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Today we have a wonderful light and powerhouse of entrepreneurs on the show – Grace Emmons.

She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Spirituality Mind Body Institute, Columbia University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biomedical Engineering, University of Southern California. She also is a certified Reiki Master, healer, teacher, and guide to influential leaders from Silicon Beach to Malibu to Hollywood.

Grace Emmons’ approach is as cutting-edge as it is rooted in timeless wisdom. Founder of Forward with Grace, Emmons is trained across positive and depth psychology, behavioral science, spiral dynamics, Reiki, and energetics, and incorporates a rich tapestry of spiritual and esoteric teachings encompassing Kabbalah, natal astrology, and metaphysics. Grace’s deep mastery of diverse disciplines uniquely positions her as a bridge between science and spirituality.

At its core, Grace’s work empowers leaders to foster self-awareness, self-growth, and resilience, so their positive influence can resonate throughout their personal lives, businesses, communities, and the world.

In this enlightening episode, Grace Emmons invites us into a transformative exploration merging the realms of spirituality and entrepreneurship. Revered for her profound wisdom and holistic approach, Grace shares invaluable insights drawn from her personal journey, emphasizing the profound synergy between spiritual growth and professional success.

Tune in as Grace reflects on her evolution from corporate consultant to spiritual entrepreneur, recounting pivotal moments that illuminated her path. She discusses the significance of aligning spiritual purpose with professional endeavors, offering a blueprint for integrating passion and impact.

Explore Grace’s transformative methods for enhancing mental well-being and spiritual harmony, rooted in her practices of meditation, energy healing, and conscious living. Discover how she navigates the complexities of contemporary life, advocating for holistic wellness amidst societal pressures.

Join us as Grace illuminates her vision for a future where individuals prioritize spiritual alignment alongside career achievements. Through her consultancy, retreats, and motivational speaking, Grace empowers others to embrace their true purpose and foster collective healing.

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In this insightful episode of the Soulful Success Podcast, we are joined by Grace Emmons, a renowned spiritual entrepreneur and the founder of Forward with Grace and Topanga Canyon Oasis. Grace shares her transformative journey of integrating spirituality with entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of living in the frequency of love and discovering one’s true purpose.

Key highlights from the episode include:

  • The importance of self-discovery and creating space for dreams.
  • Developing intuitive trust and practicing self-mastery.
  • The journey of rebranding and evolving her business.
  • Visioning a New Earth where everyone follows their passions.
  • The impact of energy healing and heart-centered leadership.


Join us as Grace offers valuable insights and practical advice on how to align with your true self, pursue your passions, and contribute to a harmonious and fulfilling world.

Part 1: Embracing Self-Discovery and Spiritual Entrepreneurship

In the vibrant world of spiritual entrepreneurship, Grace Emmons stands as a beacon of integration, blending profound spiritual wisdom with entrepreneurial acumen. Her journey, as shared on the Soulful Success Podcast, illuminates essential principles for anyone seeking to align their life with purpose and passion.

Key insights from Grace’s journey include:

  • Creating Space for Dreams: Grace emphasizes the foundational step of getting quiet and creating space to dream and contemplate one’s ideal life.
  • Trusting Intuition and Self-Mastery: She underscores the significance of developing intuition and trusting oneself, vital for personal growth and alignment with one’s true path.
  • The Power of Rebranding: Grace recounts her experience of rebranding her business to Forward with Grace, a pivotal move that aligned her offerings with a broader mission and audience.
  • Vision for a New Earth: Grace shares her vision of a harmonious world where everyone can pursue their passions and share their gifts with authenticity and purpose.
  • Impact of Energy Healing: With a background in energy healing, Grace discusses how integrating this practice into leadership development and personal growth can foster well-being and success.


Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Grace’s insights on spiritual entrepreneurship, self-discovery, and building a life that resonates with authenticity and purpose.

Part 2: Nurturing Authenticity and Building Community

In her conversation on the Soulful Success Podcast, Grace Emmons delves deeper into the transformative power of authenticity and community in the realm of spiritual entrepreneurship.

Key highlights from Grace’s insights include:

  • Importance of Starting Small: Grace encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to start where they are and embrace imperfection rather than waiting for perfect conditions.
  • Evolution of Branding: She reflects on her journey of evolving her brand from its inception to a redefined vision with Forward with Grace, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s evolving identity.
  • Integration of Business Ventures: Grace shares her experience managing both Forward with Grace, her spiritual consultancy, and Topanga Canyon Oasis, a boutique retreat space, highlighting the synergy between her various ventures.
  • Impact of Personal Evolution on Branding: Discussing the link between personal growth and branding, Grace illustrates how her own journey towards authenticity influenced the evolution of her business’s mission and vision.
  • Role of Community in Growth: She underscores the role of community and support in entrepreneurial success, advocating for the power of aligned relationships in fostering personal and professional growth.


