoms thinking I’ve never had trauma, but they have still a lot of symptoms, right?

Depression, low self worth, anxiety, toxic relationships. Or the opposite, narcissism or whatever. And so I talk a lot about what the invisible trauma is, which is a complex thing that we can’t grasp because it’s ancestral and then, you know, the early absence of love and what happened in your womb and all of these types of things.

So I go into that in detail. And then we heal the past. Yeah. So we reconnect to the heart, to the inner child, to the mother within, to our integrated adult self, to our authentic power, to our healthy shame. So we do the healing. And then the last two parts are the three pillar blueprint to become secure.

So from anxious to secure, where you master your nervous system, you nurture the relationship with yourself and you learn what you really want in life. So you can say no to the things that you don’t want. And then in the last part, we go into creating conscious love. And that means understanding what means conscious dating.

It means, you know, the dating traps that we all fall into when we mistake sex for love or whatever. And then I call it in with you. Yeah. I call in the sacred relationship because you can do all the work you want. But if you’re not working on the energetic level as well, the intentions, the beliefs, the gratitude to call love in, it’s not ever going to happen.

Yeah. You can’t just work through a trauma and then think love is good. Just going to knock on your door. No, you have to work for it. You have to call it in. You have to do the aligned actions, right? So it can find

beautiful. And so how would somebody, like, start, like, I mean, you’ve mentioned, you’ve outlined the entire process, but what would you say, like, I don’t know, what would be the, one of the first questions you would, you would ask somebody that’s in your session, or that’s, um, that you probably also ask in a book, um, like, what would, what would be one question be so people can get a little bit aware of, like, their patterns, so to say?

Aleah Ava
Yeah. I mean, it depends on what level you want to do the work. If you want to do the work on a more superficial level, then of course, you can go more into coaching and you can align, you know, the behavior and actions that you do that either reject or receive love, or you can do the deeper work. And really understand where things come from and connected to the original pain.

Because obviously we can understand a lot on the mental level, but we’ve got to embody those understandings. Otherwise we know something, but we act in a completely different way. So it’s this incongruence between the conscious and the subconscious mind, right? And my nature of work is, is always shadow and deeper.

And then we go into the light because it’s kind of bottom. Top approach, not top bottom. We don’t talk and then we understand it’s just not enough. We have to embody and we have to take the triggers that we fear and face in life and then stay, enter them and stay with them and go into the feelings and feel the feelings.

And then you stay with them until it connects to the original pain. Where all of a sudden it’s not about your lover anymore, it’s about your mother, or your father, or someone that has, you know, caused pain in your life. And when you are there, and you express that, and you feel that, and you go into the grief of all the needs you haven’t had met, and then you flush it with love, you know, you flush it with love.

This is a lot about my work, even when I do retreats. I hold people, I touch them, I, I’m that love that, that, that they never had, you know, and it’s not me, it’s God. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s that universal love that just flows through us if we connect in a sacred space. And so it’s, uh, my work is very intuitive.

I, I, it’s like a little bit Mary Poppins, you know, I opened the bag and then I take a tool that I feel is adequate now, but I’m not, I’m not very much into like, let’s talk about the problems. You got to go and sit with them and feel them and then until your nervous system is done because your inner child wants a do over and you got to give that do over, right?

Beautiful. Wow. Yeah. I think that’s really, that’s really so essential when it comes to the healing work is just to be able to feel it, right? Yes. It’s especially, I think, from my perspective as a man, I rather wouldn’t feel it, you know what I mean? I’d rather stick to the end process of life and pretend it’s okay, right?

Aleah Ava
I mean, all of you guys, you know, all of you men who dare to do this work, I have so much respect for you. Because you haven’t had it easy, you know, you’ve been told from the beginning that you can’t feel and you shouldn’t. So I honor you. I mean, I love men like they are so amazing and thank you for for doing that, you know 

It’s, uh, it’s really cool.

So thank you for saying that I received that. And, um, I think it’s, uh, just a mechanism, um, the men are just the protectors, like we need to make sure that people, uh, our family, our tribe, our, you know, wife, children, whatever. Or when we little parents, you know, we see our parents struggle. We want to help them.

We want to take their pain, their suffering, you know? So we. Do however we think it’s best done. You know what I mean? And we all grew up so differently. The environment that we grew up in and the patterns, the survival mechanism mechanisms that we develop during that time is, is off is, is what still drives us today.

Right. So, um, yeah, that really, I really think it’s just such a, yeah, men, women deal differently with emotions, you know, and it’s cool. It’s cool to see. And it’s cool that there’s, um, a way to deal with it, right? 

Aleah Ava
And I think women have have, um, also a kind of, uh, our task is to lead the men into the heart too.

