Mike Howell: Core Energetics, Online Presence, Personal Transformation | Ep06

Show Notes & Links Mike Howell is a captivating individual whose journey from acting to holistic healing and coaching exemplifies the transformative power of personal growth and authenticity. With a background deeply rooted in the arts, Howell brings a unique perspective to his work, blending creativity with introspection to guide others on their paths toward […]

George Bryant: Cultivating Leadership and Authenticity | Ep05

Show Notes & Links George Bryant is a renowned entrepreneur, author, and thought leader in the realms of business strategy and personal development. With a wealth of experience as a successful CEO, George brings a unique blend of practical wisdom and heartfelt insight to his work. Through his various ventures, including coaching programs and speaking […]

The Healing Couple: Holistic Healing, Entrepreneurship, Authentic Living | Ep04

Show Notes & Links Meet Jessica and Cory, The Healing Couple, seasoned guides in holistic wellness and spiritual awakening. With a wealth of experience in various healing modalities, including breathwork and mindfulness practices, they empower individuals to embark on transformative journeys of self-discovery. Through personalized mentorship and immersive retreat experiences, The Healing Couple facilitates profound […]

Ima: Plant Medicine, Business Growth, Authentic Success | Ep01

Show Notes & Links Ima is a seasoned guide on the journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being. With over a decade of experience in trauma-informed somatic practices and transformational coaching, he empowers individuals to navigate their inner worlds and unearth profound insights. Through immersive retreats, personalized coaching, and ceremonial experiences, Ima facilitates deep shifts in […]