Grace’s narrative inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace authenticity, leverage community support, and evolve their brands in alignment with their personal journeys. Stay tuned as we explore more insights on Grace’s vision for a new earth and her goals as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Part 3: Vision for a New Earth and Future Goals

In her illuminating conversation on the Soulful Success Podcast, Grace Emmons articulates her profound vision for a new earth and shares her future aspirations as a spiritual entrepreneur.

Key insights from Grace’s discussion include:

  • Vision for a New Earth:
    • Grace envisions a world where everyone can pursue their dreams, passions, and purpose freely, fostering a global community rooted in purpose and connection.
    • She believes that aligning individuals with their unique energetic frequencies can lead to a harmonious collective existence, akin to a symphony where each person plays a crucial part.
  • Role of Spiritual Entrepreneurship:
    • Grace emphasizes the transformative potential of spiritual entrepreneurship in catalyzing positive change on a global scale.
    • She sees her work with leaders and entrepreneurs as pivotal in creating a ripple effect of consciousness and transformation through their respective spheres of influence.
  • Future Goals:
    • Aligning with soul-aligned clients: Grace aims to attract clients who resonate deeply with her mission and values, facilitating impactful collaborations.
    • Expansion into motivational speaking: She seeks to engage in more speaking engagements and seminars to inspire broader audiences with her insights on spiritual growth and entrepreneurship.
    • Integration of business ventures: Grace plans to further integrate her businesses, Forward with Grace and Topanga Canyon Oasis, to create synergistic experiences that blend spiritual healing with retreat offerings.


Grace’s vision and goals underscore her commitment to fostering a more conscious and connected world through authentic entrepreneurship and community-building efforts. Stay tuned for more as we delve deeper into Grace’s journey and insights.

Part 4: Vision for a Harmonious Future

In envisioning a future guided by Grace Emmons’ insights and aspirations, we explore her vision for a harmonious world:

  • Creating a New Earth:
    • Grace sees a world where everyone can pursue their dreams, passions, and purpose freely.
    • She believes that aligning with one’s natural frequency and living authentically fosters individual and collective well-being.
  • Impact of Spiritual Alignment:
    • By helping individuals reconnect with their purpose and spiritual essence, Grace believes we can address root causes of mental health issues such as lack of meaning and connection.
    • This alignment leads to a more balanced and fulfilled existence, contributing positively to global consciousness and peace.
  • Leadership and Community Ripple Effects:
    • Grace’s work with leaders and entrepreneurs aims to elevate consciousness and promote heart-centered leadership.
    • She emphasizes the ripple effects of such transformation, influencing not only businesses but also families, communities, and beyond.


Grace Emmons’ vision for the future resonates with a deep understanding of spiritual growth and its transformative power. By advocating for authenticity, purpose-driven living, and collective well-being, she inspires individuals to contribute meaningfully to a more enlightened and interconnected world.

Part 5: Future Goals and Continued Evolution

Grace Emmons’ journey as a spiritual entrepreneur and advocate for holistic living extends into her future aspirations and goals:

  • Calling in Soul-Aligned Clients:
    • Grace seeks to attract clients who resonate deeply with her mission and values.
    • These clients contribute to a mutually enriching partnership, where transformative healing and growth are paramount.
  • Expansion into Speaking Engagements:
    • She aims to increase her presence in motivational speaking engagements and seminars.
    • These platforms allow Grace to share her wisdom on energy healing, leadership, and personal transformation with broader audiences.
  • Integration of Businesses:
    • Grace plans to further integrate her spiritual consultancy, Forward with Grace, and Topanga Canyon Oasis.
    • This synergy enhances offerings like retreats and corporate workshops, fostering environments for deep reflection and rejuvenation.
  • Embracing Holistic Growth:
    • Her future goals include continuous personal and professional evolution in alignment with her core values of authenticity and integrity.
    • Grace remains committed to cultivating spaces and experiences that nurture spiritual well-being and community connection.


Grace Emmons’ forward-thinking approach underscores her commitment to expanding spiritual awareness and fostering environments where individuals and organizations alike can thrive in harmony with their truest selves.


Grace Emmons’ journey as a spiritual entrepreneur and holistic healer provides profound insights and inspiration for individuals seeking alignment with their life purpose and spiritual fulfillment. Throughout our exploration of her story, several key themes have emerged:

  • Integration of Passion and Purpose: Grace’s transition from corporate consulting to spiritual entrepreneurship highlights the transformative power of aligning passion with purpose. Her journey underscores the importance of authenticity and following one’s true calling.
  • Impact on Collective Well-being: By empowering individuals to reconnect with their inner selves and spiritual missions, Grace aims to catalyze a broader societal shift towards mental and emotional well-being. This approach addresses fundamental issues such as lack of purpose and disconnection, fostering a more harmonious world.
  • Vision for a Better Future: Grace envisions a world where everyone can freely pursue their dreams and share their unique gifts, contributing to a collective symphony of growth and transformation. Her commitment to uplifting leaders and individuals resonates as a beacon of hope and possibility in today’s complex landscape.