Like if we are a safe place for men, then they have it easier. Like with our vulnerability, we invite you, right? But we often see is this, this gender fight. And, and a man already has it hard. So if the woman is hard, he will never let down his mask. So for me, it’s a blessing and an honor to be in my vulnerability.

So the man can actually come into his own heart. It’s, it’s, it’s our job as women to do that. 

Yeah. Yeah. I had somebody else on the podcast and, um, she was mentioning that the women are the visionaries, you know, the true visionaries, which I thought was very interesting because when we talk about in a society about visionaries, usually like Elon Musk, uh, Jeff Bezos, those are the visionaries of our time.

I was like, bullshit. You know, I think the women are the true visionaries, right? If we would follow more. Visions of women, um And the cool thing is the women can’t do their vision without us. Like it’s literally like a balance because we men are like the doers, the active driving force, the putting things into action.

And if we would only follow a little bit more, the women and their true visions, you know, it’d be really interesting. It’d be really cool to observe what happens if you would just be like, so, I mean, what are you, what are you visioning today? Yeah. And then we come in and obviously we already, like men were already so driven to be realistic and to do it that way.

And don’t worry about that. Just like, just try to work towards that vision with your woman and your partner, whatever your relationship is. Um, but I think on a collective level, it’s a really cool observation that like, imagine what would happen if like the entire economy, all the leaders would be just like, everything would be more feminine, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, imagine all political leaders were women. I don’t think if you really would have that many wars because women are just inherently more connected to mother earth. And I mean, if you see people dying, I mean, men for men, it’s easier to say, yeah, it’s just a couple thousand people dying in Palestine.

No big deal. You know, we just make a bunch of money. Um, so yeah, I think that’s really that. And I think that’s what we’re going towards, right? That’s also why before, and again, in the mission with Luvpix is to make, bring the feminine back online. Because again, like the system has been so, like being driven and created by men that now is the time for the feminine to come back, like the age of Aquarius, like to do more together as men and women in alignment with the vision, you know, 

Aleah Ava
And a lot of women still have a lot of work to do there because, yeah, we can bring women at the top of leadership, but what happens now is there are women on the top of leadership, but they act like men.

They, they, they, they, they, because they want to stay in it, they want to stay in the game. They have to act like men, but if you want to bring back the feminine leadership, we have to have women embodied in that feminine nature. 

Right. a challenge, even if we’re a female, we still have a lot of work to do there.

Yeah, no, I think in general, because the system has been set up to be so masculine. So you have to become as a woman, you have to become masculine in order to be successful in that system. Because obviously They’re not dumb. We were created that system. They’re like, we’re going to make sure women’s are not going to take this away from us.

So we’re going to make this as masculine as we can, as it can be. Don’t lose laws or regulations. You have to be those. Um, yeah, I mean, it’s just, it’s carried throughout all political systems, I think. And I think that being said, like that change, I think it’s coming, it’s, it’s becoming more and more visible.

Right. Yeah. I think through time, I don’t know, all that bullshit philosophy and masculinity is just gonna slowly die off. Um, and then people like us are going to come, you know, men that have a more balanced family perspective and women who are just, you know, You know, have also a balanced perspective. And then maybe, you know, we go back into a little bit more of a polarity, but ultimately I think everybody’s just going to be more balanced.

You know, women, women knows when there’s time for her to be masculine and for her to be feminine and men knows when for him it’s time to be masculine and a time to be more. You know, just be, which is a feminine quality, you know, just to not do passive, you know. Um, but yeah, so I’m really excited about what’s, what’s coming.

And, um, so let’s, uh, let’s switch gears a little bit and let’s talk about your like legacy. So what are like three words that you want people to know you for after you leave this physical plane?

Aleah Ava
Yeah, definitely love, integrity, and magic, maybe? Magic. I want to be your magic, whatever that means for you, you know. 

No, that’s great. Bringing back the magic to the world. And who you’re like, what, who or what currently inspires you the most on your spiritual and entrepreneurial journey? 

Aleah Ava
On the spiritual journey, definitely Saren Bertrand.

She’s written Womb Awakening. Her husband is Ajra. And they have biomancy university. They, they, they, they’re spirit keepers of the feminine lineages and feminine wisdom. And I’m studying currently in her feminine magic school. She has incredible resources and on the entrepreneurial George Bryant from the relationship beats algorithm, um, relationship beads algorithm Alliance.

I am always having troubles saying that, but yeah, we are also in his Alliance. So. Thank you for, to him because it helps a lot to be in, uh, in an alliance where people like you and me are doing great things in the world and we have support with each other and from him, especially. Yeah. 

I know he’s a really cool lighthouse for everybody else.