Grace Emmons’ story exemplifies the transformative potential of embracing spirituality in entrepreneurship and personal development. Her journey encourages us all to:

  • Embrace authenticity and vulnerability as pathways to deeper connection and self-discovery.
  • Pursue our passions with a sense of purpose, contributing positively to our communities and the world at large.
  • Continuously seek alignment with our highest selves and contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious global society.


As we reflect on Grace’s insights and vision, may we find inspiration to embark on our own journeys of growth, authenticity, and impact. By aligning with our true spiritual frequencies and embracing our unique roles in the collective evolution, we can collectively create a future filled with purpose and meaning.

Grace Emmons reminds us that each individual’s journey is a vital thread in the fabric of a more conscious and interconnected world.

Podcast Transcript

What is up beautiful people? This is Christian from the Successful Spiritual Entrepreneur Podcast. And today I’m super excited because we have on the show, Grace Emmons. She is a wonderful healer, teacher, and guide to influential leaders from Silicon beach to Malibu to Hollywood. She’s been a wonderful light in this world.

And Grace Emmons approach really is as cutting edge as it is rooted in timeless wisdom. She’s the founder of Forward with Grace, and she has trained across positive and depth psychology, behavioral science, spir spiral dynamics, Reiki, and energetics, and incorporates a rich tapestry of spiritual and esoteric teaching, encompassing Kabbalah, natal astrology, and metaphysics.

Grace’s deep mastery of diverse disciplines uniquely positions her as a bridge between science and spirituality. Welcome to the show, Grace. 

Grace Emmons
Thank you so much for having me. 

Yay, such an honor. So, I’m really, really curious of how you got into this work of, like, connecting, you know, the, the, the, the, the intangible with the tangible and the, the science with the spirituality, which is, I think, this, exactly what this podcast is about.

It’s about this intersection between spirituality and entrepreneurship and bringing together these worlds and bridging those as a whole. We as humans represent that at our core, you know, because we are that embodiment of the intangible and the tangible in this planet So yeah, tell us a little bit about how you got into this wonderful journey of being who you are 

Grace Emmons
for sure So, you know, I definitely have I guess a unique background um As somebody who is now a healer, a coach, a guide, I started out, I had, um, uh, my undergrad degree from USC was in biomedical engineering.

I was so fascinated by human health and the body and the natural intelligence that we have within us. fascinated me. And so I, you know, I thought I wanted to help people and help people be well. And so at first I thought maybe I would be a doctor or maybe I would go into making medicines. And I, um, learned a lot about physical health through that time in my life at school and then moving into the pharma and biotech world.

But the most interesting thing happened when I was, um, medical school. As I spent time working in pharma and biotech, I started working at a company that was, um, really cutting edge, uh, helping to improve patient outcomes. And we found out that the mind was really just as important or more important in the health and the outcomes of the patient, their beliefs about their treatment, um, their beliefs about, you know, what was possible for themselves were really, really factoring into outcomes.

So that was a big light bulb for me that I started being more and more interested in this mind over body mind over matter mind body connection. And then it was in my master’s in clinical psychology with an emphasis in spirituality, mind and body, where I really gained all of the evidence and sort of proved what my suspicions were that actually.

It’s the spiritual that is really the foundation to all well being. We have, you know, the spiritual side of ourselves, the essence of ourselves that is spiritual, that then filters down through the mental and emotional body, and then down into the physical body. Um, and there actually is quite a bit of evidence supporting that.

So I sort of learned through these different times and stages of my career and my schooling, how much the mind, the body, the spirit are all really interconnected and, um, with the root being in our soul, our spiritual core. Um, but my transition into spirituality and entrepreneurship was actually much more personal.

Um, I found Reiki and energetic healing when I was at a really low point in my life. I was at a rock bottom point. Um, I was, uh, just totally burnt out in my career. I was in a really toxic, um, personal relationship, um, that I was having trouble walking away from. I was addicted to Adderall. I was, you know, just to, you know, To try to get through my days and my job that was sucking my soul.

Um, and I started to develop really bad anxiety, depression, um, which I had never had in my life. I had never been an anxious person. So to feel that feeling, it was just so. concerning and like, Oh my gosh, I don’t want to feel this way. What is going on? And all of that was piling on, piling on. And I eventually developed this chronic shoulder pain that no doctor could explain.

I went to every single, you know, chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, everyone. And they said, Oh, it must be in your head. Or it’s like, you know, something, um, We can’t find out what’s, what’s wrong. And so I went to see a Reiki practitioner, a friend who was doing Reiki, and I thought I was going for my shoulder pain.

And I said, oh, maybe this could help me. Nothing else has been able to help me. And the most amazing thing happened in the course of a couple of sessions. I really reawoke the essence of myself. It, I mean, when we talk about a spiritual awakening, it was that, like it felt like I woke up from a dream and I remembered who I was and what it felt like to feel good again, what it felt like to feel like me again.

And just like, Oh my gosh, what have I been doing? It was like, I’d been sleepwalking up until that point. And I couldn’t remember the last time that I’d felt so alive and good and present and joyful. And like it reconnected me to everything that I was missing. And then it became very clear that my issue wasn’t the physical pain or, you know, anxiety or depression.

They were really symptoms. Of being cut off from my spiritual self. Um, and that was really the trigger that that pushed me into Um, I knew in that moment, I knew after my first or second Reiki session, I said, someday I’m going to be a Reiki master and I’m going to help people. Um, and that set me off on this, this path of learning everything there was to learn about energy healing and many of these spiritual and esoteric teachings.

Um, that was actually what triggered me going to get that master’s degree because I wanted to be able to, um, Put the context. I had experienced such a powerful transformation myself, and I wanted to be able to explain this and bring this to the masses in a way that they could understand. So the master’s degree was a way of really trying to, um, put into context what I had experienced myself.

And now I’m able to, to bring that in and help my clients that are going through those same, um, rock bottom moments and help, hopefully help to turn them into, um, huge moments of transformation and growth. And. 

Wow, that’s fascinating. And I think when you look at life, it’s always funny how it urges you or, well, it doesn’t really urge you.

It invites you to live from the inside out, but often we ignore it, right? And then something happens from the outside in. That, that, that, that is a symbol for this, for this intangible, like a pain that nobody can explain or an accident that just happens out of nowhere. Uh, that really gives us the invitation to really, really tune in.

You know, 

Grace Emmons
yeah, unfortunately we most of us are waiting for something to go wrong. Like we have to really uh, you know, it’s So the way that we understand this energetically is that everything starts in that spiritual energetic realm And then it manifests through these levels. So it’s it’s if you don’t get the signal, you know, if you’re not tuned in And getting quiet with yourself And listening to your spirit your soul It’ll manifest as a problem, an issue in the mental realm, the mental realm, and then the emotional realm.

And then finally the physical realm. And so many of us are so out of touch, so disconnected that we’re waiting till that physical illness or injury, like you said, or something very, very tangible to happen before we realize how out of alignment we are with. our true essence and the path we’re meant to be on.

So what we hope is that we can catch it earlier on and that people can read these signals and notice when they’re getting out of alignment. But for so many of us, we’re waiting until it’s really necessary, um, due to some sort of issue. Yeah. 

Well, because we’ve been trained to just see what’s in 3D, which is in the physical, what’s in front of our eyes.

And the funny thing is like, what we actually see, we kind of like, we actually see the past. Right. Like I’m sitting here with you right now, we’re having a podcast and I’m seeing the past because all these thoughts and actions that I’ve taken, you know, weeks and years ago have now led up to this moment for, for me to sit here and be here now.

And really when some, an accident or injury happens and it’s just doesn’t come from anywhere, you know? But again, it’s exactly what you said is that people are out of alignment and not in tune with what it’s going on so that it has to. Manifest like that sometime 

Grace Emmons
and one of the huge trends that we’re seeing, I mean, the population at large right now is struggling with anxiety and depression at levels that we never have before.

I think it’s 40 percent of the population at any given time is experiencing anxiety. Um, and close to that same level for depression. And the interesting thing about that is Like we like to, um, then conceptualize this as that’s a disorder and that’s something to be treated. And that’s, you know, this, this sort of like mental health crisis.

But, um, Dr. Lisa Miller, who’s a pioneer in this space of, um, the intersection of spirituality and psychology, she found that actually. people that have a strong spiritual core, some sort of sense of, of, um, a spiritual practice or connection spiritually are actually protected by 80 percent of developing anxiety and depression.

So the way that she is sort of framed this and what her research is around, that’s very compelling is okay. What if anxiety and depression, they’re not these disorders on their own? What if they’re actually a lack of? that spiritual connection? What if they’re actually a symptom of being cut off from our spiritual life and self and how we’re sort of meant to be?

You know, we evolved as spiritual beings through history. We used to, um, you know, live in these tribal communities that were so connected, interwoven. It was like you were one with the tribe. Um, and then for a long time, uh, you know, spirituality lived in. the content, the context of organized religion and people were connecting, um, spiritually through, you know, their church or their synagogue or what have you.

And really all of that has fallen away. And we’re now living in this isolated society, um, where people aren’t taught how to, um, commune with themselves and commune with a larger sense of connection. Um, you know, we can define spirituality as the connection with our innermost truest self and the connection with something greater than ourselves.