Know what that means. Uh, he’s really cool. Lighthouse that guides, you know, just. It’s an aligned perspective on entrepreneurship and marketing and yeah, really, I really love George. And so, like, what would you say is your vision of the new earth?

Aleah Ava
I think fully embodied, feeling, orgasmic, alive beings. That’s my vision. I want people to not work, not, not live to work, but work to live and, and remember the, the, the friendship between us, not competition and the helping and the contribution and the synergy. Heterarchy, like just a complete different kind of thinking away from competition to maybe also not all these metrics on social media.

Like it’s so, so dangerous what’s happening and let’s just come back to the basics. Right. I hope, I hope that, and what you said before, bringing back the feminine, you know, into both women and men. That, that is my great hope. 

Beautiful. That’s a, that’s a beautiful vision, you know, and, uh, I’m really excited because at some point, like, you know, I’ll take all the, I always ask that question and I’ll take all the previous episodes and put them all together and make one big vision, I think that’d be really cool.

Aleah Ava
Oh, yes, I can imagine. 

So we’re, we’re nearing the end of our episode, and I always like to give this part over to the guests of the podcast and really just give space to them for them to just vision and like, what are your future goals as a spiritual entrepreneur, company or brand? And what are you looking to call in?

So a little bit of just, uh, Yeah, 

Aleah Ava
I was actually just talking about this with my partner and I think my biggest vision is my, our retreat place in Umbria. Um, it doesn’t have to be too big, maybe so 15 people can be together and bring together. We call it like Tantra Cibo e Amore, which is Tantra food and love.

And we just, You know, nurturing the souls and, and doing the work and, and having this experience of love in our sanctuary in the hills of Umbria, the green hill. So if any investors are out there and they want to help me build this place, I am so excited and yeah, just, uh, collaborate more. I want to. I want to call in more collaborations and more people, soul fractals that are on my way of thinking, line of thinking, I guess.

And amazing, amazing soul clients, of course. Yes. That’s what I would call in. 

Beautiful. Oh, I’m sure, you know, these things are already crystallizing in the ether for you. And, um, one little idea that I got when you were saying that, I mean, just connect with Italians that live in the U S. Cause a lot of Italians have this connection to their home country and they love having a property there or being invested there and they just, yeah, you’re Italian, you’re Italian.

You know what I mean? It’s like, you know, 

Aleah Ava
Oh, that’s so, that’s such a good idea, Christian. Thank you for that. 

Yeah. So any coaches that are Italian, I’ll connect with them and be like, Hey, do you want to, you know, see if you potentially do retreats already? Like if people do retreats already, then invite them to be, Hey, you can use this space twice a day, three, four times a year, because it’s probably empty most of them anyways, you know, just open it up to people that are.

You have a connection with, and then you feel all alignment with this, with the space and then, you know, take it, take it from there and also look for people who do retreats, Reach out to them and be like, Hey, this could be a cool occasion. You know, do you want to maybe build it together? We can have, you know, endless, just some ideas.

Um, yeah, you’re welcome. And so what are some, yeah, what are some like last words you want to leave the audience with and then where can people find you? 

Aleah Ava
Um, last words, my last words would be, you know, don’t, don’t go for this superficial success. Like don’t compare yourself. Don’t, don’t look at these outside metrics.

Let your heart speak. what’s important to you and then follow that. And sometimes that means like burning entire bridges and starting over at zero. It happened to me too. Like it’s never a straight line. So it’s always going to be waves in life. And so you can take the risk because if you’re not doing it now, you know, God will throw some other challenge at you and you’re going to have to suffer through it again anyway.

So yeah. Yeah, just act on your heart. And if you want some help with that, then you’ll find me at aliaeva. com or venusacademy. co. And my podcast is addictedtolovepodcast. com. Yeah, that one too. 

Amazing. And make sure to check out her book, How to Find Love that Heals. It’s on Amazon. You can get it. It’s 17.

99. So not expensive at all. And yeah, sure. It’s packed with goodies. And yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s always beautiful to see people writing books because You know, basically what you get, you get somebody’s life experience condensed into a book, like, so you get like 10, 20, 15 years of experience, just packed in pages for you to, you know, ingest and like, understand, like, basically a layer has lived a life for you that you can read and internalize and embody.

And, um, very conveniently in a book. So if you’re interested in that, definitely check that out. And, uh, thanks so much for being on the show. Have a wonderful time and 

Aleah Ava
I thank you so much. It’s been such a pleasure connecting with you and thank you for, for doing this and for giving a platform, you know, to talk about things that matter.

So welcome. It’s part of the new earth. 

Aleah Ava
Yes. I’m on it. It’s, 

it’s, it’s here. 

Aleah Ava

All right. Talk soon. Bye bye. Thanks for being on the show. 

Aleah Ava
Bye. Bye bye.

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