And that, you know, is non denominational. It’s not religious, although it can be religious, you know, um, there’s a lot of different sort of flavors of how one can be spiritual, but nothing in our current society. is actually helping people to learn how to cultivate that spiritual self. And so I, you know, I believe that that’s really the root cause of the mental health crises that we’re experiencing today.

Yeah, I agree. So since, you know, you’ve studied so many different, uh, modalities and various, techniques and teachers. And I think you’re very well just embodied being of studying spirituality. So I would love for you to, you know, just give us a brief, I don’t know, synopsis of that. What do you have all in common or what’s, what are the things it’s like, you know, it doesn’t really matter what you study because it’s all the end, all the same at the end anyways, kind of thing.

So is there anything you have to share in terms of wisdom nuggets for Maggie? This is kind of like the same thing, but it’s the same. 

Grace Emmons
Oh, absolutely. It’s all the same thing. It’s all the same thing. It’s really at the root of all of it. It’s about, you know, each of us come into this life whole and perfect and with our own unique gifts and strengths and you know, whether you study astrology or Kabbalah or human design, you know, it’s all about.

We actually come into the world perfect and whole and we have this blueprint within us also of what we are sort of meant to be in this life or what what way of living and what way of working and what we could do that would really fulfill us and you know, that’s what I call the soul blueprint or like your true essence and And really it’s all about, you know, chasing your joy and what lights you up.

And you know, that’s the easiest, if you want to know, without even studying any of these different modalities, if you want to know what you’re meant to do, where you’re meant to be, you follow what lights you up and what you’re passionate about and what brings you joy, um, what fulfills you. Um, that is how to, you know, how to navigate and find your highest path is really just following those those pings.

Um, you know, when I work with clients, oftentimes what I’m helping them do is get sort of turned down the external noise and turn up the volume on their inner guidance because we all have that within, we just don’t learn how to cultivate it. Right. We can talk more about intuition. Um, and, and then, you know, what I would say about connection to connection to something greater than self, I mean, really at the root, right.

Of any esoteric teaching, any religion, any spiritual, um, teaching, it’s, it’s love. It’s unconditional love and being in a state of love for oneself and for those around us, for our planet. Um, you know, people say God is love. Um, people say, you know, to heal, it’s sort of, we, we can heal through love. I would say that would be another, um, theme that is really just.

Sometimes I sound like a hippie or something, but it’s like really just at the end of the day. It’s about just being a human It’s just about as much as possible being in the state and frequency of love. 

Yeah What was that song? All you need is love.

Those were some wise musicians. Um, beautiful. Yeah. So, um, we have many listeners in the audience who just wonder how they can be. What you are, right? The entrepreneur, the spiritual, the mind body balance, alignment, you know, you kind of found your spot, your, you know, like how How can we help people in the audience find their ikigai or their spot?

Grace Emmons
Yeah, um, you know, I think it’s a, it’s a journey. It becomes, it starts with, it always starts with getting quiet and creating space for yourself. So many people are not even creating the space to dream, to, um, contemplate, like what would their ideal life be? What would it look like to be, um, You know, thriving and doing something they loved and living their life to the fullest, like, what would that even look like?

So many people don’t even take that time to dream, to imagine, to journal, to contemplate. Um, so we start there. Um, I always like to say your dreams are your dreams for a reason. We’re given these visions of what we can be in this life. And you’re never given these ideas of, you know, like people that are like, Oh, I could just see myself.

You know, I, I had, I had a conversation with a friend recently and she said, I just have always had this vision of, I have this practice and I’m like a therapist and I’m seeing people and I have this, I have this vision. office, it’s by the ocean and I can see the ocean and I had my clients come in and see me.

And I was like, well, girl, we already know you have to do that. Like you don’t get such a clear, specific vision. If not for a reason, those are given to us by God, by our higher self, by, you know, whatever it is you believe in as clues. Um, right. Like something for the breadcrumbs, we can follow towards that life that, that we’re meant for.

Um, And then certainly, um, developing your intuition, your trust in yourself, um, certainly self discovery and self mastery, learning about yourself, um, you know, this, there was such an overlap between, um, what I learned in the spiritual side and what they teach in positive psychology that, you know, Humans are the happiest, the most successful, the most fulfilled when they use their inherent strengths.

This is the basis of positive psychology. Um, and you know, that’s also what we learn spiritually. It’s like, we have these gifts within us and can you like learn what those are mine, you know, kind of unwrap these gifts and figure out how to share them the world. That’s really, um, key to any thriving life and business.

Um, and then I think, um, uh, of course, last, you have to be willing to take the action to take steps to, um, you know, we can learn all day and think all day and, and operate just in the mental realm. But you have to also then take that and put it into physical action. You know, entrepreneurship certainly requires a lot of action, a lot of doing.

Um, and. You know, I would say for people at any stage along that journey, I definitely do highly recommend working with a coach. Um, somebody that can create a container in which you’re moving through. I mean, this is what I do with my clients, but I don’t mean you have to work with me. I just mean, find anybody that you resonate with somebody that is living, you know, a life that.

That you respect and that, you know, you can see they demonstrate and embody the values that, that you might care about, you know, whether that’s balance between life and business, um, whether they, you know, are working in an area that you’re interested in, but there’s so much power in, um, Having somebody hold space for you as you move through that process of discovering your highest path and beginning to carve it and they can support you along the way.

I do definitely believe in that. 

Beautiful. So to summarize, it’s self discovery, you know, tuning into yourself. taking action or doing some, some, some visioning on that, what that could look like, and then actually taking the action because, you know, action is the language of physical reality, and sharing your gifts with the world.

And getting help. 

Grace Emmons
Yep, yep. That’s great. Thank you for summarizing. I’m sometimes long winded in my answers. And 

getting help is optional, but you can do everything yourself. You’re the divine creator. 

Grace Emmons
And there’s pro, you know, and there’s even simple things like, you know, kind of programs, like group programs you can join or a masterclass or something, but sometimes it does help to have some sort of Format some sort of methodology that you can kind of follow because I think it can be a little overwhelming, um, especially in entrepreneurship.

I mean, you’re of course you’re creating your own business. I mean, I’m more than anyone like people will ask me, you know, like who’s a role model you have or who are businesses that you respect or business that you’re similar to. It’s so hard for me to answer that question because I’m like, what do you mean?

I’m creating something that doesn’t exist. I’m like, I’m creating my highest, um, you know, highest gift to the world and my highest purpose and how could that be aligned to, like, anything else that’s already in existence. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t have help to navigate that, to carve my own path.

I can still do it. Still, you know, somebody else sort of, um, lighting the way with a flashlight, like in front of me. It’s like, not that they have the same path that I’m following. No, no, no. They have their own path. Um, but having somebody to sort of, um, witness you as you carve your own can be very powerful.

Yeah, absolutely. And also just having that support and, you know, oftentimes comes with community or even if it’s just one person, that’s fantastic too. And so let’s, let’s switch gears a little bit and talk about your. Like when it comes to, because there’s also a lot of people in the audience that, um, already know kind of like what their purpose is.

They know which direction they want to go, but they kind of haven’t shared it yet with the world. So one essential part is sharing you with the world. Oftentimes it’s people’s social media and websites. Right? So how has your website or branding journey, any upgrades or redesigns impacted your business?

And like, was it linked to any personal business milestones? Like, how was that for you? Like, how many years did it take you to get a website at all? Or did you create it yourself? How was that? Because that too is always a journey. 

Grace Emmons
Yes, definitely. And I would say about that journey, it’s sort of like start where you can, you know, just get started and don’t let things, you know, sometimes it can, are, um, Or at least for me, I want things to be so perfect and so beautiful that I won’t do it at all if I don’t feel like I can do it at the level that I want to.

And something that I’ve had to learn and kind of shift my mindset around in entrepreneurship is like, just start where you can. Get moving like no excuses. You know, and it can be stepwise, right? So, um, the first iteration of my first business was, you know, um, like almost this total experimentation. I was actually starting it on the side while I had my, Consulting, uh, job in pharma and biotech.

I had also started my master’s degree. I was doing a lot of different things and I wanted to start seeing people as a healer. So I started a little Instagram page and, um, you know, started, I had a little help from my sister who was in marketing and she was like, this is what you gotta do. You know, and, and I started putting content out there and just using it as an avenue, really, to even explore what I Wanted my brand voice to be or what I wanted to be saying to the world, you know, and, um, and so I just did what I could and I started with, um, A Wix website, which is something that is very easy to use, very user friendly, very inexpensive.

You can create yourself. Um, and that has very cool plugins also for somebody who’s in like a healing or coaching profession. Um, they have, you know, you can have people book sessions through there directly. They have a lot of widgets built in. Um, so that was the kind of the first iteration of that business.

And, um, After a couple years, it was probably two to three years. And I had really shifted into doing this work full time. And it felt like I had just outgrown that, like that was a limited version of my business and. I mean, things had naturally, like I’d already sort of expanded beyond, um, I was doing a lot of work with, uh, companies, corporate work, which was something that took on, um, a life of its own.

It just, it was a place I didn’t have to invest a lot of time and energy. And I was just like, that part of my business was growing and growing and growing because I had so much experience in corporate and I brought this evidence based, um, way of talking about things like Reiki and energetic work that companies responded very well to.

You know, I made it something practical that we could kind of bring in into them. And then that led to working with companies on heart centered leadership development and team building and things that were very far outside of the realm of just Reiki and energy healing. So my business. became like, Ooh, it doesn’t really fit with this initial brand.

So I did a rebrand a couple years ago that involved, you know, totally starting fresh and, and, um, clean slate, you know, whiteboarding what I wanted my business to be in its next iteration and sort of, um, you know, created a whole new website. And that was the birth of forward with grace, which is a much bigger mission.

Um, I use energy healing in all of the offerings that I have. The offerings themselves aren’t just energy healing, right? It’s, it’s corporate packages, helping leaders to thrive and grow and embody, um, the heart centered leader. Um, it’s, uh, couples and group work that uses energy healing, but might be, um, more around the, the intention of connecting a couple, you know, um, intimacy and we use energy healing it, but it’s, it’s, it’s bigger than just that.

And with individuals really shifting into these transformative, um, containers again, where I use energy healing, but we’re also coaching and bringing in, um, these other elements to help them develop and grow. So, um, with that came the new website. Um, An Instagram refresh and just kind of the biggest shift there too was also leaning more into showing Myself and my face and sharing my story which was something that I was very afraid to do at the outset.

I used to sort of hide behind, um, hide behind the Instagram squares of like text or photos of, you know, um, not really of me. Um, and in this latest iteration it was a big, um, alert, uh, growth opportunity for me to let myself be seen. 

Beautiful. Yeah, that’s such a wonderful description of how, you know, even the website itself is such a reflection of our own personal evolution, you know?

Grace Emmons

So that’s really beautiful. And just, you know, again, for anyone who’s listening, it’s just an inspiration of just, just get going, you know, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Cause we all think, yes, it’s online has to be, of course it has to be, has to look good to some extent, but don’t make it like too, Yeah, too restrictive for yourself to get started with 

Grace Emmons
right if it’s preventing you if you want it to be perfect great but if it’s preventing you from taking action, then it’s Not the right you’re you’re it’s not right sized to where you are, right?

Like if I would have waited Because I needed the website that I eventually built that I did invest a lot of money, you know a deep chunk of money in I reinvested, um from the revenue i’d made the previous year back into the business, but if I would have waited You to start until I had the money to make the bigger website.

It’s like, I would have never gotten, you know, I never would have gotten there because you have to start somewhere. So just never, um, never stop yourself from taking action towards what you want. 

Yeah. Beautiful. So we’re getting towards the end of the episodes. Uh, I would love to ask you a little bit more about your, your legacy.

Like what are, What are, I would say, three words that, you know, you want people to know you for after you leave this physical plane? 

Grace Emmons
Yes, I know you shared that question with me before so that I could think about it, and I’m not sure if I had it aligned on an answer. I think, um, I guess one is to be seen as a leader.

I like to pave my own way and, um, and to show others what’s possible in following your own heart and your own dreams. Um, and so that would be one leader. A two, I got to go with something on the, like a lover to somebody that brought love into this world that embodied love with all the people that they touched.

Um, You know, whether that’s my family remembering me as a loving mother and partner, or my clients remembering me as somebody that they, you know, that just infused love into their life. That one is really important to me. Um, and I think thirdly, I guess, I don’t know the word I want to use, like, somebody that lived in their truth, or I guess integrity, um, but somebody, you know, I, I, it is just such a huge value of mine to be authentic, I guess, maybe authentic, right, to myself, um, and that to me is one of the deepest spiritual practices we can have, is just to show up authentically in our essence, um, so, yeah, maybe those three.

Beautiful. Yeah, those are, those are wonderful. And then while you were saying that, I was constantly thinking about your brand name forward with grace and how it really embodies all of these values, you know, in words, you know, because forward as a leader, you know, and grace has. You know has the softness this loving aspect to it But also you can’t be in grace when you’re not authentic.

You can’t fake grace, you know, so There’s there’s a lot of you know, you’re you’re you’re already 

Grace Emmons
Well, I love that. Thank you. I’ve I never I don’t know if I thought of it that exact way, but believe me There was a lot of time and thought that went into the name and it for to fit energetically and to feel good So i’m happy.

That’s a good reflection back. Yeah. 

Oh, yeah and important always with brand names You is that they’re timeless, which yours absolutely is. 

Grace Emmons
Thank you. And that was part of my, um, you know, speaking of the rebrand and everything, even using my name in the title, like, was like, Oh yeah, I’m not, um, you know, just owning, owning my business and, and that it is an extension of me.

Um, so yeah. 

Yeah. Yeah. So it’s a really, really great, great brand. It’s beautiful. 

Grace Emmons
Thank you. 

So what, uh, what’s your vision for the new earth as an outlook question? 

Grace Emmons
Ah, yes. Well, I mean, we’ve talked about a lot of it, like what the work that I do, it’s very much all, um, the little part that I can do to help, to help catalyze, everyone in creating this new earth because to me I see it as a world in which everyone can follow their dreams, their passions, their purpose, share their gifts with the world.

That in itself would repair our world, right? We said that the, I believe that the mental health issues we’re facing are really rooted in a lack of purpose and meaning and connection at the spiritual level. So what if we just, you know, kind of reeled it back to that and, and allowed everybody to really get in touch with what would truly fulfill them in this life and allow them to follow that.

So, you know, I think in some ways we’re, we’re on a brink where we’re maybe closer than ever. To making that shift because something’s got to give like, uh, people are, um, I think across the country, we’re in a bit of a rock bottom. So I hope that we’re going to kind of, it’s going to then allow for that big change and transformation on the other side.

Um, you know, energetically, we talk about each individual has this natural energetic vibration and each person’s is unique. Like, um, there are no two that are exactly the same because we’re each like, you know, we have our, our energetic fingerprint that is only ours. And I think that right now when people are not living in alignment, not, not in touch with their purpose and their mission, it’s like we’re out of tune.

Right. And so if we could get everybody back in tune, um, Maybe this is a kind of lame analogy, but it’s like, then we get to play in this symphony, this beautiful symphony, this song of the universe with every individual playing their, their part. Right. Um, so that’s sort of my vision, my idea for the new earth.

Um, I’m doing my part to make that happen. Part of the reason why I love to work with leaders. I work with a lot of executives, CEOs, entrepreneurs, people that are leading in their various areas. And what excites me about that is. this opportunity for a ripple effect of change as well. Because for every leader who we help, um, you know, shift back into their, I, uh, natural frequency, we’re up leveling their consciousness.

And then that has ripple effects to all those that they touch in their businesses, their clients, their, um, employee teams, their families, right? Um, and I think that that is how we will really reattune everybody to, to their natural frequency. 

Yeah. There’s this, uh, quote from, I think it’s, uh, it was the book, A Course in Miracles, and it says, we’re all walking each other home.

Grace Emmons

And so, yeah, it’s, uh, it’s beautiful. You know, everybody plays their part perfectly in. And their role in the Ascension. 

Grace Emmons

Yeah. And as, as the last, uh, part of the podcast, I always like to give it over to the guest. Um, and just, you know, ask you, you know, what are, what are your future goals as a spiritual entrepreneur, company or brand?

What are you looking to call in? Just a little bit of visioning for yourself. And um, and then yeah, where people can find you 

Grace Emmons
lovely. Yeah. So, um, I mean Where what am I looking to call in? Um I would just say more Align, you know soul aligned clients. I just love love love when I find when clients find me Who just feels?

So, I mean, that’s really the only clients I take on that it feels so in resonance of, of so perfect on both sides to work together. Um, and one thing that I’ve really enjoyed, so through some of my, my corporate clients, I’ve done some speaking engagements, um, and that’s been really powerful and fun. So I guess maybe calling in some more aligned speaking engagements as well.

I do some motivational speaking and it’s seminars and, um, And things. So I’ll put that out there. Um, and the other thing I didn’t even mention, we talked about my, my business forward with grace, which is my spiritual consultancy, where I work with individuals, um, with companies, um, and. Couples as well. And I also run another business here in Topanga Canyon, Topanga Canyon Oasis, which is a, uh, boutique, boutique retreat and gathering space.

So we have a couple of little, um, homes where we host, uh, people on their, our journeys. And then we have a small outdoor venue space where we host retreats and things. And so, um, that’s been really fun this past year. I think there’s been so much more. integration between my businesses. I have couples that come and stay for a couple’s retreat and then I work with them and healing, or I have companies that I work with, um, that come and do a corporate retreat here.

So calling in more of those, um, opportunities to really bring both of my businesses together. Um, cause you know, always the sum is greater than the, what is it? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So it’s really fun to get to see those different pieces intertwined. Yeah. 

Beautiful. Yeah. Those things are already, you know, making its way towards you.

When we speak something out, that means there’s already. You know, something else that has been happening. 

Grace Emmons
Yeah. Oh, and I didn’t say you asked where people can find me. So you can follow me on social media at forwardwgrace. Forward with grace is forward w grace. Um, and on through my social, it’s very clear.

You can book a session, you can apply for coaching, you can inquire about corporate and events. Um, and then also go ahead and check out, um, Topanga Canyon Oasis. That’s also on Instagram at Topanga Canyon Oasis. Um, if you are looking for a rejuvenating experience, if you need to recharge, if you need a little bit of a solo or couples retreat or company retreat, go check that out.

Um, and we’d love to host you here and see you here in Topanga Canyon. 

Beautiful. Yeah, I think that’s a perfect little getaway spot, especially, you know, I’ve lived in LA myself, uh, for some time and, uh, the city can get a lot, you know, so having a spot to escape and just be, I think that’s wonderful. So thank you for sharing yourself and all of this with us.

It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have you on Grace. Uh, thank you. Thank you. 

Grace Emmons
Thank you so much. Pleasure’s all mine.

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